Fish Tales Of A Gloucester Fisherman

Hi Joey, I recently joined the Gloucester Writers Group.
On Jan. 17th I attended my first meeting, The Inaugural Meeting of
Fish Tales, Live Story Telling. I would like to share my story and pictures
with your readers. Virginia (Frontiero) McKinnon

Michael Frontiero 19580001F V Little Flower0001

Fish Tales
My Dad, Mike Frontiero, was a Gloucester Fisherman My Dad had many fish tales to tell. I remember my Dad taking a big piece of paper and with pencil in hand he would draw and explain the process of catching fish to me. He would draw a picture of his boat, the winch, doors and net and explain how the drag net is set by lowering the doors with the net into the ocean. The doors  are at the end of long steel cables attached to the boat and the winch. The net is shaped like a big stocking. The doors keep the top of the stocking open to scoop up the fish. After several hours of towing  the doors and the net are hauled up, closing the doors in the process.  To do this a strong winch coils up the cables. With the doors secured at the side of the boat, the net is then hauled up high above the deck. The bottom of the net is pulled open, like opening a purse, dumping he fish on the deck for sorting. Then it’s all hands on deck, as the junk is thrown back into the ocean. All the ground fish is dressed (guttered) before going down into the fish hold and iced. This process  continues until the decision is made when to bring the fish to market. Whiting is very fragile and had to get to market in two days, When fishing for haddock and cod the trips would last longer.

I never  realize how dangerous my Dad’s occupation could be until one morning my Mom was listening to her ship to shore short wave radio, when she heard the voice of the skipper, Busty Serio “May-Day, May-Day the fishing vessel America was taking on water and sinking.” With her rosary beads in hand later she heard a fishing boat was near by and rescued the crew. My dad was the engineer, and the skipper remained on the boat, pumping the water desperately trying to save the America, until the Coast Guard arrived. They explained to my dad that the America could not be saved and they had to abandon ship. My Dad said as they were leaving he witnessed a huge funnel hole appear and the America was sinking into this hole. The current was so strong the Coast Guard boat was having difficulty from being drawn into this hole.

My dad and the skipper had a new fishing boat built in South Bristol Maine. Harvey Gamage Boatyard was in the process of building a yatch and he accommodated them by turning this into a beautiful fishing boat, as time was money. I remember spending many wonderful weekends in Maine watching the boat building process. Soon the boat was launched and christened “Little Flower: in honor of St. Theresa. My dad was fishing again on the beautiful fishing boat. She was the pride of the Gloucester fishing fleet.

On December 13. I believe the year was 1952. the Little Flower was at sea, when a hugh storm appeared from out of nowhere. My Dad stated the waves were over 12 feet high.  My Dad said a huge wave was heading toward the Little Flower. He and the crew gathered into the pilot house. They were on their knees in front of the little religious shrine. They made a sacred promise to God to never go fishing on  Santa Lucia’s day, December 13th. The boat broached  the wave and the Little Flower was spared from impending disaster.  I believe fishermen’s faith in  God is tested time and time again. I pray to God to bless our fishermen and keep them safe.

Virginia (Frontiero) McKinnon                                 January 2013 

5 Questions With @Joey_C’s Favorite Twitter Peeps- @DscvrGlstr Linn Parisi


5 Questions With Linn Parisi- @DscvrGlstr


What are your duties at your job and do you use twitter as a tool for your job?

Although what I do is like having two full time jobs, I don’t really have a "job" with Discover Gloucester. I’m in an unpaid position, as everyone involved with Discover Gloucester is. Crazy, huh?!

Some of the work I’ve taken on for the past 5.5 years includes attending trade shows and sales missions to meet with wholesale buyers of travel; attending tourism-related meetings, seminars, etc. around the State; planning out the marketing initiatives that Discover Gloucester takes on i.e. the Visitor Guide (working on our 5th!), our new website, the new Seafood Trail, co-operative advertising and co-operative booth sharing at area consumer shows, and  way more than you want me to list here. No wonder I’m tired!

