GloucesterCast 322 With Ken Riehl, Kerry Mckenna, Ralph DiGiorgio, Jim and Pat Dalpiaz, Chris McCarthy, Kim Smith and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 2/17/19


GloucesterCast 322 With Ken Riehl, Kerry McKenna, Ralph DiGiorgio, Jim and Pat Dalpiaz, Chris McCarthy, Kim Smith and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 2/17/19


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Topics Include:

Joey and Ralph starting a diet after eating like a savage in Playa Del Carmen

Chamber Event Updates

Birding weekend, Irish Sweepstakes, recap, Afterhours event at Ryan and wood, College and Career Fair, CAIC, Essex Centennials , Gloucester 400

Local Prime Rib specials chart will be updated once a day as new information becomes available, so stay tuned!
Which side of the bed do you sleep on and is there a difference?
What would you do at 4:30AM?
Ordered New Glasses from Zenni Optical for short money Check out Zenni Optical Website Here
Father Alves Passing
Judith Goetteman Passing
Nip Ordinance
Cape Ann Wildlife Update- Muskrats, Three Young Swans, Bald Eagle
Pat got a new phone and got nickel-and-dimed like the phone company took notes from the airlines! But the staff at the Verizon store at the Crossing was very helpful.

Cape Ann Reads 2018 inaugural celebration of children’s picture books by local artists and writers

The Cape Ann Reads inaugural reception celebrating original children’s picture books by local artists and writers was held at City Hall in Gloucester, Massachusetts, January 27, 2018. Linda Bosselman of Sawyer Free Library was the official photographer for the packed event and she captured all its positive energy and people. An upcoming group exhibition featuring these participants will travel to the four Cape Ann communities. As you can see from the celebration pictures, the touring exhibition and its related receptions and readings will be worth a visit! Cape Ann Reads is an initiative by the four public libraries of Cape Ann.

packed event Cape Ann Reads childrens picture book reception Jan 27 2018 City Hall Gloucester MA.jpg

The Cape Ann Reads reception and awards ceremony opened  in style – thanks to the red-ribbon cutting courtesy of the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce and Ken Riehl.

Cape Ann Reads childrens picture book reception-local authors & artists Jan 27 2018 City Hall Gloucester MA ©Linda Bosselman (33)

Cape Ann Reads 2018 ribbon cutting courtesy CAPE ANN CHAMBER 20180127_133442-ANIMATION

Portraits of the artists and writers

City Hall is a gorgeous venue for an art fair. Linda photographed all the local artists and writers at their individual picture book display booths. Effort was high. Kind friends manned booths for participants who were unable to attend: Ashley was there for Steven Kennedy and Victoria Petway, and Sinikka Nogelo represented Gail and James Seavey.

Cape Ann Reads childrens picture book reception-local authors & artists Jan 27 2018 City Hall Gloucester MA ©Linda Bosselman (20)
Cape Ann Reads Medal Book- The Tree in Dock Square, written by Jean Woodbury (L) illustrations by Bonnie Sylvester (R)


Awards ceremony program began with a warm welcome of support for the arts from Mayor Romeo Theken and opening remarks by the Library Directors and special dignitaries


Deliberations were held at Cape Ann Museum and Beauport Hotel.

Cape Ann Reads convened a nine member selection panel that included representatives from each of the public libraries: Justine Vitale Gloucester Lyceum & Sawyer Free Public Library; Carol Bender, former Children’s and Teen Librarian,  Rockport Public Library (now at Manchester); Kate Strong Stadt, former Head of Youth Services, Manchester-By-The-Sea Public Library; Ann Cowman, Young Adult Librarian, Manchester-By-The-Sea Public Library; and April Wanner, Assistant Librarian at the TOHP Burnham Library, Essex.  Joining these talented library staff members were three artists and award winning children’s book author-illustrators: Pat Lowery Collins; Giles Laroche; and Anna Vojtech. Bob Ritchie proprietor of Dogtown Book Shop provided another crucial area of book world expertise. Cape Ann Reads is grateful for their time and considerable talents to help the participants and the process.

Each library and the Cape Ann Museum designated one child representative for the second jury — a thoughtful panel of children: Eli Porter, Alycia Hogan Lopez, John Recroft, Lucas Rodi, and Josie West. They put in tremendous effort to read every entry, prepare notes, and come together for discussion. They were tasked with close reading and instructions to let us know any books that were favorites or that they wanted to compliment. Several came to assist the event as junior staff.


