Captain Heath Ellis and crew of the Schooner Thomas E. Lannon

Hosted by the Schooner Festival Committee and Lenny Linquata of the Gloucester House Restaurant, the schooner fest captains and crew members were treated to a delicious and hardy breakfast this morning. Originally offered for a modest price, a rousing cheer was heard when it was announced breakfast was courtesy of the Schooner Festival Committee!

Thanks to the Schooner Festival Committee and to all the volunteers for all they do to bring this glorious event to Gloucester!
Schooner Lynx Captains Alex and Donald Peacock, Captain Tom Ellis, Mike Costello, and Schooner Committee Chairperson Daisy Nell

Host Lenny Linquata and Captain Tom


Nancy, Enza, Enza, Faye, Jackie, Sefatia, Nina, Kathy, Geri, Fay, and Josie.

International Women’s Day was celebrated Friday evening at the Gloucester House Restaurant. The theme this year was royalty and the hosting committee created a beautiful, festive atmosphere with exquisite floral centerpieces, fun purple-themed decorations, and costumes–tiaras were required ūüôā Mayor Sefatia stole the show, dressed head to toe in royal garb with a flowing purple velvet cape. Lenny Linquata and his outstanding staff at the Gloucester House, as always, made a fabulous dinner spread for the guests including fresh roasted and marinated veggies, heaps of fried calamari, and bacon wrapped Brussel sprouts to name just some of the appetizzers, chicken Florentine or fresh-off-the-boat haddock, and a mountain of exquisite desserts. A heartfelt huge thank you to Nina Groppo, Nancy Millefoglie, Enza DiMercurio, Enza Ferrara Taormiina, Faye Pavia, Jackie Zappa, Kathy Numerosi, Geri Millitello, Fay Puopolo, and Josie Taormina for hosting this much anticipated annual event.


mike linquataThis is a story of an unusual creature that made good. This creature was known as ‚Äúsquid‚ÄĚ. Today it is called calamari. When it was known as squid there were no sales of this product. It was not on any restaurant‚Äôs menu. It just had no appeal to the public or to restaurant cooks or owners.

Prior to 1950, the Gloucester fishing fleet would have some mixed in with their catch of other fish such as whiting or ocean perch. The fishermen did not get paid for this product. It was considered waste.

However, some of the workers, including this author, would on occasion take some home to be cooked. In my case, I had to do the cooking because the squid would have some water in them and this would splatter. I overcame the problem, but I kept the job.

Sometimes if I had cooked more than the family could consume I would bring the extra to the fish workers. Many had never eaten this before. Now there wasn’t as much waste. The workers started to bring some home to be cooked.

About a year later I assumed the position of manager of the Gloucester House Restaurant. Now I had to teach the cooks how to prepare the squid for cooking, then the proper timing to cook, then I had to overcome the dining room staff’s reluctance to suggest this item to the customers.

We overcame these problems by first changing the name from ‚Äúsquid‚ÄĚ to ‚Äúcalamari‚ÄĚ. Then to introduce the product, for about a year, we put a small sample on each table for customers to try at no cost. Then the next year we put it on the printed menu.

Today there are probably a thousand restaurants in the United States that have calamari (not squid) on their menus. We think that ours is still the best.

This started in Gloucester, by the Gloucester House Restaurant and the Linquata family, the owners of the Gloucester House Restaurant.



Hats off to Lenny Linquata and his Gloucester House team for a smashing inaugural party!

MAYOR SEFATIA ROMEO THEKAN 2016 INAUGURATION -3 ©Kim Smith 2016.A rose (thorn) between two thorns (roses)


Mayor Sefatia and grandchildren AJ, Bianca, Emma, and niece Lia

MAYOR SEFATIA ROMEO THEKAN 2016 INAUGURATION Rona, Nina, Frank, Peter, Susan ©Kim Smith 2016..JPGRona Tyndall, Nina Groppo, Frank Groppo, Peter Anastas, and Susan Pollack

MAYOR SEFATIA ROMEO THEKAN 2016 INAUGURATION Sam, Jane, Frank ©Kim Smith 2016..JPGJane Fonzo, Frank DiMercurio, Christopher Sicuranza, and Sam Orlando

MAYOR SEFATIA ROMEO THEKAN 2016 INAUGURATION Nina and frank Groppo Senator Bruce Tarr ©Kim Smith 2016..JPG

Nina, Frank, and Senator Tarr


Geraghty Family

MAYOR SEFATIA ROMEO THEKAN 2016 INAUGURATION Abbie and Tony Gross Natalie ©Kim Smith 2016Abbie, Tony, and Natalie



Gloucester Celebrates International Women’s Day!

