André Gide Quote of The Week From Greg Bover

November 23, 2012

“Believe those who seek the truth, doubt those who have found it.”

André Gide (1869-1951)


A native of Normandy, Gide published his first novel at 22 and went on to write dozens more, as well as plays, essays and autobiographical works, receiving the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1947. Controversy swirled around him almost his entire life, principally for his open attraction to men much younger than himself, and for his marriage to his cousin, never consummated, while siring a daughter with another woman. In his politics Gide seemed to worship Soviet Communism from afar, until he visited Russia in the 1930’s, after which he became its vocal critic. He spent a significant portion of his life in the then French colonies of North and Central Africa and passed the bulk of the Second World War in Tunisia, but ultimately returned to Paris before his death.

Greg Bover

6Am at 33 Main Street, new Gauthier Gallery Painting Class at the Gallery later in the morning. From Alice Gardner

Hi Joey,

I was here at the Gauthier Gallery at 6AM! Paintings of 5 artists including my work are on display as well as jewelry, painted silk scarfs and other gift items.. Elizabeth also gives Painting Parties for adults and children. The children really enjoyed themselves this morning. Come down and have a look at this new gallery. Alice Gardner

Elizabeth Gauthier 978-282-9800

Lunch at Passports Restaurant

Passport’s Fresh from the Oven and Always Much-Anticipated Light and Puffy Popovers

My darling daughter Liv and I stopped at Passports for lunch on the way to the train station in Boston. Although brief, it was wonderful to have her home for the holiday. Now 23, when she was a tiny tot she announced Thanksgiving was her favorite holiday, and it continues to be so. Lunch was fantastic; she had the chock-full-of lobster meat Captain Joe’s lobster roll and I had the simply scrumptious shrimp and vegetable saute.

A lovely sign for a lovely evening ~ Passports upcoming Wine Dinner Event. For more information call the restaurant at 978.281.3680.

A group of us from Good Morning Gloucester are the guest artists at Passports for the months of November and December and all our photos would make wonderful gifts. Stop into Passports and have a bite to eat while enjoying our photography show!

Clockwise from left, Kim Smith Monarch Butterflies at Dawn, Eastern Point, $85.00; Donna Ardizonni, $100.; Kim again-Monarch Butterflies at Seaside Goldenrod, 85.00; center; Joey C’s Burnham House, Essex, $135.00.

Shop & Party Locally ~ What’s in it for YOU?

I brought a surprise for my father to Thanksgiving dinner — and it made him happy.  Back in 1962 & ’63 our family lived in Céligny Switzerland, not far from Geneva, an experience that broadened all of our horizons more than we could ever have imagined. Among many other things, my father and I discovered the wonder and delight of European cheeses — hundreds of them.  One of his favorites was Bel Paese, a semi-soft Italian cheese (originally made to compete with soft French cheeses) that we would get at a local cheese shop.

So when The Cave opened on Main St., I asked Laura, the owner, if she had any Bel Paese.  She didn’t but was happy to order it for me.  She also ordered Appenzeller, a Swiss cheese I fell in love with at 7 years old.  Here’s a video of Vickie tasting the cheeses and wine we got on our first trip to The Cave.

(Since then, we’ve learned how to pronounce the name of the wine.  It sounds like Sarah Harris and that’s how I remember it — my first girlfriend was named Sarah.)

OK, back to the story: we brought a chunk of Bel Paese to Thanksgiving dinner this year and you should have seen the expression on my father’s face.   Soft, buttery, with a unique aromatic flavor, this simple taste transported him back to that wonderful cheese shop in Switzerland and we began reliving adventures from 50 years ago.

That’s why I shop locally.  A personal connection with the owner of a local shop is priceless.

Last year, I wrote a letter to the Gloucester Daily Times entitled Occupy Main St., with another story about shopping locally and I was surprised at comments from people who would only by locally made goods.  That, to me, is going too far.

I don’t expect that everything I buy is going to be made locally.  Honestly, that’s impractical and undesirable.  I like European cheeses and wines.  And I love chocolate and coffee, neither of which grows around here.  More importantly, I’m certainly not going to wait until late next spring to eat fresh fruits and vegetables.

Trade with the rest of the world has been a major economic driver of our country and our city since the beginning.  If nobody outside of Gloucester ate the fish landed here, our economy would have been dead in the water hundreds of years ago.  And the Boston Tea Party was a protest against taxing a staple that comes from thousands of miles away.

I love being able to go downtown and find exotic items with the magic that brings another time to life for my father and me.  The fact that supporting local shops helps keep them in business and drives our local economy makes me feel even better about it.

Do you feel this good after having stood in line at the mall?  Probably not.  So let’s support our local merchants and then go out and party at local venues who support local musicians. There’s tons to do this weekend.  Check out the local live music schedule here.

Santa Parade and Tree Lighting Tomorrow 3pm

Gloucester’s annual Santa Parade and Kent Circle Tree Lighting is tomorrow (SUN).

Parade begins at the State Fish Pier at 3pm and ends at Kent Circle for the tree lighting around 4:30pm.

Look for the Pink Elephant and donate an unwrapped toy to Toys4Tots.

Santa arrives at Kent Circle by fire truck and children are invited to sit on Santa’s lap.

