October 🌈 around Gloucester Fisherman’s Memorial


background sky beyond Man at the Wheel with faint rainbow arching to Gloucester Tavern

Big October skies for Gloucester, MA. Yesterday’s afternoon rainbow was radiant, vast and fast

Man Supports the Arts With Statement to His Ex…

Amazing lengths some people will go to.. Perhaps this guy should have moved on long ago, but no. He buys a house next-door to his Ex and  installs a work of art for her to admire.. A very expensive hand gesture. Click the article to read more! Jeez, can you believe this?

Man at the Wheel

Another shot from my photo walk with the photography workshop.  How do you take an interesting photo of something like this memorial that’s so iconic that it’s hard to be original?   It’s not easy, especially on a day with relatively boring light. I tried to make this more interesting with the processing (mostly adjusting contrast in the foreground and adding texture to the clouds to the sky), although the angle is totally conventional.

Matthew Green


Poll results

Well, the results of yesterday’s poll are pretty clear.  The vast majority of those who voted, were of the opinion that I should keep posting on GMG, perhaps including some disclaimer, or commentary when I disagree with something.  That’s pretty much what I was tending to think too.  Along those lines, I added a disclaimer of sorts to my profile description.

I hope that those who voted the opposite – that I should not be associated with the blog (two options to this effect were included in the poll, varying slightly on the reasons for leaving) – will understand my decision, which I think is pretty well explained by some of the comments that people posted.  Thank you for all your feedback, pro and con!

Speaking of juxtaposing very different kinds of content, here’s a photo I took of a statue of a family of Jelly Babies in front of the Gothic tower of the church of St. Germain L’Auxerrois in Paris.

Whatever, right?

Fr. Matthew Green

Joanie On The Pony from Bob Lindberg

Joey: it’s Mike Lindberg’s brother BOB (the dentist)writing. Recently we had family from Tampa in town and showing them around Gloucester and I wanted to show them the
very nice Joan D’Arc statue . When asked “why does Gloucester have this statue ?” I thought, you know I do not know but I will find out ; I did know the artist was from the area. Much to my surprise I learned many very interesting facts besides that the sculptress Anna Hyatt Huntington came from causeway studio at “hole in the wall” at Goose Cove where we passed a million times as kids heading out to the Annisquam and the Bay.

I do know some refer to her as Joanie on the Pony affectionately and somewhat naively irreverently ( goodmorninggloucester) and always wondered why French statue and not Swedish,Portugese or Italian.

Among the surprising facts I have found thanks to internet:
1) horse was modelled from the biggest Gloucester firehorse at the time in pre WWI days
2) her studio was the house at the hole in the wall as we called it;family owned the house aka first marine biology field station there ;she designed plaque on the rock
3) figure model of Joan was her niece
4) in the art contest many liked her worked but she didn’t win because it was thought a man must have helped her -it was so good
5) Joan is holding up sword before battle asking for God to help her in leading the men in the quest to rid France of the English;later burned at the stake at 19,later sainted
   and wore men’s clothing because as she said “no voice told her to not wear men’s clothing”
6) There are several copies of statue one other in NY and 3 in France -Gloucester’s is #2
7) It was given to Gloucester after WWI as a special thank you to all US forces who helped France kick Germany out of  France
  particularly men from Gloucester in the Battle of Belleau Woods 1918 where the marines fought so bravely they earned the nickname said to have been given to them by
the Germans ” teufelshunden-hound devils or hellhounds ” for their tenacity and where a famous marine corps officer ‘s response to request from the French fighting alongside to retreat under the heavy fire from the Germans was  “Retreat?We just got here!”
8) at that Battle which was greatest battle since Appomattox where US soldiers fought includes men from Gloucester- local Gloucester man Lester Waas seehttp://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/30873-show-tell-wwi-5th-marine-co-cdrs-kia-group-dsc-navy-cross/who was last surviving officer none the less led a fatal charge of marines to capture a German machine gun and won several medals for bravery see following and the first Medal of Honor for WWI was given to a marine for bravery  surprisingly for helping wounded while under fire a dentist Alexander Gordon Lyle from Gloucester won the medal of honor for bravery http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alexander_Gordon_Lyle  also veteran A Piatt Andrew who name is on 128 bridge .

So after learning this I will look at Joanie on the Pony with well earned affection and appreciation and gratitude . Regards Bob Lindberg

Check out the page from distinguished women from the past-

Joan of Arc


Oddities, here and abroad

First, this photo I took in France:

Say what? Batman posed like Adam in the “creation” fresco in the Sistine Chapel, with Superman in place of God? In front of a Gothic church, behind the Louvre, in Paris??

OK, now the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen on a brick wall in Gloucester:

Yup, it’s a bagel stuck to the wall by the adhesive power of peanut butter.  Did someone trip while eating and accidentally stick the bagel to the wall? Or was it intentional? If so, is it vandalism, or art? Or were they just saving it for later?

Fr. Matthew Green



Man at the Wheel


Click on the photo to see it much larger.  It’s interesting how the perspective and panoramic distortion make the the circle of plaques into a straight line, and the convergent lines on the pavement look roughly parallel!  I took this panorama a while ago, but only got around to putting it together now…

Fr. Matthew Green

Our Lady Of Good Voyage Statue At Cape Ann Museum

I’ve been kicking myself for a good long while now for missing the Charlie Lowe exhibit as well as the St Peter’s Fiesta exhibit at Cape Ann Museum.  It had been probably about 30 years since I’d been in the Cape Ann Museum- what a mistake.

Well the Middle Street Walk was the perfect opportunity to reacquaint myself with the joint.  What a treat.  What a treasure. Go and see for yourself the beautiful artifacts within.  I loved seeing Deb Clarke’s beautiful fish on glass.  This old statue which I assume was the original that stood atop Our Lady Of Good Voyage Church.  The Old Republic- Howard Blackburn’s boat in which he sailed by himself across the Atlantic in record time after he had lost his hands to frostbite (I think that’s right).  The Fitz Hugh Lane Paintings.  The old dory and the tools used to make sails and mend nets.  The models of the Gloucester Waterfront accurate with the Flakeyards and all.

Bottom line is that if you haven’t been- GO.  You won’t be disappointed.  I also would tell you that if you have relatives or friends in from out of town- send them here as well as the Maritime Heritage Center and the Judith Sargent Murray House.

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More on The Massachusetts Quarter Travesty

photoi courtesy Donna Ardizzone
photoi courtesy Donna Ardizzone

I guarantee if you took an unbiased poll of people around the country, the recognition and association of The Man At The Wheel would be overwhelming in relation to some nondescript building in Lowell.

But what really gets me is the utter disregard for Gloucester in all things political.

The South Shore gets ridiculous amounts of money to fund projects at Woods Hole.  Some park that hardly anyone has ever heard of gets to bump off Gloucester on the Massachusetts quarter.  Our fishing industry gets reduced to a fraction of it’s former self.

All these other places get funding and recognition.

We should just line up all our citizens and let them kick us in the balls and get it over with.  It would be more painful at first but maybe we could get past it.

Where is our representation???

I hope to christ that they are on the phone screaming and taking someone’s head off.  Enough is enough.

If you are as disgusted as I am won’t you join me in writing the US Mint?

United States Mint
Office of Public Affairs
801 9th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20220-0001

thanks Renata Green for providing the address