Note To Sandwich Makers Everywhere (Rant)


If you go and pile all the meat in the middle of the sandwich so you can cut it in half and make it look like you use all that large amount of meat throughout the sandwich but leave the edges devoid of meat I’m gonna find out you freakin dumbass.

…and I’m gonna feel like you were trying to pull one over on me. 

…and is that really the message you want to send to your customers?

Yeah, you got me to buy your sandwich because it looked all loaded up with meat where you cut it down the center and displayed it wrapped in cellophane.  Once.

Who the hell wants to eat three quarters of a sandwich that’s all dry because it’s all bread and then get to the center where they cut it and not even be able to stuff it in your mouth?

It’s insulting.  Spread the goddamn meat out and make the best sandwich all the way through, first bite to last.

That’s just being honest. 

What, do we all look like that big of idiots that we’re not going to realize what you did there?

(don’t answer that question)

Rough Cut Rubber Duck Rocket Tour of Cape Ann

[Rubber Duck edit] We are inserting a more sedate video since the incidence of nausea and sea sickness is reaching epic proportions. Watch the second video at your own risk.

Rubber Duck’s sister came for a visit. So RD drank a quart of coffee then took her on a round trip tour of Cape Ann. From Andrews Point, Rockport Center, Motif #1, Bearskin Neck, back road to Rocky Neck, a dip in the water where we have to go swimming on January 1st, Eastern Point, stop inside Capt Joe and Sons dock, a visit with Homie having crab lunch on the state pier, Main Street Gloucester (did you see Fred Bodin do a double take?) Man at the wheel, Joanie on a pony, Annisquam Center, Lanesville, Save Our Shack, Folly Cove, Fire Trucks at Halibut Point (this is the only place where I got a “what the hell” chortle from a volunteer Rockport Fireman and back out to Andrews Point. All in barely three minutes.

Go wide screen, crank it up and finger on the spacebar to pause.

Another Artist’s View of Annisquam Light

After I posted this photo of Annisquam Light, I received an email from Tony Marolda of Annisquam with this photo of a painting he had done of almost the exact same perspective, but his was a summer view.  Check out some of Tony’s paintings at  He is also an author who has written a number of very interesting sounding books – historical maritime adventures and an historical novel about the Adams Family (no not Gomez, Morticia, Uncle Fester, Lurch, Grandmama, Wednesday, Pugsley, Pubert and Thing) who owned the home they now reside in during the summer on Adams Hill.

E.J. Lefavour

Investigating Tripods

This morning while filming at Good Harbor I was reminded once again that I need to upgrade my tripod (for myriad reasons). The first problem is that wildlife, especially ducks and geese, are fearful of my tripod’s shiny black metal because it so closely resembles the barrel of a gun. When I got back to my office I randomly googled camouflage tripod in hopes that there is such a thing. There are many options but the tripods that seem most appealing to me are the Berlebach models. Read the following from the B & H Photo Berlebach description about the superiority of wood over metal and carbon: “…despite wood’s impervious nature to temperature and its general asthetic appeal, the best reason to choose wood over any other material for a tripod is its incredible ability to absorb vibrations. Wood simply does not resonate vibrations such as other materials, instead it gobbles them up. A wooden tripod placed in a shallow stream may be vibrating quite a bit where the legs meet the water, but up at the column it is dead as a doornail.” WOW! Okay, I am sold!

The next thing to figure out is the difference between a leveling center column and a ball leveling system. I often struggle to get a smooth shot with my current tripod when filming, especially in sand and other unstable surfaces, and have to spend many precious minutes adjusting the legs to create a level platform, whereas a ball leveling system sounds ideal.  I am reading a great article from Videomaker,  “The Best Type of Lightweight Tripods for Cameras,” and am looking at lots of panning and tilting heads online, but would love to know of anyone’s positive experience with their tripods and tripod heads.

Cape Ann from a Boeing 737

I was in San Francisco for 24 hours last week and had one hour free time so they took me to Chaat Cafe, an Indian Restaurant on 3rd and Folsom next to the Mosconi Center. Highly recommend if you are in a hurry or not. 
6AM flight out of Boston and I had the starboard view of Cape Ann as we turned west. From left to right, the Essex River complete with Cross Island just inland which is the turn around for the Essex River Race. Then Annisquam River cutting off Cape Ann from the mainland, Folly Cove, Halibut Point, Hoop Pole Cove, Andrews Point Sandy Bay, Straightsmouth Island and you can just pick up Thacher and Milk Islands. A tiny bit of Salt Island on the photo’s edge.

Packed so light I forgot a GMG sticker to represent!

Tacos Lupitas for Saturday Lunch, Good idea RD!

I recommend the Enchiladas Lupitas Special. 

That’s what I had last Saturday. Haven’t had anything here I would not recommend. Has anyone had the tongue in a taco or enchilada? Haven’t pulled the trigger on that one, yet.

[editors note] It was pointed out by normbarr that RD was incorrect in an earlier rendition of this article stating she went to Sunday brunch when in fact Tacos Lupitas is closed on Sunday.

The photo no one else got at the opening of Savour…

… was the first purchase!  They had a slight delay in opening the point of sale due to technical difficulties, and that gave me time to be the first one in line to buy something on opening night:

I got a few more photos too, of course.  You can tell what GMG contributors like when three of us show up at the same event without any prompting…

I am glad to have this great new store as a neighbor; they are right across the street from the parish parking lot!

Fr. Matthew Green

“The World’s Largest Wind Turbine Makes A Jumbo Jet Look Tiny What a cute wittle double decker plane!”

