Poop and Lysol- The Poll



I’d just like to throw out there the premise that the smell of fresh poop masked unsuccessfully by Lysol is far more offending to the senses than straight up poop.

Am I wrong in my thinking here?

Like if you just laid down a monster turd why not own up to it rather than try to mask it with that god awful Poop/Lysol smell mix? It’s offending to the person walking in after you and it’s offending to the masterpiece you left behind in the can.

Has this ever happened to you?  You’re waiting to relieve yourself and the bathroom is occupied. So you sit there patiently waiting and then the perpetrator walks out of the bathroom.   You walk in an immediately get smacked in the face with a waft of nasty poop/lysol aroma so pungent you feel like Mr T just gave you a Dirty Sanchez.

You drop to the ground commando style and try to work your way out of the bathroom on your elbows like a GI ducking for cover on Omaha Beach, trying to duck below the cloud of agent orange-like nastiness left behind only to discover it’s inescapable.  You’re surrounded by it like the boy in the bubble and now you’ve only got two choices- soil yourself or stand up and inhale in all that poop/lysol aroma.  It’s just burning out your nostrils and leaving you dry heaving your way out of the bathroom, light headed and ready to pass out.

I’d like to propose to parents across the US- please teach your children the proper way to take a dump-

Finish your bidness, wipe til you don’t see any brown on the TP and then wipe a couple more times to make sure, wash your hands with soap and water, grab a handful of paper towels to dry them off and use the same paper towels to open the door so your hands don’t touch the bacteria laden bathroom door handles, stick out your chest and just flat out own that poop.

Pass on the Lysol. It’s just flat out more natural. Haven’t you ever read that book as a child- Everybody Poops?  Poop- Natural.  Lysol/Poop- Not Natural.

Anyway, vote in the poll-


Gran Prix of Gloucester Before and After

I am fully supportive of the Gran Prix, the quality of the people it brings here and what they put back into the community between the businesses that benefit and the showcasing of our City as a venue for world class events.  Make no mistake about it, these athletes travel from all over the world to participate.

They have demonstrated that they leave the park in better shape than when they arrive. (Pictures don’t lie homie),  and show that they are willing to listen to, and work with the powers that be to insure that people are left happy.


Race organizer Paul Boudreau writes-

In late September 2012, we had the 14th edition of the Gran Prix of Gloucester bike race at Stage Fort Park. The conditions were brutal: rain fell almost continuousy for both race days. The competitors relished racing in those conditions. For the organizers, we knew this meant more work to restore the park.

You may have heard about some of the issues the race is having via articles in the Gloucester Daily Times.  There have been meetings between our organization and the City that have highlighted several issues with the way repairs have been handled. Importantly, we’ve identified some areas where communication between the City Council, the Parks Department and our organization was lacking and are doing our best to turn this situation around. 

Some residents highlighted several areas where the park needs improvement. Armed now with specific, actionable items, we have every confidence that these issues have either been addressed or will be when the ground thaws and more work can begin. We’ve invested significantly more funds this year into post-event landscaping, with more to come. (We hire local landscapers Wolf Hill, by the way). 

The Gran Prix of Gloucester’s mission is to take care of Stage Fort Park. We love that park. I take my own kids there.    After the race, we visit the park several times a month to check the progress and ensure that conditions are improving.   Each Spring, the park looks beautiful and we have not received any complaints until now.

We are committed to continue work with the Parks Department and the City Council so the park conditions are satisfactory and the event can continue.

Finally, below are some numbers about our event’s economic impact from Bentley University (they managed the data collection and tabulation for impartiality).

We had a good meeting with the Chamber of Commerce and we’re receiving some positive testimonies  from area motels & inns regarding the benefits of hosting this event in Gloucester.


Paul Boudreau

Race Director, Gran Prix of Gloucester

• 40% of GP Gloucester poll respondents indicated that they used accommodations other than their home prior to the race.
• The money spent on accommodations is in the range of $101-200 (19%) and $201-300 (20%)
• The number one category of spending in the city of Gloucester was on Dining.
• The average amount spent on Dining by respondents on dining was in the neighborhood of $66.
• Majority of those who participated in the Gran Prix of Gloucester are in the 30-39 and 40-49 age range (a combined 60% of participants)

The report identified that racers were not leaving the park during the race, so they weren’t buying food in town. However, all but one food vendor at GP Gloucester is from town.

