Ipswich Wildlife Sanctuary 1/13/13 Black and White

What a treasure.  If you haven’t been you’re missing out on a great adventure outdoors in your own back yard.


Bird Watchers: Beware Rogue Waves

Db submits-

I found this post on a bird watching site I follow:


I was birding in Gloucester yesterday when I encountered a woman at Eastern Point who had been swept off the jetty by a big wave.  She’d made her way back onto the shelf alongside the jetty, and I was able to get her from there to safety, but it’s a useful reminder that many of the places we bird can be dangerous, and this jetty is one of them.  In particular, it’s always a good idea to pay attention to the tides before you venture close to the water, especially in winter.

JF McCoy

Friday, Dec. 21, 2012

Downtown Gloucester Cultural District Update


Happy New Year! The Massachusetts Cultural Council has reviewed the Downtown Gloucester cultural district application and let us know January 7, 2013 that we have “been moved to the next stage of the application process which is an MCC site visit”. We are sharing this good news and readying for the site visit at the end of February! The MCC will spend a day downtown in roundtable discussions, big walk around touring all-over, lunch, fun stops. Let’s do this Downtown!

Please Email: dgcdinfo@gmail.com (or judith@nii.net subject line DGCD) for info or to participate.

About the Downtown Gloucester Cultural District committee:

A volunteer- based steering committee made up of neighbors, stakeholders, property owners, business representatives, arts and culture representatives –committed to the establishment of a downtown cultural district designation from the Massachusetts Cultural Council by 2013. The DGCD will foster links between economic development and the arts, and will support the downtown Gloucester community. The Co-chairs: Judith Hoglander (Chair CFTA) and Robert Whitmarsh (Downtown Development and Historical Commissions)

Visit Website: Downtown Gloucester Cultural District website:

Visit DGCD news/updates: http://culturaldistrict.zapd.net/

Western Venture backing into Rose Marina on Rogers Street

Was very impressed how the captain was able to back this ship into the Marina, I have a hard enough time backing into a space on Main Street.  Here is some information on this huge ship, by the late Peter Prybot, February 7, 2007 from the Gloucester Daily Times.

At an impressive 164-by-40-by-14 feet, the Western Venture is a European design combination of mid-water trawler/purse.  The vessel’s refrigerated seawater tanks can hold over a million pounds of fish at a temperature of 32 degrees. Its twin 1,500 horse power diesels give it the power to fish just about any depth, and its main trawl winches, which each hold over seven tons of 11/4-inch diameter towing wire and can lift a dead weight of 90,000 pounds apiece, can haul up big catches from the depths.

January 10, 2013 backing up at Cruiseport

P&V’s LOL #9: Your view of life is based on the direction your head is pointed

Ever notice how kids are always thinking and talking about the future?  That’s because their heads are pointed that way (toward the future, that is).  Makes sense, since most of their life is ahead of them.  Having their heads all pointed toward the future shapes their view of life — and the way they put 2 and 2 together.

Here’s just one example:
It’s 1985 and my oldest is 3.  Being exceedingly proud of herself for having just learned our phone number, she wants show off by calling Mom from a play-date.  Great idea.  She asks to use the neighbor’s phone and calls home, excited to dial the number herself and thrilled when Mom answers.  A few days later, we’re at home and she has a question for Mom.  “Well she’s out doing errands now, so we’ll have to wait until she gets home,” I explain.  “Why don’t I just call her?” she replies as she picks up the phone and dials our number, which gives her a busy signal. “What’s wrong with the phone?  Why doesn’t Mom answer?”

At three years old, she’s predicting the future we’ve grown accustomed to today, where kids can call their moms any time they want regardless of where Mom is.  Whether or not this is a good thing is highly debatable, but that’s for another post.

While kids are unwittingly predicting the future, many of their grandparents’ heads seem to be pointed toward the past. “When I was your age …”

It happens to all of us as we age.  Once we get to the point where the bulk of our life feels like it’s in the past, we’re tempted to look back more often than we look forward — and that shapes our view of life.

Here are three examples of Gloucester people with heads pointed toward the future.  The Wilkins Noise takes over hosting Open Jamm at the Rhumb Line tonight and J.B. Amero takes Dan King’s seat tomorrow, joining Dave Brown, Dave Mattacks & Wolf Ginandes at Jalapenos.  Live music in Gloucester continues (see schedule here) even though we will all miss our friend Dan King, who flies out to make his mark on L.A. tomorrow, head squarely pointed toward his future.  Bon Voyage, Dan.  Come back soon!

Here’s a video of one of Dan’s songs we’ve all come to know and love

Now just because we have a peek at the past, doesn’t mean we have to keep our heads pointed in that direction . . .