I do use Twitter- a lot- in the outreach work I do to get more visitors to come here. I only Tweet for Discover Gloucester, not personally. Some would say- as they did at yesterday’s Discover Gloucester Annual Meeting- that I Tweet to the degree that I talk, lol. Can you imagine if I Tweeted personally?!

Why do you think you are follow worthy on Twitter?

I don’t outright sell when I tweet. I try to get interesting, quirky Gloucester/Rockport/Essex tidbits & images out there that will entice & inform the readers so maybe they’ll want to take a look at us as a destination. Or not. Sometimes I post something just because it’s interesting/entertaining to me, and I figure it might be to someone else, too. I make my Tweets conversational- not business-like. Ryan Pinkham (whom I remember as a Kindergartner on up through Beeman School 🙂 had a fab post today re: the importance of the human and human-ness behind the Tweet. I completely agree. It’s all about the back and forth of a conversation.

What types of tweets or twitter user drive you up a wall?

Posting a facebook link, by itself, makes me wonder why they bothered to link fb to Twitter. Tweets with no reference to what or where the event is make me crazy, like "Two-fer deal going on at Larry’s!" Who is Larry; where is Larry; and what’s Larry’s deal- and why should we care?

Who are some of your favorite twitter users?


















@Joey_C  (duh)

Do you have a website you would like to promote? will be up and happening before we’re into the new tourism season. How’s that for vague?

More Chamber of Commerce

Oops, Rubber Duck told Ed the rolls were a food challenge.FoodChallenge

What I like about this island, the natives are so staid and honor decorum. All photos after this were a blur of 200 napkins.instigators

Fifteen minutes earlier Joey was helping unload the last boat. Cleans up pretty good.dapper

Eastern Bluebird Nestbox Walk at Allens Neck

blue-bird_471_600x450Male Eastern Bluebird and Redbud (Cercis canadensis)

For information about the status of Eastern Bluebirds in Massachusetts, see yesterday’s post.

Bluebird Nestbox Walk at Allens Neck

Sponsored by Allens Pond Wildlife Sanctuary

Sunday, February 24, 2013 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Location: Allens Neck Wildlife Sanctuary
 Instructor: Allens Pond Sanctuary Staff
 Audience: All (suitable for children 5 – 16 years)
 Fee: Adults $0, Children $0.00m/ $0.00nm

Join us at the Allens Neck Wildlife Sanctuary for a FREE bluebird nest box training session and nature walk. The walk is free and open to anyone but will focus on teaching participants how to monitor nest boxes on our Sanctuary as well as their own properties. You will visit 30 nest box sites along this three mile hike while learning how to attract and monitor bluebirds. You’ll also have the chance to join the Allens Pond Volunteer Bluebird Nest Box Monitor Program. Please bring your questions!

Instructions and Directions: Meet at the Allens Neck Wildlife Sanctuary Parking lot, located on Allens Neck Road, right off of Horseneck Road in South Dartmouth, MA. Dress for an outdoor hike and be sure to bring a water bottle.

Registration is required.

Register online or call 508-636-2437 to register by phone.

Register by mail: program registration form (PDF 66K)

For more information, contact:

Allens Pond Wildlife Sanctuary

1280 Horseneck Road

Westport, MA 02790


Both images courtesy Google image search.

See, If You Weren’t on Twitter You Wouldn’t Have Found Out That Cape Ann Coffees Is Giving Away Coffee For 10 cents Tomorrow

To Celebrate 10 years In Business!

Cape Ann Coffees has Been In Business for 10 Years????  Holy Crap Time Is Flying!