Old Gloucester Sea Food Recipes Circa 1932 Frank E Davis Fish Co Part 9- Shrimp

Thanks to Clark Dexter who dropped off this booklet filled with old fish recipes and some commentary from the man himself- Frank E Davis. The man who built the last building that was on I4C2- The Frank E Davis Fish Co.

I’ll be posting a page or two a day-

click the photos for the larger easier to read versions and click here for the other pages in the series

2012-12-30 08.08.45-1

2012-12-30 08.08.51

USS Dolphin, Rockport, circa 1900

fred_uss dolphin

The USS Dolphin (PG-24) was commissioned in 1885 as a naval dispatch vessel (there were no reliable radio communications at the time), and later became a gunship. She was the first of the ABCD ships (Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, and Dolphin), who were revolutionary steel-hulled warships for America’s “New Steel Navy.” Their masts, unlike those of later warships, were meant to carry sail, as naval officers did not trust coal-fired steam power. The ABCD vessels were transitionary: from wood to steel construction, and from wind to steam power. In fact, they were called the “Squadron of Evolution.”

During her 40 years of service in the US Navy, Dolphin fought in the Spanish American War and World War I. She transported three US Presidents, cabinet members, and also hosted the United States Congress on deck in 1909, during welcoming ceremonies for the homecoming of President Theodore Roosevelt’s Great White Fleet after its circumnavigational cruise. Incredibly, in 1888, Dolphin had made her own 18 month, 58,000 mile trip around the world. During the entire voyage, the engine was shut down for less that two hours for maintenance. Where can you get a car (or boat) like that?


Fredrik D. Bodin
Bodin Historic Photo
82 Main Street
Gloucester, MA 01930
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It may be the dead of winter, but it’s not dead in Gloucester

A mighty fine week of live music is shaping up beginning with Allen Estes in Dan King’s seat with Brown, Mattacks & Ginandes at Jalapenos 7pm, followed by Steve Caraway’s open mic at Dog Bar at 9 and Henley Douglas at Rhumb Line at the same time.  You can get to all three excellent shows if you play your cards right.

Tomorrow, live music begins at 7 as well.  It’s nice to have live music that isn’t too late for kids.  And it’s good to get kids out to appreciate live music at a young age.

As the week progresses it becomes harder to get to every show, so you’re gonna have to choose.  See the live music lineup here and start thinking about the weekend.

In the meantime check out this video of Steve Caraway — oohh, don’t you love the sound of that twelve-string!

Yo Councilor Cox Can We Kindly Request Turbine Results?

Per our discussion in the GMG comment section I contend that if the energy produced and saved results were made available online that it would make the proponents happy and the skeptics happy if the results are what they’ve been projected.

Without the data the general public whose tax dollars erre used in part to fund it are left to (pardon the pun) drift in the wind.

Can you request that at one of your meetings?

Anyone else who would be interested in tjis data chime in on the vomments to this pist as well.

TIA Melissa Full On Footie Duck Jammie Cox 🙂

Gloucester Seagulls

I Love Homies!

Gloucester Seagull  ©Kim Smith 2013-1

Gloucester Seagull  ©Kim Smith 2013-2

Gloucester Seagull and Geese  ©Kim Smith 2013-1.

Gloucester Seagull  ©Kim Smith 2013-3.

Gloucester Seagull  ©Kim Smith 2013-4

Random snapshots from recent photo trips with Fujufilm X-E1. Ubiquitous, and from every vantage point, the gulls always make their presence known. Gloucester seagulls are the best–so photogenic!

“What I love doing is helping students pick up where they left off at the piano, sometimes decades earlier.

julie cleveland

Julie Cleveland, Owner/Piano Instructor
Cape Ann Piano Studio, Gloucester, MA

On teaching adult learners: “What I love doing is helping students pick up where they left off at the piano, sometimes decades earlier. One of the greatest pleasures I get from teaching piano is sharing the joy of my students returning to the piano, after many years away. Or helping [adult] students discover the joys of learning to play the piano – often a dream they’ve had sometimes for years – for the very first time.”

On teaching kids: “I love it when some of my youngest students come in for their weekly lesson and are so excited to show me what they’ve learned at the piano, that sometimes they even forget to say ‘Hello, Miss Julie’ as they charge over to the piano to play me their songs! :-)”

Sign up now for the Winter Quarter and get 20% off your quarter tuition payment! Be sure and mention that you saw this ad on goodmorninggloucester.com.

Click on the website for complete information and details (see under “Studio Blog”) or call (978) 491-1658.

