The Library and Librarians Are Flat Out Some Of The Greatest Local Resources Going- Poll


As I was preparing my list of books to take on vacation there was one I had at the top of that list- Adam Carolla’s Not Taco Bell Material.  Last year in Playa del Carmen I read his first book In Fifty Years We’ll All Be Chicks and was laughing with every turn of the pages.

No luck on the shelves locally, I headed to Barnes and Noble where it was also out of stock and since I was leaving in two days time there was no chance of ordering it in time to take it on vacation.

So the Mrs suggests ordering it to read on my iPad.  While she has a tendency to not take care of her electronics I don’t like taking mine to the beach.  Sand and saltwater and suntan lotion- just way too much chance of messing stuff up.  However when looking online at the Library inventory of availability I see my book available in hardback edition.

I place the book on hold at 7:30AM. Show up at 10:00AM and ask for the book.  It hadn’t been pulled from the shelf yet but the librarian (total unsung hero) walks around from behind the desk, goes and finds it for me, hands it to me and I straight up walk out.  With a $25 book.  For free.  Just by showing up! I gots it for three weeks.

Customer service?  You betcha!  With a smile.

I thanked him and told him I appreciate his service to the community.

Twenty Five Dollars Savings In My Pocket.

This is not to mention to the free museum passes that are always available, the cds you can take out and burn to your iTunes collection listen to before returning, art exhibits, lecture series, free wifi, ect, ect, ect…

Point is, the library isn’t just a place for the homeless to hang out once the shelter boots them out for the day.  It’s probably one of the greatest resources in the community and it’s free.  If you end up on the positive end of savings and all these resources, please consider giving back and supporting the library.


Happy As A Clam Road Race May 3rd

Good Morning,

It was a beautiful sunrise today!  Brought a big smile to my 6 yr old…she said it was “magic”.

I was wondering how I could post the Happy as a Clam 5k Road Race on your blog. It is on Friday May 3rd. Website for more info is  It is an event for the whole cape ann community.

Thanks, Nina

Old Gloucester Sea Food Recipes Circa 1932 Frank E Davis Fish Co Part 8- Crabmeat

Thanks to Clark Dexter who dropped off this booklet filled with old fish recipes and some commentary from the man himself- Frank E Davis. The man who built the last building that was on I4C2- The Frank E Davis Fish Co.

I’ll be posting a page or two a day-

click the photos for the larger easier to read versions and click here for the other pages in the series

2012-12-30 08.08.29

P&V’s LOL #8: Accounting is the art of telling the story you want to tell with the figures you have at hand

Tom Conley

I was introduced to this Law of Life by Tom Conley when he was CFO of Yankee Fleet back when Carol & Jerry Hill owned it.  Vickie and I have worked with hundreds of people and I think it’s safe to say that Tom Conley was among the most fun.  Look at the photo and imagine him saying,  Accounting is the art of telling the story you want to tell with the figures you have at hand with that little impish grin.  No laugh.  Not even a chuckle.  Here’s the best part: he doesn’t remember saying it.  Really, Tom?

Come to think of it, this photo from his website is the first time I’ve seen TC (as we called him) in a suit.  When he worked at Yankee Fleet, he performed every imaginable task from stocking boats with bait (imagine doing that in a suit) to marketing, advertising and (of course) accounting.

As far as I can remember, TC formulated this LOL in response to my assertion that Yankee Fleet should pay us a lot more money for the work were doing based on how much we contributed to their bottom line (we cut their ad budget by 2/3 and more than doubled their on-line sales in only a year).  My point was, Just look at the accounting.  Even if you add up all the money you’ve paid us to build and promote your websites, you’re still way ahead.  Of course, his quip completely disarmed me and we quickly agreed on a discounted price for our next project, making TC perhaps the best negotiator I’ve ever encountered.  We’re smarter now.

On his never-ending cost-cutting quest, TC once asked, “What if I just send you the code?  Then what would it cost?”  He said it over the phone, so I couldn’t see that grin.  At the time we were building a high-end, database driven engine for him to mange 4 websites, build newsletters, sell gift certificates, track comment cards, etc.  Even though he was kidding, TC liked to dabble in HTML and I’ll bet he actually thought he could save us time by sending us some code, which he never did — thank goodness for that!

As for the wisdom of his LOL, well it’s self evident, isn’t it?  This time of year, all you accounting folks, struggling with year-end, are trying to tell one story to the tax man and an altogether different story to your investors.  Isn’t that fun?

