Video- Fred Bodin’s Ride To Work In the Snow

Fred writes-

This morning I commuted to work on the bus. The newly fallen snow was beautiful. My camera was in the backpack, so I filmed the ride from Folly Cove to Downtown Gloucester, including Lanesville, Annisquam, Bay View, Riverdale, and the City. Enjoy! — at Gloucester, Massachusetts.

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Download of the Day- Especially For Video Editors 66 Sensual Classics for $1.99


Just came across this on Amazon mp3- 66 Must-Have Sensual Classics for $1.99

First off if you love the classics for the price alone of $1.99 it’s a no-brainer.  But I can’t tell you how many times I’ve edited slide shows and searched for just the right background music and come up empty.  For the measly $1.99 investment you have 66 worthy titles to put to the background of your photo album slideshows in iMovie or Movie Maker. 

Total no-brainer.



here are the first 10 out of 66 Individually purchased they would cost $64.35 but you can buy the whole package of 66 for $1.99 here

1. Barcarole
Various Artists, Budapest Philharmonic Orchestra, Janos Sandor
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  2. Love Dreams No.3
Various Artists, Simhah Chamber Collegium
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  3. Carmen: Habanera (L’amour est un oiseau rebelle)
Alexandrina Milcheva, Sofia National Opera Chorus and Orchestra, Ivan Marinov
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  4. Träumerei
Evelyne Dubourg, piano
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  5. Waltz Of The Flowers (from "The Nutcracker")
Various Artists, Sofia National Opera Orchestra, Boris Spassov
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  6. Bolero
Various Artists, Hungarian State Orchestra, Adam Fischer
Album Only

  7. O mio babbino caro (Gianni Schicchi)
Various Artists, Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra, Emil Tabakov
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  8. Easy Blood, Polka Op.319
Strauss-Orchestra Vienna, Norbert Neukamp
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  9. Caro mio ben
Various Artists, Budapest Strings, Béla Bánfalvi
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10. The Magic Flute K.620 (Ein Mädchen oder Weibchen) Instrumental Version
Various Artists, Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra, Emil Tabakov

Ask Joey C: Cocky Teen or Obnoxious Adolescent? With A Reader Poll

This just in to the Ask Joey Mailbag-

Horny 32 year old asks-

Hi Joey I’d like your opinion on a situation that just happened here at the restaurant.

I’m a server at #f%&(*^ Restaurant, I’m 32 years old and consider myself attractive.  Our barback has been attempting to make small talk more and more with me as he knows I’ve recently broken up with my long term boyfriend.  I’m not sure if I should be flattered or not because I don’t even think he’s 21 years old.  He’s attractive and polite but I’m over a decade older than him.

I will give him credit for his delivery.  In the course of our latest conversation he half jokingly/half serious suggested we get together and play darts and then we could go on a date.   What impressed me was his confidence in asking me out even though I’m much older than him and his delivery which left it open for me to accept or deny his advance without making it awkward the next time I see him at work.

Is it creepy for me to go out with him if he’s under 21 and I’m 32?

(Name withheld for obvious privacy reasons)

Joey C Response

Let me get right to the major points here.

I’m proud of this kid.  To be that far along in years to toss out that kind of delivery speaks volumes about his game.  He may be under 21 but his actions and delivery give him big time props in my book.  He’s also much less likely to fall asleep on your ass and take care of your womanly needs if you are more or less looking for the wham bam athletic kinda session or two.   What he probably hasn’t mastered at the tender young age of under twenty is how to please you in a slower oral down south kinda way (if you get my drift). 

It’s probably going to be more of a wham bam, hop on hop off situation.  But hey, if you were in a long term relationship that might be just what you’re looking for for a couple go-arounds and to get back in the saddle. 

Anyway I wouldn’t let the age thing get in the way if you’re just looking for some nookie and who’s to say only men can date younger women.  It’s not like you’re gonna marry the kid, by the sounds of things you’re just looking for some sugar.

Props to the youngster.  If he has the finesse and smarts to lay a line on you that smooth, why not give him a shot at the title?

#Boom! Sage Wisdom Right There Baby!




Due to a vaccine shipping delay, the Friday, January 18th 9-11am Flu Clinic at Addison Gilbert Hospital has been CANCELED.

Due to a vaccine shipping delay, the Friday, January 18th 9-11am Flu Clinic at Addison Gilbert Hospital has been CANCELED.
Residents are directed to one of the following clinics:
Sunday, January 20th 9am-12pm  at Beverly Hospital (85 Herrick Street, Beverly, MA 01915). The clinic is open to members of the public ages 18-64.
Wednesday, January 23rd 9-11am at Addison Gilbert Hospital (298 Washington St, Gloucester MA 01930) The clinic is open to members of the public over the age of 4 years.
Wednesday, January 23rd 5-7pm at Addison Gilbert Hospital (298 Washington St, Gloucester MA 01930) The clinic is open to members of the public over the age of 4 years.

