5 Questions With @Joey_C’s Favorite Twitter Peeps- @JMcElhenny

5 Questions With John McElhenny- https://twitter.com/JMcElhenny


What are your duties at your job and do you use twitter as a tool for your job?

I work at InkHouse, a public relations and social content agency. My job is to help companies tell their stories and connect with consumers and other businesses. Twitter’s a big part of my job. We help companies use Twitter to tell their stories and build their audiences. But I’ve also used Twitter to identify and bring in new clients, start up conversations with reporters and interest them in writing about my clients, recruit promising candidates to work at my company, and keep on top of what’s happening in PR and journalism. I also have Twitter to thank for my job since it’s where I started up a conversation with the co-founder of InkHouse, who eventually hired me. So Twitter’s been an extremely valuable tool for me, kind of like Paul Morrison and his Korkers.

Why do you think you are follow worthy on Twitter?

I try and tweet about things that other people will find useful, interesting or funny. I tweet a lot about public relations, journalism and Gloucester, since I’m a PR guy and former news reporter who lives in Gloucester. So I guess people interested in those areas might find more of interest in what I post. But in reality, I’m pretty sure most people who follow me are just hoping I’ll retweet some of the funny tweets from @Joey_C and @SteveDuJour. Those are the real Twitter rainmakers.

What types of tweets or twitter user drive you up a wall?

– “Good morning, Twitterverse!”

– Twitter users who don’t use their photo. I think the value of Twitter is in making connections with people. For me, it’s difficult to connect with somebody whose Twitter icon is a cartoon pirate or their cat.

– Too many hashtags and @ signs. It makes a tweet difficult to read.

– Constant one-way tweets about you or your company that don’t engage others. People will tune those out really fast.

Who are some of your favorite twitter users?

@PeteAbe is the Red Sox beat reporter for the Globe. He’s smart and funny and I’m a big Sox fan.

@ScottMonty is the Ford Motor Company’s social media guru. He’s the model for how a big company can use Twitter really well – down-to-earth, authentic and informative.

@NotBillWalton is a funny parody account that’s mostly about basketball, my favorite sport. Most of my Twitter feed is serious stuff about PR, journalism and current events so it’s nice to sprinkle some humor in.

@Joey_C is one of the best that I’ve seen anywhere at engaging with others on Twitter. Also if I give him a shout-out he’s more likely to run this on his blog.

Do you have a website you would like to promote?

That’d be www.InkHouse.com, the PR and social content agency where I work.

Also www.nextstepnet.org, the website for Next Step, the nonprofit where my wife works. They do great work helping teens with cancer, HIV and other serious illnesses. 

Thanks for asking me to chime in, Joey. This was fun.

John Just took a new job as Vice President at Inkhouse where they are really lucky to have him.

Look at what Tina cassidy had to say about him-


Today, InkHouse is thrilled to welcome John McElhenny as a vice president. I came to know and respect John many years ago when we covered politics together. He was at the Associated Press at the time. Not only did he always ask sharp questions but he always made his fellow reporters – and sometimes elected officials — crack up from the dry application of his wit.

While InkHouse does not have a “sense of humor test” akin to Google’s famous hiring process, we do screen for likability, brains, innate curiosity and the ability to write well while applying AP style. (A recent piece that he ghost-wrote for a client in a major outlet included references to Magnum, P.I.; Ron Burgundy and Smokey & The Bandit in the same breath.)

John checks all of those boxes, and a few more. In addition to his years of writing for the AP and the Boston Globe, he has worked for Schwartz Communications and Matter Communications, so he brings to InkHouse a deep understanding of both journalism and PR as they relate to technology, the start-up world, and client and media relations. John also has won awards as a journalist and as a PR professional.

And, well, we think he’s a winner, too! In short, he’s a great fit for a place where personalities and intelligence run deep.

Read more from Tina Cassidy

Community Photos 1/23/13

Scenes from Gloucester from Saturday Jan. 19, 2013

Hi Joey,

     My daughters, Clare and Mary, and I spent Saturday, January 19, 2013 walking around Gloucester, exploring the beach at the Stage Fort Park, then over to Magnolia for the sunset – just taking in the beauty of the place and the wildness of the windy shore.  This was my daughter, Mary’s, first time ever in Gloucester and I think she now has the same addiction to the place.  The weather and waves and wind were awesome along the Stage Fort Park, and the sunset over Magnolia was so tropical and stunning!  So glad we drove up from the South Shore to spend another fantastic day in your town!

