2012 GMG Downtown Gloucester Holiday Gift Series The Cave

The fourth year of the GMG Downtown Gloucester Holiday Gift Video Series where we walk up and down Main Street and try to capture as many retailers as we can and highlight their best gift ideas one a day every day leading up to Christmas.

Click for video with owner Laura Cramer-


The Cave Is Located at 44 Main Street for more info- www.thecavegloucester.com


First Harbor Lobster Pot Rope Wreath

Got mine thank you very much!

Get yours at the website-

First Harbor Company

Harbor Goods Wreath- Thank You

Introducing the
New England Rope Wreath

Traditional nautical rope work with a touch of the Holidays. Proudly hand-crafted in New England with quality American-made materials. A tradition to enjoy for years to come.

"First Harbor" is the name of a small cove nestled between two picturesque islands off the shore of Marblehead, MA. Some of New England’s first fishermen and their families settled here, forging a reputation for independence and hard work that continues today. First Harbor Company is a family owned business that takes pride in this heritage. To ensure the highest quality possible, we produce all our hand-made products in Marblehead using nautical skills passed down through generations.


Wellspring House Holiday Store Is A Worthy Cause (Thanks Aaron Bourke for Submitting This)


Aaron Bourke writes in-

Hey Joey,
Hope this finds you well and happy.

The other night my wife and I were discussing which local charity to support this Holiday season.  We have decided to make Wellspring House our choice.  They have this cool program set up to help families purchase gifts and necessities for their children. I would send you the link, but that is somewhat beyond my capabilities at this moment.

Perhaps you could post something about the program if you see it fit.  We don’t have children, but the mere thought of  one not having something to look forward to really struck us. I can’t imagine the pressure on a parent in need this time of year. 

I think The Holiday Store is a GREAT IDEA!!!
Cheers,  AB

Wow, thanks Aaron for bringing this to my attention.  I had never heard of it before but it really is a worthy cause to donate to.  Here are the deets for the Wellspring House website

Wellspring’s 16th Annual Holiday Store

Saturday, December 8th and Sunday, December 9th

Hear about board member Trish Castraberti’s Holiday Store experience here in Trish’s letter.

Wellspring’s 16th Annual Holiday Store will joyfully open its doors once again this year. The operation of the Holiday Store relies strongly on the contributions of our generous and committed community of supporters. Last year the gifts we collected made it possible for Wellspring to serve more than 225 families and provide gifts for over 500 children. The needs are even greater this year and we aspire make the Christmas Holiday special for even more families.

Please consider brightening the holiday season for those in need by heading up a toy drive on behalf of the families that we serve!

Gifts must be dropped off at Wellspring House by Monday, December 3, 2012 from 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Some suggestions……

Young Children:

  • Young boys like trucks, Legos and Matchbox cars,  dinosaurs, Disney characters and action hero figures.  Superhero pajamas are also well-received.  
  • Young girls are always drawn to baby dolls and tea sets and toy kitchens.  “Dress up” items are also fun.  Barbie and Disney related toys are popular choices.  Stuffed animals (particularly beanie babies and Webkinz) and hoola-hoops are also well-liked.
  • Boys and girls both like Play-Doh, toy guitars and keyboards, Disney characters, jump-rope, sidewalk chalk and and Lincoln Logs. 

Middle Age and Older Children:

  • Boy of all ages tend to gravitate to sports items, whether it be equipment, games, sports shirts or other items.  There are some reasonably priced tennis racquets and badminton sets at Target.
  • Girls like make up, hair and nail accessories as well as clothing items like shirts, fashion scarves, purses and bags.  “Make-your-own” jewelry/arts + crafts kits are enjoyed as well. 

Winners For Everyone:

  • Art supplies are always well-liked.  These can range from crayons and markers to paint/pen sets, and even small canvases.  A great resource for these kinds of gifts is A.C. Moore.
  • Clothing is always appreciated.  The best things to purchase are shoes and shirts as those are easiest to match in terms of fit.
  • Books are welcomed and encouraged – we make sure that each child takes home a book from the Holiday Store.
  • Boardgames are fun for the whole family.  Games like Uno, Monopoly, Apples-to Apples, Clue, Twister make for great gifts.     