Artists Get Cracking – You Have 3 Weeks

GHW map1

National Opportunity
2013 Gloucester HarborWalk
Public Art Challenge

Deadline: February 8, 2013

The Gloucester Committee for the Arts, on behalf of the City of Gloucester, MA, is seeking professional artist/s and/or artist team(s) for new public art work in downtown Gloucester for our 2012 designed HarborWalk.

Visit to view/download the complete Call.

From there, artists wanting to apply will submit their entry in digital format through CaFE™ at

Artists will create a profile page on the CaFE site, upload artwork images and input artwork details.

There is no fee to apply, nor to create a profile on CaFE. Following successful set up, all interested applicants will be granted full access to the detailed application; simply click on “Apply to Calls” and click on “Gloucester HarborWalk Public Art Challenge”.

With all the incredible talent that exists here, it would be a shame to have artists from Pennsylvania or Oregon or somewhere else get to do the public art projects on our HarborWalk just because awesome artists here, who intimately know and love Gloucester, didn’t get their submissions together and in on time. If you have an idea, develop it and get working on your submission now. You have three weeks, and it doesn’t cost anything but your creativity and time to apply. Good luck to all who do a submission.

E.J. Lefavour

Cruiseport Gloucester hosts a grand Bridal Show & Wedding Exposition

Cruiseport Gloucester hosts a grand Bridal Show & Wedding Exposition


Once a year Cruiseport Gloucester hosts a grand Bridal Show & Wedding Exposition in their Grand Ballroom, 6 Rowe Square, Gloucester, MA

The long awaited 2013 Event, hosted by Sheree DeLorenzo, is on Sunday, January 27, 2013 from Noon to 4pm.

This is the Boston area’s Bridal Show & Wedding Expo featuring a fashion show, exquisite wedding fare, wedding cakes, DJ’s, live bands, dozens of floral tablescapes, prizes and more! Cruiseport Gloucester is nationally acclaimed as a premier Wedding Destination and voted the 2013 BEST IN WEDDINGS award from

A $10 per guest admittance fee enters guests to win valuable door prizes. The 2012 show was sold out and space is limited. Reservations will be confirmed on a first-come-first-served basis online at: http://

The Bridal Show and Wedding Exposition will help you to plan, get ideas, and celebrate your event giving you a chance to enjoy Cruiseport Gloucester’s magnificent, most luxurious waterfront destination, directly on Gloucester Harbor.

To learn more about Cruiseport Gloucester visit our website at or call our Events Office 978-282-9700 x 1

Dave Sag’s Blues Party with ~ Gordon Beadle, Chris Ravelli and Matt Stubbs 9:00 pm



dave sag 2


Dave says,

 So, this Thursday,believe it or not, Mr. Gordie “Sax” Beadle is joining us on the Rhumb Line stage for his annual visitation. Look for a bright light in the eastern sky. This cat is the Koolest Kat that is what am. This is really special: Mr. G. is the barometer of, the reason we breathe. Unbelievable. And he’s bringing his minions. That’s Mr. Matt Stubbs, on guitar, a force all his own, and Mr. Chris Ravelli, drumbler exquisite, now member of Roomful of Blooz. This, being a laggard,  makes me squeamish: I hope I can keep up. Rheumer has it that Gordie has a new CD out that is  the Bee’s knees. Expect sit-ins on sax, and definitely wear your dancing mukluks. Grief counsellors will be available. I’d like to buy a vowel…


The 2013 TigerFish Gymnastic Team

The TigerFish Gymnastic team is a co-op team of student athletes from Ipswich and Gloucester High School
The TigerFish Gymnastic team is a co-op of student athletes from Ipswich and Gloucester High School    Photo/ThomFalzarano

Coach: Helen Bess

Captains: Olivia Grimm & Kristina Kallas

Team Members: Nicole Roach, Brian Silverstine, Angus Mauser, Jess Looby, Keeghan Huges, Mike Abell, Rozy Heaney-Balf, Bonnie Bradley




Join us for our 5th Annual Buoy Auction! We have lots of great buoys painted by kids, as well as buoys by local artists, like this one byJeff Weaver.  Jeff’s buoy will be included in the silent auction. Some kids’ buoys are going to be included in the live auction, others can be purchased at a flat price. There will be live music and kids’ activities at the event as well. Come enjoy food, socializing, and the excitement of a live auction! It will be a great time for all.
If you can’t make it to the auction but would still like to donate to Art Haven, check out our website for more info.