A Question For The GMG FOB’s That Tune In To GMG Daily- What Brings You Back?

If you are a GMG FOB from outside of Cape Ann before you go any further please comment below the post where it says “comment” as to what brings you back daily to the blog.

This morning when I got the email from Sem Sutter who is an avid reader of GMG daily and works down in Georgetown I began to wonder what it is about GMG that brings people from outside our geographic location back over and over and has them subscribing to GMG and requesting Bumper stickers and participating in our comment sections.

I am honored that our team here has developed such a huge following all over the country and in often cases all over the world and obviously when you are pulling down 50-60,000 visitors a day in a city that has roughly 30,000 citizens there are folks from other places that are checking this thing we’ve created out. 

GMG is obviously a hyperlocal blog which mainly focuses on Cape Ann but when you look at the map of where the hits come from, our readership is global. 

The current GMG hits map when I’m writing this at 6:07AM 11/4/12


You can access the current GMG hits map here

So I am curious as to what it is about GMG that brings you back if you’re not from here.

Did you visit one time and have fond memories?  Do you dream of moving here?  Is it the photographs?  Is it the humor and camaraderie of the GMG family?  Is it the GMG breaking news which 9 times out of 10 you will find here first? 

What is it that compels you to make GMG a daily or hourly visit?

Thank you so much for being part of our GMG community from afar and don’t forget to leave a comment letting us know what it is that brings you back.  If you don’t see the words comment directly below this post click on the title of the post and you should see it then.

I’m anxious to find out what drives you back here, thanks again,


You’re Coming To The North Shore Of Boston? This Is The Guide Book You Need To Buy- The Essex Coastal Byway Guide By Joel Brown


Joel Brown is a freelance writer who writes for the Boston Globe, www.hubarts.com and other publications. 

His Essex Coastal Byway Guide Is THE GUIDE for anyone coming to visit from out of town but also for locals who want to know more about all the incredible opportunities to explore the magical area we live in.

We all know there are a ton of things to do around here but through the daily drudgery of life we often forget what is right outside our windows.  Instead of asking what to do and heading to the mall or the movies there’s so much more culturally to do and the Essex Coastal Byway Guide has it all laid out for you.

You can get it  now at the Book Store of Gloucester, Toad Hall in Rockport, Manchester By the Book, Book Shop of Beverly Farms, River’s Edge in Ipswich and the Wenham Tea House. Also: Peabody Essex Museum, Cape Ann Museum, Lynn Museum, Custom House Maritime Museum, Jabberwocky, Bertram & Oliver, Brass Lyon, Joppa Flats Audubon, the Bird Watchers Shop and my main source of sustenance, the Warren Street Market Deli. More added every day!

Check out the Essex Coastal Byway Guide website here

Watch our interview below-


Did You Know? (Abracadabra)

That the first known mention of the word was in the third century AD in a book called Liber Medicinalis (sometimes known as De Medicina Praecepta Saluberrima) by Quintus Serenus Sammonicus,[1] physician to the Roman emperor Caracalla, who prescribed that malaria sufferers wear an amulet containing the word written in the form of a triangle:

A – B – R – A – C – A – D – A – B – R – A
A – B – R – A – C – A – D – A – B – R
A – B – R – A – C – A – D – A – B
A – B – R – A – C – A – D – A
A – B – R – A – C – A – D
A – B – R – A – C – A
A – B – R – A – C
A – B – R – A
A – B – R
A – B

This, he explained, diminishes the hold over the patient of the spirit of the disease. Other Roman emperors, including Geta and Alexander Severus, were followers of the medical teachings of Serenus Sammonicus and may have used the incantation as well. 

It was used as a magical formula by the Gnostics of the sect of Basilides in invoking the aid of beneficent spirits against disease and misfortune.  It is found on Abraxas stones which were worn as amulets. Subsequently, its use spread beyond the Gnostics.  Wikipedia

E.J. Lefavour


HMS Bounty Sinking Timeline

HMS Bounty Sinking Timeline

The Coast Guard said it would “probe every aspect of the accident and will determine as closely as possible” what caused it, whether there is evidence of equipment failure or human error, and if it or any other government agency contributed to the confirmed death of one crew member and presumed death of the Bounty’s captain, who is missing.

The Bounty sent out a distress call Sunday night and began taking on water off the coast of North Carolina Monday morning amid high winds and waves caused by Sandy, whose eye was located 150 miles to the east at the time. Shortly thereafter the crew abandoned ship and boarded life rafts.


New iPhone 5 Panorama

Click twice to embiggen: sucker is 9,283 pixels wide.Panorama on the new iPhone 5 is pretty slick. As simple as can be and no waiting. Sometimes it says to slow down as I pan across. Here is one of my first shots. Oh Em Gee! When I pointed the camera directly into the sun I detect a purple haze. Apple is going to die for this!

The pano stitching is pretty good. Handheld and turn the phone. The horizon is a tad ragged on the left hand side but the clarity through out is not too shabby. All three lighthouses , couple of boats, a dog and a duck. I over saturated the colors on a lower resolution and I can do a better job with a smooth sweep with practice. If dogs or people move when you are sweeping they can become quite amusing, scary, and mutated.

I’ll write my review of the iPhone after I use it for a week.
First impressions: I can talk in a monotone robot voice pretty easily so Siri can dictate notes and email. It does pretty well and I think I might use that feature.

The maps app with siri is seriously amazing. I have not driven off a cliff yet. Get in the car and tell Siri to drive to an address and #boom  she is a chatty little thing telling me the way.

Bizarre quirk: We haven’t figured out the command to tell her we have arrived and we would like her to quit the map program. Siri, quit maps, Siri, stop driving, Siri, shut up. None of them worked. Sue finally told her to shut the fsck up and she replied, “that’s not very nice” and quit the app. She is amusing and I hope I do not get locked up when found on a street corner swearing at my phone in one hand with a Rubber Duck in the other.

