The Genius Who Redesigned Gum Packaging Should Be Publicly Flogged

I took this cell phone pic this morning as I was getting ready for work.  That pack of gum was not propped to look like the mess it is.  That’s the way it came out of my pants last night when I put the stuff in my pockets onto my bathroom vanity at the end of the day.

Can someone please explain to me what kind of mental giant came up with this design?

I think we should find out what school this person went to and publicly humiliate that institution of higher learning.

It is inevitable that the packets of gum flail about in your pockets and never stay put.  It’s a mess.  Bring me back those old school Wrigley’s packets with the Doublemint or Juicyfruit FTW!

This shit is just not acceptable.


Chris Brayton – Survivor Application Video

Hi, Joey!
My cousin Chris is working very hard to finish his years at Northeastern University…but he’s working just as hard on getting onto Survivor! Could you post this video and small blurb about him onto GMG? THANK YOU in advance!!!!
Jen Holmgren 🙂

Let’s show CBS that Chris has all kinds of support on GMG, and that CBS would be foolish not to put him on!

Organizations: North Shore YMCA, Wellspring, Camp Spindrift, Rockport Boy Scouts (Scoutmaster) Ellis Memorial (an after school program in Roxbury), Squashbusters (a sports oriented after school program for youth) in Boston, Curley K-8 school in Boston, Mission Hill K-8 School in Boston, Memorial Spaulding Elementary School in Newton.. He has also done fund-raisng walks for several years with Pridestride and AFSP (Suicide Prevention.) In total in College thus far he has completed over 2000 hours of community service.
Awards: Youth of the Year award from the YMCA, Child of the Year Award from Wellspring, Eagle Scout rank (highest award in Scouting), "Above and Beyond" awards through Northeastern University for volunteering service (four consecutive years), the Mary Herald-Synan Volunteer Award through Ellis Memorial, and the DAR Good Citizenship award in Middle School and in HS.
As you can see, he has certainly been a huge part of the community. Let’s help him reach a dream by giving back!

News from Ohana


Check us out on WCVB Channel 5’s Chronicle on Tuesday November 13th at 7:30.

North Shore Magazine, Best of North Shore: New Restaurant, 2012

Ohana News – November 2012

Aloha!   Here is our monthly newsletter for November!   We want to share the latest news with you. 

Our Prix-Fixe is in full swing and has been well received.   A few pictures are shown here.   There is Special Pricing for Sunday, Monday and Tuesday nights for the Prix-Fixe.  

Please see below for catering information.

Our pastry chef is also available to make cakes and pies for your holiday needs. 

Watch out for other special events coming.   

November 25th – Gloucester’s Christmas Tree Lighting

December 6th -  Gloucester’s Ladies Night (Special Menu to be announced)

December 13th – Gloucester’s Men’s Night  (Burgers, Ribs and Steak)

We look forward to seeing you!

Mahalo from our family to yours,

   Enx Dadulas – Chef/Owner

   Alyssa Cohen – Owner/Manager

   Paul & Amy Cohen

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Who is Your Favorite James Bond?

Saturday night we saw the latest James Bond film Skyfall (now playing at Gloucester Cinema) and it is simply fantastic. The opening sequence will set you on the edge of your seat; the design and cinematography of the opening credits, extraordinary (as always), and are particularly evocative set to Adele’s Skyfall. The self-parody was a little over the top for my taste, but don’t let that prevent you from seeing this beautifully designed film. Daniel Craig is one of the best Bonds ever although, I don’t think anyone will ever top Sean Connery.

Young Sean Connery has an unfair advantage as all the films he starred in were filmed during 1960’s, with all the chic high style of the era. And then there was his Aston Martin DB5.

Sean Connery and the Aston Martin DB5

Unlike everywhere else, there was no line at Gloucester Cinema!

Chickity Check it- Is the News Dying? From John McElhenny On The Matter Communications Blog


John McElhenny writes-
Is the News Dying?

A blogger buddy and I had a back-and-forth recently about the future of news. He had just read a post called, “The incredible shrinking newspaper audience,” and was pessimistic about the future of how people would get their news.

“Scary stuff if you value real news,” the blogger, Joey Ciaramitaro of Good Morning Gloucester, wrote in our Twitter chat.

There are plenty of reasons to be concerned.

For the rest of John’s post click here

Love & Death from Two Top Songwriters ~ Sat Nov 17 @ Old Sloop


Another excellent show at Old Sloop Coffeehouse.  The Nov 3 concert was nearly sold out, so don’t wait.  Get your tickets here.