From Fast Company- Pictures from Siemens Manufacturing mold of a 250 single piece  fiberglass construction turbine blade. Click the pic for the slide show and details at Fast

Thanks Craig Kimberley for forwarding the link-


Also Video-

What’s inside a wind turbine?

An overview of the layout of utility-class wind turbine generators – where are the major components, what do they do, and what differences can be found between models and size ranges. Click for video-


Happy Birthday EJ! You Light Up All Our Lives With Your Positive Spirit!

We have a bunch of positive minded, kind, creative folks that are part of our little GMG community.  Perhaps no one among us embodies what it is to be a GMG’er more than our friend EJ.

GMG Contributor’s EJ Pictures-

Kim Smith submits-

E.J. JoeyE.J

Paul Morrison Submits-


Donna Ardizzoni Submits-

February 19, 2012 e.j.


Fr Matthew Green submits-

From The Bong Tree Island Party


Kathy Chapman photo-

(this was EJ before she kicked ass this summer on her diet and cleanse)


Ed Collard submits-

EJ Back In The Day (Would You Hit That?)


Marty Luster Submits-


Fred Bodin submits-

At the Bong Tree book launching party-


Beth Swan writes-

"Happy Birthday EJ! ENJOY and live it up!" —Beth 🙂

March 19, 2011-

Video interview introducing EJ to the GMG Community-


We tape a video for EJ’s Kickstarter Project To Launch Tales of Bong Tree Island-


Community Stuff 11/18/12


Schooner Adventure introduces….

Skippy Finds Adventure


This beautifully illustrated children’s book tells the story of Schooner Adventure’s mascot of 15 years, Skippy, a wharf dog, who followed Adventure’s engineer aboard in 1936 and stayed for the rest of her life. Find out what life was like on Gloucester’s last dory fishing schooner through Skippy’s eyes. Meet members of the crew—Skippy’s family—and see what their daily work was like.

When Schooner Adventure retired from fishing in 1953, she was the last American dory fishing schooner on the Atlantic. A way of life died as this grueling method of fishing was replaced with more modern net fishing equipment, which required fewer crewmen onboard. Adventure spent the next 30 years taking passengers on windjamming trips out of Maine. In 1988, Captain Jim Sharp donated her to the people of Gloucester, returning her to her original home port. Today, a complete restoration of Adventure is nearing completion, bringing her back to her original fishing configuration. Now she serves as a living memorial to Gloucester’s master mariners, teaching new generations about Gloucester’s fishing history.

Skippy Finds Adventure was created under the direction of Adventure’s education coordinator, Beth Welin, and was generously funded by the Dusky Foundation. The creative team for Skippy Finds Adventure includes Gloucester residents, artist Rusty Kinnunen and writer Peter Cherry, as well as editor Ann Droppers, another North Shore resident. The book will be used in the “Skippy’s Adventure Program” geared for grades PK – 2 and joins Adventure’s other education programs (the Traveling Dory Program, the Working Waterfront Walking Tour, and the History Sharing Program) in helping bring to life the story of Gloucester’s fishermen and fishing industries over the ages.


Skippy Finds Adventure books and Skippy stuffed animals will be available at Schooner Adventure’s Holiday Tea at the Inn Magnolia (Dec 2. 1:30-4pm), in City Hall during the Middle Street Walk and soon at local stores! Adventure items may also be purchased through Schooner Adventure’s office (Fitz Henry Lane House on Harbor Loop). For more information about Schooner Adventure’s offerings, go to or contact Beth Welin at 978-281-8079 or email

Rotary Club of Rockport-Tree Lighting event

Rotary Club of Rockport Tree-Lighting Dinner

Saturday, December 1, 2012

4-8pm The Fish Shack Restaurant

21 Dock Square Rockport MA 01966

Watch the beautiful Rockport Christmas Tree Lighting, enjoy Christmas carols, and then join us for a delicious dinner!

Clam Chowder or Creamy Chicken Stew served in Bread Bowls, Salad, Dessert, and beverage.

$10.00 in advance or at the door.

Spaghetti and Meatballs for the kids w/dessert and Beverage

$5.00 in advance or at the door

For tickets in advance contact or

Sponsored by the Rotary Club of Rockport to benefit the scholarship fund and other community service projects.

Saturday afternoon after Thanksgiving – 11/24/12 – 1-4pm

The Farm Bar & Grille, Essex

and the Sunny FishCakes’ Music Revue present –

*Rockin’ the Farm for Rockaway Beach*

BBQ, Blues and Brews to support rebuilding lives and communities in the wake of the flood and Super Storm Sandy.

We hope that if you are around for the holiday weekend, you will consider joining with family and friends for an afternoon of fine Farm food and beverages with local musicians Live Dead and special guests contributing their craft for this fundraising event. No cover charge – the Farm Bar & Grille will donate a generous amount of the proceeds to recovery efforts in the hardest hit areas of NYC.

Email for additional information

Addison Gilbert Hospital to assist The Cape Ann Military Family Support Group

The Cape Ann Military Family Support Group will be preparing holiday packages for our military serving and items will also be sent to military hospitals.

During the month of November, a collection of items will be taken and provided to the support group for the gift baskets they will be assembling.

Needed items include:

Candy canes, breakfast bars, pre-package cookies, Lollipops, bar soap ChapStick, roll-on deodorant,toothbrushes, toothpaste, Handy-wipes, wet-naps, Band-aids, Dental floss, nail files, hand towels,writing paper, writing pads, Ziploc bags, Magazines (Auto, Men’s Health, People), Crossword Puzzles,Movies for DVD players.

Containers are located inside the Fisher Lobby of Addison Gilbert Hospital, 298 Washington Street, Gloucester, for those who would like to donate items that will gratefully be received.