Please note – all gifts should be new, unwrapped and non-violent. 

Terrible Advice From Merideth Goldstein “Love Letters” Column On Boston.com

She can’t be this naïve can she?  Here’s the column from Boston.com and the right way to handle it underneath from your boy Joey C

Here goes-

He’s taking a break

Q: Hi Meredith,

I have read your column for years, but until now have never found the need to seek your advice. You see, I was in a happily-ever-after relationship for 7 years, and we were supposed to start planning our wedding until … we started a long distance relationship, and 2 months in, he asked for a break over text message.

It was unexpected for me, and it broke my heart. I love him, and I respected the break for a while, but then I started questioning everything. Every time I try to reach out to him, the end result is the same: he pleads for more time (usually over email/text), gives no answers, and seems to avoid me. I have decided that it is over, but I can’t bring myself to move forward. I feel as though I need to let him know it’s over, so we can both be on the same page (he would have to return my call first). I feel it’s important to show the respect to our relationship of at least a phone call even though he has not done the same for me. I’m embarrassed by how much I have reached out to him with not much/anything in return. Is it okay to just end this over a text message or email? Should I wait until he’s ready to at least talk over the phone?

Any advice would be great.

– Break Up by Text, MA

Answer: I really wish you could do this in person, BUBT. At the very least, you deserve an email.

My advice is to send him a long note (email) that explains where you are with this. Also leave him a voicemail telling him that you want to confirm your breakup. If he responds to these messages by asking for more time, explain that he’s run out of it. Because you just can’t do this anymore. It’s too confusing and painful.

If he doesn’t respond to the messages within a few days (like, four), end it with an email. Don’t do anything by text. It’s passive-aggressive, and you don’t want to have to keep anything too short.

As soon as you hit "send" on your email and leave that voice message, go out to dinner with some friends. Stay surrounded. Find the people who respond to you immediately. Keep them close.

Readers? Should she follow his lead and do this by text? Is it possible he doesn’t want to break up? How can she get him to communicate? Help.

– Meredith

and here’s the Joey C real answer-


Listen honey, don’t waste another second listening to Miss Goldberg.  All I had to read was-

Every time I try to reach out to him, the end result is the same: he pleads for more time (usually over email/text), gives no answers, and seems to avoid me.

#Boom!  The dude is just not into you.  Don’t waste another second waiting or wondering about this schmuck.  Go get yourself some fresh meat.  The guy has moved on.

Miss Goldstein would have you send a long email asking for confirmation?  Uhmmm really?  You need to know anything more than the guy is avoiding her, gives no answers and won’t even return a call? 

Like I said, don’t waste a second.  Get yourself dolled up to the nines, join The MAC or some other athletic club.   Get yourself looking all sexy and find some young dude that wants to pound the farts out of you.  That ought to get you over this schmuck real quick.

The worst thing she could do is go back to the wishy-washy spineless dude because he might call around and try to hit her up for a drunken booty call late night when he strikes out at the bars.  Then she’d get all those feelings back like he was really into her only to be left hanging by the phone waiting for him to call.  Screw this dude.  No wait, don’t screw him, screw some other guy that’s much more deserving.

#Boom!  Pearls of wisdom right there baby!

you’re welcome

24 hour Countdown to Santa in Rockport

In 24 hours, Saturday at 3:45PM the Freemantle Doctor will round up and head into Rockport Harbor. You can open this post (click the header) then refresh the photo to get the most up to date view of the goings on.

Sandy Bay Yacht Club Net Cam
Sandy Bay Yacht Club Net Cam

Sandy Bay Yacht Club has two Net Cams click here. But better to get down there in person to meet Santa, enjoy some hot chocolate complete with mini-marshmallows,  enjoy the caroling in Dock Square and the lighting of the most awesome tree to ever grace Dock Square.