Café Shalom at the Temple Ahavat Achim

Kathy Chapman Video-

Klezwoods, Gloucester, MA November 2012

I made it to the Temple Ahavat Achim (just around the block from where I live) on Saturday for their “Café Shalom”.  I am so glad I did – I kept saying “wow!” to myself for about half an hour after the music was over!

The first band was “The Blueberries”, consisting of Fozzie Hill, Dave Brown, and Wolf Giandes. Great folk/blues vocals and guitar!

Then came Klezwoods, a Boston klezmer band (whose leader, Joseph Kessler, is a Gloucester local).  They play a sort of fusion of traditional klezmer with jazz and other middle-eastern music.  I had no idea what this would be like. Although I expected it to be good, I was still blown away!  They play with fantastic energy and skill.  I bought their CD without hesitation about half-way through their set.

For more photos of both bands, click on the block of thumbnail images below:

Another Café Shalom is scheduled for January 12, 2013. I don’t have the name of the band(s) that will play, but there will be an announcement on GMG before the event.

Fr. Matthew Green

Community Photos 11/11/12

So good to be back in Gloucester this week, even through the Nor’easter.  Caught a couple of pictures today at the draw bridge.  Fascinated with the house boat coming through the channel with its little chimney puffing out smoke.  Took yet another sunset picture with my iPhone at Niles Beach.  Enjoyed a delightful walk with EJ through Annisquam Village around twilight.  As usual, we loved our time here and will miss it all in the coming months.  The only problem is that I just can’t seem to get enough lobster while we are here. 

Blessings, Linda rae and Rob Castagna

I am continuing to do Good Morning Milford (Facebook) for the merchants of our town, thanks to your on-going inspiration.  It filled an important role during the New Jersey and Delaware River Valley hurricane.  We have never had such a venue before and it served to share alerts as the town officials gave me the updates as soon as they had them.  Countless people without electric, water, and heat.  BUT many had smart phones so the could be updated and informed for their safety.  I can’t tell you how grateful I am to be involved in such an endeavor.  Worth every moment of my time.  It is a wonderful feeling to encourage one another with our businesses and life in general.


Harold Burnham Roast From Len Burgess

Friday night’s pot-luck dinner and "Roast of Harold Burnham" to benefit the Essex Shipbuilding Museum was a hilarious success. Plenty of delicious food, a chance to catch up with old friends and enjoy the many funny stories at Harold’s expense. This was a much needed fund raiser for the Museum and we thank all who attended, the many volunteers and, of course, Harold Burnham for allowing it all to happen.

Here’s a link for the photos and captions on ESM facebook.  -Len Burgess


Community Stuff 11/12/12

Holy Family Christmas Fair Saturday November 17h

Remember as a child walking down Main Street peering in the decorated store windows the lights on the lamp post, and going to Santa’s House and thinking that Main Street was magically transformed into Christmas over night and you could feel the excitement in the air. Than come to Holy Family’s Christmas Magic Fair.
This year’s fair is to be held Saturday November 17h, at Monsignor Sullivan Hall (St. Ann’s Hall) Pleasant St. Gloucester, Ma.  Doors open at 9:00 a.m. and ends at 2:00 p.m.
Have a fun filled day with the whole family lots to do for mom, dad and kids.  Do your Christmas shopping, or get that great pie from the baked table for Thanksgiving. Try your luck at the Chinese Raffle, or win a basket from the wheel of fortune, or take a chance to win an I Pad, or a Kindle, or a Beats. We have many tables from that perfect Christmas table, to the exquisite Jewelry or find your treasure at the White Elephant table and many more tables. This year we have added a Sugar and Spice table, but stop first at the Cookie walk table. Kids have your picture taken with Santa. Have lunch at the concession or sit and enjoy a cup of coffee or hot chocolate, remember fun for the whole family so don’t forget the date November 17h Monsignor Sullivan’s Hall Pleasant St. Gloucester

Ipswich gallery opening, 11/17

Just the facts:

"I’m Dreaming…" the glory and infinite variety of the color WHITE

opening party at Time & Tide Fine Art

4 Market Street, Ipswich

Saturday, November 17, 5-8pm

Abundant refreshments will be served

This event is free and open to the public

"I’m Dreaming…" runs November 10-January 5

For more information: 978 238 8848

A little more:

There is nothing more cherished than a white Christmas… The color white brings thoughts of hope and life any time of year, but especially in these months when the sun offers us less.

Time & Tide Fine Art in downtown Ipswich is focusing on this inspiring color in a new exhibition "I’m Dreaming…" opening this week. Featuring artists from the North Shore, this stimulating collection features white as a main element, giving the naturally bright gallery an air of lightness and peace. Visitors previewing the exhibition have been delighted.

"I’m Dreaming…" continues through January 5.