You Love Birds. You Love Lobsters. Then Get To Paulines Gifts For This #Lobster Buoy #Bird Feeder

Now That The Lobster Trap Tree Has Been erected It’s Buoy Painting Time!!!! Starts the week of Dec.3rd

Buoys Days at Art Haven

Drop in at Art Haven to paint a buoy for our Community Lobster Trap tree. Each day is geared to an elementary  school so friends can paint together. Parents can carpool and get some shopping done.

All days are 3pm-6pm, cost is free.

Mon.-Beeman and Plum Cove

Tues.-Veterans and East Gloucester

Wed.-West Parish

Thurs.-Eastern Point,St.Ann’s,Faith Christian,Charter school

Fri.-open to the public

Sat.10am-4pm open to the public

Then the buoys will be auctioned off  on Saturday, January 19th at our annual buoy auction!

Cape Ann Art Haven 180B Main Street Gloucester, MA 01930

The Buoys Are All Primed And Waiting For You To Decorate


Click Pic Below for  Slide Show Of Last Years Lobster Trap Tree Buoys




Ed Collard Wins Art Rocks! Lobster Buoy- Investigation To Ensue

Ed somehow managed to walk away from the Art Haven Lobster Buoy Auction with the Art Rocks! lobster buoy sketched by GMG’s Paul F. Frontiero Jr.  An investigation into allegations of malfeasance and skulldudgery ensue.


Anatomy Of A Lobster Buoy, Break Away Whale Safe Swivel

This is a whale safe break away swivel used on lobster buoys.   The swivel has a weak part (highlighted by the blue arrow in the picture below) designed to break away with 600 pounds of pressure.

In the unfortunate instance that a whale might get caught in a lobster pot line, it will break the swivel and swim free.  This is another in many responsible steps the lobster industry has adopted (along with escape vents for small lobsters on the traps and biodegradable hog rings which break down and let the vents fall out in the case of lost gear).

The offshore fishery and Pacific coast use 1100 pound break away swivels but our inshore lobstermen use 600 pound ones.

Look for a video with Johnny “Doc” Herrick at 7AM in which we break down the parts of a lobster buoy and their costs.

Beautiful Industry- Miss Merideth Lobster Buoys

Here’s a bunch of Matt Cooney’s lobster buoys.

Matt has a very distinct pattern for his buoys.  No one would mistake his buoy  for their own because it is so unique.  Every so often a couple of lobstermen have very similar color markings on their buoys which can make things confusing  when they are fishing the same areas.

Miss Merideth Lobster Buoys, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Senator Tarr Auctions Off Georgie Hansen’s Buoy

Forgive the terrible picture quality.   I did a horrible job shooting the pictures as I was distracted all night trying to figure out how I was going to steal away the lobster buoy with the lobster on it (more on that later).

But this was the scene with each child holding up their hand painted buoy and Senator Tarr auctioning them off.  I don’t know how he held his voice up for that long but he did a remarkable job.    Georgie is the daughter of good eggs Dave and Erika Hansen.  Erika was sitting in front of Janice Lufkin Shea and I and facing the stage.  When the bidding started she had no idea that she was bidding against Janice and I who were standing right behind her while she was facing the stage.  The bidding quickly escalated and when all was said and done Janice won out with an $85 bid.

The whole night was a huge success and I have to believe that they didn’t anticipate how many people showed up and actively bid.  When there is a great cause our community steps up and this was certainly a great cause.

Classy broad that Janice is she gave the buoy that she had just won back to Erika.

Alexandra’s Bread Lobster Buoy Decorations From Lunenburgh

Alexandra and John spend time in Lunenburgh where they discovered these cool lobster buoy decorations.  I’ve been sayinng it over and over since walking through the other day.  The whole bakery is visually beautiful.  There is so much to look at and eat.  The couple ought to go into design because they obviously have a great eye for beauty and simplicity.

Lobster Buoy Birdfeeder At The Cormorant Shop

How cool is that???  I want one!

If you stop by Janice’s shop in the heart of Gloucester’s beautiful Downtown, be sure to congratulate her on her second place finish in the GoodMorningGloucester Downtown Merchant’s Flowerbox Competition!