Gloucester Downtown Holiday Raffle,and Other Events This Holiday Season (Think Thursday Thursday Thursday)

Christine Orlando Fills Us In-


Gloucester Downtown Holiday Events Calendar From The Chamber of Commerce

Friday, November 23 to Thursday, December 20


December 6

The 38th Annual Ladies Night – Stores will be open late. Many offering

refreshments and special offers. With every item purchased receive a free

entry to the $1,500 Shopping Spree.

December 8

The Middle Street Walk – 10AM to 3PM – FREE – During the day there will be concerts and special events at: Cape Ann Museum, Sawyer Free Library, Trinity Church, Universal Unitarian Church, Sargent House Museum, and more!

Full list of events on The Middle Street Walk’s Facebook page.

The Annual lighting of the Lobster Trap Tree at 4:45PM.

December 10

Bank Gloucester’s Tree Lighting 5 – 6PM. A reception to follow in the Bank Lobby, to benefit Hospice of the North Shore.

December 13

The 38th Annual Men’s Night – Stores open late. Many offering refreshments and special offers. With every item purchased receive a free entry to the $1,500 Shopping Spree (REMINDER: last day to enter is December 19).

December 20

The 1st Annual Family and Friends Night. Stores open late! Restaurants will offer free desert or appetizers! ­Carolers strolling Main Street! Gather your friends and family and join us and enjoy the evening.

Santa will draw the Winning Ticket at 9 pm, to the $1,500. Shopping Spree.

Stuff I Don’t Get- Why PC Laptop Cords Need the Awkward Two Piece Power Brick Thingie


In this day and age they haven’t figured out how to streamline the whole cord set-up? If you’re traveling with a laptop obviously you want to travel light. The bulky cord set-up just seems like a no-brainer for streamlining to make more user friendly. What computer guru knows the reason for the bulky brick?

A Touch of Glass at Alchemy of Art

This is Part 1 of a two part exhibit.  The first exhibit consists of affordable prints and small original paintings (and some books).  The second exhibit will consist of all new glass paintings.  Come on by and party on Thursday, November 29 from 5:30-7:30.  In addition to my opening reception, there will also be a release party for Bully Boy Distilleries new aged whiskey.  Alchemy Cafe and Bistro, 3 Duncan Street, Gloucester.

E.J. Lefavour

Self-Publishing Program Presented by Gloucester Lyceum and Sawyer Free Library

Come by the Library on Saturday, December 1 from 2:00 to 4:00 and hear a panel of six self-published authors talk about their work and the business of self-publishing.  Moderated by Susan Oleksiw, the Panel includes Margery Leach, Kim Smith’s husband – Thomas A. Hauck, FOB Kathleen Valentine, fellow Annisquammer David Simmons, Jane Ward, and your’s truly.  We would love to see a big turnout. 

E.J. Lefavour

P&V LOL #2: The more sure you are that you’re right, the more likely you are to be wrong

Last Monday we began our new series, Peter & Vickie’s Laws of Life (LOL for short), with a law about losing and gaining weight (see here).  That LOL was a corollary of a well known law of chemistry & physics and hinted at the mathematical concept of inverse proportions.

Today’s law (inspired by Greg Bover’s Quote of the Week) is an example of inverse proportions and could be stated thus: Your likelihood of being right is in inverse proportion to how sure you are about it.

Susceptibility to this law begins in childhood and blossoms in teenagers.  For example, when they say things like “Mom it’s gone; I’m positive it’s not there.  It’s nowhere in this house.  I’ll bet you a million bucks.  Somebody must have stolen it,” at which point Mom takes a quick look and finds it in 45 seconds.

Elements of the Hyperbola

Once people reach adulthood, they tend to be sure of more profound things like when the world is gonna end (the next date is next month on 12/21/12).

People who are the most sure they’re right often spew hyperbole (hype for short) to make their points — which proves this LOL, since the graph of two variables that are inversely proportional is a hyperbola.

Of course, I’m absolutely positively sure about the veracity of this law.  In fact I’ve never been more sure of anything in my entire life — except, perhaps, that Gloucester & Cape Ann have the best music scene in the entire universe as evidenced by this week’s live music lineup — see here.

I doubt the world will end on 12/21/12, but I guess, given this LOL, that I’d better not be absolutely sure.  Here’s a video of Sugarland, Matt Nathanson & Little Big Town covering the classic R.E.M. song on the last day people were sure the world would end:

Support local small business this holiday season!

