Chasing Ice Movie at Community Cinema to Benefit Maritime Gloucester

Chasing Ice Movie at Community Cinema to Benefit Maritime Gloucester

The award winning documentary Chasing Ice will be showing on Sunday, January 27th at 6pm at Cape Ann Community Cinema, as a benefit to support the marine science and environmental programs at Maritime Gloucester.

Chasing Ice is the story of one man’s mission to gather evidence of climate change.  Using time-lapse cameras, his videos compress years into seconds and capture ancient mountains of ice in motion as they disappear at a breathtaking rate. The trailer can be found at . It has been nominated for several independent film festival awards in the documentary and cinematography categories.The movie was recently awarded Best Documentary at the 22nd Annual Awards of the Environmental Media Association and received an academy award nominee for best original song.

Cape Ann Community Cinema is located at 21 Main Street in Gloucester. Tickets for the movie may be purchased at the door or in advance at

Gloucester Harbor Dock Shots From 25 Years Ago Including The Hannah Boden From Ann Kennedy

Ann Kennedy Writes-

Hi All! We haven’t really had any winter here yet this year, but we’re already thinking of our summer or fall return to Cape Ann. Here are some favorite dock shots, 25 years ago. Love the Friday series and now the faces–great stuff!

Tweet of The Day- Any Given Sunday

Teamwork Passion Loyalty Sacrifice

I Promise You This- I Will Always Go That Inch For My Friends. ALWAYS.

City Of Gloucester Snow Emergency Parking Ban Starts At 8PM 1/21/13

Snow Emergencies

During a snow event the Mayor may declare a snow or ice emergency (City of Gloucester Ordinance Section 22-178). During this time parking on public and private ways within the city is banned. Notification of this parking ban is sent to the Gloucester Daily Times, Cape Ann TV, Beacon, Globe, WBZ TV, WBZ Radio, WCVB, WHDH, and NECN. There are also blue lights located at City Hall Tower (all four sides), the Boulevard (near Fishermen Wives Statue), Magnolia Fire Station, Bayview Fire Station, and Flannagans Gas Station. When these lights are on, there is a parking ban in effect.
You can also use the Notify Me function of this web site to be informed of alerts when they are posted. Choose the ‘Weather/Environmental’ item under the ‘Alert Center’ heading.

Where Can I Park?

Off-street parking areas include (City of Gloucester Ordinance Section 22-288):

  • Harbor Parking Lot (near Gloucester House Restaurant)
  • Main Street Parking Lot
  • Manuel F. Lewis Parking Lot
  • Pleasant Street Parking Lot
  • St. Peter’s Square (Town Landing Parking Lot)
  • Fitz Hugh Lane Lot (Roger’s St next to TD Bank)
  • Boynton Way Lot (off Rogers St in between Pilot House lot and House of Mitch)

School Parking Lots may also be used for off-street parking

Yo! Orange Leaf Coming To Gloucester MA- You Heard It Here On Good Morning Gloucester


Someone I may or not be related to through marriage is a freak for Pink Berry and and even bigger freak for Orange Leaf.  She broke the news that Gloucester is getting an Orange Leaf at the location in Walgreen’s Plaza that has been a shell of a building and where the filtered water shed used to be located.

102 Rogers Street, Gloucester MA




From the website-

Who We Are

Simply put, Orange Leaf is America’s Frozen Yogurt™. We believe that the average American wants to make healthier decisions, but will most likely not make the healthier decision when given the choice between a rich and creamy traditional frozen dessert and an icy, bland frozen yogurt. At Orange Leaf, we provide you with decadent flavors reminiscent of your childhood trips to the local dessert shop as well as fruit-based flavors that will suit even the most health conscious individuals.

Just like our flavor choices, the toppings bar is a place where you become the master of your dessert. From fresh fruits and nuts to brownie bites and chocolate syrup, the possibilities are endless!

What sets us apart

Orange Leaf is one of the most demanded brands in our industry because of the superior taste and texture of our product and our family-oriented, visually uplifting environment. These combined characteristics create a fun and enriching destination to be enjoyed by friends and family alike.

Our franchisees love us because of our intense commitment to being the most pro-franchisee company in the industry. We provide outstanding support that our franchisees need to succeed at a fraction of the cost of our competition.

My View and poll. Last Chance to Vote!

Last Chance to Vote! Poll ends at 12 midnight.

Keep me, Dump me or send me to Florida. It’s your choice and I will go with the final vote. You can trust me on that. Thanks to all that have voted so far.

Lately I’ve been dealing with almost the same decision as Fr. Green.  Actually, I had the same thoughts as Fr. Green. But, in the opposite way. I feel GMG has gone too “Nicey, Nice”.