             * feel free to post any of the photos above — just wanted you to see how much out of towners enjoy the beauty of Gloucester *

Gayle White

Janet Rice Submits-

Pretty morning after our (big!) snow storm last night.


IMG_2089IMG_2092 - Copy - Copy

A rare opportunity to hear all three Brahms Piano Trios this Friday – Check out the video

This simply doesn’t happen very often.  All three Brahms Piano Trios performed by three world-class artists, acclaimed for their “technical brilliance,” “breathtaking virtuosity” and “smooth and stylish” in one evening at an acoustically perfect concert hall built especially for this kind of music — and it’s right in your own backyard.  Oh, and did I mention it helps support the the students of the Northeast Massachusetts Youth Orchestras?  Watch (and listen to) the video to see why Shalin Liu is THE place to be on Friday if you love Brahms or chamber music or student music programs or music in general! GET TICKETS NOW!

Lots of Cape Ann favorites perform in Gloucester tonight and tomorrow.  Check out the full live music listing here.


Dance Party!

dance party

Saturday, Feb 2, 7:00 – 10:00pm
at The Cultural Center on Rocky Neck
6 Wonson St, E. Gloucester
$10 Suggested Donation

for info contact: BrendaMalloy@hotmail.com

Wear your dancing clothes, comfy shoes and get ready to boogie to some fun, funky, great dance tunes including Motown, Disco, Funk, Trance music

If you like steppin out, a big wooden dance floor, a welcoming and fun crowd, we hope you’ll join us! Everyone of all ages is welcome!

If you want to bring a snack to share, please do so. Bring your own beverage, of whatever sort.

Hope to see YOU there! The people make the party, hope you’ll help us make it a good one!

Guest Writer: Author JoeAnn Hart

What is the liquid equivalent of unearthed? Not unwatered. Dewatered? No. How about dredged? That’s more about muck than water, but for my purposes, it will work on a metaphorical level, as in, to dredge up the past. Gloucester did not feel the full force of Hurricane Sandy this fall, which gouged out New York and New Jersey, remapping their shoreline and reminding us that water may be unpredictable, but so, it seems, is land. Still, we got bruised just being on the sidelines, as massive swells spewed up heaps of seaweed along with the usual flotsam, our floating history. On Raymond’s Beach along the outer harbor, big ticket items included fish bins, net balls, blue tarps, and a beige rug.

 As Daisy ran up and down the beach sniffing out seagull wings, I gathered loose debris and moved it beyond the wrack line so it could be collected at a later date. Empty motor oil containers, rubber gloves, water bottles full of brown water, it seemed all I saw was trash. My friend, Jackie, who makes seaglass jewelry, once told me that you can look for seaglass or you can look for sea pottery shards, but you can’t do both at the same time. I was so focused on plastic I couldn’t see anything else, and nearly walked past a pale bisque figure the size of my middle toe.

Smooth as a pebble and blotchy with seaweed stains, this small seafarer had spent a lifetime under the concealing sea, maybe as long as a century, back when bisque dolls were commonplace. She is no longer that staid Victorian, but has undergone a sea-change. Naked, limbless, and marked with great age, she should be in a museum labeled “Salacia, Roman goddess of the sea.” Like other relics from an ancient world, the doll survived because she knew the great trick was to flow with the tide.

What of her past? She may have been left at the beach by a child, or fallen off a boat. Who says it was an accident? She could have been thrown out to sea by some snitty Edwardian toddler, or dumped as municipal garbage into the deep, as was our coastal custom not so long ago. She has holes at her shoulders where wire once allowed for movable arms, but salt ate the copper tendons, releasing first one arm from her body, then the other. The seas rolled her along the ocean floor, until one day she lost her head. Eventually she found peace wedged among the rocks, hidden by swaying underwater plants, with only a dull sheen of sunlight above. In time, her legs disappeared below her knees. No need for them in the place where legless creatures dominate. All the while, tidal sands brushed against her body, healing over the wounds and reducing her to a bare human essence.

