Tacos Lupita Doing $1 Tacos On Monday To Celebrate One Year In Gloucester

At Tacos Lupita Gloucester Location Monday February 25th They Will Be Giving Out $1 Tacos to Celebrate One Year In Business In Gloucester. 

There has been an overwhelming outpouring of support for Tacos Lupita and on Monday they will be giving back to all those people that have made it a regular stop for friendly service,  delicious food at really reasonable prices.  Tacos Lupita is without question top 6 restaurants in Gloucester IMO. 

Swing by and say hi on Monday and tell ‘em Joey sent you.  $1 Tacos.  I get the roast pork off the spit every time.  And every time it’s just that damn delicious!

All fresh ingredients.  Nothing out of a can.

Authentic Mexican Cuisine


63 Washington Street Gloucester MA 01930

Open Monday Through Saturday 11AM-9PM


The Gloucester Yacht Club, Rocky Neck, circa 1910

Fred Bodin submits-

The taller building with the long pier was Gloucester’s first yacht club, built in 1901 for $5,000. Howard Blackburn was a member and sailed from this building, which is still affectionately called "The Old Yacht Club." It’s located at 5 Wiley Street, sans pier. I lived on the third floor for 12 years, and has a magnificent deck overlooking the outer harbor. The dark house, center, was the home of my friends Al and Florence Taber. Al was a cantankerous guy, but always a gracious host, offering you a screwdriver cocktail, even in the morning. It was only after I read his obituary that I learned that Al rolled across Europe with General George Patton’s army, to finish WWII in Europe. He never mentioned it to me. (Author’s note: This photo post card was lent to me by Al Taber. I copied and printed it for him, and he let me use the image).


Fredrik D. Bodin

Bodin Historic Photo http://www.facebook.com/BodinHistoricPhoto

A Winter’s Dream Video from Lisa Smith

Lisa Smith Andrew Love Cape Ann TV Gloucester Times
Lisa Smith (L) w/ Andrew Love

Lisa Smith is a producer, director, editor, videographer, teacher, etc. at Cape Ann TV.  Lisa and Andrew Love taught Robert Sherman, producer of the new Birding Show, everything he needed to know to get his project off the ground.  Lisa also directs most of the Local Music Seen with Allen Estes shows that Vickie and I co-produce with Allen (see clips from some of those shows here) including the show featuring Boston rock star Charlie Farren that premieres tonight at 6:30pm (more about that show here).

It’s a great deal.  For $20 a year, Lisa and Andrew will teach you everything you need to know about video production.  Plus you get the use of their studio (where we tape Local Music Seen) and equipment.  (We took their equipment on the road last year for Mardi Gras at Minglewood w/ Henri Smith & Charles Neville and then for the GHS Docksiders.)

Recently Lisa shot some blizzard video and put together a wonderful dreamy piece that just makes you feel OK about all the snow and grateful to live here.  Check it out:

Charlie Farren on Local Music Seen with Allen Estes Tonight 6:30pm

Boston rock star Charlie Farren (lead singer/guitarist for The Joe Perry Project & Farrenheight) has emerged as an outstanding solo acoustic artist, who has always been known for great songs and great singing.  He proves why as the featured guest on Local Music Seen with Allen Estes, which premieres tonight at 6:30pm on Cape Ann TV Channel 12.

You may remember that a couple of years ago, Charlie teamed up with Jon Butcher (another Boston rock star – see Jon Butcher videos here) to form Farren, Butcher, Inc. (FBI).  Perhaps you remember their spectacular benefit for the Cape Ann Vernal Pond Team at Cruiseport!

Here’s a sneak preview of tonight’s premiere with Charlie singing his smash hit You Are The Only One.  Watch and you’ll know why he’s a star!

After you catch the show tonight at 6:30 there are excellent live music choices in town, making it very hard to choose.  They’re all free and they start at 7,8 and 9, so you could try to catch some of every show.  Check out the complete live music schedule here.

Downton Abbey Season Three Finale: Is Matthew Really Dead?

Downton Abbey Matthew and MarySpoiler Alert: Was anyone not left in a puddle of tears after the season three cliffhanger of Downton Abbey? My daughter is convinced Mathew is dead; I however am hopeful. How can they kill off Mathew—he has survived the trenches of WWI, a near fatal war injury (including paralysis), single-handedly saved Downton from financial ruin, and only moments before the car crash, became a new father with the love of his life, Mary.

Heartless producers! I hope they work out their contract dispute with the actor Dan Stevens. It’s not too late to revive him!


Downton Abbey Christmas Special

Liv sends this video along–a bit of British humor to keep we Downton fans from thinking about that terrible visual of Mathew lying crushed beneath his auto, with our favorite butler Carson singing Rumor Has It, Moves Like Jagger, and Put a Ring On It.