Julie Cleveland, Instructor/Pianist/Composer
M.Mus., New England Conservatory
Cape Ann Piano Studio, Gloucester, MA
Teaching children and adults to play the piano since 1988

You know what my favorite is?

My favorite is when an organization or business is in crisis mode and reaches out to me for help.

I drop what I’m doing bang out a post to our 45-60,000 daily readers, email the GMG team to get on it, and then when there’s a satisfactory resolution despite that organization having a solid social media platform, that organization not mentioning once on any of their social media platforms any type of retweet on twitter, like or Facebook, nothing.

Nary a mention.

I’ll be sure to go out of my way next time.


Wednesday’s with Fly Amero at The Rhumb Line


Surf & Turf Specials!
Wednesdays Only!

Hello everyone!
Wednesday, January 9th

charleePhoto by Louise

It was totally unplanned.  My wife and I walked into the
Landing in Manchester on our way home from chasing errands
“up the line”, as we like to say.  This girl was playing and we
had never seen her before.  Her name was Charlee Bianchini.
We were enchanted.  Her music was gentle and sweet.  The
room was jammed and everyone was singing along.  Cape
Ann’s reputation for having one of the coolest music scenes
on the Eastern Seaboard is completely safe and intact. ~ Fly

Taken from Charlee’s website: http://www.charleebeth.com/ Growing up in a house filled with folk music and bluegrass, Charlee has been singing since she could remember. She started playing the guitar when she was five years old. After learning the basics, she chose to pursue classical guitar. Among others, she has studied with the accomplished, Anthony Weller, and she continued studying both classical and folk/rock techniques at Skidmore College where she attended undergraduate school. She is currently studying finger-picking, and different techniques to accompany her singing. Her music could be described as acoustic, folk/indie-rock. Her favorite artists include, Jeff Buckley, Alison Krauss, Bon Iver, Nina Simone, Keb Mo, The Talking Heads, Bonnie Raitt, Adele, and Brandi Carlisle, among so many others. Dinner with Fly Amero: 8 – 11pm *Each week features a special, invited musical guest Dave Trooper’s Kitchen… Surf & Turf Dinner –  $11.95 (while they last) Tenderloin Tips with Grilled Garlic Shrimp! Prepared fresh weekly by “Troop”… always good!

Upcoming… Jan. 16: Sarah Slifer

Jan. 23: Fozzie 
(w/Allen Estes as Guest Host)

Looking forward…
…to seeing you there!  🙂 ~ Fly

Public Art Challenge Application Deadline February 8th, 2013 -Get Your Creative Ass In Gear! There Will Be An Info Session At Sawyer Free January 12th


The deadline for the application for the three awards for $47,000 for the Public Art Challenge is February 8, 2013. All  media! 18 years and up! Applications are starting to come in!



Application Help and Site Visit:

The Gloucester Lyceum Sawyer Free Library has reserved the mezzanine and a block of computers for an information session on the Gloucester MA HarborWalk Public Art Challenge. Please join the Gloucester Committee for the Arts at Sawyer Free for help with the digital application and a site walk(s). Thank you so much Sawyer Free!


Date: Saturday, January 12th, 2013

When: 10AM-11AM at the library followed by site walk 11AM-Noon

Where: Sawyer Free Library, upstairs on the Mezzanine Level, by the Public Access


Throughout the Call, any questions for this Public Art Challenge:

Email the Committee for the Arts at gharborwalk@gmail.com, subject line “Public Art”.

Visit http://www.ghwalk.org to find the Call. How to apply? Visit here http://gloucester-committee-for-the-arts.zapd.com/PublicArtCallforArtists

Binders with print outs of the full and complete Call have been left at several Gloucester locations. The Committee for the Arts is grateful for their help in spreading the word!

Binders with the complete call can be found at these locations:

Gloucester Lyceum Sawyer Free Library, Cape Ann Museum,, Art Haven , City Hall, Mayor’s Office, Lone Gull, Pleasant Tea, Cape Ann Coffees

The Committee for the Arts is so grateful to these folks for putting the word out:

Good Morning Gloucester; Cape Ann Beacon; Zapd featured the Call on their homepage;

Bustler; Massachusetts Cultural Council’s ArtSake blog; UMASS blog Arts Extension Service; North Shore Arts Association; seARTS; Rocky Neck Cultural District; Rhode Island State Council on the Arts; Pittsburgh’s Art Council; Raleigh North Carolina’s Art Coucnil; Nebraska Arts Council; Palm Desert CA; California Arts Council and others!