Awards presentation – Cape Ann Reads Gulliver, Honor and Medal books

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Our wonderful Hannah Kimberley The Annual Businesswomen’s Fall Luncheon

The Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce’s Businesswomen’s Fall luncheon will have Hannah Kimberley as their guest speaker. I have read Hannah’s book and it is terrific and very hard to put down.

The Businesswomen’s Committee raises fun for the Carolyn B. O’Connor Scholarship Fund. This is a Scholarship awarded each year to a woman back who is going back to school who for whatever reason, was not able to finish her education and now seeks to better position in life. We are very proud to fund and award this Scholarship. This year we will meet at the Gloucester House Restaurant. Local author Hannah Will be our guest speaker.

Choice of meal includes: Baked Haddock or Yankee Pot Roast

Date: October 12, 2017

Time: 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM EDT


HANNAH KIMBERLEY is an academic who has made Annie Smith Peck the focus of her scholarship, resulting in her book A Woman’s Place Is at the Top. She is considered the authority on Peck and her work is referenced for numerous publications such as American National Biography and National Geographic,anthologies on women explorers and works of history such as A World of Her Own: 24 Amazing Women Explorers and Adventurers, and publications by the Rhode Island Historical Society.

Get down to the next block party!

Here are scenes from last night’s Downtown Gloucester, MA, Main Street Block Party, the first of 3. Congratulations to the organizers, volunteers, and City for hosting a great party downtown. We ate at Short and Main — busy, fresh and fantastic.  We met friends who went to Topside–heard wonderful reports, there and from other eateries. Downtown was bustling and joyous thanks to stores with open doors, live bands (who was that super band outside Short and Main?), Gloucester Stage’s youth actors, and buskers. Our last stop was frozen yogurt at Cafe Bishco  because why not? It had outdoor seating, too.

You have two more chances to get down to a block party: Saturday August 12 and Friday September 1.

Strike up the band! Happy kids on Main Street downtown Block Party Gloucester MA



Full Sail and See |Essex County Maritime Heritage exhibition during SAIL BOSTON

June 17 – June 22, 2017 – SailBoston17 Participating Ships

sailboston sign up for updates

From Discover Gloucester:

“Gloucester, Cape Ann and Essex County are excited to participate in Sail Boston 2017~~~ the largest tall ships event in Boston in decades! Look for The Essex County Maritime Heritage Tent behind the Moakley Court House. Our exhibit display is open to the public:  Sat., June 17- Mon., June 19 from 9AM-6PM each day.

Exhibiting Partners include:  Essex Shipbuilding Museum, Schooner Adventure, Schooner Ardelle, Discover Gloucester, Cape Ann Chamber, Schooner Ernestina-Morrissey, Maritime Gloucester and National Maritime Heritage Society.  

 The cooperative exhibit will include educational activities and interactive exhibits designed to engage visitors in the rich maritime heritage of Essex County.  The exhibit is behind the Moakley Courthouse, dockside to many of the Essex Built vessels participating in Sail Boston 2017.   Join us as we celebrate Essex county’s maritime past, showcase the current work being done to preserve maritime traditions in the present while continuing to inspire and educate students –keeping these vibrant traditions alive and well into the future.”  

Sail Boston sailing participants and tickets GMG post with links


Scenes from seArts 2017 Annual meeting at Gloucester Stage featured Bosoma dance company which may relocate to Cape Ann


BoSoma Dance may move to Cape Ann 

Gloucester Stage new season opens May 19 2017. Heidi Dallin also revealed a Gloucester Stage world exclusive premiere announcement!

EX LOVERS, a festival of 10 minute plays is coming on April 28th!
Founding director Israel Horovitz asked 8 dramatists to contribute an original 10 minute play

Heidi Dallin (Gloucester Stage)  Tony Sapienza (Cape Ann Plein Air committee)
Ken Reihl Cape Ann Chamber and Karen Ristuben Rocky Neck (Cape Ann Plein Air committee)


Caroline Enos Don’t Tread On Us article about the WRITERS RESIST event coordinated by JoeAnn Hart at Rocky Neck Cultural Center 

Artist opportunities:

seArts Art Loan @ Bass Rocks 2017
seArts Wearable Arts updates
Cape Ann Plein Air II is scheduled Oct 8-16, 2017- artist  applications  are due by April 30, 2017
Marty Morgan Empty Bowl Open Door seeking volunteer artists to help guide painters


Northshore Magazine: August 2016 issue Best of North Shore includes so much on Gloucester and Cape Ann!

