Are You A FOB?

Then you better get your sexy ass down to Bodin Historic Photo For The GMG XMAS Party December 8th! 6PMTil We Burn Down The Neighborhood!

I’m just gonna put this out there that if you consider yourself a FOB you had better show up for our killer  OFFICIAL GMG CHRISTMAS PARTY!!!!!!


We’re gonna celebrate it all, Kwanza, spinnin the dradel, all that fun shit!

I’m springing for the Sebastians Pizza, bring a jug of booze or some beer, we will have cups and ice and we’re gonna have a good time.

Fred Bodin writes-

Hi JOEY, our second annual GMG Holiday Party will be held on Saturday, December 8th, at Fred’s Gallery, 82 Main Street, in the West End. If last year was any indication, it will be unbelievable.  Rest assured that there will be plenty to eat and drink at this event. I think it will, like last year’s bash, be the party to remember. Hope to see you!

We will also be seeking people pledging to do the Rocky Neck Plunge With Us on New Year’s Day!

Chickity Check It! Tugster Does Gloucester


hi joey–

sorry we didn’t meet up, but our stay was fantastic.  causeway A+, seaprt grille A+, vista motel A+.  my wife elizabeth used to live on atlantic road one summer and we went back there, she’d never walked around halibut point so i showed her, i’d never gone into bearskin neck. 

i had to be in class by 430 pm monday, so after walking to a viewing point of thatcher island off old penzance road, we got under way south and west. 

i put this post up––   and will put some others up this week. 

Road Fotos 24

November 26, 2012  | I lived near Cape Ann for most of the last 15 years of the 20th century,  and have to get back now and then.

Few places in the US are as connected to the water as Cape Ann, whether it be churches in Gloucester,

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Jessica Represents! from Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands

Hi Joey,

Got to spend the past week sailing around the BVIs.  Almost caught a lobster, too.  Here’s some pictures of The Baths at Devil’s Bay, Virgin Gorda.  Time for a new sticker, I think.  This one is showing its age. 



Red Sox Going to Trade Lester?

So I was listening to Toucher and Rich this morning on the Sports Hub 98.5 (because Dennis and Callahan on WEEI suck so bad), and they were talking about a possible Red Sox trade of John Lester.

What? Trade John Lester? So I went over to Fenway Park to find out if they really mean to do something as drastic as trading John Lester and found two feet of snow in the park.

I guess we are back to the good old Red Sox we grew up with. You know, the one where it would be a cold day in hell before they won the World Series? That one.


Good Morning Gloucester FOB Al Bezanson wrote a very funny response to my post of several days ago, Mystery of the Disappearing Soap, which if you don’t read the GMG comment thread, you would have missed.  Al’s response, “It is undoubtedly a Norway rat (Rattus norvegicus). Only creatures with ethnic roots from that region take pleasure in dining on soap. I know this because I have visited that country and had the experience of eating lutefisk. Be warned — we are approaching the season when you may be offered this delicacy.”

Never having had the occasion to try lutefisk, I wanted to know more about it but, after reading only the wiki article, needless to say I don’t think I ever will.

From wiki “Lutefisk is made from aged stockfish (air-dried whitefish) or dried/salted whitefish (klippfisk) and lye (lut). It is gelatinous in texture, and has an extremely strong, pungent odor. Its name literally means “lye fish.”

The process is described further:

“The first treatment is to soak the stockfish in cold water for five to six days (with the water changed daily). The saturated stockfish is then soaked in an unchanged solution of cold water and lye for an additional two days. The fish swells during this soaking, and its protein content decreases by more than 50 percent producing a jelly-like consistency. When this treatment is finished, the fish (saturated with lye) has a pH value of 11–12 and is therefore caustic. To make the fish edible, a final treatment of yet another four to six days of soaking in cold water (also changed daily) is needed. Eventually, the lutefisk is ready to be cooked.”

I can’t resist including several of Garrison Keillor’s hysterical comments on lutefisk, also found in the same wiki article:

“Every Advent we entered the purgatory of lutefisk, a repulsive gelatinous fishlike dish that tasted of soap and gave off an odor that would gag a goat. We did this in honor of Norwegian ancestors, much as if survivors of a famine might celebrate their deliverance by feasting on elm bark. I always felt the cold creeps as Advent approached, knowing that this dread delicacy would be put before me and I’d be told, “Just have a little.” Eating a little was like vomiting a little, just as bad as a lot.”


“Lutefisk is cod that has been dried in a lye solution. It looks like the desiccated cadavers of squirrels run over by trucks, but after it is soaked and reconstituted and the lye is washed out and it’s cooked, it looks more fish-related, though with lutefisk, the window of success is small. It can be tasty, but the statistics aren’t on your side. It is the hereditary delicacy of Swedes and Norwegians who serve it around the holidays, in memory of their ancestors, who ate it because they were poor. Most lutefisk is not edible by normal people. It is reminiscent of the afterbirth of a dog or the world’s largest chunk of phlegm.

This morning Al posted a more detailed account of his experience with lutefisk.

“As sleuth David Simmons pointed out those tooth marks suggest mouse, but until this case is concluded I would at least maintain Rattus norvegicus as a critter of interest. Perhaps I was a bit hasty in assigning the blame. Who knows, r n may have actually decided to immigrate to the New World to escape Viking cuisine.