The Chamber Tweets-

Cape Ann Coffees

Tuesday, January 29th marks ten years in business for
Cape Ann Coffees. We are celebrating by selling any size
Brewed Coffee for one dime. Ten years — Ten cents
Thank you for supporting Cape Ann Coffees

Here’s the tweet-

P&V’s LOL #11: Clean, matching socks repel

EINSTEINADVERTISEMENTCalling all quantum physicists.  (I know you’re not a physicist, Paul, but perhaps you can help me out.)  There must be some sort of mysterious force at work here.  Try this experiment to see what I mean:

STEP 1: Hold your nose and take off the pair of socks you’ve been wearing all day, being careful to put them in the laundry basket right next to each other.

STEP 2: Now wash and dry all the laundry in that basket.  (In order for this experiment to work, there must be at least 3 other pairs of socks in the laundry that you wash and dry together.)

STEP 3: Take all the laundry out of the dryer and start pulling out socks looking for a match.

Here’s what I bet you’ll find (assuming there are 4 pairs of socks in the laundry):  You’ll pick out one sock from each of the four pairs before you find a single match.  Now the probability of that happening is very low.  (It’s been a while since I solved probability problems by I’m pretty sure I’m right about this.)

So what causes these clean matching socks to repel?  My guess is that it is related somehow to quantum entanglement, which Einstein derided as spooky action at a distance, but was nevertheless proven experimentally several times (see this article for a good timeline of quantum entanglement).

Now, this doesn’t seem to bother Vickie at all, and normally I just let these little life mysteries go and don’t worry about them.  But sparks are flying out of my socks because of this awful dry weather, lately.  These socks are taunting me, as if to say, “Bet I can shock you four times before you’ll find a match!”

Any help you geniuses can offer would be greatly appreciated.

Community Stuff 2/6/13

Schooner Adventure’s History Sharing Program – February 8, 2013 (10am)

Come see images of old Gloucester and share your own memories during these free monthly presentations at the Rose Baker Senior Center. This month – “Ghosts of Vincent Cove:

The Shipbuilders and their Vessels” See images and hear about the ship builders and their vessels from Gloucester’s Vincent Cove, the area now filled in where the Senior Center sits. (Program supported by New England Biolabs Foundation). For more information – call Schooner Adventure @978-281-8079.

History Sharing Program Poster - Vincent Cove001

Kingsley Flood New CD Release Party Saturday, February 2nd, Rhumbline, 9 PM


Photo by Dave Green

By Gregg Zoske

Kingsley Flood’s love affair with Gloucester continues when they return to the Rhumbline THIS Saturday, February 2nd, to debut their new CD BATTLES.  Hot off the press, three songs have been premiered by Rolling Stone, Magnet, MTV Buzzworthy, and American Songwriter in the past three weeks.

Kingsley Flood won the 2012 Boston Music Award for Best Americana Band, but their new CD defies the genre.  An energetic hybrid of roots rock, folk, pop and punk multi-instrumentation fused with lyrics that dig deep in universal truths, sets this band apart from the rest.  They combine fiery musicianship and addictive songwriting with electrifying performances that have earned them the moniker “best live band in Boston” by the Boston Herald while burning up the stage from Burlington to Washington, D.C.

The CD will be available for purchase at the show BUT should come with a warning label: This is an addictive substance!  As HubARTs reviewed, “There’s an abundance of big hooks and little grace notes that will lodge these songs in your head.”

So come out Saturday night to witness a special happening as Kingsley Flood is sure to springboard from the Rhumbline into the rock stratosphere soon as the whole world seems to be waking up and taking notice.  See what others have had to say recently:

“Through smart songwriting, effortless arrangement and most of all total conviction, Kingsley Flood managed to turn out one of the most aggressively entertaining sets that anyone will be delivering in 2013 or possibly any year.  A flirtateous comingling of Americana, punk and folk provides the backbone to their music on record and in a live setting that mix is turned up to eleven.”  ChunkyGlasses