International Women's Day Festa della Donna Figli di Trappeto Gloucester MA. -10 JPGInternational’s Women’s Day, or Festa della Donna, held¬†last night at the Gloucester House Restaurant and hosted by Figli di Trappeto was, simply put, a smashing fun time. In attendance¬†were an¬†amazing group of Gloucester community-minded women and it was an honor¬†to be with such a group, and¬†all gathered under one roof! ¬†

Crocetta Groppo gave a heart felt speech honoring Gloucester’s first Sicilian-American¬†woman mayor, Mayor Sefatia Romeo Thekan. The guests included State Representative Ann Margaret Ferrante, Angela Sanfilippo,¬†and¬†Mayor Romeo Thekan’s¬†sisters Rosaria Floyd and Marianne Pacquette.¬†The Gloucester House was transformed into a charming country western club with cheery red and white checked¬†tablecloths, golden yellow sunflowers, red bandanas, milk bottle vases, and¬†rustic touches abounding.¬†After a delicious¬†dinner of fried chicken, ribs, succotash, and macaroni and cheese, dancing ensued well into the night.

Stetson Hats Off to organizers Crocetta Groppo, Geri Parisi, Kathy Numerosi, Faye Pavia, Josephine Taormina, Fay Puopolo, Enza Taormina, and Nancy Millefoglie!

International Women's Day Festa della Donna Figli di Trappeto Gloucester MA -7 International Women's Day Festa della Donna Figli di Trappeto Gloucester MA -8International Women's Day Festa della Donna Figli di Trappeto Gloucester MA -9International Women's Day Festa della Donna Figli di Trappeto Gloucester MA -6International Women's Day Festa della Donna Figli di Trappeto Gloucester MA -4International Women's Day Festa della Donna Figli di Trappeto Gloucester MA -5International Women's Day Festa della Donna Figli di Trappeto Gloucester MA -3International Women's Day Festa della Donna Figli di Trappeto Gloucester MAInternational Women's Day Festa della Donna Figli di Trappeto Gloucester MA 2

BREAKING (AND SUPER FUN) NEWS: Gloucester House Fabulous New Outdoor Dining Area Opening this Saturday

Direct from Gloucester House owner Lenny Linquata: Their brand  new al fresco dining area will be open this Saturday! The menu is fun and casual New England summer fare and includes sweet lobsters, steamers, fresh picked corn on the cob, oysters, shrimp, chowder, and more.

Lenny Linquata Gloucester House Restaurant ©Kim Smith 2014

The views from Lenny’s new dock are exquisite–with the harbor laid out before you–Cape Pond Ice,¬†the Paint Factory, fishing boats, lobster boats, schooners, and every kind of sailboat and pleasure boat¬†imaginable.¬†I know where we are¬†headed for¬†dinner this weekend!

Thank You So Much to Our Friends, New and Old, of the HarborWalk!

American Lady Butterfly New York Ironweed Gloucester house HarborWalk ¬©Kim Smith 2014Thank you Beth, Lynn, Frieda, Catherine, Mary Jo, Lise, Susan, Deborah, and Roger for a super meeting and weeding this morning. Thank you to all our newest “Friends of the HarborWalk” members who, although could not make it this morning, have expressed interest in helping.

If you would like to join the Friends of the HarborWalk, please email me at In September I am giving a close-up photo workshop, in the garden, to all our Friends of the HarborWalk members. Date to be determined.

You do not need to be an expert gardener to join. Membership is open to all, and we’ll give you on-the-job training, no worries!

Note to Lucinda: I could not retrieve your email address from the comments. Please send me an email and I will add you to the mailing list. Thank you.

American Lady Butterfly New York Ironweed -2 ©Kim Smith 2014Look who joined us while weeding and meeting this morning at the gardens, an American Lady Butterfly (Vanessa virginiensis), and she was nectaring from the ginromously tall New York Ironweed (Veronia noveboracensis), a true North American native beauty and fabulous source of nectar for butterflies and bees. 

American Lady Butterfly New York Ironweed ©Kim Smith 2014American Lady Butterfly

Community Call for HELP with the HarborWalk Gardens and a Photography Workshop Offer You Won’t Want to Miss!!

