Congratulations Hurricanes! Fishermen Youth Soccer Girls G6 are 2022 Essex county youth soccer Champions! #ECYSA2022 ⚽🏆

Way to go FYS Hurricanes!

courtesy photo – FYS Girls 2022 G6 county champions.

Pingree hosted the regional tournament. Exciting recap from FYS.

“The team had an incredible undefeated season all the way through the playoffs. The regular season had the team leading their division with a record of 7-0-1.

The record is impressive, but two things about the record only show up when looking into that stats:

– 5 of the 8 games were decided by 2 or less goals. So, nearly all games were very tight and hard played. 

– Only 4 goals were scored against the team over the regular season. Excellent defense and goal tending by this team, highlights not found when looking at just the record. 

For the playoffs, this team received a first round BYE.

The Semi-Final game occurred on a hot Friday evening. The team looked like it was cruising into the final game with a 2-0 lead with 10 minutes remaining when the unthinkable happened. The team allowed 2 goals to score with minutes left in the game. Regular time ended at 2-2, and the heat was really cranking on this team now. This team has gone into OT in the past during their winter season, so they knew what to do. The team scored the game winning goal with just minutes left in OT, avoiding the dreaded Penalty Kick tie-breaker. 

The Final game was early Sunday morning, on father’s day. The girls were ecstatic and ready to go at game time which is good because the other team came out strong. The opponents appeared bigger and stronger than our young team, but our defense being our strength all season was up to the challenge. The game was tied 0-0 at half. After a brief halftime, the team was more determined than ever and came out aggressive and started to dominate play. The team just could not find the back of the net.


Until about 5 minutes remaining when they finally broke the draw and went ahead 1-0.


Congrats to the FYS Hurricanes team on an impressive season!”

FYS Hurricanes


  • Ava Borowick
  • Kaila Cauthers
  • Isabella Figurido
  • Jude Friday
  • Riley Hill
  • Charlotte James
  • Abigail Karcher
  • Mailee Lusk
  • Marley Militello
  • Iylan Mione
  • Maria Moginot
  • Rosie Telep
  • Betsy Telep
  • Natalie Tolman
  • Allison Tuck
  • Evelyn Watson

Coaches: Hugh Cauthers and Phil Lusk

Cape Ann YMCA is open! #GloucesterMA

Cape Ann YMCA open with limitations due to the pandemic. Website has the latest news.

Look forward to hearing about any Mark Mitchell youth sports direction there. What a wonderful coach and teacher!

It May Indeed Go Nowhere….