While you’re at the Sandy Bay Yacht Club web site go ahead and sign your kids up for sailing lessons next summer. Sailing season will be here before you know it.

Tonight’s big, tomorrow’s bigger

On Wednesday, you could get to nearly every live show in Gloucester if you scheduled it right (as I pointed out in this post).  That’s probably not gonna work this weekend, ergo, you’re just gonna have to choose.  Not an easy task, so take a look at the live music lineup and start talking with your friends now, so you’re not arguing at the last minute.

Tomorrow you’ve got choices all over the Cape from opera to ska and every genre in between in Gloucester, Rockport, Manchester, Essex and Hamilton.  Whew!  What a way to start off the new month.  Music is listed here, but  before most of the evening music starts, bop down to Rocky Neck for the Art Colony’s opening reception at their Cultural Center.

I’m not even gonna talk about Sunday right now, but Dog Bar and Rhumb Line are featuring two of my favorites.  Have a look:

What Time is it Mr. Fox?
What Time is it Mr. Fox?

More Inge Berge Videos here.

Thanks Chief!

Ed Joey John Mayor KirkEd, Joey, John, and Mayor Kirk at the last GMG party at Fred Bodin’s Gallery

Yesterday I was experiencing much frustration with wordpress, which has changed the manner in which photos are uploaded. My images were no longer “clickable,” meaning you click on the image to view a larger version of the file. I tried to figure out how to solve the problem through various blogging and wordpress forums, to no avail. After Much Time Wasted, I emailed our brilliant Editor-in-Chief this morning. Within five minutes Joey had responded with directions on how to upload with a new and improved method. I am self-admittedly not very techno savvy but Joey is ridiculous adept at all things techno and blogging.

Joey Bodin Gallery GMGWe are so fortunate he is our Chief. In addition to posting his half dozen plus daily posts about community events, his humorous writings and rants, and gorgeous photos, behind the scenes he keeps the blog running smoothly and efficiently at all times, making it super easy for we contributors. Thanks for everything you do Chief!

Joey yogaJoey with Funny Bday Gift from Johnny Mac

Joe Ciaramitaro, Eloise MadelineBest Dad to Madeline and Eloise

Some wicked good dance bands tonight in Gloucester 11-30-2012

Kingsley Flood At the Rhumb Line  9:30




Bad Moon Rising at The Dog Bar 9:00

bad moon rising1

Photo by Bad Moon Rising



Safety at MinglewoodAtLat43


Listen here > http://www.reverbnation.com/safetyband

and here >  



The Venues





Video- Cape Ann MarketWATCH 11/29/12 They paid what??

You like watching the real estate market? Want to know how much the "current" owner paid?? Kenny’ll show you how to find out AND tour 5 properties this week. Riveting stuff.

Call Kenny at (978) 758-0983 for your real estate questions  He is knowledgeable and honest.


Mr. Fox Holiday Hoedown at The Dog Bar ~ This Sunday 8:00 15% of food sales will go to our Kickstarter! Thanks, Andrew Mulholland!


Come join us in the final days of our Kickstarter Campaign for three 45 minute sets from What Time Is It, Mr. Fox?
Originals, covers, and some mistletoe madness.

Go here to be part of it all > http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/641546195/what-time-is-it-mr-fox-finish-their-new-album

Cape Ann Diner follow up

To put my money where my mouth is, I had lunch here yesterday!

Right away I was offered coffee or tea, so I opted for a hot cup of decaf tea.  The soup options for the day (my first stop practically everywhere) were corn chowder and Southwest chili.  They let me try the chili before ordering, and it was very good, but a bit too spicy for me to eat a whole bowl (my stomach is a bit sensitive).

Instead, I ended up getting a Grilled Veggie Wrap on a tomato basil wrap, with potato chips (other options were mashed potatoes and home fries). It was served piping hot!