It couldn’t possibly be as much fun as working with TC.  Now that he’s got his own consulting business, we don’t get to fight over pricing and dream up ever more clever ways to market, promote and analyze the whale watching/deep sea fishing business.  Those were the good ol’ days.

Speaking of good ol’ days, check out this video of George Harrison and Eric Clapton performing Taxman live!  (In this video, TC’s the guy who dims stage lights–before Harrison has a chance to say Thank You–just to save a couple of bucks on electricity;)

Only Two Guest Artist Exhibit Spaces Left

marys opening

If you are an artist interested in having a guest artist exhibit at Khan Studio and the GMG Gallery on Rocky Neck this season, you need to move fast. There are only two exhibit spaces remaining. You can go to to check out the details and availability. The days are getting longer and it will be summer again before we know it. Don’t miss being a part of the Rocky Neck and Khan Studio/GMG Gallery experience.

E.J. Lefavour

Joanie On A Pony

Rubber Duck: “So when they installed Joanie did the town fathers consider that fact that every visitor to Gloucester’s first impression would be a very large horse’s ass or was it so Joanie could salute the Legion Hall?”

Kevin the Panda: “Sounds like a win win Rubber.”


More First Snowfall Photos

Winter garden-2

The morning after the beautiful snowfall (I hope it isn’t the only real snow of the season!), I took several snapshots of our garden before heading over to the Harbor Walk, then ended by photographing at Niles Pond. The Harbor Walk photos are posted here, and I am just getting to the rest of the images.

Winter Garden

The last two photos are for Sharon and Donna. Note: the waves that can be seen crashing in the distance beyond the narrow strip of land are at Brace Cove, not Good Harbor.

Niles Pond Brace Cove

Niles Pond

Niles Pond after new fallen snow

Thank you GMG- Dave Cloyd Has Some Nice Things To Say


Hi Joey,

Just wanted to say thank to GMG and the great city of Gloucester for all the support we received with our Plunge 4 Pete on Saturday. We are fighting a difficult enemy in ALS, but with support like this we will succeed.

GMG readers can see a complete recap of the plunge here:

– Dave Cloyd, Plunge 4 Pete Committee.

Beautiful St. John’s Episcopal Church

I stopped by at St. John’s yesterday before their evening celebration of the Epiphany, and snapped a few photos.  Mark Nelson (their music director) and two other cantors were practicing chanting the Gospel in a beautiful medieval chant.

Their nativity scene was made in Bethlehem, carved from olive wood:


The church has a beautiful altar piece:


Fr. Matthew Green


Mary Page Turbine Question

Hi Joey

What’s with the wind turbines? Some days all three are motionless, another day only one is turning, today two of the three are in motion. Are the two in motion generating power for Gloucester Engineering and Varian, and what about the motionless one with the  blade so many of us signed? Will that be providing power for Gloucester’s municipal buildings? If so when? I’d like an update about the “three wise men” towering over Gloucester.

Thanks   Mary Page

Jesus I’m Disgusting- Male Armpit Hair Poll

I’m gonna spare y’all the nasty photograph of my armpit hair but I have a burning question that can only be answered with a thoroughly scientific GMG reader poll.

As I get older my armpit hair much like my nose hair is growing wildly out of control.  It’s disgusting.  While I regularly maintain the growth in my nose hair, crazy weird wayward eyebrow hairs and manscape my junk I’m a little leery about trimming my armpit hair.

I don’t think as a man you want to take that armpit hair down to the skin like a woman but do guys regularly trim their armpit hair?  I’m reaching out because I honestly don’t know and I don’t want to create a monster if I get started and then the stuff grows back three times more thickly and suddenly my armpits look like a really bad 70’s porno coochie.

Just taking off my shirt and *POOF* strike people with a big ol’  70’s porno bush. *KAPLOWIE*

So male GMG folk, how do you handle your armpit hair situation?  Do you trim away a little to keep in manageable?  Do you shave it right down like a Georgia peach? Do you let the stuff grow proud and braid it occasionally?

What is your armpit hair management situation if any?

Community Photos 1/7/13

I took these pretty pictures today, January 4th, 2013, in Lanesville
around 4:15 p.m. as I was driving along the shore, and I thought I’d
share them with you.
It was a beautiful sunset, and I just had to get some pictures of it.
I have business occasionally in Rockport, and I drive back and forth to Beverly by way of Lanesville and Annisquam. The Gloucester coastline is such a beautiful and varied place, it always catches my eye.