Hockey for my boys, may indeed go nowhere…but, it has already gone everywhere.  Everywhere important that is.
This season alone, with two full months of hockey left to be played, between my two boys (who, mind you, are only 12 and 10) we already have 92 games in the books. We have spent 14 nights in hotel rooms…in six different states. When I got an oil change on November 7th the new sticker on my windshield told me that I should be due for the next one on April 7th. My hockey mobile made it, instead, to the end of December. If that doesn’t sum up how my weekends roll, I don’t know what does.
Lots of miles, lots of practices, lots of games, lots of scheduling, lots of dividing and conquering, lots of travel, lots of eating in the car, lots of gear, lots of money….did I mention lots of money…but, more importantly, lots of smiles, lots of lessons, growth, memories, laughs, and friendships.
I was asked the other day if I wished that my boys had never caught “the hockey bug.” I’d be lying if I tried to convince you that I’ve never complained. I have complained. Lots. The rinks are cold, the gear isn’t always as fragrant as I might like, the gas tank is always empty, sleep is often scarce…and, regrettably, I have to say “no” to a lot of life that unfolds outside of all things hockey. But, no, I don’t wish to change or cure any of it. And, dare I say, I have the bug too.
We do all of this because, obviously, we expect our boys to play at some super high level of hockey…if not the pros, right? (Insert eye roll) Ummm…no. No we don’t. That is not at all why we do this. In fact, I’m already feeling the sense of loss that will undoubtedly come crashing down when high school ends and there’s no longer a hockey schedule to adhere to or cold bleachers to sit on….because, I very much expect that there won’t be.
So, why spend this much money and such a significant part of the boys’ childhoods for something that we suspect will simply end one day? And end with very little fanfare at that. Something that may, indeed, go nowhere? Well, because, it has already gone, truly, everywhere.
Sure, my boys have a pretty impressive little collection of medals, and trophies, and awards, and titles, and championships. They also have plenty of losses and stretches when it felt like they might seriously never win again. But, you know what else they have? They have confidence, resilience, courage, strength, grit, compassion, independence, determination, drive, commitment….and much thicker skin than they would have without hockey. And then….then….there are the memories. The laughs. The stories. The good times. The silly one-liners that no one else in the world understands because they weren’t there. The friends.
There are lessons to be learned each and every time my boys take the ice….and something to hold on to from each and every game. The lessons often have to do with sportsmanship and fair play….the old “there’s no “I” in team”, “you need to work just as hard at being a good teammate as being a good player” etc. Sometimes what they learn, however, has absolutely nothing to do with hockey. Sometimes it has to do with being a friend…being strong…being forgiving…being imperfect. Sometimes it is as simple as remembering to hug their grandparents and thank them for coming to watch them skate…no matter what the scoreboard says or how drained they feel. Sometimes the lessons are out of the rink as well.  The dance of packing, unpacking, navigating hotel check-ins, tipping, and traveling as a team.  Lessons in respect to hotel and restaurant staff…lessons in communicating with teammates’ families who come to cheer, and support, and be an important part of the bigger picture.   Sometimes they fail at all of it, but…then, they learn.
Sometimes my boys play with the confidence of knowing that they’re good… knowing that they contribute each and every shift…knowing that their team is better for having them on it. Sometimes my boys play and feel defeated….even after a big win. Sometimes they leave the rink and just can’t wait to get in the car because they feel like they didn’t play well….or, maybe, they were told they could have played better. Fair enough. Sometimes they score, they give assists, they feel on top of the world. Sometimes, during a power play, they’re the ones to get called off….and sometimes, at the end of a close game, they’re the ones to sit out a shift. Sometimes they feel appreciated…sometimes they feel, well, not. Sometimes their feelings are validated, sometimes…well, they’re not. It is by no means always happy….it’s hard, and it’s awesome, and it’s painful, and it’s amazing. It builds them up ….and it knocks them down just as quickly. But, they love it…and they know it comes with both highs and lows…and they never, ever want to quit.
They have, indeed, made friends…and, do you know what? So have I. They have learned to trust, to cheer, to support, and to truly love their teammates. And, do you what? So have I.
If you’re lucky enough to land on teams such as those that we have, you soon have a community unlike any other. It may start with casual conversation at the rink, slowly getting to know each other, soon…maybe “friending” each other on social media. Much like being a new student at a new school…or a new employee at a new job…you start to meet others. You start to ebb and flow in a more consistent rhythm….coming together soon in a circle that gets closer….and tighter. Soon you start recognizing siblings, and grandparents, and aunts + uncles. Soon, most likely, you learn what people do for work, how they take their coffee, and what they drink on a Saturday night. When the blanket is left on the bleachers….you find that you know who it belongs to and maybe even how long they’ve had it. Soon you’re not just getting to know the other families…you actually know the other families…and, honestly, it feels like you’ve known them forever.
The kids become closer…they start seeing each other outside of the rink….and so, happily, do the grown-ups. If you’re lucky enough to land on teams such as those that we have, you’re in for quite a ride. Tournament weekends feel like college all over again and you laugh so much that you cry. You might soon discover that you drink things you never thought you’d drink, you stay up later than you have in years, and each and every game your kids play feels like the Stanley Cup. Hysterical group texts are often the closest thing to a book you’ve read all season and inside jokes make you spontaneously laugh mid-week…at the most inconvenient times.
You complain about the traveling and the hotel bills, but you feel a sense of loss when the foreseen schedule doesn’t involve nights away. You’re a hockey parent. The kids love each other…but, they sometimes get on each other’s nerves. You love the coaches, but sometimes you feel like things aren’t fair. The coaches love coaching….but sometimes they’re frustrated and expect more. You’re a hockey team.
Hockey, for my boys, has already gone, truly, everywhere. Yes, sure, geographically, we have gone lots of places… but, that’s not what I mean. More importantly, it has seeped into their little beings and has been the backbone for who they have become…and are certainly still becoming. It has, without a doubt, shaped them and defined their childhoods and our family dynamic. It has built family bonds and routine and, of course, memories. It has filled the basement with equipment, baskets with precious team shirts, bookshelves with souvenirs, albums with photos, and our lives with something we all love.  Hockey, years from now, will be something that my boys hopefully play in an over-thirty league with some good buddies late on Sunday nights. It may indeed go nowhere other than that but, I assure you, it has already given everything and gone everywhere…everywhere important that is.
Thank you to all who have brought this joy, this camaraderie, this craziness, and this sport into our lives.  Thank you to the coaches, volunteers, teammates, friends, and families.  Thank you to Cape Ann Youth Hockey and the North Shore Coyotes Hockey Club! We’re so thankful for you all.

