CRACK! BOOM! BANG! The April 1st Thunder and Lightning Storm.

Just for those who missed the storm on April fools, it was no joke!
If you love lightning and thunder, this one’s for you.
Enjoy the flashes and rumbles, and then the calm of rain and hail.

Magnolia Ride 4 Times Fast Filmed By Frank Ciolino

Filmed December 20th, 2012

People really respond to these so we’re gonna capture all the neighborhoods.  Most comments for the next neighborhood you want us to do we will film next.

If you know someone from Magnolia or that used to live in Magnolia, put this on your Facebook page and share it with them.

Filmed By Frank Ciolino using the Kodak Playsport ZX3 and Kaylau nClamp.

Edited using Windows Live Movie Maker


Video- East Gloucester Timelapse November 14, 2012

Shot with the Kodak Zx3 and Kayalu nClamp

16 times fast.  Check out the glow that comes and goes in the middle of the frame as the clouds pass.  Supernatural.