Live From 123 Main St- Harbor Cove Dental

With my heated massage dental chair in full effect!

Instantaneously my full digital x-rays. Painlessly!


Aaaaaand Done! Pain Free!


I’ve never had so much in in a dentist office.  Best part- not having that film stuffed down the back of my throat to take the xrays which always makes you gag.  Everything is digital and hi tech, the latest dentist technology.

No, this is not a dental procedure-


Art installation proposed for Rocky Neck

Hello RNAC neighbors & friends,

You may have received this notice from City Councilor Paul McGeary regarding a proposal for a large-scale sculpture installation at Trefry Park, across from the parking lot. Councilor McGeary has offered to meet with the Rocky Neck Art Colony and interested neighbors in advance of his January 23 city-wide meeting on this issue.  We will meet this Tuesday, Jan. 15 at 6 pm at the Cultural Center at Rocky Neck.  Hope to see you then!!

Karen Ristuben

Art installation proposed for Rocky Neck

   David Black, a nationally renowned sculptor with roots on Cape Ann, has proposed the installation of a monumental sculpture at Keith Trefry Park, opposite the parking lot at the entrance to Rocky Neck. Under his proposal, David would donate his time and talent, but another group, whether public or private has not been determined, would pay for the cost of fabricating and installing the work. David has created monumental civic sculptures for many cities in the United States and around the world. As you can see from the designs below, the sculptures are large. David says they are designed to be experienced from within as well as without, to be walked through and around. At the ward meeting on Jan. 23, I will be showing the proposals as well as some other samples of David’s work. You can also view samples of his work for cities around the country and the world at his website: davidblacksculpture.com. David has designed two proposals, entitled “White Caps” and “High Seas.” If the project moves forward, one of the two would likely be chosen for the site.

” Local Music Seen w/Allen Estes” live recording to host Jon Butcher and Charlee Bianchini


Allen says,

Hey folks, Tues.Jan,15th we’ll be taping 2 shows on” Local Music Seen w/Allen Estes” at Cape Ann T.V. Blackburn Industrial Park, Gloucester, Ma. from 3- 5p.m. guests will be JON BUTCHER! and CHARLEE BIANCHINI!…live audience welcome!



Jon Butcher who recently graced our presence with Fly Amero back in December and who is now living on Cape Ann.



Charlee Bianchini who plays around Cape Ann. You may have seen Charlee with Dave Brown recently at The Dog Bar Cape Ann,  or at the Landing At 7 Central. Just last week Charlee was Fly Amero’s guest.

Found on Ebay… One of my Dad’s Paintings

I found this listing on Ebay. It’s one of my fathers Paintings Of the Dunes of Wingaersheek Beach with Annisquam Lighthouse in the distance. Every once in awhile I’ll check ebay and see if one of his paintings would pop up.  $295.00 is a great deal for one of my Dad’s 16″X20″ paintings. Looks like it needs a new frame though.  Check it out.



Yiddish Theatre Reader’s Group – Every Monday at 6:30


The Yiddish theater developed as a uniquely American art form in the Eastern European Jewish immigrant community in New York City and other urban centers, during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It formed the foundation of the American dramatic and musical theatre as we know them today.

In this weekly gathering, open to the public, we will explore the swift flowering and decline of Yiddish theatre and read plays aloud (in English). Readings will include classics by notable writers such as S. Ansky, Jacob Gordin and Sholem Aleichem, as well “lost” gems that have been eclipsed by time.This weekly workshop takes place at TAA, and will be open to the public.

If you are interested in joining or have any questions, please be in touch!

Abi Gezunt!

 — at Temple Ahavat Achim.

Christmas in Tjome, South of Oslo From Pat Morss


A bit late, but a few photos from our trip to my Norwegian wife’s sister and family for Christmas in Tjome, south of Oslo.  The food and drink are familiar to us here and go on for three days starting Christmas eve.  I’ll skip the family photos except for 3 generations of women, my wife, our daughter, and her grandmother 94.  The “lighthouse” is national historic re-creation of the original many centuries old “fire in a basket” at Verden’s Ende (World’s end) – I got a hazy sun instead.

Best, “Pat” Morss

Cafe Shalom at Temple Ahavat Achim

On Saturday night, Temple Ahavat Achim offered a Cafe Shalom event, with Henry Allen and the New Swingset as the opener and the Judith Murray Trio as the headliner.  It was an evening of beautiful jazz! Here are a few photos. The next Cafe Shalom is on February 9th at 7PM, with “The Blackwood Ramblers” and Daisy Nell.

David Wesson is the MC and organizer of Cafe Shalom
Henry Allen and the New Swingset

Judith Murray Trio
Judith Murray Trio

Click here for a slideshow of this and past Cafe Shalom events

Fr. Matthew Green