Squirt 1 Team
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Orda-CANAM-CANAM Hockey 1980 Rink-id242423188_withBorder
North Shore Coyotes Hockey Club: U14 Bantams


Tonight! GHS boys JV 5:30 PM | Varsity 7:00 PM basketball home games vs. Lynn Classical 🏀🏀 #GloucesterMA

GHS jv bball warm up_20200119_Gloucester High School gym ©c ryan

  • Find all the GHS sports schedules for Gloucester specific page here

  • GHS Basketball twitter = @FishermenBball
  • GHS Fishermen Athletics twitter = @FishermenGhs


GHS Boys basketball  home games vs. Lynn today. GHS Girls basketball and Swim Team both away. Gymnastics tonight (meet in Wenham).

Jan 24, 25, 26 2019 breaks down as follows

GHS sports now

4:00pm Basketball: Boys Freshman Game vs. Lynn Classical

5:30pm Basketball: Girls JV Game

vs. Lynn Classical

5:30pm Basketball: Boys JV Game vs. Lynn Classical

6:00pm Swimming/Diving: Varsity Meet TBA vs. TBA

Dive Meet – 5:30pm Warmup No Bus – permission slips to be signed

7:00pm Basketball: Girls Varsity Game

vs. Lynn Classical

7:00pm Basketball: Boys Varsity Game vs. Lynn Classical

8:00pm Gymnastics: Varsity Meet vs. Malden Public Schools

7:30pm warmup

Saturday, January 25, 2020
10:00am Wrestling: Varsity Quad

vs. Multiple Schools..

9am weigh in

4:00pm Ice Hockey: Boys JV Game

vs. Lynnfield

Sunday, January 26, 2020
3:10pm Ice Hockey: Girls JV Game

vs. Winchester

5:00pm Swimming/Diving: Varsity NEC League TBA vs. TBA

GHS boys JV 10AM and Varsity 11:30AM basketball home games this morning! 🏀🏀

GHS boys bball home games ©c ryan.jpg

January 19, 2020 GHS boys basketball home games tonight vs. Beverly

JV game at 10 AM | Varsity at 11:30

ghs schedule jan 19 2020.jpg


GHS boys basketball home games today! 🏀🏀

GHS boys bball home games ©c ryan.jpg

January 7, 2020 GHS boys basketball home games tonight vs. Beverly

Freshman game at 4pm

JV game at 5:30PM

Varsity at 7:00PM


super swag & banquet | GHS Boys Soccer Gloucester House #GloucesterMA #FishermenAthletics

Well done super boosters – Grace Ferrara and family, Carlotta , and Diane Horne – for organizing such a special event and all that went into it! The Gloucester House meal and service were outstanding. Thanks to the generous folks who bought raffle tickets and game day snacks and many volunteers and supporters. There was serious swag and a wonderful celebration for a great season. Congratulations players.