The waitress was very attentive and friendly. The wrap, chips, and cup of tea, came to $8.29.  On my way out, I was also given a coupon for a free 16oz cup of coffee (their special this month: egg nog coffee!) or a jumbo fresh-baked muffin! Here are some of the muffins:


I think I will get one of these muffins with my coupon, maybe on Saturday…

Fr. Matthew Green

Photos with Santa Paws

Bring your dog to see Santa at the 9th Annual Santa ‘Paws’ fundraising event to benefit Cape Ann Animal Aid on Sunday, December 2, from 11am to 2pm at Smith’s Ace Hardware and Lumber in Rockport and Saturday, December 8, from 11am to 2pm at Hometown Ace Hardware in Gloucester. For a $10 donation, take home a keepsake photo of your dog(s) with Santa and receive a digital version for e-mail purposes. For more information, visit www.CapeAnnAnimalAid.com or call (978) 283-6055.

If There Is One Family Day I’d Say You Must Circle On Your Calendar In The Month of December It’s The Middle Street Walk

SATURDAY December 8th- Lock It Down!!!!

There is just soooo much to do and see all packed into one glorious Gloucester Day.  No matter where you live I’d say it is the Holiday Event of The Season to attend.

Sure there’s the Christmas lights thing at the Stone Zoo and tree lightings and holiday fairs here and there that are worthwhile to attend but there is NO WHERE ANYWHERE THAT HAS THE SHEAR MASSIVE NUMBER OF ORGANIZATIONS ALL HAVING UNIQUE HOLIDAY EVENTS AT THE SAME TIME IN THE SAME AREA AS THE MIDDLE STREET WALK.  BOTTOM LINE- NOT UP FOR DEBATE.

Don’t be a neglectful parent who deprives their child of partaking, circle it on your calendar today.

The Gingerbread House Competition Is Just Getting Huger and Huger Every Year, The Buoy Painting At Art Haven and Lobster Trap Tree Lighting, The Many Musical Holiday Concerts, this year they will be having tours of the City Hall Tower, you would be hard pressed to get through all the events.

Not only that but after you tuck the kids away in bed it’s time to get your naughty on at The GMG XMAS Party At Bodin Historic Photo 6PM-Til All The GMG Elves Fall Down Drunk and We Push “Em Out Onto The Sidewalk.

Listen this is like going to Disney World except instead of paying $160 per person to get in and flights, you walk on up and donate $2 a head and enjoy all there is to enjoy all day long.  For a family of 4 that’s what, a $632 savings just on the tickets alone.

I count 35 Separate Events. 

Here’s the latest for the organizers-




Community Photos 11/30/12

The Pioneer Club did a wonderful job creating wreaths for the church fair on Saturday Dec 1st at Trinity Congregational Church. 9-2 pm. Looking forward to seeing Santa too!


Ten Pound Island Light photo by Anthony Marks

Ten Pound Island Light

HMS Bounty In Gloucester Mist

C. Mac Images wants to share ~

In the very early light of September 3rd 2012, we piloted our dingy out into Gloucester’s inner harbor.   Our hope was to see the HMS Bounty before she left our waters.   We were in luck.  From a distance her outline was visible.  The Bounty was still tethered to the dock.  She cast a grand silhouette that rose out of safe harbor.   She was stunning with three masts, and her distinctive figurehead of a woman in riding habit.    As we drew near we viewed her crew making ready to leave port.   Crew danced upon the rigging unfurling her square sails one by one.   Her sails were of a warm hue with stains and patches that revealed the miles of wind she had traveled.