20160815_100527Before we dive into Northshore Magazine’s Fall Favorites September issue, let’s take a moment to acknowledge its Best of North Shore August issue. Although votes did not come in all Cape Ann for categories you thought might be a shoe-in: best beach, bakery, breakfast, burger, clam chowder, farmer’s market, art gallery, art anything (!), museum, or attraction — Gloucester and all of Cape Ann businesses receive a lot of deserved attention! Signing in to vote may be a barrier to entry for some. Still, 150,000+ votes were cast. You can check out what won in many additional categories in the 300pp monster issue.

Congratulations to Cape Ann 2016 Best of awardees!

DINE ALFRESCO – The Market Restaurant, Gloucester

FRIED CLAMS- Seaport Grill, Gloucester and Top Dog (seasonal), Rockport; reader’s choice: Woodman’s

LOBSTER DINNER- Roy Moore Lobster, Rockport; reader’s choice Woodman’s of Essex

LOBSTER ROLL- Seaport Grille, Gloucester

PIZZA- Short and Main, Gloucester in a three way tie

ROMANTIC- Duckworth’s, Gloucester

SANDWICHES- Willow Rest, Gloucester

WATERVIEW RESTAURANT- The Market Restaurant, Gloucester

HOTEL BAR- Beauport Hotel, Gloucester

CHOCOLATE- Rockport Fudgery, Rockport (seasonal)

HOTEL- Beauport Hotel

CHARTER BOAT- Schooner Thomas E Lannon

COMMUNITY WALK RUN BIKE BY SEASON – summer Twin Lobster Half Marathon & 1 mile Race, Gloucester; winter Happy Holidays Half Merrython, Gloucester;  reader’s choice, Motif #1 Day 5K, Rockport

FESTIVAL (FALL)- Essex Clamfest, Essex

GOLF COURSE- reader’s choice Bass Rocks Golf Club, Gloucester

MARINA- Cape Ann Marina, Gloucester

NATURE TRAILS- Ravenswood Park, Gloucester

BOOKS-The Bookstore of Gloucester

MATERNITY CLOTHING- The Urchin Exchange, Gloucester

CONCIERGE- reader’s choice Tending the Sweet Life, Gloucester

DANCING- Minglewood Tavern, Gloucester





Castle Manor Inn Cape Ann Chamber Small Business of the year Awards



Nice annual event. Gorgeous day at the Inn.

Congratulations Gloucester’s Mark Nestor. Last year it was GMG  Joey Ciaramitaro, “longtime co proprietor of Captain Joe and Sons Lobster Company in Gloucester and the creator and driving force behind the blog GoodMorningGloucester.”

read more about the four 2016 winners from the Gloucester Daily Times article:


Cape Ann Chamber Spring Tourism Mixer Mile Marker1





Live blogging: it is a gorgeous night and packed — ready for discussing upcoming season plans! Mile Marker One looks beautiful — getting all their outdoor decks ready to roll.


*news update: I amended the post to update it with some names and businesses seen in the photos and at the party–which I couldn’t manage live blogging.

So who was there and who helped?

Peter Webber, Ken Riehl, Kerry McKenna were there for the Chamber. The photographs show a range of businesses and organizations across Cape Ann coming together on such a nice evening like: Blue Shutters Beachside Inn, Cape Ann Camp Site, Cape Ann Plein Air, Cruiseport, Gloucester Stage,  Vista motel, artist Melody Phaneuf, Mile Marker One, North Shore Music, Pauline’s Gifts, Rocky Neck Art Association, Ryan and Wood, Schooner Adventure, seArts, Seven Seas Whale Watch, and Woodmans.