A few scenes from the GHS boys soccer dinner banquet at Gloucester House, Gloucester, MA.

super booster Grace and daughters_GHS boys Soccer banquet 20191124_©c ryan
super booster Grace Ferrera and crew 🙂

Gloucester House street sign_20191122_Gloucester Ma ©c ryan.jpg

Head Coach Armando Marnoto

GHS boys Soccer banquet 20191124_soccer boosters ©c ryan (1)

Armando Marnoto Head Coach GHS boys Soccer banquet 20191124_soccer boosters ©c ryan GIF

JV Coach Jason Rutkauskus

JV Coach Jason Rutsaukus_GHS boys Soccer banquet 20191124_soccer boosters at Gloucester House restaurant © c ryan (1)

courtesy photos from Kristin and Peg:


Link to slideshow


Umass surf competition results | the November 2019 winners at #GoodHarborBeach …

winners November 2019 UMASS surf club hosts surf competition at Good Harbor Beach Gloucester MA
At Good Harbor Beach (courtesy photo)

I asked the UMASS surf club how the Lake Atlantic Invitational competition fared on November 16, 2019 at Good Harbor Beach. The ocean was rather “lake” in the morning and the air a brisk 22 degrees.

“The competition was a huge success! The waves got better throughout the day, and we had a lot of creativity with crossstepping, handstands, and laying down backwards almost like a coffin.” The final results:

John Lane (3rd place from last year) in first

Colby Kelly (last year’s winner) in second

Juliet Dodson of UMass Surf Club in third

“We’re not sure yet if we’re going to try to do these competitions annually or biannually, but keep an eye out for another competition in April, most likely still somewhere in Gloucester. And yes it was chilly, but most of us are used to that weather having grown up in the area, and even the competitor from California did a good job overcoming the cold with help from a nice winter wetsuit.”

cool trophies UMASS Surf club november 2019 at Good harbor Beach.jpg

UMASS Surf Club

founders _UMASS surf club_20190406_setting up for first competition on Good Harbor Beach Gloucester MA spring 2019 (2)

photo caption: “On the left is Myles Wrinn, the Forecaster for the club for the last 2 years and on the right is Peter Roy, current President of Surf Club. The club was founded by alumni in 2014.”


LIVE: UMASS Amherst surf club hosting competition Good Harbor Beach


Beautiful day! Conditions now


UMASS Surf Club

11/26/19 – 10-2pm Lake Atlantic Invitational


The first competition was held back in April 2019. “Colby Kelly, 18, of Gloucester, was named the competition’s first champion. Rhodes Cole, of Rockport, came in second and John Lane, of Yarmouth, Maine, came in third.” read more here and scenes below setting up the first time.

Today’s paper | GHS Field Hockey FINALS BOUND! MIAA Girls North Division 2 tournament 2019 🏑🏑 vs. Lynnfield at Reading 1pm Saturday

ghs field hockey featured in Gloucester Daily Times_20191107.jpg

Nick Curcuru article and Joe Brown photos (Cammi Cooper made the goal) Gloucester Daily Times here 

Review the 2019 Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Assoc (MIAA) girls field hockey tournament Division 2 North bracket here

BRACKET Gloucester in the finals.jpg


Tough loss great season!

Gloucester varsity soccer is out in the first round of the conference series.  Lynnfield 1 Gloucester 0. Gloucester Daily Times Nick Curcuru coverage accompanied by Kirk R. Williamson photos here 

“…From there, Gloucester adjusted by switching to three strikers. But Lynnfield countered that by bringing back a fifth defender to clog up the passing lanes.

“We knew adding an extra striker would put some extra pressure on their defense,” Marnoto said. “And it did but they added an extra defender and when they won the ball they got it out wide. That gave them time to regroup and kept us from getting into our shape.” Both goal keepers were also a factor.” – Nick Curcuru excerpt

conference game november 5 2019 vs Lynnfield.png

Kirk R. Williamson photos: Gloucester’s Robert Mugabe chases down a loose ball along the sideline while being tangled up with a Lynnfield player ont the sidelines in Tuesday’s Division 3 North First Round meeting.

