Mike Storey and Jessica Eddy Represent! At Café Du Monde,Proteus parade-NOLA

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Uhmmm, inquiring minds want to know- What did you have to do to get all those beads?

Hi Joey.

Here are some photos from yesterday- Lundi Gras. We should have some from Mardi Gras as events unfold.

Mike Storey & Jessica Eddy


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Jessica Represents! from Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands

Hi Joey,

Got to spend the past week sailing around the BVIs.  Almost caught a lobster, too.  Here’s some pictures of The Baths at Devil’s Bay, Virgin Gorda.  Time for a new sticker, I think.  This one is showing its age. 



Jessica Eddy Represents! Underwater In the Philippines

This right here has got to be top 5 of all time Represents! Tremendous!!!

Jessica Eddy writes-

Hi Joey, Here are some photos from a recent trip to the Philippines. These were fun photos to take. I did so much diving–it was nice break to pose with the sticker instead of look at fish. But know I think I need a new sticker!!


GMG Represents from 3000 leagues under the sea.


This fish loves GMG!


Hawksbill Turtle represents!


Overlooking Turtle Bay on the island of Cebu, The Philippines.

Jessica Eddy Represents! at Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Are You Kidding Me????


Tremendous!  We should put all these in a book!

We should acknowlledge Frank Ciolino and Chuck Shewsberry who print tehm up for us as well as our beth Swan who designed the Official GMG Logo!  Big Huge Thanks To You Guys and to everyone who takes the time to take the pictures and (most importantly send them in)