Roger Torre Baiting Turkeys For Thanksgiving


Who needs some store bought steroid laden Turkey when you can bait ‘em in your back yard?  Just sprinkle a little seed around and when they least suspect it on Thanksgiving Eve pop a cap in their ass!

Roger Torre submits-

Hi Joey,

I spread a little bird seed around the bird feeder for the chipmunks and squirrels and now turkeys…   Put your Thanksgiving order for your fresh bird:

Roger Torre


Marina Evans releases her new EP ~ The Tuscan Sessions

Check the songs out here.  Read what Marina has to say, below:

Hello from  Nashville!

The Tuscan Sessions are finally done – and I am SO excited to share them with you! Written and recorded this past spring in Florence, Italy, this record brings a distinctly European feel to folk Americana. Special thanks to producer and one-man-band Bernardo Baglioni, without whom this record would never have been possible. Click here to have a listen, tap yer foot, and sing along.

Meanwhile, the tour rolls on! Tonight, Berna and I will be featured at a songwriters in the round session in Nashville – quite an honor! So much talent in this city. And the honky tonks are WILD. Also – I’ve added two more dates to our itinerary: Dallas (11/11) and Socorro, NM (11/13). More soon!


Linda Cohan, Sister of The Great Alyson Cohan Forwards Video Of Rocky Neck Circa 1961

Linda writes-


Joey, I think that you will get a kick out of this Rt 66 tape, which shows Rocky Neck in 1961. Also, the pictures from 1961 compared to pictures taken in 2009:

Can you place the locations?

Pictures from the episode:


Way more comparison photos at this link-

You Gotta See This 360 Degree Photo of The Inside Of The Space Shuttle Discovery’s Flight Deck During Decommissioning in the Orbiter Processing Facility

Click the photo for the panning 360 degree view of the entire cabin.  I’ve never seen so many knows, controls and levers in one confined space in my life.  To say you would need to be a genius to know what each one does may be the understatement of the century.


Thank you Robin Jones from Northeast Ohio  for forwarding it to us.

Bounty Captain and Crew Remembered

Captain Robin Walbridge (in green sweatshirt)aboard the BOUNTY during its visit to Gloucester in September. Mr. Walbridge, who was 63 years old and captain of the Bounty for 17 years, was presumed lost when the Bounty sank during Hurricane Sandy. Also dead was crew member Claudane Christian, said to be a descendent of Fletcher Christian, leader of the famous mutiny aboard the original Bounty in April, 1789.

Good Morning Gloucester Group Photography Show at Passports Restaurant!

Passports Restaurant Super Waitstaff ~ friendly, helpful, efficient, and always welcoming! Back row from left to right: Shawna, Katie, India, Lyla; Nicole front seated. 

Not to be missed! Come on down to Passports Restaurant, for their always divinely delicious lunches and dinners, and check out the Good Morning Gloucester group photo show, running now through December. We hope to see you there!

Cape Ann Giclée

In preparation for the Good Morning Gloucester group photography show at Passports Restaurant (running now through December), I was hoping to work with a fine art printer because I have never been very satisfied with the results from my own limited experience in printing. I recalled having seen a video about Cape Ann Gicléee, created by Alicia for Good Morning Gloucester back in July, and had mentally filed the information for future reference. I first called Anna Eves and she was so helpful over the phone I knew I was heading to the right place.

James Eves was simply fantastic. His background is in fine art, which is apparent in the artistry he brings to his own digital art work. He is an absolute whiz in post production photography techniques and extremely generous with his time.

James Eves

Stop in and see James and Anna’s studio located at 20 Maplewood Avenue, Gloucester. Cape Ann Giclée is a fabulous resource for all your photography printing and fine art reproduction needs.

James’s Digital Seascape ~ Created entirely on his computer, Not a brush painting.

From Cape Ann Giclée’s website: What is a “Giclée”? A giclee (pronounced – jee-clay) is a fancy term for a print made by a fine art inkjet printer, fine art printers have 6 or more ink colors (ours have 11), use archival inks and the prints are printed on museum quality archival papers and canvas. We use the term “Giclée” to differentiate it from a print made by a commercial printer that does meet the criteria above, like the kind of printers used to make business cards or brochures, those kinds of printers will not produce a “Giclée”. A giclee printer will reliably reproduce color consistently no matter how many prints you print because the print is produced from a digital file that does not degrade over time or use.

