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Whether you are a big time contributor or casual observer of GMG I hope you have a fantastic holiday filled with great food, family and FOOTBALL!

I’m thankful for all the accomplishments and community events we’ve been pulling off and the relationships created through the blog.  I’m thankful for a healthy beautiful family and I’m really really thankful for a family who embraces football on Thanksgiving!

Thanks for stopping by and being part of this giant snowball that just keeps picking up mass and getting bigger as we roll along.  Without you we wouldn’t have much reason to keep plugging away at this thing :)


What are you thankful for?

James William (Jimmy) Buffett Quote Of The Week From Greg Bover



"Indecision may or may not be my problem."
James William (Jimmy) Buffett (1946-    )

A native of Alabama, Buffett and his Coral Reefer Band are best known for their celebration of a laid-back tropical lifestyle typified in songs such as “Margaritaville” and “Cheeseburger in Paradise,” also the names of restaurant chains owned by the singer, author and businessman. Buffett’s loyal fans, known as Parrotheads, turn up in the thousands at each of his many concerts helping him to earn an estimated $100 million a year. Several of his literary efforts, including “A Pirate Looks at Fifty” have been at the top of the NY Times best seller list and he continues to write for and appear in movies and on television. Buffett’s entrepreneurial projects also include two minor league baseball teams, a casino, brands of beer, tequila, salsa, and guacamole. He also flies his own jet, a Dassault Falcon 900.

Greg Bover

Video: Happy Thanksgiving from Captain Joes and Good Morning Gloucester

Plenty to Be Thankful For 

Brought to you by Good Morning Gloucester and the crews of lobster boats The Lady J and The Degelyse, and Brian O’Connor. Thanksgiving interviews with, in order of appearance, Joey Ciaramitaro, Ryan, Skipper Dave Jewell, Brain M O’Connor, Michael, Skipper Tuffy, Sean, and Frankie Ciaramitaro.

I’ve Got Plenty to Be Thankful For, sung by Bing Crosby and How Sweet It Is by Marvin Gaye.

Once again, a million and one thank yous to Joey and Frankie for allowing me to film and photograph from the dock at Captain Joe and Sons.

Third Calico Lobster Landed At Captain Joe and Sons in 2012 Makes Prediction A Push

Also makes New England Aquarium’s assertion that their calico lobster was 1 in 30 million sound a bit ridiculous.

This Calico Lobster Landed today Novmber 21 By The Rockport Lobster Boat The Freemantle Doctor and Captain Mike Tupper.  The Same Lobster Boat That Will Be Bringing Santa In To Bearskin Neck For Rockports Christmas Celebration!

Here is the third Calico-

It all started here with the poll we posted on June 4th, 2012-

I’m pegging the over/under on number of speckled lobsters that are landed at our dock this year at 3.

Back on June 1st The New England Aquarium declared the Calico Lobster as one in 30 Million which of course we made found of in this post-

Calico Lobster Landed At Captain Joe and Sons 6/1/12 One In 30 Million? Really?

we also had a poll in that post and took some good natured shots at The New England Aquarium’s obvious attempt to make the calico lobster they had seem like a much bigger deal than it was-

Calico Lobster Landed At Captain Joe and Sons 6/1/12 One In 30 Million? Really?

Posted on June 4, 2012 by Joey C

A couple of weeks ago the New England Aquarium took possession of a calico lobster and was touting it through their marketing efforts as a one in 30 million lobster.


Either the numbers they are using are off or we here at the dock are the luckiest lobster dealers on the planet and should be stocking up on megabucks tickets because we get 2-5 a year.

Click here for pictures of the Calico Lobster at The New England Aquarium

I’m pegging the over/under on number of speckled lobsters that are landed at our dock this year at 3.

Just another mutant to add to the gallery of blue, marbled, albino, speckled, yellow, double clawed, triple clawed and other odd lobsters landed here at our dock, Captain Joe and Sons.

Click below to see the pictures I’ve taken over the years of mutant lobsters landed at our dock.


Self-publishing Event at the Sawyer Free Library

Satruday, December 1st from 2-4pm, in the Friend Room at the Sawyer Free Library. With Susan Oleksiw, moderator. The panel includes my husband, Tom Hauck, GMG’s E.J., Kathleen Valentine, Margery Leach, David Simmons, and Jane Ward.


How Joey found the music for his video, Hitchcock Homie and other fascinating tidbits you probably don’t know

The Atlantics (circa 1980) Fred Pineau, B. Wilkinson,  Tom Hauck, Paul Caruso, Bobby Marron.

Yesterday, Joey published this Men at Work 4x fast video with music by Gloucester musician Tom Hauck (founder of the Atlantics).  So, how did he find that music?  Did he go to iTunes and listen to all 8 million songs?  Did he remember seeing the Atlantics open for the Ramones in 1976 at The Club in Cambridge and say, Hey Tom’s music would be perfect for this video?  Did he ask Kim Smith (Tom’s wife)?  Nope.

