Chelsea Berry Concerts at Shalin Liu Rescheduled to March 1st and 2nd

This just in from Chris Langathianos (Chelsea Berry’s manager)

Regrettably, the coming storm has made it necessary to cancel both the Friday and Saturday Chelsea Berry concerts at the Shalin Liu Performance Center.  The shows have been rescheduled for Friday and Saturday, March 1st and 2nd and tickets will be honored for those performances. If you are unable to attend those shows, Rockport Music will issue refunds on previously purchased tickets.

And this from Shalin Liu’s Karen Herlitz, Director of Marketing at Rockport Music:

Rockport Music Announcement

Rockport Music Concerts Re-Scheduled Due to Weather

 Due to the impeding inclement weather, Rockport Music announces that both concerts this weekend (Friday, February 8 & Saturday, February 9) with singer-songwriter Chelsea Berry are re-scheduled for Friday, March 1st and Saturday, March 2nd.

Ticketholders will be contacted via email by the Rockport Music Box Office next week to exchange tickets.  Please note: The Box Office will be closed on Friday, due to the weather.  Please check our homepage for updates on other concerts this weekend.

Box Office phone number is 978-546-7391.

Here’s what they didn’t say: There were still tickets left to the Chelsea’s Friday show, so that probably means you could still get tickets to one of these shows in March.  If you don’t have tickets yet, I say call up and get them now before everybody else figures this out (remember, you heard it on GMG FIRST!)

If you’re not sure about whether or not you want to go, watch this video from her new CD:

A Quiet Storm from Charlie Carroll

Forced myself out the door this morning… I ended up wandering around and decided to shoot some video of the storm… if you could call it that…
Anyway, this is what I ended up with.

This was uploaded as an HD Video, using the H-264 codec… and the resolution and color has been butchered
I think Vemo does this to get you to Upgrade to the Paid Subscription… It’s an annoying marketing plan.
Whatever… the Music’s intact.
Charlie Carroll

Massachusetts Municipal Association HarborWalk Award Mentions Part 4- Virginia Lee Burton HarborWalk Story Moment #30

I’m going to break this down to one a day. It is in reference to the Massachusetts Municipal Association has awarded the Gloucester HarborWalk with the Kenneth E. Pickard Municipal Innovation Award in which Gloucester competed against 351 other communities and won.

Catherine Ryan writes-


Here are some of the story moment markers as they appear on on line that the Massachusetts Municipal Association mentioned in their release for the HarborWalk award.

T.S. Eliot, Virginia Lee Burton, Winslow Homer, Edward Hopper, Greasy Pole St. Peter’s Fiesta

There’s content generously provided from many sources including Good Morning Gloucester contributors (Joey, Fred, EJ, David, Fr. Matthew Green…)!

Virginia Lee Burton HarborWalk Story Moment #30



Do the people who continue to send me press releases read the blog? What is your opinion?

In light of the stickied post at the top of the blog stating please hold off on submitting press releases and the dozen or so press releases I’m getting daily do you think…

A) These people submitting them don’t read GMG therefore haven’t read my plea to hold off a week.

B) These people have read my plea to hold off on sending me press releases for a week but don’t think it would irritate me if they send in theirs because their press release is special and far more important than every other press release that I asked folks to hold off on submitting.

Kyla Hair Salon

Kyla Hair Salon Gloucester ©Kim Smith 2013

Thank you Melissa Cox for recommending the fabulous Heather at Kyla Hair Salon. I Love her!!! 

Kyla Hair Salon Gloucester ©Kim Smith 2013-1

I had such a disagreeable experience the last time I visited a salon that it has been nearly an entire year since my last foray. Heather is prompt, lovely, fun, funny, really good at listening to what you would like, and extremely adept–at one time while she was styling my hair, I counted four hair brushes simultaneously in use!  It won’t be a year between visits now that I’ve met Heather!

Kyla Hair Salon, Heather Murray, Owner.

33 Pleasant Street


KimSmith ©Kim Smith 2013 copy

Top Guitarist to perform at Old Sloop Coffeehouse next FRIDAY 2/15

It’s always a treat to hear a virtuoso live.  Get tickets for this show now.

The Old Sloop Coffeehouse is one of those gems run by people who know and appreciate good music.  You can trust that every performance will be top notch even if you’ve never heard of the musician before.

Tonight will be a perfect party night ahead of the big storm, with plenty of live music to choose from.  See the full live music lineup here.

Maritime Summit 2013, Cruise Port

Went to the Maritime Summit at Cruise Port this morning.  This is only one great of many displays.  Took a tour of the Matthew Hughes, Boston Harbor Cruise Ship, a very gracious host, Greg Jaeger, Director of Offshore Logistics, took me on the great ship.  Here is a link to more information of this ship,

Here a couple of pictures from the ship, while we were on the boat a huge seal was playing next to the boat.

February 7, 2013 control room February 7, 2013 doors towards the engine room a February 7, 2013 Engine Room of the February 7, 2013 Greg jaeger Director of Offshore Logistics and a wonderful host February 7, 2013 lmnop 040 February 7, 2013 Stern of the matthew Hughes

BREAKING NEWS: YMCA Mardi Gras Concert Rescheduled

You heard it on GMG First!
The Mardi Gras YMCA Benefit Concert with Henri Smith featuring Charles Neville originally scheduled for tomorrow, Friday, February 8 has been rescheduled to Saturday, April 6, 2013.  All tickets and VIP Packages purchased for the Friday, February 8 concert will be honored on Saturday, April 6th.


There are still VIP and General Admission Seats available but they will likely sell out.  Get your ticket now and enjoy the winter wonderland, tomorrow.


Paris, New and Old

Here are two photos from the Rue Rivoli in Paris, from my vacation last October. First, the tower of St. James (formerly part of a church, which is long gone):


I like the close proximity and similarity of the Metro (subway) and McDonald’s signs in the photo below:

Fr. Matthew Green