Alicia Penarosa’s Video for Good Morning Gloucester

If you don’t vote you can’t bitch

I LOVE to bitch, so I vote.  I may not like the choices.  But I figure they can’t possibly be identical, so I vote for the one who might be a little better.   No, I’m not always sure.  And sometimes I end up disappointed with my vote.  BUT THEN I GET TO BITCH — because I voted.  Having voted makes bitching so much more fun.  I can say, I can’t believe I voted for that a**hole.  Or I can say, don’t blame me, I voted for the other one.

You’re probably saying, what? … another election ? … already? … really?  Yeah, this one snuck up on us — just came out of nowhere.  In fact, this post is probably the first you’ve heard that there’s an election tomorrow, right?  That’s OK.  Google “presidential election”.  You’ll find a few results (1,160,000,000 as of this writing).  Google also returns about 23 million results for “massachusetts senate race”.  So you’re good to go there — along with the other local races too.  Between now and tomorrow (Tuesday) at 8pm, you should be able find out enough about the candidates and ballot questions to make intelligent choices.

If you live in Gloucester and you’re not sure where to vote, you can get a wicked cool color-coded map of Gloucester polling stations here.

Even cooler than that, if you live in Gloucester, you can go out after you vote, get a drink and reward yourself for making all those difficult choices with some great music — whatever your taste: Billy Novick & Thomas Hebb playing jazz at The Franklin, KMBG — masters of classics, rock, blues, etc. at Jalapenos or Henley Douglas soul at Rhumbline.

Here’s the complete live music listings for Gloucester, so after you’ve chosen whom to vote for, you get to choose where to start your bitching after you cast your ballot.

Election Day Special!!! For residents of Cape Ann!

Julie Cleveland, Owner/Piano Instructor, Cape Ann Piano Studio.

Sign up now for the Winter Quarter (12-week quarter begins Monday, Dec. 10th) and get 25% off your Winter Quarter tuition payment! Must sign up by close of polls tomorrow to get the discount, and mention that you saw this ad on 

Julie Cleveland, Pianist/Instructor/Composer
M.Mus., New England Conservatory
Cape Ann Piano Studio, Gloucester, MA
Teaching children and adults to play the piano since 1988

Gloucester Sports 11/5/12

Gloucester High School Varsity Cheerleaders Are Northeast Conference Champions–First Place!

NEC'S In Salem! 005

Gloucester High School Varsity Cheerleaders won the Northeast Conference Divison on November 4, 2012 at Salem High School.  Next week they move on to Regionals at Beverly High School!  Captains for GHS Varsity Cheerleaders:  Allie Biondo, Erin Jerymn, Abby Avila.  Team:  Alex Costanzo, Sabrina Cardone, Kayla Harris, Jayme Harris, Hannah Nasser, Cara O’Connoll, Maddie Puccio, Bailey Titus, Veronica Gibbs, Miranda D’Oleo, Olivia Parsons, Sam Ryder,Lexi Orlando,  Lexi Testaverde, and Luidwin Amaya.  Coach Beth Costanzo has been with the team for 2 years.

Thank you!

Beth Costanzo

varsity cheerleaders

Cape Ann Skating Club Open House Party and Used Skate Sale

Hi Joey,
Could you share this event with your readers.  If anyone has items that they want to sell they can contact us before at
For more information regarding Cape Ann Skating please visit:


Open house flyer 11-12

Oddities, here and abroad

First, this photo I took in France:

Say what? Batman posed like Adam in the “creation” fresco in the Sistine Chapel, with Superman in place of God? In front of a Gothic church, behind the Louvre, in Paris??

OK, now the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen on a brick wall in Gloucester:

Yup, it’s a bagel stuck to the wall by the adhesive power of peanut butter.  Did someone trip while eating and accidentally stick the bagel to the wall? Or was it intentional? If so, is it vandalism, or art? Or were they just saving it for later?

Fr. Matthew Green



The Results of Our Obama/Romney Who Do You Think Will Win Poll



Results as of 9:30AM 11/5/12

We won’t be taking comments on this post but it will be interesting to see how close the GMG readership predicts the outcome of the presidential election compared to local, state and federal results.

My guess is that it mimics the results in Gloucester and somewhat closely in the state but will be furthest off deviation wise from the national election.

One thing is for certain, I can’t wait for it to be over with so all the hate filled extremists on the right and left can focus on something else.

The Hurricane Sandy Project…from Angela Cook

The Hurricane Sandy Project…

Angela writes-

You never know what you will find when you visit the sea, and yesterday was no exception. Imagine my surprise when I was shooting pictures and there in the rocks was a bright green object. Of course, I needed to investigate and found this little sea horse … Written on it was “The Hurricane Sandy Project” with instructions to sign, take photos then throw it back into the sea… so I willingly obliged.

check out Angela’s photography website here