Joey found Tom’s music on  Truth be told, he called me first to ask if I had any ideas for up-tempo songs by Gloucester musicians that would fit the spirit of his 4x video.  I sent him some ideas, and after listening to a bunch of tunes on gimmesound he chose Tom’s song Stand Up.  Of course, he asked Tom for permission first.

If you need music by Gloucester area artists, you can easily get a list of them here.  But remember, before you use any music BE SURE TO GET THE ARTIST’S PERMISSION!  It’s easy.  There’s a CONTACT ARTIST button on every gimmesound Artist Profile (right next to the music player controls).  Just click it and type a brief message — be sure to include a way to contact you.  Your request will automatically be sent to the artist.

And to all you artists out there, if you want Joey to use your music, just let him know.

Now for the other tidbits about yesterday’s 4x movie.  You’ve probably heard of Alfred Hitchcock, right?  Besides being one of Hollywood’s greatest directors, Hitch is known for a cameo appearance in all his films beginning with The Lady Vanishes in 1938.  Now, if you look at Joey’s movie carefully, you’ll see a cameo by Homie starting at 2:01 for 3 seconds.  Hitchcock Homie lands atop the trailer and then flies away.

You’ll also notice that Joey does almost all the work — and you might conclude that’s why he’s fit and trim.  But you’d be wrong.  The real reason is that nobody he works with is trying to lose weight.  See my Monday LOL post for a more complete explanation.

For all you college kids home for the weekend and looking for a good time in advance of your annual Tryptophan fix, check out the HUGE PARTY SCENE in town tonight!

Here’s a video for all you Tryptophan junkies featuring another Joey you might find fun — especially if you were at that Romones show in Cambridge:

Sista Felicia’s Butternut Leek Soup Video On The Gloucester Times Taste of The Times


From The Gloucester Daily Times-

Felicia Ciaramitaro Mohan serves this butternut squash and leek soup to her guests every Thanksgiving. It is very popular, delicious and you can learn to make it very quickly.
After peeling and cutting up the squash you should cut and clean the leeks. Unfortunately the growing method for leeks causes them to build up dirt inside and requires that you cut and clean them carefully. To clean them you first trim off the root end, leaving about 1/4 inch of the base, which is the white portion. Next you should take off any of the rough outer leaves and throw them away. Then trim each of the darker parts of the leaves down to the light green portion (this is the more tender portion) and leave only an inch or two of green. You may want to reserve the darker green leaves you cut off for other uses.

Click here for the entire article, video and recipe

or click below for the rest of Sista Felicia’s Videos On the Gloucester Daily Times Taste of The Times Recipe on Demand website-

You can click below to see a listing of all Felicia’s previous recipes on demand (for free!)


I’m adding a tab up top on the site so you can always access Felicia’s Recipes

Gloucester Singer releases her first music video

Hello Joey,

Caitlin McGrath, GHS graduate and varsity softball pitcher for the 2002 champs, has just released her first music video "Castles in the Sand" which can be found on her Youtube channel, and Facebook fan page  Within the first 5 days she has gotten over 5000 views and people are still sharing it, giving such positive response. 

She is the singer, co-writer and co-producer of the video.  It was filmed this August in South Beach, Miami FL at sunrise.  Caitlin and her team are working on her debut album, expected in the beginning of the year.

She would love to have all of Gloucester have a look through GoodMorningGloucester:



Seen on the east end of Main Street.  The orientation of the letters is right from this side, but “nepo” isn’t a word.  On the other side, the letters are in the right order to say “open”, but the letters are flipped the wrong way.  Was this an intentional compromise, knowing the banner would be seen from both sides, or is it a mistake?

Fr. Matthew Green


A Pretty Day with the Fairy Dog Ma

fairy dog ma, walk, jen nicol

Here’s Coconut (and a tail of one of her friends) enjoying a walk with their Fairy Dog Ma.  Such lucky dogs!

Another great shot of my salty dog with her pal, Paco, in the background.

If you don’t know already– Jen Nicol, aka the Fairy Dog Ma, is the best dog walker/pet sitter on Cape Ann! She has a big heart and takes excellent care of all her fur clients. We have been using Jen for Coconut’s walks since Coconut was just a pup. She’s someone that I trust fully in my home and with the care of my little baby.

The dogs have a blast and they come home tired and well behaved. She always picks up after them and even uses biodegradable poop bags. Plus, we get great emails with photos and/or videos of their adventures.

If you need a dog walker or pet sitter, check out Jen’s website for more info:






OK, Here It Is- The New GMG Sticka Color Poll

You submitted your nominations for the about to be printed new version of the GMG Sticka.  printed by our FOB’s Shewsberry and Frank Ciolino and designed by Beth Swan, so here’s the poll.

