Rough Cut Rubber Duck Rocket Tour of Cape Ann

[Rubber Duck edit] We are inserting a more sedate video since the incidence of nausea and sea sickness is reaching epic proportions. Watch the second video at your own risk.

Rubber Duck’s sister came for a visit. So RD drank a quart of coffee then took her on a round trip tour of Cape Ann. From Andrews Point, Rockport Center, Motif #1, Bearskin Neck, back road to Rocky Neck, a dip in the water where we have to go swimming on January 1st, Eastern Point, stop inside Capt Joe and Sons dock, a visit with Homie having crab lunch on the state pier, Main Street Gloucester (did you see Fred Bodin do a double take?) Man at the wheel, Joanie on a pony, Annisquam Center, Lanesville, Save Our Shack, Folly Cove, Fire Trucks at Halibut Point (this is the only place where I got a “what the hell” chortle from a volunteer Rockport Fireman and back out to Andrews Point. All in barely three minutes.

Go wide screen, crank it up and finger on the spacebar to pause.

12 thoughts on “Rough Cut Rubber Duck Rocket Tour of Cape Ann

  1. I was crossing the street to open the gallery, carrying recyclables and a folding chair, and barged into the street and the oncoming car stopped. When it honked, I turned around and saw RD and sibling taped onto the hood. Who else could this be? So I walked back across Main Street to the driver’s side, and Paul told me what he was up to. We kept it short because traffic was stacking up behind him. I hope the packing tape didn’t take paint off his hood. I enjoyed the video, especially the homie chowing down on the State Fish Pier.


    1. Besides me running down to check the water temp at polar bear beach you are the only named actor in the whole video. You need to slow it down but you are caught both coming and going across the hood of the car in a black silhouette.

      No damage to the car although Rubber Duck wanted to go around again with no tape. Her sister is sitting on the radiator trying to warm up. She migrated from the south.


    1. I did a lot of loop dee loops so definitely the long way around Cape Ann. One long take except for a stop/start at Folly Cove near the end (I think the software called it quits at 100 minutes) I have a folder of 3,186 images shot every two seconds so the full trip was 106 minutes.

      That is the nifty thing. The rough cut movie I put on Youtube was a complete compression of the images from the very high quality HD (16:9) images that I collected on the iPhone 5.


  2. Two cool ducks on a ride around the cape!, Sometimes known as a 2 cent ride.,,,,I did not see the Little Heater…..everyone forgets w. gloucester often referred to as Gods Country!


  3. Very cool. Loved the music choice too. I thought it was a choppy vidoe, but 3,186 photos taken over 106 minutes fit into 3 minutes is pretty amazing.


    1. Yeah, I am just getting used to the settings. That setting, one shot every two seconds and I should be sitting still and let the world pass me by. Driving in the car and it is way too fast. I need to take one a second or even faster if I am moving. I thought the static ducks would calm it down but not nearly enough. I know where I went and I can hardly keep track of it. Could you even tell I pulled through Annisquam past your house? The village was one and done in five seconds or so.


  4. Paul, Hands Down The Coolest Post You’ve Done On GMG To Date andIt’s Going In The Fav Posts Tab.
    Congrats, Outstanding! Hope More People Watch the Video. Very Very Cool!


  5. I am posting a far improved version (I think) this morning. This first time lapse is causing too many people to hurl. Reports are damaged computers and EJ birthday cake gacked up on new shoes. Hold off on viewing until a more sedate version is published.


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