Okay so I’m in a bit of a bind, perhaps of my own making, but a bind nevertheless. Two years ago there was a formal nationwide public call for art for the HarborWalk. My grand idea was to purchase a projector and audio equipment for outdoor screenings and show films on an inflatable screen at I4-C2, along with creating a film for our community. I was a semi-finalist. I am happy to see the benefits to the community stemming from the success of movie nights and appreciate very much the time and energy that has gone into making this vision a reality.

The dilemma is that the gardens surrounding I4-C2 are not at all looking their best and invasive weed species are beginning to take over, as they have already claimed the adjacent plots of land. I‚Äôd like the gardens to shine and to be a place of pride for the City. They could look so, so much better than they do in their current condition. The butterfly gardens are a low-maintenance garden however they do need some maintenance. Having a public native plants garden in our community is a wonderful asset and provides tremendous educational opportunities. My hope is to eventually donate programs but we have to solve the garden’s maintenance crisis first and foremost. We don‚Äôt have an outside crew to take care of the gardens this year and the DPW I have learned has far too many other more important responsibilities. The group that was planning to help water realized that they had taken on too much and will not be helping this summer.

As a result, we are having a meeting (not weeding) of¬†‚ÄúFriends of the HarborWalk‚ÄĚ ¬†this Sunday morning, July 27, at 9:00am, under the shade tree in front of the Gloucester House Restaurant, near the Schooner Lannon office. We are going to brainstorm about ways to fund basic needs for the gardens, for example, annually purchasing and applying compost/mulch to cut down on the weeding responsibilities. I am hoping businesses in the area that are benefiting directly or indirectly from movie night will also come and contribute their ideas, suggestions, and manpower.

And here is the deal. For the first ten people that sign up to become contributing members of the Friends of the HarborWalk, either through the comment section or by emailing me at, I am giving a close-up photography workshop. We’ll hold the workshop in the garden and it will be identical to the one that I give at the Arnold Arboretum.

Bring your own coffee Sunday morning and we will provide the homemade doughnuts!

White milkweed asclepias incarnata Ice Ballet skippers ©Kim Smith 2014JPG

Blooming Today at the HarborWalk Butterfly Garden ~ Asclepias incarnata ‘Ice Ballet,’ or white milkweed, with skippers nectaring. There are over 140 different species of milkweed worldwide; 108 of these are found in North America.

Gloucester House Showcases North Shore Artists

St Valentine art sale

Participating artists include: Charles Francis, Annie Ziergiebel, JP Ware, Deb Shradieck, Susie Fiels, EJ Lefavour, Camilla Macfayden, Beth Williams, Donna Ardizzoni, Phil Cusumano, Marty Morgan, Thi Linh Wenau, Kathy Roberts, Elynn Kroger, Nina Goodick, Mary Ann DeLouise, Conrad Roeske, Catherine McGeary, Karen Tibbets, Tory and Ally Voner, Eileen Oliver, Amanda Cook, Mary McCarl, Theresa Testaverde, and the folks from Cape Ann Giclee.

Thanks to the Gloucester House Restaurant for sponsoring this art event for the community and North Shore artists!  Hope to see all of you there.

E.J. Lefavour

Gloucester Seagulls

I Love Homies!

Gloucester Seagull  ©Kim Smith 2013-1

Gloucester Seagull  ©Kim Smith 2013-2

Gloucester Seagull and Geese  ©Kim Smith 2013-1.

Gloucester Seagull  ©Kim Smith 2013-3.

Gloucester Seagull  ©Kim Smith 2013-4

Random snapshots from recent photo trips with Fujufilm X-E1. Ubiquitous, and¬†from every vantage point, the gulls¬†always make their presence known. Gloucester seagulls are the best–so photogenic!

Wintry Harbor Walk at Dawn

The Harbor Walk was beautiful this chilly dawn after the first significant snowfall, with a deceptively warm-appearing orange sherbet sunrise. Despite frozen fingers and toes, I couldn’t help but feel blessed by the beauty that surrounds.

Harbor Walk Dawn Winter ©Kim Smith 2012

Harbor Walk Dawn Winter-2 ©Kim Smith 2012

Harbor Walk Dawn Winter-3 ©Kim Smith 2012

Harbor Walk Dawn Winter-4 ©Kim Smith 2012

Harbor Walk Dawn Winter -5©Kim Smith 2012Harbor Walk Dawn Winter -6©Kim Smith 2012Harbor Walk Dawn Winter-7 ©Kim Smith 2012Harbor Walk Dawn Winter -8©Kim Smith 2012Harbor Walk Dawn Winter -10©Kim Smith 2012Gloucester Harbor Walk December 30, 2012