Then a storm like Sandy comes along and changes the depth and nature of her sanctuary, shooting her back into the tides. How she materialized on Raymond’s Beach is a mystery. How I saw her is a miracle. Perhaps our eyes are programmed to spot a human form above all else. At any rate, she changed my focus. Seeing her nestled there in the sluice, the beach was no longer just a stretch of land where garbage comes to rest. Freshly washed by the outgoing sea, the wet sand glowed in the autumn light as gulls scoured the blinding waterline for morsels. Suddenly, instead of seeing nothing but garbage, all I saw was loveliness. I named the doll Sandy and took her home. She sits on the high ground of my desk, a lesson from Salacia’s realm: Do not just focus on trash, real or metaphorical, but keep your eyes and heart open for when random beauty comes washing up at your feet.


I hope you enjoyed JoeAnn’s beautiful writing. She is the author of the novels Addled and the forthcoming Float (Ashland Creek Press, February 2013). Float, set in coastal New England, involves the fishing industry, conceptual art, jellyfish, marital woes, and plastics in the ocean.

Free Tax Return Preparation for Seniors and Low to Moderate Income Folks

Hi Joey,  I wanted to let your readers know that there are a bunch of local volunteers (yes I know we are crazy) who are preparing tax returns for free for seniors and low to moderate income folks.  We are sponsored by the AARP Tax Aide program.  We are trained and have to pass a test to do this.  We can’t do rental income or businesses that have depreciation, but other than that, we should be able to do most returns. 

We are going to be at the Gloucester Senior Center on Monday mornings and Friday afternoons starting 2/1 thru 4/12.  Please call the Senior Center to make an appointment 978.281.9765. 

We also will be doing them on a first come first served basis in the Sawyer Free Library in the Friend Room on Wednesdays from noon to 3 starting 2/6. 

People should bring their prior year returns and all their paperwork for 2012, including W-2’s, Social Security and 1099’s as well as their social security cards and those of their dependents.  For those over 65, they should also bring their real estate tax and water/sewer bills. For questions, they can call Trish at 978.283.2733. 

Thanks,  Trish Roach

Wilkins&Conlin@Minglewood Tonight 9:00pm


Joe and Luke have played around Cape Ann and beyond for some time now. You can see them at The Monday night open jam at The Rhumb Line. Other places they have played  areThe Hive, Minglewood, Cape Ann Brewing, The Dog Bar Cape Ann and just last weekend at The Landing at 7 Central with a full band “The Wilkins Noise”.  You have to go see/hear for yourself. Joe will also be at Giuseppes in Gloucester Sunday night the27th with Chris Langathianos and Ken Cleveland from 6-9.

Bio as seen on REVERBNATION

Wilkins is a multi-instrumentalist living on Boston’s North Shore. He writes and records his own music at Rocky Top Studios in his home town of Gloucester MA. Wilkins’ songwriting has influences too numerous to mention, but Jerry Garcia, Joni Mitchell, Jeff Buckley and Rufus Wainwright along with some more obscure artists like Scott Matthews, Bonnie Prince Billy (Will Oldham), David Johnston and Greg Brown are a few that continuously inspire him to write.

If you haven’t heard Joe and Luke yet. Brave the cold and give yourself a treat.

If you are lucky I am sure you will be. They may play some of these songs for you.

Click here > http://www.reverbnation.com/jwilkinsmusic

Check it out > http://www.wilkinsnoise.com/

Thursday night blues party to host Michelle Willson @ The Rhumb Line 9:00 pm

Dave Saginario

Dave says,

Let’s welcome back that evil gal herself: Ms. Michelle Willson. The Divine Miss W has been busy feeding  moral fiber to the great unwashed. Now, it’s our turn. And she’s bringing heavy artillery with her. You want Dinah Washington? You got it.  This gal  has razor blades in her uvula.
We’re  dragging in Mr. John Hyde, jazz snob, and longtime glitarist, Mr. Mike Miele, along for the ride. All stirred by Mr. Jeff Casper, the friendly drummer, on slings and arrows. Bring a geiger counter.
And, for a real treat, why not cross the river Kwai and head down to Beverly Wednesday evening for the meeting of the spirits at Chianti Jazz Club and beastro?? It’s the return of that gootar giant, Mr. Duke Robillard with henchmen Mark Earley on sax, bassist Brad Hellen and drummbler Chris Rivelli, who did such a great job last week  playing with us. Maybe Ill see you there.





40 Railroad Ave.

Gloucester, MA 01930

phone: 978-283-9732

Email: shred1946@yahoo.com

The Luster Challenge: The Boulevard 1924 Re–Revisited

Fred Bodin writes-

Here is brand new Stacy Boulevard, as photographed by Gloucester’s Alice M. Curtis. In 1924 they called it the "Double Drive." I’ll bet it was the latest traffic technology, designed to move a lot of automobiles, as this was the only road onto Cape Ann at the time. The project took less than  two years to complete.


