LATEST UPDATE: Who’s open ~ who’s closed

Shoveling out after Nemo
Shoveling out after Nemo

So if you are shoveled out and itching to get out it looks like you have a few  options.  You can head over to the The Landing at 7 Central in Manchester and hear Chelsea Berry at 9:30,  swing by the Rhumb Line and have some food with Fred and the crew or Epsresso is open and serving great hot food.  Whatever you decide to do stay safe.

Rhumb Line is open.  Fred says “We are open all day and night!!! The kitchen is open as well!!!”
Espresso’s is open and serving great food but no music tonight
The Farm Bar & Grille in Essex is open and they have music tonight.

Poseidon is closed
Gloucester House closed
Jalapenos  closed
Cape Ann Brewing Closed
Franklin Closed
Giuseppe’s Closed
Alchemy Closed
Latitude 43 Closed
Minglewood Closed
Dog Bar Closed

GLOUCESTER CHOCOLATE TOUR UPDATE- Chocolate tour is on for Sunday 12-5. PLEASE come down and share your blizzard stories and eat chocolate! If you can’t find your map, we still have lots! It’s going to be delicious!

We’ll continue to post here on GMG whenever there’s a breaking open vs. closed story.  For music, we’ll continually update gimmesound.  Don’t be one of those people who misses out on a good time because you checked an hour ago and nothing was scheduled.  This weekend’s entertainment info will be in constant flux, so stay connected!

More Cancellations from Holy Family Parish: No Masses at St. Joachim’s Church

The morning Masses at St. Joachim’s Church in Rockport are cancelled for tomorrow. Earlier, the Archdiocese sent out the following notice:

The Office of Divine Worship urges all Catholics to heed the travel advisories of their cities and towns, and to stay off the roads during the peak hours of the storm and plow operation. The faithful are encouraged to use good judgment when planning to travel to Mass. Hopefully the storm will have passed on Saturday, and roadways will be clear for travel on Sunday. In the event that roadways are not clear for travel on Sunday, the faithful are reminded that the obligation to attend Sunday Mass does not apply when there is grave difficulty in fulfilling this obligation. (See Code of Canon Law, Canon 1248 §2)

Fr. Matthew Green

Snowed In

2013 blizzard 730am feb 9

On top of losing power and internet connection, which just came back, I couldn’t get out of my house, so this is the best I could do.  View of my walkway with 4′ of snow covering it, snowed in screen porch with the snow piled up against the door.  My neighbor, Sarah Hackett, had bare ground showing on part of her yard, and snow up to her windows.  And it’s still snowing!  My neighbor Jen Nicol came over the cleared my door, so I can get out to try to clear the 6′ of snow that has drifted up behind all our cars at the top of the Union Court. Things you can’t help but love about living in New England.

E.J. Lefavour

Quote of the Week by Greg Bover

And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time.

T. S. (Thomas Stearns) Eliot (1888-1965) From Little Gidding, Section V, The Four Quartets

Though born in St. Louis, Eliot’s family had New England roots reaching back to the Salem witch trials and deep into Harvard yard. He attended Milton Academy and spent summers on Cape Ann (see The Dry Salvages), later studying at Harvard, Oxford, and the Sorbonne. In later life he renounced both Unitarianism and his American citizenship in favor of Anglicanism and the United Kingdom. Eliot is often cited as the greatest modern poet, and The Waste Land as one of the most important poems of the 20th century. In 1948 he was awarded both the Nobel Prize for Literature and the Order of Merit.

Greg Bover


Gregory R. Bover

VP Operations, Project Manager

C. B. Fisk, Inc

978 283 1909

Cancellations at Holy Family Parish

Due to the weather conditions, there will be no 4PM Mass today at St. Ann’s Church in Gloucester.  The “Whole Parish Faith Formation” program that was scheduled for tomorrow morning, also at St. Ann’s, is also cancelled.  Right now, we can’t even get the doors of the rectory or the church open, although we can get from one to the other through a connecting bridge…

St. Joachim’s Church in Rockport is currently without power and covered in snow (like the rest of Rockport), so stay tuned for possible cancellations of the Masses tomorrow and the baptisms tomorrow afternoon.

Fr. Matthew Green

2PM Official City Of Gloucester Storm Update

Storm Update As of 2pm, we expect that the last remnants of snowfall will be leaving us over the next couple hours. We have already seen an abatement in the wind. The Emergency Operations Center (EOC) has closed as of 1pm. The Governor of Massachusetts has left the driving ban in place indicating the toll this storm has taken on resources and the incredible effort it will take to clean up from it. The driving ban will be lifted at 4pm. Until that time, we are urging all residents to still remain indoors and abide by the lawful declaration of the Governor. DO NOT DRIVE. In addition to the added hazard you place on yourself, the burden unnecessary road travel can have on Public Safety and DPW efforts can undermine the efforts to restore the City to normal function safely and quickly. In addition, the Governor has mandated that a criminal penalty may be imposed for those who violate the ban of up to a year in jail and a fine. Please understand that nonessential, nonemergency driving simply stalls our efforts to continue to address the storms aftermath. If you do not have to drive after the ban is lifted at 4pm, please do not. While the penalties and declarations will be removed, efforts will be just getting underway to clean the City up. The more we all cooperate, the quicker we clean up and the less we are all frustrated by what Mother Nature has burdened us with. The tide at 10am was destructive in the sense that it caused significant damage to two houses on Salt Island Road, caused the Police Department to close the backshore, made the footbridge at Good Harbor unstable and possibly loosened it from its pilings, and caused more damage to the Lanes Cove seawall. This is not to mention the incredible amount of debris that was washed up onto Atlantic Road that will need to be addressed. National Grid is out and working and we currently have under 1000 residents out of power. They will continue their efforts until everyone is restored. The DPW continues to work tirelessly to make main and secondary roads safe for travel and to clean up the accumulated snow piles that plowing inevitably creates. Be patient. A storm of this magnitude stresses all resources we have, and the DPW has done and will continue to do and extraordinary job in cleaning the roadways. It takes time and you can expect clean-up efforts to stretch throughout the weekend at the least. Again, I would urge residents to make sure they have working carbon monoxide and smoke detectors, to seek out and clear any exterior venting from indoor gas, oil or other fuel source and to check on and help out their neighbors when they are able to. Lastly, on behalf of Mayor Carolyn Kirk, Fire Chief Eric Smith, DPW Director Michael Hale and myself, we would like to express our gratitude for the cooperation of all Gloucester residents during this crisis. By heeding warnings and emergency instructions, you allowed us to do our jobs to the best of our ability, and minimized the possibility of injury to yourselves and public safety workers. This will be the last update from me as Point of Information Officer regarding this storm event unless there is new or important information to convey. Thank you for your attention and cooperation throughout the storm. Sincerely, Leonard CampanelloChief of PoliceCity of Gloucester, MA

Blizzicane Nemo Porch Photos for Saint707

Aloha New Dawn ©KIm Smith 2011 copy

Hello Saint707–I don’t have the same view in all four seasons as the Blizzicane Nemo wintry porch view that was posted this morning, but found these from June 2011–same porch, same rose bushes.  As I am not planning to venture further than my porch this afternoon, I thought we may all benefit from a glimpse today of spring yet to come.

Gloucester©Kim Smith 2011

Rosa Aloha ©KIm Smith 2011 copy

Rosa ‘Aloha’