Everyone at Kent Circle is invited to sign holiday cards to be sent to our troops overseas and to bring an unwrapped toy for children in need.

Free popcorn and hot chocolate provided by Lobsta Land and The Gloucester Fund.

Music at Kent Circle by the Docksiders, North Shore Bell Ringers and the Firemen’s Band.

Bring the kids and help celebrate the season with your friends and neighbors in Gloucester!

The Man Who Photographed the Man at the Wheel November 24 3:00 p.m. Lectures, Readings, Films

Philip Storey, a native of Gloucester, has spent ten years collecting the work of Louis Blend, an amateur photographer who shot thousands of tourists with Gloucester’s Man at the Wheel statue between the years of 1923 and 1973. Blend, born Levi Blinder, was a shoemaker’s apprentice in Russia before emigrating to the US in 1914. He acquired a camera kit and was able to earn a living taking photos of tourists. He eventually settled the base of his operation at Gloucester’s Man at the Wheel statue where he spent the next five decades shooting local visitors. Storey will present a "snapshot" of this unique and underexposed facet of Gloucester lore.

Saturday Night Nov. 6 pm: Great Stuffed Clams & Gallery Open House At Bodin Historic Gallery

Our Buddy Fred Is Having an Open House!



We’ll be hosting Kathie McElwain, aka the Clam Lady, at our Open House this Saturday evening. Kat (Kathi) will provide samples of her delicious hand made stuffed clams. Her stuffies are 50% clams, preservative free, local, and very fresh. Try them here and buy them at the Danvers Butchery and Henry’s Market, and locally soon. I’ll be backing Kat up with appetizers and refreshments. Enjoy the food, artwork, music, and beat the holiday rush while our unique inventory is still robust. December will be a busy month, and this gallery and most Main Street shops will be open for all of the major events, including:

• November 23rd, Black Friday early opening. Coffee, cider, and pastries. I’ll be open around 7 am. How do you like your coffee?

• December 6th, 38th annual Ladies Night. Party starting at 6 pm until whenever. Love it, a crazy night!

• December 13th, 38th annual Men’s Night. Rockin’ at 6 pm until 10. Guys get it done at this event.

• December 14th, 2nd annual GOOD MORNING GLOUCESTER HOLIDAY PARTY, 6 pm until late. Last year, we had so much food that we ran out of table space, but somehow managed. Restaurant owner Mark McDonough brought a plank (not a mere platter) of sushi from Latitude 43. And Joey’s Sista Felicia stepped up with dishes from her Italian kitchen, as she always does (yum). And Joey himself bought 20 Scalifani’s pizzas. Beer was donated by Sam Adams and spirits from Ryan & Woods Distillery. Mayor Kirk was here, as was a significant portion of the City Council. Over the top! Not to be missed!

• December 20th, 1st annual Family and Friends Night. Bring your "home for the holidays" guests in for gallery offerings, free deserts or appetizers at many restaurants, and Carolers strolling Main Street. My theory is that last minute shoppers will get their buying done before panic time. Also a great time to bring the kids.

Hope to see you!


Community Photos 11/24/12

Hi Joey,

Awesome sunrise this morning at Good Harbor…the red sky lasted less than a few minutes then went all gray.

sunrise_good harbor11-21-2012

Happy Thanksgiving to all FOB’s,


North Coast Angler

Skip Montello Photos

Another perspective of the wind turbine from Stage Fort Park From Michael Lafferty



Hi, Joey!
Thought you guys might find this amusing. There is more where this came from, I’m thinking.
Thanks! Jen Holmgren 🙂


Community Stuff 11/24/12

West Parish School Event

Good morning,
I don’t know if this fits in with your blog but we have several events that we would like to share from West Parish School.
Our most recent was this past Tuesday. Combining the arts and history, sixty-two 3rd grade students, presented reports and projects on Native American tribes from across the country.
Please let me know if events like this are something you would like post.
Gina Sargent

Native Am 2


Someplace Different by George G. Story has finally been released on  Pop onto Amazon and take a look.  See the Book description below. Please pass the information on, anyone living in Gloucester will love this ride.  Of course, as always, leave a review.


Cooper Hayden is vacationing on Eastern Point in Gloucester, Massachusetts and Sandra Madison is a year round resident of Eastern Point. When their lives come together and they discover a different Gloucester, Massachusetts they cannot understand or explain, their lives change, in so many more ways than they can count. Once there they learn to work together, they learn all there is to know about one another and they learn to trust one another and with everything in their lives.

George G. Story is easily Cape Ann’s largest e-author.  He is most noted for his "Vanessa’s Valley" series and "The We’re Here" series. “The Voyage of the Scarlet Queen” novelizations, by Story, are a new way of presenting Old Radio Programs.

His works are prominently displayed and offered through most any e-book distributor. All of his books and short stories can most easily be found at in the KINDLE Store, or click below.

George G. Story is also the author of the Gloucester HarborWalk Audio Walking Tour that can be rented at the Harbor Tours ticket booth on Harbor Loop.

Dear Joey:  We’d love it if you could post the attached flyer on GMG for all your faithful GMG readers/followers to see.  Thank you. 

Bonnie Gale

Trinity Church