Cape Ann TV Soars with the Premiere of BirdWatcherTV – Thursday 8:30pm

Check out this news release from Cape Ann TV’s Lisa Smith about a brand new show premiering Thursday @8:30pm.

Bird Watcher TV's Host Robert Sherman
Bird Watcher TV’s Host/Producer Robert Sherman

Did you know that birds from the Arctic tundra and birds all the way down to the grasslands of Argentina visit Cape Ann each year?  Join BirdWatcherTV host Robert Sherman, also producer, videographer and editor of this series, as he travels around Cape Ann in search of wild birds.  Along the way, you’ll meet the people who watch birds, feed birds, study birds or who are just plain crazy about birds.

Gloucester resident, Robert Sherman is a naturalist, who works as a park ranger and natural history interpreter for Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation. His interest in ornithology/bird watching began during his college years when he was a geography major at UMass-Amherst. Robert has been leading birding tours in Massachusetts since the early 1990s.  SEE PREVIEW HERE

In this new series Robert captures the natural beauty of Cape Ann and its stunning wildlife on camera. Robert was trained in television production at Cape Ann TV and used its editing facilities and field camera equipment to produce BirdWatcherTV. Cape Ann TV Production Coordinator, Lisa Smith states, “Robert is very dedicated to this project. He created this program over the past few months in his “down time” and made a remarkable first-time documentary on the birds that inhabit Cape Ann. You can really tell that this a labor of love. We are look forward to Robert’s next program highlighting the Cape Ann Winter Birding Weekend that occurred earlier in February.” Robert said he hopes viewers of BirdWatcherTV, “gain a greater appreciation of the beauty and diversity of what is so close to home, and I want to encourage people to get outside and enjoy nature.”

BirdWatcherTV premiers this week and airs on Cape Ann TV Channel 12 on Thursday, February 21 at 8:30 p.m.; Friday, February 22 at 3:30 p.m.; Saturday, February 23 at 8:00 p.m.; and Sunday, February 24 at 8:00 p.m.

Wednesdays with Fly Amero ~ J.B. Amero as his guest


 Surf & Turf Specials!
Wednesdays Only!

Hello everyone!
Wednesday, February 20th
Special Guest: J.B. AMERO! 

jb sro

Brother J.B. takes the stage once again to show us all the
difference between singing a song, and delivering a song.
Stick around long enough, I promise he’ll show you the
difference between “delivering” a song and shooting it into
your heart like an arrow. 
~ Fly  (Photo by Sheila Orlando)
Dinner with Fly Amero: 8 – 11pm
*Each week features a special, invited musical guest
Dave Trooper’s Kitchen…
Surf & Turf Dinner –  $11.95 (while they last)
Tenderloin Tips with Grilled Garlic Shrimp!
Prepared fresh weekly by “Troop”… always good!
Coming soon…

Elaine O’Rourke
image (5)
 Chick & Ellen
image (6)
T-Max (of the Noise)
image (7)
Looking forward…
…to seeing you there!  🙂 ~ Fly

While we’re on the Subject


While Joey is all ramped up on losing his Pickle today, It got me thinking about all the words we use for each other that could be considered offensive. My non Italian friends used to call me “Guinea” all the time in our younger years. I never considered it offensive at the time. It all depends on how it’s said.

If say Kim Smith called me a dumb Guinea for some of my posts I make on GMG I would take offense. Because I know she’s not the type to use that kind of language. Now if Joey or Ed Collard (a non Italian) called me a Dumb Guinea I would not take offense because most likely it would be in a joking way. So what am I trying to say? Who the hell knows. Have a nice day.


Mari Martin Trio concert at Saywer Free Library

Last week, the Mari Martin Trio (Mari Martin, Ken Steiner, and Mark Retallack) gave a fantastic, free, hour-long concert at the Gloucester Lyceum and Sawyer Free Library. (A wonderful institution, but have they considered renaming the place to something that can be said with fewer syllables?)  Here are some photos.





Check out the matching shoes and beret!

This library and this trio are just a part of the cultural wealth of Cape Ann!

Fr. Matthew Green


An Indoor Flea Market this Saturday!

From my friend Walt Kolenda:

Laurel Tarantino is hosting an indoor flea market at the Pond View Village Community Center on LePage Ln. off of Essex Ave. in West Gloucester.So far there are at least 12 vendors. It looks like there will be everything from crafts to antiques, art & junk!

Where: Pond View Village Community Center, on LePage Ln off of 133 (aka Essex ave.) West Gloucester, MA

When: Sat. Feb. 23 9am-3pm

What: Flea market, antiques, crafts, home-made items etc!

cdI’ll be there, too, with prints, calendars, notecards, framed prints, music CD’s, etc. etc. Cleaning out the old stuff!

See you there! ~Sharon