New Hampshire Fish and Game Lobster Tagged and Released on 9/21/12, Caught By our Lobsterman Dave Jewell In Gloucester On 11/12/12

2012-11-15 13.00.27

Dave Jewell skipper of the Lady J came in a couple of nights ago and handed me this tag which was attached to a lobster and the coordinates of where he caught it off Gloucester MA on November 12, 2012.

There was a telephone number on the other side of the tag which I plugged into Google and it came up as the number to New Hampshire Fish and Game.  So I then Googled New Hampshire Fish and Game Lobster Tag and came up with this result


So then contacting Josh Carloni from New Hampshire Fish and Game’s Lobster Tag program I asked him more about the program and if there was any info he could give as to where the lobster that Dave caught was released or if we could put together a google map to show how far it traveled from September 21st to November 12th-

tag 247

If you have a press release about it or a google map of where certain lobsters were released and where they have been reported, that would be something that would get people excited.  anything visual has great impact.

an interactive google map would be really fun.

especially if you can put this particular lobster on there from where it was released to where it was caught.

Dave caught the lobster at Lat/Long 42.41.8/ 70.25.4

This was the info from Joshua about when it was released and the program itself-

That lobster was tagged on 9/21 near the Isles of Shoals (42 57.186, 70 35.823), it was a female spent egger with a v-notch and it was 93.8mm.  I just had someone put your coordinates into google earth and it appears that lobster moved 20 miles.  If you would like to add something to your blog that would be great.

We’re trying to identify areas in New Hampshire with aggregations of large reproductive females and then track their movement.  It appears the Isles of Shoals area has a large number of large females with eggs and we would like to know why they are there and their associated movement.  Though we’ll be looking a variety of other information from this study, this is the major objective.  We’ll also be tagging smaller females and some males so that we can compare their movements with the larger animals and identify if they’re undertaking seasonal migrations.

We hope to tag a total of 2400 lobsters by November of  2013.  So far we’ve tagged approximately 550 lobsters and we have recapture information from approximately 70 lobsters.  A couple of lobsters have been reported travelling to the Gloucester area and two more lobsters were reported in the Portland ME area.  We really want to spread the word so that fishermen will report tags when the catch them.  There will be a raffle held in 2012, 2013 and 2014 and winners of the raffles (three winners each year) will win a 50 dollar gift certificate to New England Marine Industrial or a Grundens sweatshirt

Dana Johnson Created This Google Map Showing Where The Lobster Was Tagged and Released and Where Dave Caught It 7 Weeks Later After Traveling 20 Miles-

Click Map For Larger View-


My suggestion to Josh is instead of simply having a page where the fishermen can report lobsters caught with tags that he create a page with maps and info of every lobster released and caught with the names of the fishermen that caught them so they can generate more interest in the results with the fishermen as well as the general public and the people who are funding the studies.

Savour Pre-Opening Party Pics- Swing By Tomorrow For The Public Opening






Dear Joey,

Thursday November 15, marks the day that Savour Wine and Cheese opened its doors at the new location, 76 Prospect Street in Gloucester, a space almost triple the size of the shop previously at 24 Washington Street.  The opening comes fourteen months to the day after a fire destroyed the location on Washington Street, along with Beach Gourmet, and unfortunately displaced five families from their homes.

Kathleen Erickson, co-owner and resident wine expert is back with her highly trained staff ready to offer their expertise and insight with food pairings. Erickson is a certified sommelier with a highly educated palate, allowing her to relate easily to a wide variety of wine preferences. “A good sommelier is like a coach,” says Erickson, “she has to be able to scout out good wines and match them with the buyer’s individual taste.” She is teaming up in the new location with Skip Cribari, who is from a long line of wine makers in California, owned his own vineyard in the Finger Lakes region in New York for six years, and was the wine educator for Winebow Boston for six years.

Patrons of the previous location will remember the state-of-the-art wine kiosks from Napa Technology, offering the unique experience to try before you buy. The machines are back along with the full service deli counter offering artisanal meats and cheeses and an extensive variety of hard to find, unique, small-productions wines at a great value. New features at the shop include a strong selection of craft brewed beers, refillable gourmet olive oil and vinegar, and small batch coffee which Erickson described by saying, “When I call in an order they custom roast it for me that day.”

Beach Gourmet has also found a new home in the new location offering a exhibition kitchen where Matthew Beach and his team of gourmet chefs can work in view of the patrons. Beach said they are going to be offering cooking classes in addition to a chef’s table where patrons will be able to sample a variety of dishes and wine pairings. Beach Gourmet continues to offer catering for events.

“This has been a long and trying rebuild,” said Erickson, “There are many people within the community to whom we owe many thanks.” Local builders and craftsmen came together to complete this project in just over a year. Savour would like to extend a special thank you to general contractor Bill Elwell and Associate, maker Marcel Albanese of Studio F. Kia, plumber Shawn Griffin, Morris Heating, Joe Latorre, Spittle Electrical, Properly Painted, the City of Gloucester Zoning Board, Licensing Board and City Council. We’d also like to extend a special thank you to Mike Luster and his associates at Rockport National Bank, and Shirley Morgan and all the other individual donors.


Kathleen Erickson

Savour Wine and Cheese

Twenty Lanes, 6 Bowlers Per Lane= 120 Bowlers Total. Who Do You Suppose Had The Lowest Score Total at Whipple Bowl???

Read on


20 Lanes Filled With Teams of 6 makes 120 bowlers.  Who do you suppose had the lowest total out of all of the 120 bowlers?

If you guessed our Kim Smith You Get The Boobie Prize!