On that morning our harbor was serene and the atmosphere was thick with mist.   We were low in our dingy.   Shooting 8" above water line I wiped the soupy Gloucester mist off my lens. Armed with my trusty Nikon and zoom we floated ever closer.   A higher ISO was dialed in so I was able to shoot sharp and fast enough to "still" the waters. . . but long enough to expose the fog.   It was magical out there as ethereal clumps of mist rolled upon the waters surface and bounced along the Bounty’s hull.   She rested there in the pale morning light.   The sleepy sea mixed a ever moving reflective art exhibition ~ a impressionistic watercolor painting composed of her black yellow-stripped hull, her amber sails, and her three gold masts.   The entire ship was draped in Gloucester Harbor Mist.   Then a breath of wind parted the misty veil and the Bounty and the waters she commanded clearly emerged.  All her colors were saturated in dew.  We found ourselves at water line and side-by-side with this vessel. Looking up at her tall masts was dizzying. At a low vantage point one may appreciate the enormity of this 30′ beam and 180′ length square rigger.   I clapped her wooden hull with my hand and we received a friendly wave from the deck above.   On this day we were truly gifted to be drawn to the right place at the right time.   Who would know that this would be "The last farewell from the HMS Bounty to our Gloucester Harbor".

May this photographic study help heal hearts of all those affected, and it is especially dedicated to the family friends of Capt. Walbridge, and deckhand Claudene Christian.  On my SmugMug posting there resides a collection of fifty (50) "HMS Bounty In Gloucester Mist" photographs and may be viewed in the link below.  Captain Walbridge’s Sister Lucille comments: "A gorgeous series thank you."  That simple thanks means so very much.

The images also reside on the Bounty’s FB.

In Memoriam:HMS Bounty ~ For Lucille Walbridge Jansen. As promised, photographic study of

HMS Bounty leaving Gloucester Harbor Mist, September 3rd, 2012.

HMS Bounty, Gloucester Schooner Regatta Races, dock, water, Sails, boats,HMS Bounty, Gloucester Schooner Regatta Races, dock, water, Sails, boats,

Community Stuff 11/30/12


The Fair features fresh holiday greens, centerpieces, wreaths and plants; exceptional handcrafts; and a glittering display of costume jewelry. We pride ourselves on the festive presentation and wrapping of home-baked, gourmet foods and preserves. Find a delightful surprise at our SILENT AUCTION of original artwork or delightful hostess gift baskets for sale. In honor of their 175th Anniversary last year, the Sewing Circle is selling their award-winning cookbook entitled, A Circle of Recipes, which is filled with cherished family recipes and historical commentaries from Sewing Circle members.

A delicious and festive three-course luncheon will be served for $15 per person at two seatings: 11:30 am and 1:00pm. Reservations are recommended:

Please call 978-283-2247.

Founded in 1837, the Annisquam Sewing Circle is one of the oldest, continuous, independent societies of women in the United States. The Annisquam Sewing Circle contributes proceeds of its fundraisers to the needs of Cape Ann’s community programs.

The Village Hall in Annisquam, Gloucester, is located on Leonard Street, off Rt. 127A; watch for the signs!

Seacoast Holiday Bazaar – Santa to visit!

Seacoast Holiday Bazaar will be held on

Saturday, December 1 from

10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

at Seacoast Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, 292 Washington Street, Gloucester.

Sponsored by the Friends of Seacoast.

Featuring: Professional vendors, bake sale, raffles, white elephant table. Santa will visit from 10 a.m. – 11 a.m!

For further information, please call Alison Cox at


Women’s Community Club of Magnolia Holiday Party

The Women’s Community Club of Magnolia will hold it’s HOLIDAY PARTY and YANKEE SWAP on Tuesday, December 11th, at 7p.m. at the home of Linda Foster.  Everyone is asked to bring a $20 gift.  If your last name begins A – K  you will be called to help with refreshments.

For more information or directions, please call Linda Foster at 978-526-8750.

Thank you for printing this.  Sandy Dupray – Publicity.  978-879-4625.


A Christmas Twist

Posted on November 20, 2012 by Marty Luster

On December 1st at 8 PM and December 2d at 3PM the Fishtown Players will perform a staged reading of A Christmas Twist,  a little Christmas Carol and a dash of Oliver Twist combined to produce an hilarious parody that shouldn’t be missed. This fundraiser for the Cape Ann Community Cinema costs only $15 per ticket which can be purchased purchased or reserved by calling the cinema at (978) 282-1988 or the players at (978) 515-7957 or e-mailing fishtownplayers@yahoo.com.

For further information click here