When I first started we had a great time Busting each others cojohnes. Dead Seagulls, Rotting heron, Bathroom humor, etc.. I can understand Fr. Green’s concern because of the business he’s in. But I don’t have a higher authority to answer too, other than Joey C. Oh yeah and my Wife. I’m glad he decided to stay and share his work with everyone.
Joey once told me that some of my posts have cost GMG some readers. That’s a little hard to believe.  Below is some examples of the said posts and also a poll inspired by Fr Green.

Below is one of my firsts posts;

You Gotta Love Him!

No Matter What He’s Doing,

Joey’s Always Working Hard To Bring You Great Content!

Thanks Joey!

Perkins Street Fire Victims Drop Off from Sefatia and Jackie hardy

Good afternoon,

We have a place for the drop off of items for the Perkins Street, it will be next week Tuesday and Wednesday January 29, 30 from 10 am – 2pm at the Cruiseport on the side entrance going down driveway near Rose’s not the function hall but he storage room, Thank you Sheree Delorenzo this is not a city project but a citizens project that both Jackie Hardy and myself are helping out, we have done projects like this as a team in the past. I will send a list of items needed, there are 2 clothes drive going on as we speak, this will be for items not collected and home items like sheets, dishes, silverware, towels, gift cards and donations may be sent to the Gloucester Fund 45 Middle Street Gloucester Ma 01930 and in the memo part please put Perkins Street Fire.

Warmest regards Sefatia

Gloucester Native, Kathy Roberts, Exhibits at Beverly Cooperative Bank

kathy roberts exhibit at beverly coop

Go to Wicked Local Beverly to get the lowdown. And if you are one of those bold ones who venture across the bridge and take the long trip to Beverly, go by and check it out. Kudos Kathy.

E.J. Lefavour

Quote of the Week from Greg Bover

Let us turn our thoughts today
To Martin Luther King
And recognize that there are ties between us
All men and women
Living on the earth
Ties of hope and love
Sister and brotherhood
That we are bound together
In our desire to see the world become
A place in which our children
Can grow free and strong

James Taylor (1948- ) from Shed a Little Light (1993)

A native of Boston, Taylor grew up in North Carolina but returned to Massachusetts to attend Milton Academy. Plagued by depression, he committed himself to McLean Hospital for nine months, later moving to New York City where he fell into heroin addiction, but maintained a high profile music career, ultimately signing with Apple records and working closely with Paul McCartney and George Harrison. Clean and sober in 1969 when his first album was released, he married Carly Simon in 1972, and actress Kathryn Walker in 1985, and is now married to Kim Smedvig, publicist for the BSO. They have a home in the Berkshires. The five-time Grammy Award winner is a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and holds honorary doctorates from Berklee and Williams Colleges.

Greg Bover

Gregory R. Bover

VP Operations, Project Manager

C. B. Fisk, Inc

978 283 1909

I may be an idiot but I’m not stupid!

While enjoying a Fisherman’s brew at Stone’s Pub this fall with Ed, he introduces me to Brian O’Connor aka brianmoc. Since I have seen way too many photos and mp3 movies of Brian reeling in very large striped bass while standing on a wet rock I mention that since I grew up in graniteless Woods Hole fishing I was finding it a challenge fishing from rocks at Andrews Point and I ask for advice. He told me I had to be an idiot if I fished those rocks without wearing a pair of corkers. I prefer not to be an idiot so I asked what a corker was. He spelled it out to me. Korkers with a K. So I asked Santa for a pair and I finally got to try them out even though I didn’t have a rod in my hand.

krokersBrian was right, I was an idiot. Fortunately, my idiocy was curable. These things are nothing short of awesome. Low tide I walked directly across multiple bands of dry and wet strips of grey, green, black, slimy, greasy rocks like I was Spiderman. I even tried out the icy rocks.  Not a problem.

Details: the ones pictured are strap on “Rocktrax Plus Korkers“. 28 carbide steel points in each foot. The boots are a pair I picked up at Olympia Sports (Gloucester Crossing) in a two for one sale they had and I think now they are going to be married to my korkers.

Warning: I feel invincible with these on but as you can see I do try to keep my stupidity from killing me so I take all the advice I can get. I know that these will help me from slipping on the axle grease that grows on the rocks around here but it will not protect me from getting  nailed by that rogue wave and getting tossed in the drink if I don’t pay attention. So even with these on, be careful out there. Brian’s exact advice was, “never turn your back on the water.”

Rubber Duck is not pictured since her korkers have not arrived.