Julie Cleveland, Owner/Piano Instructor, Cape Ann Piano Studio, Gloucester, MA
Sign up now for the Winter Quarter and get 25% off your quarter tuition payment! Be sure and mention that you saw this ad on Click on the website for details (see under “Studio Blog”) or call (978) 491-1658.
Gift Certificates for Lessons Also Available!
Julie Cleveland, Pianist/Instructor/Composer
M.Mus., New England Conservatory
Cape Ann Piano Studio, Gloucester, MA
Teaching children and adults to play the piano since 1988

2012 Santa Parade and Kent Circle Tree Lighting Pics From Arthur Zachai, Martin Del Vecchio and Anthony Marks

Lining up at the Fish Pier for the 2012 Gloucester, MA Christmas Parade.

Arthur Zachai Photos-


East Gloucester Elementary at the Santa Parade Photo From Martin Del Vecchio

Santa Parade-216

2012 Santa Parade & Kent Circle Tree Lighting Nov 25 photos by Anthony Marks

Christmas 2012?

Please Don’t Bother Buying Me A Xmas Present This Year!

Save Your Money?

According to the Mayans, Which I have more faith in than our current Government, the End Time is 12/21/2012.

Sorry Joey I won’t be getting you your “DRY” Socks this year. Maybe in the next life.

The Longcount and 2012 AD

Tres Zapotes Stela – 31 BC

The Long Count, for which we do not know the Maya name, is commonly considered the Maya’s linear count of days. In truth it is yet another cycle, but its great length of at least 5126 years makes it essentially a linear count through all of Maya history. The earliest known Long Count date, carved in 31 BC, was found at the Olmec site of Tres Zapotes. The earliest known Maya long count was recorded in year 32 AD at the site of Chiapa de Corzo in the Highlands of Chiapas, Mexico. Like the Christian calendar, the long count has a start date: ours is January 1 of 0 AD, and theirs (by our reckoning) is August 11 of 3114 BC. But unlike ours, theirs also has an apparent end date, December 21 of 2012 AD.”

Fred wasn’t kidding about the stuffed clams…

Fred wasn’t kidding when he said the stuffed clams at his gallery on Saturday were a hit. I was there early in the evening and had a couple of the clams (and ‘shrooms etc.) and I wish I could’ve made it back on Sunday for more! If I had known there would be leftovers, I would have eaten a few more on Saturday night…

The Artist with her Work
Kathie’s Klams (Kloseup)

They taste as good as they look. If you want to try some for yourself, here’s the full info:

There was a fairly steady flow of people through the gallery while I was there, increasing as the evening went on.

While the stuffed clams were a big part of the draw, it’s always great to hang out with Fred and friends and chat.  I always meet interesting people at Fred’s events! And, of course, let’s not forget that he sells beautiful art.  One of my favorite things is the pottery, which is spread throughout the gallery. This time, I bought a beautiful mug that was on sale, but I have bought a couple other pieces from him as well.

I could fill my cupboard with these things – I love the colors and textures, and the fact that they are made relatively nearby.  Besides mugs, there are bowls, small pitchers, etc.

Stop in at Bodin Historic Photo during the upcoming events:

•December 6th, 38th annual Ladies Night. Party starting at 6 pm until whenever. Love it, a crazy night!

• December 13th, 38th annual Men’s Night. Rockin’ at 6 pm until 10. Guys get it done at this event.

• December 14th, 2nd annual GOOD MORNING GLOUCESTER HOLIDAY PARTY, 6 pm until late. Last year, we had so much food that we ran out of table space, but somehow managed. Restaurant owner Mark McDonough brought a plank (not a mere platter) of sushi from Latitude 43. And Joey’s Sista Felicia stepped up with dishes from her Italian kitchen, as she always does (yum). And Joey himself bought 20 Scalifani’s pizzas. Beer was donated by Sam Adams and spirits from Ryan & Woods Distillery. Mayor Kirk was here, as was a significant portion of the City Council. Over the top! Not to be missed!

• December 20th, 1st annual Family and Friends Night. Bring your “home for the holidays” guests in for gallery offerings, free deserts or appetizers at many restaurants, and Carolers strolling Main Street. My theory is that last minute shoppers will get their buying done before panic time. Also a great time to bring the kids.

Fr. Matthew Green





2012 Downtown Gloucester Holiday Gift Series- Pleasant Street Tea and Coffee Co

Today I’ll be kicking off the fourth year of the GMG Downtown Gloucester Holiday Gift Video Series where we walk up and down Main Street and try to capture as many retailers as we can and highlight their best gift ideas one a day every day leading up to Christmas.

We start out at Pleasant Street Tea and Coffee Co-