“Kingsley Flood’s Americana-rooted offerings is the kind of music for every man, rich or poor, beloved or bereft, believer or unbeliever. And like all genuine American articles, this spirited band is equal parts rough-and-tumble country and brazenly unbridled rock.”   D.C. Music Download

“…all rusty mic’d vocals gift-wrapped in barbed wire. One battle we bet the band didn’t fight: that opening guitar riff. George Hall’s (Gloucester’s own) plays like a kid opening Christmas presents — with a machete.”  Rolling Stone


“the latest sneak-peek from Kingsley Flood‘sBattles, is sure to knock your ass to the floor.” Last Stop Wonderland


“So you haven’t seen Kingsley Flood yet?  You haven’t witnessed their brand of Americana Grind – equal parts Country, Rock, Blues, and Post-punk Americana…This is just about as good as it gets right now.”

Ryans Smashing Life


Samuel Taylor Coleridge Quote Of The Week From Greg Bover

January 25, 2013

And winter slumbering in the open air,

Wears on his smiling face a dream of Spring…

Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1772-1834) from “Work Without Hope” 1832


An English poet and aesthetic philosopher, Coleridge may be best known for his long poems The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, and Kubla Khan. He had intended to enter the ministry but was given an annuity by Josiah Wedgewood so that he might devote himself to writing. A life-long friend of William Wordsworth, he was an important influence on Emerson and the Transcendentalists and is frequently credited with helping to foster both the Romantic and Gothic sensibilities. His lectures on Shakespeare and Milton did much to raise awareness of their writing to the heights they enjoy today. He suffered from depression, which he treated with laudanum, leading to opium addiction, against which he struggled for many years, but which ultimately contributed to his demise.

Greg Bover

Meet The Trainer: Andi Lindland

Andi is from North Carolina and is a trainer at the Manchester Athletic Club.  If you would like to train with Andi her contact info is below.  For more information about joining the Manchester Athletic Club and training with Andi call 978-526-8900.



Andi Lindland 

Area of training expertise:

Glutes (butts) and abs

Why workout?:

To feel better, have more energy, engage in activities/sports/hobbies that you enjoy and continue doing them!

Favorite exercise:

Reverse crunches with side lift into lay out.

Favorite easy to cook recipe:


Wanna Talk About Class? Ryan and Wood Distillery Has It In Spades

I knew the Dodgeball rosters would get filled quickly and we would round out the 20 team brackets in a day or so.

Even though Ryan and Wood didn’t get a team submitted this year Bobby Ryan emailed to tell me that he still wanted to help sponsor the 2013 GMG/Farm Bar and Grill Bikini Speedo Dodgeball Tournament at Camp Spindrift.

That’s what you call being a community organization.  that’s what you call class.

Ryan and Wood Beauport Vodka, Knockabout Gin, Folly Cove Rum.  If you’re not drinking the highest quality spirits made locally or anywhere you’re doing a major disservice to your liver.


Like them on Facebook

Follow Them on Twitter

Check Out Their Live Distillery Cam-



Check out the 2013 GMG/Farm Bar and Grill Bikini Speedo Dodgeball Tournament at Camp Spindrift Facebook Page Here

This Morning’s Sunrise: How Not to Shoot Panorama Part II


Tide and time wait for no man and that includes the sun. If the webpage says sunrise is 7:00 AM on the dot then you better be out there before that to get the rich colors. I was trotting down the Atlantic Path at 6:59 AM enjoying the sunrise but before I could get the iPhone out BAM!  Still working without a tripod although I did line the horizon up on the panorama arrow onscreen which helped calm down the wavy horizon a bit. More after the break …sunrisepartIII just downloaded some good photos of the Edwardo Coronation Saturday night. Wait for my 2:30 PM regular post time for the shot of Sistah Felicia with tambourine over her head (did the lead singer hand it over voluntarily?) with Ron Gilson cutting a rug on the dance floor swinging a tablecloth over his head. I may be exaggerating but not by much.