Celebrate Gloucester Video Documentary

This is the documentary we made to Celebrate Gloucester at Latitude 43.  It features interviews with Mark McDonough , Fisherman Peter Libro , Nicole Duckworth- from Duckworth Bistrot, Debbie Clarke- artist, Dave Anderson from The Black Swan, Ashley From Lat 43, Lobsterman Joe Mondello, Joe and Mary Ellen Borge from The Lone Gull, Lobsterman Mark Ring, Chef Zach Sears, Cape Ann Community Cinema’s Rob Newton, Stephanie From Lat 43, Lobsterwoman Renee, Real Estate Tycoon Ruth Pino, Ryan and Wood Distiller Bobby Ryan.

I hope you enjoy it.  there are some pretty touching moments in here.

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Gloucester Day With the Bean- Cookie And Hot Chocolate At The Lone Gull

Tuesday was a Gloucester Day with the Bean.  After picking her up at shool we headed down to The Lone Gull for a m&m cookie and hot chocolate. 

Both of the girls love going to the Lone Gull and while it’s obviously a coffee shop they both call it “The Cookie Store”.