Gloucester MA City Hall Weathervane Repairs Info From Maggie Rosa

Repairs to City Hall’s Weathervane

Maggie Rosa writes-

Weather permitting a crane will be brought to City Hall at 7:00am on Friday November 9th. The crane will be placed in the Administration side of the City Hall parking lot. Campbell Construction, contractors for the ongoing exterior restoration project, are donating their services to remove the weathervane, repair it and place it back on the tower. Rental costs for the crane are being donated by C.E. Cyr Construction Co., Inc. (Lawrence, MA) and Craig Herrmann Design (Gloucester, MA). Both companies are working on the Gorton’s addition project and are happy to contribute to the community.

If mother nature is not cooperative the repairs will be rescheduled most likely for Friday, November 16th.

The weathervane was donated to the City in 1989 by the Cape Ann Savings Bank and is modeled on the famed schooner “Elsie”.

Many thanks to all of these public spirited firms. We appreciate your generosity.


We reported on the failing weathervane this past summer-

City Hall Weathervane in 1989 before She Was First Hoisted Atop City Hall From The Infamous Fred Buck

Posted on August 19, 2012 by Joey C

photo courtesy Cape Ann Museum

Fred writes-

joey – here’s the schooner with a broken mast on top of city hall.  the copper model was created by washburn on rt. 114 in 1989 and donated to the city by the cape ann savings bank.  this pic was taken just before she was hoisted up to her place of honor.  it is, of course, the elsie, built in 1910 by a.d. story in essex.  gordon thomas, in fast and able, called her "one of the greatest."  if anyone can help bring her down for repairs, step forward!  a model of the elsie by cape ann master craftsman erik ronnberg is on display at the cape ann museum.  it’s a beautiful thing…
infamous fred

copper model of sch. elsie made by washburn, rt. 114 as weathervane for city hall.  donated by cape ann savings bank.  1989.

This post is in response to our August 16th photos from David Cox showing the Elsie weathervane in serious peril below-

Sail on City Hall Schooner needs help–David B. Cox Photos

Posted on August 16, 2012 by Manuel Simoes



If you remember our David Cox Caught the

Video- Pounding Waves and Screaming Winds! From Skip Montello

Skip writes-

Hi Joey,

I enjoyed your storm video and stills, wicked nasty storm, nice work! Here are some of what I captured while ducking the wind driven rain,

Thanks Skip

Click below for video-


North Coast Angler

Skip Montello Photos

Sci Fi Ghost Hunters coming to Gloucester’s Hammond Castle

Received a call from our Lara from the Dress Code and her neighbor informed her about Ghost Hunters coming to Gloucester.  Destination Truth’s, Sci Fi’s,  Josh Gates, a local kid from Manchester, MA, will be joining the Ghost Hunters to investigate Hammond Castle and if their spirits are still haunting the property.

  • Wed 11/14
  • 9:00PM-10:00PM on the sci fi station.  Please check out the link below.

Cape Ann Painters and Photographers Group on the Move Again

Hi Everyone,

The next meeting of the Cape Ann Painter and Photography Group will be on Monday, November 12th from 9-11:00 AM.  The first 1/2 hour will be a social time with the meeting starting at 9:30 AM.  Please note that the meeting has been moved to “The Hive” at 11 Pleasant Street (next to the Pleasant Street Tea Company) returning to a more central location which will be more convenient for everyone.  The staff at “The Hive” has graciously allowed us to use their lovely new meeting space.  Thank you!!   Please bring your coffee or tea and any updates about what you are working on.

See you then!

Alice Gardner

Cape Ann MarketWATCH 11/8/12 From Kenny MacCarthy

Interested in Gloucester/Rockport real estate? Watch Kenny MacCarthy’s video commentary, complete with photos, stats and attitude. This week, tour several new property’s as well as a couple favorite "open houses" this weekend.

You have local Real Estate Questions?  Call my boy Kenny- (978) 758-0983

image Kenny MacCarthy’s weekly review of new Gloucester and Rockport homes and condos for sale. 10 properties this week including some good values that are "open houses" this Sunday.

New England Composers Featured in Cantemus Chamber Chorus 30th Anniversary Concerts

Music Director Jane Ring Frank, front row-center, will lead the Cantemus Chamber Chorus in its first 30th-anniversary year concerts on December 1 in Hamilton and December 2 in Newburyport. “Twilight in New England: A Celebration of New England Composers” features music by William Billings, Randall Thompson, Amy Beach, and Gwyneth Walker, with James Woodman’s “The Midwife’s Tale” as its centerpiece.

Cantemus will perform “Twilight in New England” on Saturday, December 1 at 7:30 p.m., at Christ Church of Hamilton-Wenham, 149 Asbury Street, Hamilton; and on Sunday, December 2 at 4:00 p.m. at St. Paul’s Church, 166 High Street, Newburyport.

Tickets are available online here, or fans can save $2 on advance tickets purchased at The Book Rack in Newburyport, Nazir’s of Wenham, Norris Gallery / MiXtMedia in Ipswich, the Book Shop of Beverly Farms, Toad Hall in Rockport and Gloucester Music.

Tickets at the door are $20 for adults, $17 for seniors. Admission is free for students 21 and under. For details, visit the Cantemus website, or phone 1-888-CHORUS 1.

Community Winter Clothing Drive to benefit victims of Sandy

Volunteers needed:

Community Winter Clothing Drive to benefit victims of Sandy.

Monday, November 26 to Friday, November 30 (time to be announced)

If you can help by donating, collect needed items, sort, pack, or help in any capacity, please let me know A.S.A.P., We will confirm the time of the different shifts next week: Place Gloucester High School Field House.