(and there will be no Rubber Duck yellow option)

GMG Exclusive!- Only in Ipswich 2013

GMG Exclusive!

Ipswich Chronicle humorist and FOB Doug Brendel, known as “The Outsidah,” will release his funny new cartoon-illustrated book Only in Ipswich 2013 at a “Day After Thanksgiving Dessert Leftovers Potluck & Book Release Party” from 5 to 8 pm at Time & Tide Fine Art, 4 Market St., Ipswich. Doug will be reading selections from the book, and autographing copies. Also debuting at the party: all-new Outsidah cartoon mugs. For more information contact Doug personally via

Community Stuff 11/21/12

Cynthia Curtis Pottery Holiday Student and Studio Potter Show

2012 photo for card

The holidays are coming and what better way to start your shopping than to visit Cynthia Curtis Pottery’s 7th annual Student and Studio Potter Holiday Show in lovely Rockport during the “Christmas in Rockport Gallery Stroll,” on the weekend of Saturday and Sunday, Dec. 8 and 9 from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Located in the woods, not far from the Atlantic ocean and Cape Ann granite quarries, near the end of a road you will find a cozy wood-stove-warmed gallery that offers a beautiful collection of Cynthia’s work in her signature colors of the sea – blues and greens accented with sea glass. Inside her studio you will find pottery fashioned by current and past students and teachers, some of whom have gone on to open their own studios in the area. After 14 years of teaching, Cynthia’s classes have included over 1,000 students! Their work, and the work of their teachers, including functional and sculptural pieces, is innovative, compelling and gorgeous.

Connect with new and familiar friends at the Artists’Reception on Saturday, from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. Free admission, refreshments and plenty of parking. All are welcome! Come and support emerging and established artists.

Profits go to the Cynthia Curtis Pottery Class Scholarship Fund. The gallery is open throughout the holidays. Private lessons and weekly classes are offered year round.

Cynthia Curtis Pottery 7th annual Student and Studio Potter Holiday
Show, Saturday and Sunday, Dec. 8 and 9. 80 Pigeon Hill Street, Rockport, MA 01966


Thanksgiving at The Topside


Hey everyone,
Have you made those Thanksgiving plans yet? Still scrambling figuring out what to do? Let the Topside Grill take care of all your turkey needs. We will be open and serving all the traditional dishes like Turkey dinner, Honey Baked Virginia Ham with a pineapple raisin sauce, & Roast Spring of Spring Lamb plus all the great sides like butternut squash, stuffing, broccoli, roasted sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce and some non traditional items as well. Reservations are filling up quickly, so hurry and reserve your table today!
Doug Silva, General Manager
Topside Grill 50 Rogers St. Gloucester, MA
(978) 281-1399

Reminder on Sea Shells and Jingle Bells

Rockport High School DECA Fundraiser

December 8, 2012 1-5 PM

Starts at Rockport Inn and Suites

12 different locations on this Holiday Inn and Home Kitchen Tour

Tickets are now available on our website:

Contact Mr. Scott Larsen RHS DECA advisor with questions

photo (12)Sea Shells and JingleBells 1

Cape Ann Farmers’ Market

Market News
A very big Thank You to everyone who visited, perused and purchased food or goodies at the Thanksgiving Harvest Market! Be sure to save the date for the CAFM Holiday Fare on Thursday, December 20th!


For more info- Cape Ann Farmer’s Market Website


Location: Magnolia Library, 1 Lexington Avenue, Gloucester, MA

Time: 11 am to 1 pm

Sponsor: Magnolia Library & Community Center

Ever wondered how to use a fire extinguisher? Curious what illicit drugs look like? Come to Safety Saturday on Dec. 1 to find out the answers.

Gloucester firefighters will simulate a house fire, by filling a trailer with smoke created from dry ice.

This smoke filled room is a training tool for adults and children to learn how to respond to a potential fire. There are real doors and the door knobs are heated. Firefighters will show you how to map out, and practice, an escape route.

Gloucester Police Department will have a display of illegal drugs. See what drugs crop up on our city streets. Officers will answer questions about how to identify drug users.

The K-9 Unit of the Police Department will be on hand, for demonstrations. (And even patting!) Visitors will have a chance to sit in a police cruiser or an all-terrain vehicle used to patrol Gloucester beaches. (?)A Gloucester Fire Truck will be available for kids and family photos.

For more information, call Jamie O’Hara, president, Magnolia Library and Community Center, 978-979-7533

Kate Seidman writes-

Please join us for a special evening at The Cape Ann Community Cinema
My brother, Gene Seidman will be introducing and interviewing Gina Belafonte on December 8th at 8 PM
We’ll watch the film Gina made about her dad, Harry Belafonte and then get a chance to hear her talk about it.
This is going to be a wonderful night, hope to see you.
With love,
Everyone is welcome, we’re expecting a full house so get your tickets on line today.