At one point out of 8 full frames she had a total of 8 pins knocked down.  That‚Äôs 24 balls bowled for 8 pins knocked down.  Outstanding!!!!  No doubt in my mind you deserve a trophy for that kind of performance!

Irony of all ironies?  Kim‚Äôs daughter The Livinator runs the show at Bowl-o-rama in Union Square NYC.

Lucky Mom Post #3 ~ Alert: don’t look at the following if you are hungry!

Salmon marinated and baked with fresh herbs

My son Alex has started a new job cooking at a brand new Mark McDonough restaurant, Maggie’s Farm in Middleton. I hope he will still have time to make his fabulous dinners for his always super appreciative family!

The menu at Maggie’s Farm looks simply divine and I will be bringing you a photo review in the near future. And yes, the name of the restaurant is taken from the Bob Dylan song he penned (from the album Bringing it All Back Home),¬†after his departure from acoustic folk to electric rock.

Smothered BBque Chicken

Steak and Three Cheese Omelete

Salmon seared and baked, with yummy garlic herb potatoes

Cross the bridge for a chance to win Free Tickets To Berklee in Gloucester Indie Rock Night!

The Meathouse in Beverly (yup, across the bridge) is holding a Raffle on Saturday 2-4pm to benefit Beverly Bootstaps¬†(local food pantry) as part of their¬†“Try It Before You Buy It Thanksgiving Buffet”. ¬†Now, Beverly is our neighbor and this is for an excellent cause, so we donated tickets, which means if you win, you’ll get tickets to Berklee in Gloucester Indie Rock Night featuring Boston Indie Rocker, The Shills with Gloucester own Renee & Joe.


The Meat House
15 Enon Street
Beverly, MA 01915

Cape Ann Rocks for the Rockaways

You heard it first on GMG: This just in from our friend Will Hunt:
Cape Ann musicians will perform at The Hive at 11 Pleasant Street in Gloucester from 4 p.m to midnight this Sunday, November 18, in a benefit for the Rockaways, the New York coastal community devastated by hurricane Sandy. Admission is free, but cash donations will be gratefully accepted. All proceeds will be donated to effective relief organizations already on the ground in the Rockaways.
Musicians scheduled to play as of today include Bradley Royds, the BFs, the Honky Tonk Women, Just Like Newman, the Buckners, Ron Schrank, Inge Berge and Guy Zacardi. Many more will appear.  A complete listing will be posted on gimmesound as Sunday approaches.
Superstorm Sandy brings devastation to Far Rockaway  (Mark Lennihan/AP)

Learn how to help your child with math at the GCA Charter School Open House this Saturday

Students and parents interested in GCA are welcome.  Students will attend their choice of classes based on the theme Community Service.  Classes include a Dance-A-Thon to raise money for the Red Cross, Drumming for Action, Inc., writing letters and preparing gift baskets for our troops, science with slime and much more.

Parents can participate in morning meeting and attend a workshop: How to help your child in math. ¬†For more information ‚Ästsend an email¬†or call / 978-283‚Äď0832.

Community Photos 11/15/12

Hi Joey ~ 

Hope all is well with you and your family .

Attached are 3 photos of Gloucester Firemen that I saw busy ‘being prepared’ while I was out for my daily walk with my dog ~ Hope you can use the photos ~ Am sure they would like to see themselves on GMG ~ hugs, Carol McKenna and zoe ^_^


Visiting “Present”

Here on the blog, I read that there is a seasonal “pop-up” store on Main Street called Present. However, I couldn’t find any mention of the address, so I headed out with my camera to hunt the store down and shoot it (shoot photos of it, that is). I found it at 271 Main Street:

Full information about hours is in the window:

They have a nice variety of “locally designed gifts”…

…many of them made from re-purposed or recycled materials, like the uber-warm woolen mittens in the photo below, made from recycled sweaters:

Other items include beautiful (locally made) nature-themed tee-shirts:

Fr. Matthew Green

Sawyer Medal Awards: Michael Joseph Cody


Michael Joseph Cody almost received his Sawyer Medal November 14, 2012. 

His great grandfather, Freddy Ercolani, received the Sawyer Medal in 1935.  Michael had the double honor last night of wearing his great grandfather’s Sawyer Medal when he almost received his own. The Sawyer Medals were  not present last night, as they come from New Jersey and were not ready for delivery.

The ceremony was no less than fantastic as the hearts of Moms, Dads, Grandmothers,  Grandfathers, Aunts, Uncles, Brothers, Sisters and friends of those being honored for Scholarship excellence were bursting with love and pride. The students will receive their awards from the principal of the High School when they arrive.

Michael was awarded the JJ Nicastro Foundation Award Athletic Scholarship earlier this year. This will afford Michael the benefit of four years of  Gloucester High School sports, benefit of this Scholarship.  

Michael earned these awards through diligence and hard work. Situations were quite different in 1935. We were in the midst of the Great Depression.  Freddy Ercolani was the second oldest in a family of 5 children. His Mom was left with 5 children to raise alone. The benefits we have today were non-existent in 1935. Freddy worked to help support his family while earning top honors. He had a Gloucester Daily Times paper route that encompassed his Derby Street neighborhood and worked at a local bakery on Saturdays and Sundays.  We learn through situations and experiences in our lives, perseverance is often the measure of greatness.

RoseAnne Ercolani Cody, proud daughter and even prouder grandmother.



Video- East Gloucester Timelapse November 14, 2012

Shot with the Kodak Zx3 and Kayalu nClamp

16 times fast.  Check out the glow that comes and goes in the middle of the frame as the clouds pass.  Supernatural.