Peter Dorsey


HarborWalk Public Art Challenge Budgets $47,000- Call For Art FAQ Part II



Catherine Ryan writes-

Hi Joey,

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that the Committee for the Arts has received from artists as they are going about applying for the Gloucester HarborWalk Public Art Challenge:

Q. JUROR BIOGRAPHIES? The complete list of jurors will be announced during the call. We are delighted that these folks have signed on:
Andrée Bober, Landmarks Director, The University of Texas at Austin , TX
Andrée Bober works with some of the most promising and admired artists of our time to build the public art collection for The University of Texas at Austin . As founding director of Landmarks, Bober’s inspired initiative was to partner with the Metropolitan Museum of Art to bring twenty-eight modern and contemporary sculptures on long-term loan to the university’s main campus. Her acquisitions for the public art collection include works by Mark di Suvero and Sol LeWitt. She has led commissions by artists Ben Rubin and James Turrell. Bober curates an ongoing series of video art called Landmarks Video that features a different artist each month. Previously, she was Deputy and Interim Director for the Contemporary Arts Center , Cincinnati , leading the project to build Zaha Hadid’s first American building. Prior to CAC, Bober led curatorial and administrative projects for institutions such as the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum , Smithsonian Institution, and the Bard Graduate Center for the Study of Decorative Arts. Bober’s diverse background includes painting conservation, which she studied in Vienna .

Trevor Smith, Curator of Contemporary Art, Peabody Essex Museum , Salem , MA
Trevor Smith is the inaugural Curator of Contemporary Art at the Peabody Essex Museum . With 800,000 objects, nearly one million photographs, and other holdings, PEM has the 4th largest collection in the country! In 2010 Smith launched FreePort , a program exploring the role of trade, exchange and translation in the dynamics of cultural change. Evoking PEM’s 18th-century origins in global trade, FreePort facilitates the exchange of ideas across disciplines critical to the evolution of a 21st century museum. Smith’s FreePort commissions have included Charles Sandison, Marianne Mueller, Susan Philipsz, Peter Hutton, Michael Lin and Candice Breitz. FreePort [No. 006]: Nick Cave opens March 2, 2013. Trevor Smith brings 20 years of expertise as a contemporary curator. Previous highlights include Curator, the New Museum of Contemporary Art, NYC; Biennale of Sydney; Director of Canberra Contemporary Art Space; and the Curator of Contemporary Art, Art Gallery of Western Australia. In 2011 Smith co-curated the 3rd Singapore Biennial.

Peter Sollogub/Chris Muskopf, Architects, Cambridge Seven Associates, Cambridge , MA
Cambridge Seven Associates, a global architecture and design firm, was founded in 1962. Peter Sollogub has been a principal designer for many of Cambridge Seven’s best-known museum and aquarium projects ( Chattanooga , Baltimore , Greensboro , Virginia , Osaka , and Genoa ). His recent completed projects include the Gloucester Harborwalk; Virginia Beach District Master Plan; exhibits for the Statue of Liberty on Liberty Island; planning and conceptual design for Nova Southeastern University ‘s Oceanographic Science Center in Fort Lauderdale , Florida ; the University of Miami Rosenstiel School Of Marine and Atmospheric Science Master Plan and Laboratories; and the New England Patriots Hall of Fame. Current work includes the new Marine Technology and Life Sciences Seawater Research Facility for the University of Miami , and the San Francisco 49ers Hall of Fame. For over thirty years, he has also maintained teaching appointments at Harvard, MIT, the Boston Architectural Center , RISD, and others. Chris Muskopf has been the project manager most recently for Canada ’s Sports Hall of Fame, which features 20,000 square feet of exhibits as part of an overall $30M project in Calgary . He also was project manager for CBS Scene in Foxborough, and design leader for projects including the Gloucester HarborWalk, renovations for the Museum of Science , and the Franklin Park Zoo. Muskopf has prior work experience in a variety of design firms including Stoss Landscape Urbanism & Brian Healy Architects. He received his Masters of Architecture from MIT and has served as a guest critic for various universities including MIT, Northeastern University , Boston


Made up of citizen volunteers appointed by the Mayor and City Council, The Committee for the Arts was established by City ordinance in 2000 to promote and celebrate Gloucester ’s cultural heritage.  The Committee recently has worked to preserve and increase awareness of Gloucester ’s WPA murals and other City-owned art. Additionally, the Committee develops and promotes educational programs and establishes awards and honors to recognize local artists. It implements a city-wide public art policy.