Class on origami boxes and containers at The Hive!

Plain boxes, fancy boxes, boxes with lids from one sheet of paper, boxes made from multiple units…. I will be teaching these and/or similar models, according to the skill and interests of the students (teens and adults), on Thursday, January 24 at 7PM, at The Hive (on Pleasant Street).


Call to reserve a space: 978-283-3889
students: $15
adults: $20

Also, if there is interest in classes on additional themes, please let me know! I would like to do one class a month at The Hive, but that depends somewhat on how busy I am at the parish and on the level of interest and participation.  I can probably find material to cover  just about any theme (dinosaurs, flowers, dragons, horses, frogs, insects…) although how much we can do depends somewhat on the experience of the students.

Fr. Matthew Green

Pet of the Week- Cody

pet of the week, cody, cat

My name is Cody, I am sure you want to meet me.  I am a handsome tiger cat. I am a very easy going guy.   I have lived with cats, dogs and of course, people! I am friendly and I make good company.  I love to watch TV, I am not a big fan on being picked up, but I love sitting in a lap.

If you would like to learn more about me, please visit: CapeAnnAnimalAid.com or stop by the Cape Ann Animal Aid located at the Christopher Cuter Rich Animal Shelter, Four Paws Lane, Gloucester.   The shelter here is beautiful, it is like a four star hotel. The only thing lacking is room service, but I bet my new family will provide that to me!




Snow Poll

To me what we got for snow yesterday was perfect.   A light dusting.  Just enough to make everything pretty and by the time the sun comes out and hits the ground it melts away nice.

I understand those snow freaks and skiers who if the decision was theirs we would have 2 feet a snow every day from December til May, but I’m not one of them.

The night before last the weather nerds were touching themselves innapropriately over the prospect of a monster storm but were sadly disappointed by the lack of massive power outages and destruction and the need for plowing and shoveling when it only turned out to be a dusting.

So you know how we do it, Let’s Poll this mother!

This. Takes. Nuts. Man On a Blade- Pics And Video

David Fay submits-

I was up at the Industrial Center yesterday morning when I saw this wild site! This guy is doing some finishing touches on one of those humongous blades hanging from a rope!  There wind gust were up to at least 35mph.

He certainly earned his pay!

Let me just state for the record that I probably definitely would have soiled myself 30 feet off the ground. What’s this guy making? Like $250 an hour?

photo 1photo 2photo 3

Herb Wennerberg submits this video-

Justin Buie on a Rope, Jorden Webster on the ground for Mistras’ ROPEWORKS Wind Services



Community Stuff 1/23/13


Fishtown Players Auditions for The Lonesome West – Thurs, Jan 24th

What? The Fishtown Players will be holding auditions for their upcoming production of The Lonesome West, by Martin McDonagh.

When/Where? Auditions will be held at the Rocky Neck Cultural Center at 6 Wonson St. Gloucester, MA. from 7 – 9pm on Thursday, January 24rth.

Who? 3M 1W – There are four character roles in this production. An Irish accent would be desirable as the setting is an old farmhouse in Leenane, Galway.

“Valene and Coleman, two brothers living alone in their father’s house after his recent death, find it impossible to exist without the most massive and violent disputes over the most mundane and innocent of topics. Only Father Welsh, the local priest, is prepared to try to reconcile the two before their petty squabbling spiral into vicious and bloody carnage.” (Dramatists Play Service)

Billed as “A penned-up Cain and Abel … with a moving and complicated examination of redemption that might offer a wee distant glimmer of hope.”  (Guardian, Variety)

Girleen Kelleher (age 17+) brazen, yet sensitive.  Peddles Irish moonshine

Father Welsh – (30’s) local parish priest with a drinking problem

Coleman Connor – (40’s) Younger, explosive, guilt ridden brother of Valene

Valene Connor – (40’s) Older, dominant, miserly brother to Coleman

Auditions will be based on readings from the script. You may also prepare a short (1-2min) monologue if desired.

The production will run two weekends beginning on Thursday, April 4rth and closing on Sunday, April14th.

Performance Venue is Gorton’s theatre, home of Gloucester Stage Company.

See  www.fishtownplayers.com for more information about the company, the play and reading samples.