© photograph copyright Kirk R Williamson for Gloucester Daily Times.jpg

Gloucester’s Robert Mugabe tries to make a play on the ball as the Lynnfield goal keeper Dante Gesamondo makes a save in front of two of his defenders © copyright Kirk R. Williamson

Today’s paper: sports writer Nick Curcuru summarizes the 7 Cape Ann high school teams ready for tournament time

Sports page Gloucester Daily Times_20191030
link to story 

“The regular season is officially over for Cape Ann high school sports teams, and seven of the top teams in the area have survived to earn the right to compete for a state championship in the state tournament.” Read Nick Curcuru coverage of the upcoming division competitions illustrated with  photos by Jaime Campos and Paul Bilodeau here: “Sizing up Cape Ann’s State Tournament qualifying teams on HS Sports, Gloucester Daily Times, October 30, 2019. Photo credit Jaime Campos “Emmanuel Ishimwe and the Gloucester boys soccer team are making a third straight appearance in the Division 3 North State Tournament.”


GHS field hockey up first. Soccer brackets will be released Friday. Check the Gloucester Daily Times for updates. Follow Gloucester Fishermen Athletic Department social media: on Facebook GHS Fishermen Athletics here “Field Hockey State Tournament Game – Thursday 10/31 at Newell Stadium. 4pm vs. North Reading. Hope to see a large crowd to support the squad!”or on twitter here- @FishermenGhs


GHS boys soccer next home game at New Balance Field at Newell Stadium is…

GHS varsity boys soccer_20191002_©c ryan.jpg
GHS Boys Varsity Soccer 10.2.19 vs. Lynn


OCTOBER 7, 6:30PM HOME vs. Salem

The team is half way through its 2019 season. Pump up the volume! For Joey and other spectators: mark your calendars with 4 more chances to see season home games.

Gloucester Daily Times sports writer, Nick Curcuru, describes the boys varsity soccer team as one not to miss: “Gloucester is not only good, it is one of the most exciting teams in the conference as it can light up the scoreboard and put up goals in bunches against any defense.” excerpt from The Contenders article. His report on the Malden game, Resilient Fishermen, is a great read about that exciting game.

upcoming games (see full schedule here )

GAME 10. MONDAY OCTOBER 7, 6:30PM (JV postponed), HOME vs. Salem

Game 11. Tuesday October 8, 3:45 (JV 4:00) AWAY vs. Lynn

12. Friday October 11, 4:00PM (JV 4:00PM) HOME vs. Marblehead

13. Tuesday October 15, 4:00PM (JV 4:00PM) AWAY vs. Peabody

14. Friday October 18, 4:00PM (JV postponed) AWAY vs. Salem

15. Monday October 21, 6:30PM (JV 4:30PM) HOME vs. Swampscott

16. Wednesday October 23, 6:30PM (JV 4:30PM) HOME vs. Danvers

17. Friday October 25, 4:00PM (JV 4:00PM) AWAY vs. Beverly

18. Monday October 28, 7:30PM (JV 6:00PM) AWAY vs. Malden


Cape Ann Lanes enhancing classic candlepin bowling space in #GloucesterMA

A big redesign at Cape Ann Lanes is underway. It’s looking great. $25 for an hour is an excellent option for a group of teens. P.S. Until the dining option is completed, they have local menus on hand for ordering pick up or delivery. Snacks and beverages are available on site.

Cape Ann Lanes website:

photos: September 2019 AFTER |  2016/2018 below to compare 

Cape Ann Lanes reno underway_20190907_©c ryan (2).jpg

Cape Ann Lanes reno underway_20190907_©c ryan (1)




ECYSA, MTOC, and Fishermen Youth soccer in the news

MTOC GDT_20190703_©c ryan.jpg
Gloucester Daily Times sports section July 3, 2019 here

and read more from Massachusetts Youth Soccer tournament summary here:  

Cape Ann’s Head Coach, Kyle Hurd (GHS 2011): “Composure, bringing a sense of urgency and being able to play with controlled aggression were key for us. Being able to keep your head and your wits about you to open up space, and not just to sprint forward, was key. There’s a lot of preparation, some yelling and some headaches. We struggled in the middle of the season, but after that we turned it around immediately and hit the ground running.”


and from Essex County Youth Soccer Assoc (ECYSA):

Dear Players, Families and Friends of ECYSA,  

We began the season in April with 502 teams across five age groups and four divisions.  We battled a tough weather season but we managed to get most of the games played and as a result of all of the work of each of our 32 organizations and hundreds of coaches and volunteers we provided an excellent soccer experience to over 8000 players.  