P&V’s LOL #10: Lasting change never comes until you defy authority

Martin Luther King, Jr. arrested in Montgomery, AL on 4 Sep 1958

It’s obvious, really.  Authority is the machine that defends the status quo.  It’s like inertia — a body stays in motion or at rest until a force acts against it.  Defiance is that force.  When you look at people from all times and cultures who have brought us lasting change,  defiance is the one thread that runs through their words and deeds.

Let’s start with Jesus.  He was defiant at every turn.  When he said, “if anyone strikes you on the right cheek, turn the other also;” he was preaching defiance, not submission as some people think.  In Jesus’ culture you’d only strike someone with your right hand.  You’d punch or slap a peer, which would land on his left cheek.  But masters backhanded slaves, hitting their right cheeks.  It was an insult.  So by turning your cheek to present your left side, you are defying both the insult and the authority of the master, thereby treating him as your equal.  (For a more scholarly treatment of Jesus’ nonviolent defiance, click here.)

The founders of our country were defiant.  One quick read of the Declaration of Independence settles that matter.

Gandhi was defiant.  Using the “weapon” of non-violence, he simply refused to accept British rule.

The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was defiant, exalting the practice of non-violent civil disobedience to new heights in order to bring us the lasting change that paved the way for an African-American to be inaugurated for his second term into the highest office of authority anywhere, on the official national holiday celebrated in Dr. King’s name.

Last Friday, activists posted MKL’s I Have A Dream Speech on YouTube as an act of civil disobedience defying the copyright laws that make posting his speeches illegal.

Watch this video with your kids.  It’s not just a lesson in how to bring lasting change.  Dr. King is one of the greatest orators of all time.  His brilliantly written speeches are full of musical references, quotes from songs, poetry and metaphor — all woven into a moving piece of performance art.  Dr. King’s voice is lyrical and musical.   It’s like hearing a great song — as entertaining as it is profound.  Enjoy!

So what’s next . . .?

Discover Gloucester Update From Linn Parisi

Hi Joey!

I was touched by your post on giving up the car seat/booster seat. I remember that happening- really well- in our family and wishing that time could stand still. But the next thing I knew, we were teaching them to drive that same booster seat-less vehicle. It all goes by too fast!

Thnx for your comments about the ABA Marketplace I attended in Charlotte NC January 5-9. And, no, ABA isn’t the acronym for what you thought it was, lol…. I was at the American Bus Association trade show, meeting with apx. 60 pre-qualified tour operators from around the US & Canada who want to bring visitors here. Group travelers account for a big part of the visitation and income that Gloucester, Essex, Rockport and the North Shore enjoys. 30+ businesses in our community work with group travelers, and that does not include cruise ship travelers. We have a long way to go to become better group-friendly hosts, and we need to make it happen, because they’re coming!


On Thursday night I returned from a very successful 3 day trip to Los Angeles for a Japanese sales mission put together by the MA Office of Travel & Tourism, and Discover New England, an organization that promotes visitation to New England from Europe, South America & Asia. I was there to let the 40 tour operators from Japan know that our destination has the "New England experience" that their individual Japanese clients are looking for without having to drive to Maine. The new (hopefully bug-free) Boeing Dreamliner Tokyo/Boston non-stop daily flights and that there are so many Japanese students at Boston area colleges assure that there will be an increase in visitation to our area from not only Japan, but from other Asian countries. The majority of Japanese- and Europeans, for that matter- still buy their travel from travel agencies/tour operators because their countries require travel insurance. The US does not. I was the only attendee there from our region, which was great! Other attendees were form Maine, NH, RI, Conn., VT, Plymouth MA, Cape Cod MA and Boston.

What do the Japanese visitors want in their "New England experience"? They want to see & do what is popular for visitors in the region, and they want to pack it all in: Seafood- the more the better, especially lobster; to get out on the water to see lighthouses and the coastline; to see American architecture, historic homes & art/cultural museums; shopping; American breakfasts- and did I mention seafood, lol?

Bottom line selling points: We have what they want, and we’re close to Boston.

See the attached picture showing a few new Japanese friends at our luncheon table. The boxes in front of us contained two trays with small plates of sushi, sashimi, beef, tempura and other yummys. A soup and rice was served as well. Delish food, and wonderfully gracious people.

Now, to get working on all the followup from both events!

Lastly, all readers interested in Discover Gloucester’s volunteer effort to get more visitors to come here are invited to come to our Annual Meeting/Mug Up on Tuesday, January 22, 6:30PM, downstairs at CruisePort. Thanks to Sheree DeLorenzo for her generosity & hospitality for hosting us. Folks will learn how the money from our primary source of income- the Discover Gloucester Visitor Guide- was spent in 2012, and what we have planned for 2013 and beyond. This is still a grass-roots organization, in it’s 6th year of gettin’ it done, with measurable, successful results.