Made up of citizen volunteers appointed by the Mayor and City Council, The Committee for the Arts was established by City ordinance in 2000 to promote and celebrate Gloucester ’s cultural heritage.  The Committee recently has worked to preserve and increase awareness of Gloucester ’s WPA murals and other City-owned art. Additionally, the Committee develops and promotes educational programs and establishes awards and honors to recognize local artists. It implements a city-wide public art policy.

St. Ann School welcoming students from charter school

From school principal Michele Butler:

St. Ann School of Cape Ann is happy to accept qualified transfer students from the charter school. We are pleased to be able to offer a pro-rated, discounted tuition for Gloucester Community Arts Charter School students who meet our admissions criteria.

We offer a quality, affordable Catholic education, and we also value the arts. Our students recently performed at our annual Christmas concert, and they are currently in rehearsals for our talent show, which will feature individual and group acts from all grades.

We offer weekly art and music classes taught by professional educators who are also active in their own fields. Gemma Amero Flavin, a local artist, teaches art two days a week. Lori L’Italien, a choral artist with the Metropolitan Opera Guild, teaches music once a week.

The flyer below provides additional information about our programs. If you are interested in learning more about transferring to St. Ann School, please call the office at 978-283-3455.

Click here to download the flyer: St Ann School handout 2013

Poll- Do You Care If There Is An NHL Season?

Well The NHL Players Union and Owners Have Come To An Agreement For A Shortened Season.  Are You Upset That It Took This Long To Reach An Agreement?  Do You Even Care About Hockey?  If You Did Care About Hockey Has This Labor Dispute Lessened Your Enthusiasm For NHL Hockey?  Why Am I Capitalizing Every Word In These Sentences?

Here’s The Poll-

The answer to that last question is because I started out with the caps and while on vacation I’m just too lazy to go back and correct it.

Joanie On The Pony from Bob Lindberg

Joey: it’s Mike Lindberg’s brother BOB (the dentist)writing. Recently we had family from Tampa in town and showing them around Gloucester and I wanted to show them the
very nice Joan D’Arc statue . When asked “why does Gloucester have this statue ?” I thought, you know I do not know but I will find out ; I did know the artist was from the area. Much to my surprise I learned many very interesting facts besides that the sculptress Anna Hyatt Huntington came from causeway studio at “hole in the wall” at Goose Cove where we passed a million times as kids heading out to the Annisquam and the Bay.

I do know some refer to her as Joanie on the Pony affectionately and somewhat naively irreverently ( goodmorninggloucester) and always wondered why French statue and not Swedish,Portugese or Italian.

Among the surprising facts I have found thanks to internet:
1) horse was modelled from the biggest Gloucester firehorse at the time in pre WWI days
2) her studio was the house at the hole in the wall as we called it;family owned the house aka first marine biology field station there ;she designed plaque on the rock
3) figure model of Joan was her niece
4) in the art contest many liked her worked but she didn’t win because it was thought a man must have helped her -it was so good
5) Joan is holding up sword before battle asking for God to help her in leading the men in the quest to rid France of the English;later burned at the stake at 19,later sainted
   and wore men’s clothing because as she said “no voice told her to not wear men’s clothing”
6) There are several copies of statue one other in NY and 3 in France -Gloucester’s is #2
7) It was given to Gloucester after WWI as a special thank you to all US forces who helped France kick Germany out of  France
  particularly men from Gloucester in the Battle of Belleau Woods 1918 where the marines fought so bravely they earned the nickname said to have been given to them by
the Germans ” teufelshunden-hound devils or hellhounds ” for their tenacity and where a famous marine corps officer ‘s response to request from the French fighting alongside to retreat under the heavy fire from the Germans was  “Retreat?We just got here!”
8) at that Battle which was greatest battle since Appomattox where US soldiers fought includes men from Gloucester- local Gloucester man Lester Waas seehttp://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/30873-show-tell-wwi-5th-marine-co-cdrs-kia-group-dsc-navy-cross/who was last surviving officer none the less led a fatal charge of marines to capture a German machine gun and won several medals for bravery see following and the first Medal of Honor for WWI was given to a marine for bravery  surprisingly for helping wounded while under fire a dentist Alexander Gordon Lyle from Gloucester won the medal of honor for bravery http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alexander_Gordon_Lyle  also veteran A Piatt Andrew who name is on 128 bridge .

So after learning this I will look at Joanie on the Pony with well earned affection and appreciation and gratitude . Regards Bob Lindberg

Check out the page from distinguished women from the past-

Joan of Arc