In connection with this I will relate how I came to know about lutefisk. It was 1966, at the Grand Hotel in Tromso, and following the customary social hour, or two, I sat down to dine with a local fellow. I had been poking about the country for several weeks on fishery matters and fancied myself to be quite knowledgeable about seafood. He took the cue and ordered up a lutefisk dinner for me. I’ll say that Garrison Keillor was spot on with his descriptions of this delicacy. While I waited for my substitute entrée Lars told of the recipes used by backyard lutefisk makers. Old bathtubs were in demand for the process and I thought he said soaking times were measured in months, not days. This is all vivid in my memory – perhaps in the same part of my brain that stores details of where I happened to be at the time of catastrophic events.

And Fred – thanks for your invitation – Phyllis and I will be paying you a visit.”

My note: The Norway rat (Rattus norvegicus), also known as the brown rat, is native to northern China. The species found its way to Eastern Europe by the early eighteenth century. By the year 1800, they occurred in every European country. First sightings of    R. norvegicus in the New World occur in the 1770’s as ship stowaways. Today, Norway rats can be found on every continent except Antarctica.

Images courtesy google image search

Honky Tonk Women @ Seaport Grille Tomorrow (WED)

This just in from the gals:

We’ve been invited back to SEAPORT GRILLE Wednesday, 11/28 starting at 5pm on Roger’s St., one of Gloucester’s most popular waterfront restaurants. Please come enjoy the show and maybe do a bit of local holiday shopping afterwards.  Honky Tonk Women have added many new songs most of which are requested favorites and we have launched our first website.  We hope to entertain you soon.

Sheila, Caroline, Barbara and Elaine

Only 2 days left to get $10 tickets to the hottest Rock show of the month

And you’ll be helping send a Gloucester student to Berklee, too!  Don’t forget this is an ALL AGES SHOW.  Kids: bring your parents and prove to them that this generation is producing great music!  Get tickets here or @ Latitude 43Gloucester Music or Liquor Locker.  The next time you can see these guys, you could be paying a lot more for a big venue far away  . . .

Just in case you’re not convinced, watch the video to see how hot these guys are:

Gloucester Engineering Wind Turbine Nacelle Being Installed- Live Post

DSC08277They call it a Nacelle- check out wikipedia-

Nacelle (wind turbine)

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Components of a horizontal axis wind turbine (gearbox, rotor shaft and brake assembly) being lifted into the nacelle.

200-ton wind turbine nacelles being unloaded at a seaport.

A nacelle (pronounced /nəˈsɛl/) is a cover housing that houses all of the generating components in a wind turbine, including the generator, gearbox, drive train, and brake assembly.[





The Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce and the Gloucester Schooner Festival Committee will gather at Maritime Gloucester on Wednesday, November 28, at 3:00 pm to present checks to two local organizations in support of their programs serving young people on the water. The Gloucester High School Sailing Program and Gloucester Museum School’s Project Adventure Summer Camp will each be the recipients of $1,500 donations from the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce from funds raised through raffle sales and sponsorships in conjunction with the 28th Annual Gloucester Schooner Festival held during Labor Day Weekend, August 31 to September 2.

“Thanks to the great fund-raising efforts of a dedicated Schooner Festival Committee, and the Committee’s strong support of Cape Ann’s youth sailing and rowing programs, we are pleased to be able to offer this support to two great local organizations,” said Robert Heidt, C.E.O. of the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce, sponsors and presenters of the Gloucester Schooner Festival since its inception.

“The Gloucester Schooner Festival is reaching out to these programs that put kids on the water as our way of demonstrating our commitment to those who will be its future stewards–and perhaps even our future schooner captains!” said Daisy Nell, Chairperson of the Gloucester Schooner Festival Committee.

For more information go to or contact Robert Heidt at or call 978-283-1601.

2012 GMG Downtown Gloucester Holiday Gift Series Kids Unlimited

The fourth year of the GMG Downtown Gloucester Holiday Gift Video Series where we walk up and down Main Street and try to capture as many retailers as we can and highlight their best gift ideas one a day every day leading up to Christmas.

Kids Unlimited and Christine Orlando


Now That The Lobster Trap Tree Has Been erected It’s Buoy Painting Time!!!! Starts the week of Dec.3rd

Buoys Days at Art Haven

Drop in at Art Haven to paint a buoy for our Community Lobster Trap tree. Each day is geared to an elementary  school so friends can paint together. Parents can carpool and get some shopping done.

All days are 3pm-6pm, cost is free.

Mon.-Beeman and Plum Cove

Tues.-Veterans and East Gloucester

Wed.-West Parish

Thurs.-Eastern Point,St.Ann’s,Faith Christian,Charter school

Fri.-open to the public

Sat.10am-4pm open to the public

Then the buoys will be auctioned off  on Saturday, January 19th at our annual buoy auction!

Cape Ann Art Haven 180B Main Street Gloucester, MA 01930

The Buoys Are All Primed And Waiting For You To Decorate


Click Pic Below for  Slide Show Of Last Years Lobster Trap Tree Buoys