This last weekend we closed out our 2019 Spring season with the MA Tournament of Champions(MTOC).    ECYSA had 14 divisional champions and 5 wild cards representing our league at MTOC.  Eleven of those teams advanced out of pool play and into the semi-finals.  Five teams advanced to the final and one team won a State Championship.  (G10 B MTOC 2 – Cape Ann United Longshoremen) ECYSA also had a team recognized with the Sportsmanship Award (G8 G MTOC 2 – Woburn Warriors).  It was a great weekend and ECYSA was represented well.  

Below I have listed all of the 2019 ECYSA Champions and wildcard winners. Congratulations to all! 

On behalf of the entire ECYSA Board, thanks for a great season.  Looking forward to seeing everyone back on the fields in the fall. 

Dean Sidell

ECYSA President 



2019 Essex County Youth Soccer Champions

North Reading Scorpions – G6 B MTOC 1 (MTOC semi-finalist)
Rockport Loose Cannons – G6 B MTOC 2 (MTOC semi-finalist) 

Revere Eagles – G6 B County 1

Lawrence Rebels – G6 B County 2

Revere Nacional – G8 B MTOC 1 (MTOC Finalist) 
Lynn Tornados – G8 B MTOC 2 (MTOC Semi-Finalist) 

Woburn Aztecs – G8 B County 1

Triton Arsenal – G8 B County 2

North Andover Knighthawks – G10 B MTOC1 (MTOC semi-finalist) 
North Andover Redstorm – G10 B MTOC 2 -Wildcard (MTOC Finalist) 
Cape Ann United Longshoremen -G10 B MTOC 2 (MTOC State Champion) 

Marblehead Flotilla – G10 B County 1

Woburn Sporting CP – G12 B – MTOC 1 – Wildcard
North Andover United FC – G12 B MTOC 1 (MTOC Finalist) 

Cape Ann United Lumpers – G12 B County 1

Lynnfield Breakers – G6 G MTOC 1
Saugus Liberty – G6 G MTOC 2 (MTOC Finalist) 

Ipswich Pride – G6 G County 1

Hamilton Wenham Surge – G6 G County 2

Andover Defenders – G8 G MTOC 1 (MTOC Finalist) 
Woburn Warriors – G8 G MTOC 1  – Wildcard (MTOC semi-finalist and Sportsmanship winner) 
Marblehead Thunder G8 G MTOC 2

Danvers Sky Blue – G8 G County 1

Cape Ann Unite Fathoms – G8 G County 2

North Andover Strikers – G10 G MTOC 1
North Andover Banshees FC – G10 G MTOC 2
Peabody Lady Tanners – G10 G MTOC 2 – Wildcard
Pentuckett Lady Sachems – G12 G MTOC 1
Haverhill Lady Hillies – G12 MTOC 1 – Wildcard

MTOC State Champs! Cape Ann United U16 Soccer wins division at Massachusetts Tournament of Champions

Cape Ann United U16 Longshoremen are MTOC state champs, June 30, 2019

MTOC champs 2.jpg

team photo MTOC Champs 2019 – Great team & effort along with kind and dedicated coaching! Thanks to Coach Kyle Hurd (GHS class )back row far right; plus Jim Sperry back row 2nd to right;  Luciano Sappia far left; and Gary Schmidt not pictured 😦 here but see below in group shot from earlier game. It was crazy hot in Lancaster.