Thanks for your continued support, Joey, and for always shining a positive light on Gloucester!

Monday night open jam @ The Rhumb Line



Many of you know that Dan King is out on the west coast for a few months. He left last Tuesday. We had the pleasure of him playing at the jam the night before he left.

bandit kings

The Bandit Kings (that Dan King is the lead guitarist in and shares  vocals with AnnMarie Shimanoski and Renee Dupuis, Dennis Monagle and Joe Cardoza) have been the host band for well over a year, if I am correct.

*Looks like I stand corrected on that one. It’s been three years. My how time flies when you are having fun. Thank you Joe Cardoza for pointing that out.

It has been the best time and I have grown to love them not only for their music but for who they are. For me, if I had to choose between a night of the week to hear live music Monday would be it. So many players come out old and new and get together to let loose. There have been many nights that magic has been an understatement.

I think that in maybe four years I have missed two jams. One due to being sick and the other being away on vacation. That’s how awesome it is.

Dan King turned me on to the jam many years ago. He was playing at an open mic  with Fly Amero on Wednesday and I was blown away. They did some Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin songs (never was much of a Pink Floyd fan but am now).

Dan said if you like that sort of thing you should come out Monday and the rest is history. I am not alone, there are some real die hard fans of  the Monday night open jam. I have heard it said that Monday is the new Friday and it’s true.

Mark Pelosi was the first host of the new open jam two weeks ago in Dan King’s absence. Me being a creature of habit and wondering how anyone would fill Dan’s shoes (and let me tell you it ain’t gonna be that easy) .


When I saw Mark Pelosi on the stage, I was excited because he is the lead singer in the band Groove and at that moment, reassurance set it. First song was L. A. Woman the rest was history.

Last week Joe Wilkins was the lead host. Joe Wilkins of “The Wilkins Noise” is an uprising band that I believe will be going places. The last few times they played out they had the crowd begging for more.


Now, what I think will prove to make it a successful jam is the presence of the rest of The Bandit Kings sharing what they have learned from Dan King , who I consider “The Master” and being fair to all the players who show up to jam. Also, pleasing the audience like they have done so many times.

The Bandit Kings kept the jam going for a long time with lots of new originals and lively cover songs. Ones that would make you get up and dance. Like so many do. They set the stage for the rest and worked hard to make it the big success that it was and believe it will be.

Tonight is Inge Berge’s turn. I am looking forward to this because Inge has a unique  style of music and knows how to entertain the crowd. I’ve been a fan for as long as I can remember. As a matter of fact Inge use to host the jam a few years back.  Inge is probably one of the most melodious (singer/songwriter) musicians out there and always strives for perfection. He shares his originals as well as some very popular covers.  Just take a look at the thick book he brings with him when he has a gig. The crowd is never disappointed when he’s up to play.


Last week Willie “Loco” Alexander showed up to jam…… surprise yes. I’m guessing maybe it was because Dan was leaving or an extension of his birthday celebration, a day or so before. Whatever the reason it’s always a boogie woogie blast when he shows up.



It’s going to be interesting to see who shows up to host the jam in the next few months.

Just an idea of  some of the players who have and do show up on an occasion to jam. Brian O’Connor, Scott Noring, Sarah Seminski, Mike Miksis,Tim Pike, Andy Pratt, Mark Pelosi, Ned Nugent, Leo Ciaramitaro, Greg Dan, Bradley Royds, Pete Lindberg, Michael Thomas Doyle, Mike O’Connell, Gary Shane, Jittery Jack, George Hall, Sebastian Moceri,Willie “Loco” Alexader, Renee Dupuis, AnnMarie Shimonanski, Joe Cardoza, Dennis Monagle, Joe Wilkins, Luke Conlin, Evie Gariepy, Ryan Alto, Joey Unis and other members of the the BF’s, John Newcomer, Marina Evans, Charlee Bianchi, Chelsea Berry, Chris Keating, Ken Cleveland, Julie Cleveland, Chris Langathianos, Jen Morrison, Derek, Dmus (Mark Mitchel), Ross The Boss, Paula Karahalis, Will Hunt, Janice Fullman, Soul Rebel Project, Jesse Ciaramataro of Qwill, Vinny Briguglio, Inge Berge, Soule Monde, Megan McKenzie, Frank Hawks, Ric Saint Germain, Ken Steiner, Brian King, Shane Bedez, Nelson Bragg (who plays for the Brian Wilson Band) Mari Martin, Rick Geraghty, Carlos Menezes Jr. and others from The Runaround and that’s not all. This list is from the top of my head and I hope I didn’t forget anyone.

So come sing, play, listen and/or dance if you feel so inclined. One thing for sure it’s always a good time.