Back To Your Regularly Scheduled Programming- Chillin’ Like A MoFo


Caroline Haines submits this song to go with the post-
Loved the picture of the kitty on tonight’s blog- here’s a song I recorded to go with it- not original…composer is Geoff Bartley.
Caroline Haines

Click the link for the song-

Have a great day y’all.

Rainbows and Butterflies and Unicorns, Oh My

I was thinking, instead of the rubber duck race for charity maybe we could instead get together and make rainbow cakes.

I found this wonderful pinterest board that specializes in todays wonderful kinder gentler Good Morning Gloucester Theme-

Rainbows and Butterflies and Unicorns, Oh My

Check out this wonderful wonderful pinterest board-


So wonderful.  I love rainbows.  They make me happy.

Download Of The Day- My Little Pony Smile Song

It’s a kinder gentler Good Morning Gloucester.

Rainbows, Butterflys and Unicorns today all day.  Isn’t it wonderful?

If anyone has the time to transcribe the lyrics I’d just love it.


Ahhhhhh.  I just love to smile don’t you?

It’s wonderful.

Zip Line Kid Video of crane loading freshly cut trees – with commentary

Zip Line Kid shows a clear appreciation for the power and spectacle of what can be accomplished using big equipment.

Another kid-friendly night of music starts at 6pm in all 4 Cape Ann towns.  Excellent live music continues into the wee hours.  See complete live music schedule here.  Why would we ever want to live anywhere else?

Cape Ann Painters and Photographers Group

This is a reminder that the Cape Ann Painter and Photographer Group will meet on Monday , January 14 at 19 Pleasant Street , Gloucester at Lindsay Welch’s space. Go through gate which says 17 Pleasant Street ( Beth Williams Studio and Lindsay Welch, PC.) and go to door on the left. The meeting is from 9-11AM.

Hope to see you. All are welcome.

Alice Gardner

Beauty in the World

When I came back from meetings this afternoon, I learned the Good News that it is Butterflies, Unicorns, and Rainbow Day on GMG!!! I had already scheduled the Homies post, but thought to squeeze in another to celebrate this special day on GMG. 

More Beautiful Gloucester Gull Photos from Charlie, Bob, John, and Marty


This is my post, got it?

A flock of gulls at sunrise.Laughing Gull (summer plumage) at Dolphin Bar, Jensen BeachThe above three photos are from Bob Cullen, and he writes:

The first I caption “Harbormaster Homie”, taken 8/23/08 at Harbor Cove.
The second I caption “Homies Breaking at Dawn”, taken 8/8/12, 15 minutes before sunrise, at Good Harbor Beach.
The third is my “Away from Homie”, taken 4/21/11 in Jensen Beach, Florida. I include it because it’s my favorite gull photo (it’s a Laughing Gull, summer plumage), and because it very much resembles the gull in the GMG logo (which I don’t think exists in Gloucester.)
John Wheeler writes, “Hi Kim, here’s my shot of “Homie” Land Security,  keeping a watchful eye on the harbor.”
And the next two photos are courtesy of Marty Luster.
P1020987 copy
DSCF0089 copy copy

Thank you all for sharing your beautiful Homie photos!

A Break from Butterfly, Rainbow and Unicorn Day Here On Good Morning Gloucester To Bring You A Wonderful Kitten

Please forgive me for going off todays Kindler Gentler Good Morning Gloucester Theme Of Rainbows, Unicorns and Butterflys but I just had to share this wonderful photo of the cutest little kitten.

Aren’t kittens just the cutest?

Wonderful, I just love them.  Ahhh it’s such a lovely day.

I sure hope you’re enjoying your day. Yes I am.  Coochie coochie cooo.  Don’t you just want to hug and squeeze that cute little kitten?

Who’s a cute little kitten?  You are, you cute little wonderful happy kitten.

Awwww shucks.

It’s wonderful.


I Believe In Unicorns

Aren’t Unicorns So Magical?  As Part Of The Kinder Gentler Butterfly, Rainbows, and Unicorn Day I Bring You I Believe In Unicorns Blog-



From the I Believe In Unicorns Blog-

Magical Unicorns

“Wherever they may have come from, and wherever they may have gone, unicorns live inside the true believer’s heart. Which means that as long as we can dream, there will be unicorns.”

So wonderful. 

Watch Kim Smith’s Black Swallowtail Butterfly Trailer And Be Magically Transported To The Land Of The Black Swallowtail Butterflies

So Wonderful.

Kim Smith writes-

Dear Friends,

You’ve heard me talking about my butterfly film (for Months!). I began filming the black swallowtails last July and am only now close to finishing.  I am so excited to share this project with you and hope you enjoy the trailer.

My daughter Liv and friend Kathleen Adams collaborated on a beautiful rendition of “Simple Gifts.” The music in the background is an improv interlude from their recording session.

Coming soon: Documentary about the Life Story of the Black Swallowtail Butterfly, from egg, to caterpillar, to chryrsalis, to adult. Filmed in a garden and along the seashore, Gloucester, Massachusetts. Featuring the black swallowtail butterfly, wildflowers, pollinators, the sun, the garden, and more.

A Kinder Gentler Blog- Butterfly, Rainbows and Unicorn Day

In order to appeal to my wonderful readership I bring you Butterfly, Rainbow and Unicorn Day.

Isn’t it a wonderful beautiful day.  I see happy clouds.

When you have a spare moment would you get a gander at the lovely –