Needed items:

All clean and in good condition,Winter clothing (men, women children),Socks (all sizes)

Winter jackets, hats, mittens, gloves,Winter shoes and boots (all sizes),Blankets,Diapers, Baby wipes,Towels, Face cloths, First Aid kits, Work gloves, Flash lights, Batteries

Sleeping bags and pads, Contractor (heavy) garbage bags, Boxes (no open boxes), Packing tape, Black Magic Markers

Thank you for whatever you can do.

Warmest Regards Sefatia

American Red Squirrel Midden

Pine cone eaten clear to the core, photographed at a Pine Squirrel midden. The mid-day light was very harsh and too contrasty-click images to view details.

Adjacent to where we noticed the Japanese maple tree, Dale Resca, the Facilities Manager at Willowdale, discovered an American Red Squirrel (Tamiasciurus hudsonicus) midden.

American Red Squirrel Midden

A squirrel midden is essentially a squirrel’s favorite place to eat; the fallen scales from consumed seed cones collect in piles, called middens. Sitting on their claimed stump, fallen log, or branch, the squirrel pulls the scales off the cones to get to the seeds.

American Red Squirrel Cache of Pine Cones

You can see from the above photo why the American Red Squirrel is often referred to as the Pine Squirrel. Ripening in late summer, the squirrels collect pine cones and store in a central cache. American Red Squirrels do not hibernate during the winter months; the caches of cones supply nourishment when food supplies are running low.

The American Red Squirrel is widely distributed throughout North America. They are smaller than a gray squirrel and somewhat larger than a chipmunk, with reddish fur and white venter, or underbelly.

American Red Squirrel (Tamiasciurus hudsonicus) ~ Image courtesy Google images 

World Origami Days: Modular origami


Modular origami consists of models (often, but not always, geometrical shapes) made out of many origami units, usually joined through folding tabs and slots, not glue or tape.  In these examples (from Tomoko Fuse’s book “Unit Origami”, which I picked up at the Dogtown Book Shop) the units for each model are all identical.  These are the kinds of folds that make good, colorful Christmas tree ornaments.  If I do a class for Christmas tree origami, some simple modular origami will definitely be in the plan.

There are more complex designs that require two or more different kinds of modules for their construction.  The units themselves are usually fairly simple to fold, but they often can be combined in many different ways to make everything from simple tetrahedra and cubes to fantastically complicated interwoven geometrical wonders.  Try using your favorite internet search engine to look for images of “modular origami”, and prepare to be blown away.

Fr. Matthew Green

Joe Ciaramitaro Lobster Trap Tag Found on Cornwall Beach in The UK

Chris Easton writes-

Dear Joey,

Earlier this year I found a fishing tag which I think may be yours. It reads F/V NET PROFIT 7918 JOE CIARAMITARO along the bottom. I enjoy walking along the strand line on my local beach – Perranporth in Cornwall in the UK. It is not uncommon to find flotsom from the fishing industry of the East Coast of America which travels across the Atlantic on the North Atlantic Drift.

I Googled the name yesterday & got linked to , so I thought that it might be worth sending you a photo of the tag & a photo of Perranporth Beach, where it was found. The village is at the far end of the beach.

Hope you find this of some interest.

Yours,  Chris Easton


Chris, the Joe Ciaramitaro who was a lobsterman and incredibly friendly guy on the Gloucester waterfront passed well before his time.  I’m not a lobsterman, my cousin Frank and I are lobster dealers here in Gloucester MA and own a commercial dock.

After Joe passed Joe Grillo bought the Net Profit and continues to fish it today.

Here’s a post from 2009-

Joe Grillo’s Net Profit

Posted on February 19, 2009 by Joey C

Joe Grillo bought the Net Profit.  His old boat The Wanderer was old, tired and slow as molasses.  To say that Joe is happy about the upgrade would be an understatement.  Video at 8:00AM

The Net Profit

Joe Grillo’s Net Profit, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

The Wanderer

Do you see the buoys on the old Wanderer’s antenna and the Net Profit?  The same, red on top, yellow on the bottom- Joe Grillo’s buoy colors!

Community Photos 11/9/12


Cape Ann Tool Company, Rockport MA

View more photos of Rockport at

I caught this scene as I was driving by Good Harbor Beach today. I wish I could add audio. The sound of the wind ,the waves and happy, screaming children-music to my ears!


Community Stuff 11/9/12


Cape Ann Farmers’ Market

Market News

Do you want to make a fabulous Thanksgiving dinner showcasing local food from your favorite farmers’ market!  Well, you can! But only if you come to the CAFM Thanksgiving Harvest Market on Saturday, November 17, 9:30 am – 1 pm at the Gloucester Universalist Church, Gloucester.

thanksgiving harvest market poster

Thanksgiving Harvest Market Vendors

Many of your favorite summer market vendors will be at the Harvest Market!

For more info click the banner above

Scott Larsen submits-


Tickets available at the Rockport PTO Holiday Fair on Saturday, November 17, 2012

Also tickets available online through our website.


Fiddler on the Roof

Hi Joey, I’m hoping you can post the below information. I know it is not on Cape Ann, but it involves Cape Ann students. Much appreciated!

Fiddler on the Roof is being presented at Hamilton/Wenham Regional High School this weekend. Performances are Friday (11/9) and Saturday (11/10) evening at 7:30pm in the newly renovated Ferrini Dramatics Center at the High School. Tickets are available at the door for $10 for students and seniors, $12 for adults.

This beloved musical features iconic songs such as Tradition, If I Were a Rich Man, and Matchmaker, brought to life by an amazing cast and crew of 45 students – including students from Cape Ann!