June 30 CAU vs. North Andover 3:2 (games delayed due to wild weather)
June 30 CAU vs. Douglas (came down to penalty kicks shootout)
June 29 CAU vs. Harvard 0:2
June 28 CAU vs. Springfield 5:0
June 28 CAU vs. Worcester 6:2 (hat tricks Robert & Jerome)

MTOC 2019 U16 champs-gif from © V Cawley photographs

After Douglas_20190630_©c ryan.jpg


  • June 28-30, 2019 ECYSA U16 soccer champs Cape Ann United headed to Lancaster for the Massachusetts Tournament of Champions (MTOC) state tournament here
  • June 23, 2019 Essex County Youth Soccer (ECYSA) U16 soccer playoffs at pretty Pingree photos here


MTOC State Champs! Cape Ann United U16 Soccer wins division at Massachusetts Tournament of Champions

Cape Ann United U16 Longshoremen are MTOC state champs, June 30, 2019

MTOC champs 2.jpg

team photo MTOC Champs 2019 – Great team & effort along with kind and dedicated coaching! Thanks to Coach Kyle Hurd (GHS class )back row far right; plus Jim Sperry back row 2nd to right;  Luciano Sappia far left; and Gary Schmidt not pictured 😦 here but see below in group shot from earlier game. It was crazy hot in Lancaster.

June 30 CAU vs. North Andover 3:2 (games delayed due to wild weather)
June 30 CAU vs. Douglas (came down to penalty kicks shootout)
June 29 CAU vs. Harvard 0:2
June 28 CAU vs. Springfield 5:0
June 28 CAU vs. Worcester 6:2 (hat tricks Robert & Jerome)

MTOC 2019 U16 champs-gif from © V Cawley photographs

After Douglas_20190630_©c ryan.jpg


  • June 28-30, 2019 ECYSA U16 soccer champs Cape Ann United headed to Lancaster for the Massachusetts Tournament of Champions (MTOC) state tournament here
  • June 23, 2019 Essex County Youth Soccer (ECYSA) U16 soccer playoffs at pretty Pingree photos here


Beach Soccer Cup tournament 2019 at Good Harbor Beach Saturday

GHS soccer team arrives early to assist with the set up. 2019 marks the 6th year for the New England Beach Soccer (NEBS) Cup (founded by Gloucester natives)

Read about its beginnings (Gloucester founders) and all about Saturday in today’s paper here “Soccer in the Sand: New England Beach Soccer returns to Good Harbor Beach Saturday”

This year, all of the proceeds from the event will be donated to Fishermen Youth Soccer as well as the Gloucester High School Soccer Boosters and Soccer without borders.

Players drawn to a tournament hosted on beautiful beaches have an affinity for the natural world. Arriving teams and competitors stopped to check out the piping plovers before hitting the sand, and again when they left. In a similar way, the little mascots engendered care during the surfing competition.

2018 NEBS tournament teams arriving stopped to admire plovers_20180609_c ryan.jpg

Find NEBS on facebook here

Find NEBS on instagram here

Find NEBS on twitter here 

WATCH NEBS LIVE feeds here

FIFA Women’s World Cup begins today- Google added more options for following along

2019 FIF Women's World Cup

Bird’s eye video | crowd joins #Adventureman Jamie McDonald finish in Gloucester Massachusetts March 27, 2019

Congratulations to Jamie McDonald, aka Adventureman, for his momentous, inspiring solo-run achievement across America~ And to his team! Little kids in the crowd sported red capes. GMG photographers are out in full force so great coverage will be coming like it’s St. Peter’s Fiesta.

Aerial no filter straight up phone video from rooftops across Gloucester Harbor. It was heartwarming to hear voices carry — from this height and battling wind–, to see the crowd stream past, pause by the Leonard Craske FisherMan at the Wheel memorial, then off to Pavilion beach by Beauport Hotel (site of former Birdseye factory) so Jamie could touch the water and conclude his generous journey. 

Adventureman Jamie McDonald finish Gloucester MA_20190327_photo copyright © catherine ryan.jpg


David Cox in position

photographer DAVID COX in position_Adventureman Gloucester MA finish_20190327_photo copyright © C. Ryan.jpg