We Lose A Good Morning Gloucester Favorite To The Navy

Sean retires from lobstering to enlist in the Navy

A little bit of sunshine will be leaving along with Sean.  Always positive always funny. 

We will miss you buddy.

Remember-  The Backbone of this country is….. 

Long before there were run-ins with Buddhists there was jock strap diving.


Always willing to try new things, Sean takes on a new look.

What’s next on Sean’s hit parade?  Stay Tuned.

Here’s a video we took  a while back in which Sean wins a bet

clcik picture to play video
clcik picture to play video

Youth and Energy With A Dash Of Crazy.

Sean Is A Sick Monkey, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Passports Restaurant- You Guessed It, Now On Twitter

Got a question about when the next wine dinner is happening? What their hours are going to be?  Request a special dish?

Tweet my boy Eric Lorden @PassportsGlo


And check out the Passports Website here

New to twitter?  Intimidated?  Check out this twitter tutorial-

Big GAAC meeting this Friday, 8:00 PM at the Lanesville Community Center


Friday night’s GAAC meeting has been cancelled on account of really really bad weather. Ted Blank’s great talk has been rescheduled to July 12.


At the February 8th meeting of the Gloucester Area Astronomy Club, GAAC favorite Ted Blank will speak to us about the Curiosity Mars rover! The Curiosity rover and the Mars Science Laboratory it carries are the most expensive, most complex instruments ever sent to the surface of another planet. In addition to great pictures, Curiosity is now returning cutting-edge science data for the first time. Join NASA Solar System Ambassador Ted Blank for an in-depth look at the news and photos “just in from Mars”! GAAC meets on the second Friday of every month at the Lanesville Community Center, at 8:00 pm. There are no dues or fees, and everyone is welcome. You can learn more about us at http://gaac.us or on our Facebook page, at http://facebook.com/gaacpage

Cape Ann TV’s Andrew Love is a Genius

This past week Andrew Love, Cape Ann TV producer, has been helping to organize, copy, and transfer to various external hard drives my film projects in progress, and to also locate a plethora of render files that were on a variety of hard drives–terabytes of information and footage! He’s a gifted editor and organizer and I am grateful to him for lending his considerable talents.


Do you have a project that you would like develop to air on Cape Ann TV? Membership is open to any citizen of Cape Ann 16 years of age or older. (Ed. Note: membership is a only $20.00 per year!). Training classes are included in the membership fee. Learn more about television production and what makes Cape Ann TV so unique.

Cape Ann Television has wonderful after school programs for students. Gloucester students can attend the after school program held by Cape Ann TV at Art Haven. For more information call Lisa Smith at 978-281-2443. For Rockport students, there is a new after school video club led by Cape Ann TV producer Andrew Love. For more information  call Andrew at 978-281-2443.

My sincerest thanks Andrew for all you help this past week!Barry O'Brien, Andrew Love Cape Ann TV ©KIM Smith 2011JPG

Unfortunately, I don’t have a great photo of Andrew so this will have to do (he’s really much better looking in person, for all the single gals in GMG land). Barry O’Brien (left) and Andrew Love teaching a class at Cape Ann TV studio.

Lisa Smith Andrew Love Cape Ann TV Gloucester Times

Lisa Smith and Andrew Love ~ above photo courtesy Google Image Search from the Gloucester Daily Times

Just two days left until Chelsea Berry’s “Devil and The Deep Blue Sea” CD release party!

Devil and the Deep Blue Sea - by Louise Welch

Photo by Louise


Essex, Massachusetts

Tuesday – 7:00pm until 10:00pm

Please join us to celebrate the release of Chelsea Berry’s newest full length album, “Devil and the Deep Blue Sea”.

The new record is “energetic and wild and has its moments of epic orchestration while the lyrics send the message of the story of human struggle and love and loss and all that stuff I love to write about and people can relate to.

I am really excited about this album because it’s going to be a whole new side of the music- and a whole new side of me. Growing and changing and not being afraid to leave it all out there– without losing that familiarity and approachability that’s so central to me as a performer.”

The CD will be available for purchase and there may even be a couple of impromptu performances.

Also, on Friday and Saturday, Febraury 8th and 9th, Chelsea and her spectacular group of players will perform at The Shalin Liu Performance Center. There are still some tickets left for Friday night’s performance. Don’t miss it!

single tree music



Dogtown walk


I haven’t been out in Dogtown much, but I went for a walk there yesterday with a friend. He took a photo of me next to “Peter’s Pulpit”. I wanted to get on top to strike a preachy pose, but there is no easy access to perch on the peak of Peter’s pulpit.We ended up at Whale’s Jaw:



I hope to get back to hike in Dogtown more regularly! It is a very interesting place.

Fr. Matthew Green


Good Egg Report From Martin Del Vecchio

Martin writes-

Gloucester residents Calvin Del Vecchio (9) and Treely Dowd (8) decided that they didn’t need any presents at their joint Ninja birthday party.  Instead, they asked each guest to bring a small donation for The Open Door.

They raised a total of $87, which they presented to Julie LaFontaine, Executive Director of The Open Door.  She said, "Donations like this touch the heart and inspire us all to give what we can to help make a difference in our community."

Ninja Donation to Open Door-017

City Hall Mural ID Help

Hey Joey,
Tim Moran here.  I am the one who posted all of the pictures of the “Magnolia Kids” reunion last September.
Regarding the restored murals in the City Hall, specifically the one where there is a group of men gathered around a conference table in a meeting.
My sisters, Marcia, Sunny, and I are wondering if the man with the gavel at the head of the table might be ouir grandfather Wilfred H Ringer.  Wilfred H Ringer was the principal of Gloucester High through much of the 30s.
Here are a crop from the mural and a picture of our grandfather.