Click on the pick for the full monty. Stella, Rubber Duck, Chapin’s Gully, Pigeon Cove.

Film: My Daughter Liv and Max Getting Married

This beautiful film was sent to me by one of my dearest friends, Claudia, the filmmaker’s Mom. Her daughter Magdalena is currently studying film and poetry at Hampshire College in Amherst. She is very interested in recycled images and has transferred many of the family’s old super 8’s. Magda would have to speak about her intention but her Mom wonders if it was from her perspective of looking up at the “big kids.” She loved to toddle after Olivia! The music is from her band with her friend Cody; they are called Stolen Jars. Magda wrote many lyrics for the album and sings on many tracks. One piece was used in an iPad commercial this summer. Thank you Claudia and Magda for Sharing!

Beautiful Film Magdalena!

My note: That’s my daughter Liv “getting married.” I think this is film footage from one of our many friend and family wonderful get-togethers on Martha’s Vineyard, at the funnest and most welcoming home of Rosemary, who is the Mom of our other best friend, Donna.

Isn’t Daylight Savings Time Kinda Stupid?

Like Why?

Does anyone not get that it’s gonna be darker earlier and the sun is gonna come out later in the morning?

Why confuse the whole country and make everyone in this day and age of more and more global economies and inter state commerce do we need daylight savings time?  To mess up scheduling on computers?

Just seems like a whole lot of wasted energy instead of just having the time be the time.

Screw Daylight Savings Time!

What Politician Has The Nuts To Bring That Bill Up?

comic from-http://www.welcometokcity.com/2006/01/daylight-saving-time.html


Sem Sutter Represents! in Friedrichstadt Germany

I’m an avid follower of GMG.  Here’s a pic of me representing in Friedrichstadt, a North German port city that was active in the 17th c. and is now quiet and picturesque.


Sem C. Sutter
Head of Collection Development
and Interim Associate University Librarian     for Scholarly Resources & Services
Georgetown University Library

Nov 2012 pics JQE 765

We Got Germany Baby!  Thanks Sem!

As an aside- this may be the first time I’ve ever heard the name “Sem”.

I wonder if Sem’s partner when first laying eyes on Sem way back in the day said “Oh I gotta get me Sem o’ dat!”


Charles Bukowski Quote of The Week From Greg Bover

November 1, 2012

“An intellectual says a simple thing in a hard way. An artist says a hard thing in a simple way.”

Charles Bukowski (1920-1994)


Born Heinrich Carl Bukowski in Germany after the First World War, Bukowski’s American father moved the family to California in 1923. He studied writing and literature briefly at Los Angeles City College before moving to New York. Arrested for draft evasion in 1944, he failed a psychological evaluation and was listed 4F. His writing career did not flower until the mid-fifties, when he began to publish his hundreds of poems and short stories, and his six novels, of which Ham on Rye is the best known. He wrote the script for the semi-autobiographical film “Barfly” which detailed his nearly life-long alcoholism and depression and their effect on his writing. Bukowski wasinfamous for his confrontational literary readings, which bordered on performance art, described by some as uninhibited, but by others as drunken and boorish.

Greg Bover

Community Stuff 11/4/12

Look for Scott Memhard, Cape Pond Ice and Capt. Tom Testeverde of the FV Midnight Sun on TV in an ad for Blue Cross/Blue Shield of MA.

It’s him; there are clips of other members, but he’s the first one! … And from Scott himself:

"yes, we’re included in some testimonial ad spots for BCBS of Massachusetts, since they’re celebrating 75 years, and Cape Pond Ice has been in business serving the Gloucester fishing fleet for 164 years, and a member subscriber with BCBC for over 30 years.

Their agency approached us about participating and, after dragging our feet, concerned about the disruption of filming during our busy summer ice season, we eventually agreed. They spent a day mid-August with a very professional 30-person crew here filming and interviewing at the Ice Company, as well as with Capt. Tom Testeverde on the FV Midnight Sun, at our wharf.  Jonathan Bekemeier from Picture Park is the Director, and Partners & Simons is the ad agency.

At least its not a political ad, thank God – but I apologize in advance for barging into people’s homes on their TVs !"

Business After Hours–Thursday, November 8th

As someone who knows the value of networking I hope you will join us on Thursday, November 8th for Business After Hours at All Seacoast Dental Associates (5-7 p.m.). This is earlier than we normally host our monthly gatherings but with a busy holiday schedule it is an ideal time to network at ourlast BAH of 2012!

All Seacoast Dental Associates is located at 27 Commercial Street (two doors down from the Chamber office) and on the same side of the street. Please come and support one of the Chamber’s newer members as they kick off their grand opening in style! Door prizes, great food, refreshments and an opportunity to learn about the world of dentistry are all at your disposal.

Call (978-283-1601) or email me at tim@capeannchamber.com to register today. $15 for members in advance, $20 week/day of and $30 for future members.

See you next Thursday, November 8th at All Seacoast Dental Associates!

Thank you, Tim

On Saturday evening, October 29th Holy Family parish hosted an Italian Night fit for a community embedded with a love of Food and community.  Along with good food and good company they were entertained and kicked up their heals with the legendary artists Barry Mooney and friends.  Decorations were the wonderful and unique Aprons donned by the Guild family members, grandmothers, and mothers from years past that were used for shy children to hid behind, a perspiring brow, gathered vegetables from the garden, a pot holder or tissue to wipe away the tears Of a crying child.  

Pictured serving our guests are Alison Aiello and John Aiello.

Dawn Alves

Secretary Holy Family parish Women’s Guild