The Spring Tourism Mixer was presented by the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce’s Tourism Council. Members of the Tourism Council are:

Sara Young (Chair) Schooner Adventure;

Matt Anzivino, Rockport Inn & Suites;

Laura Dow, Vista motel;

Tony Sapienza, Blue Shutters Beachside Inn;

Bonnie Scatterday, Woodman’s;

Jim Douglass, Cape Ann Whale Watch;

Meredith Anderson, Cape Ann Museum;

Rev. Sue Koehler-Arsenault, Rockport Cultural District;

Tom Balf, Maritime Gloucester;

Steve Frisch, Loblolly Seal Cruises;

Richard Nestel, Lantana House;

Ted Marshall, Agawam Boat and Fishing Charters;

Carol Thistle, City of Gloucester Community Development/Tourism;

Mike Storella, Central Street Gallery;

Charlie Brackett, Brackett’s Oceanview Restaurant;

Tony Beadle, Rockport Music 

I tried to help Fred Bodin visit the State House. Here’s what happened


Cat Ryan submits-

He doesn’t need help.

Fred with Peter Webber, Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce, and Ronda Faloon, Cape Ann Museum.

Since 1993, the Massachusetts Cultural Council Commonwealth Awards have been given every two years and celebrate achievement in arts and culture. Specifically,

“The Commonwealth Awards shine a spotlight on the extraordinary contributions made by the arts, sciences, and humanities to education, economic vitality, and quality of life in communities across the state.”

See the full list here. Yo-Yo Ma (1997) and David McCullough (1999) are two notable past recipients. Prior city or town wins include:

Somerville (1993)

Northampton (1995, same year as Aerosmith)

Boston via Clara Wainwright (1999 First Night, Quilts—including Gloucester)

Springfield (1999 Library and Museums)

Cambridge (2003)

Worcester (2009, same year as Peabody Essex Museum)

Haverhill (2011)

Barnstable (2013)

Gloucester (2015) and Plymouth (2015)

Maritime Gloucester, Cape Ann Museum, Art Haven, Gloucester Lyceum & Sawyer Free Library, Rocky Neck Art Colony, Gloucester Stage, Cape Ann Cinema, HarborWalk, the City Archives, the partners of the two Cultural Districts, and more all mentioned this special day.

Joey and guests summed up the honor on Podcast 120: “Without having the narrow blinders of us living in this community, can you really think of another community (other than Boston and one that’s our size)…Where else would have as vibrant an arts community?” Well, nearly that quote. Hmmm. Nominate GMG for 2016 in media?

Congratulations to the other 2015 winners:

Malcolm Rogers, Beverly Morgan Welch, Town of Plymouth, Pittsfield Barrington Stage Co, Highland Street Foundation (see Free Fun Fridays GMG post), Barr Foundation, Mayor Martin J. Walsh, Artsboston, WBUR, WGBY, Holyoke Enchanted Circle Theater, Amherst Hitchcock Center for the Environment, Cambridge Science Festival, Boston Conservatory, and the Worcester Art Museum







GloucesterCast 119 Taped 2/22/15 With Guests Alicia DeWolfe, Kim Smith Toby Pett and Host Joey Ciaramitaro

GloucesterCast 119 Taped 2/22/15 With Guests Alicia DeWolfe, Kim Smith Toby Pett and Host Joey Ciaramitaro

Topics Include:Guests Alicia DeWolfe, Kim Smith Toby Pett and Host Joey Ciaramitaro, Kudos To The DPW, No Novena Trolley, Sista Felica On Hyper St Joseph’s Day Mode A Month Out, Lemoncello, Arancello, Walgreens Open 24/7,Kudos To Gloucester Police for Quick Response To Local Shooting and Props For Local Police Chief Len Campanello and John Macarthy For Being Such A Great Communicator, Props to Former Mayor Kirk and Current Mayor Romeo Theken,How To Win friends And Influence People- Food, How To Politely Decline Food That You are Not Interested In, Cast Iron Skillet Cooking, Debbie Clement Picks Up Clarke Snow’s Book and We Talk About Debbie’s Married Last Name, Cape Ann Brewing Double Dead Eye IPA, Alicia Loves The Keurig Cinnamon Dolce K Cups, Harbor Cove Dental, Pee Wee Football vs Pop Warner Football Controversy, When A Free Boat Isn’t A Free Boat, Passports Wine Dinner Coming Up This Thursday Night, Cape Ann Chamber Business Women Wine Down Tuesday Night At Savour Wine and Cheese, Chamber License Plate Initiative and Giveback From The Serenity Restaurant Group, Chris DeWolfe Rates The Steak Tips At Mile Marker Number 1 In The City, Nichole Schrafft’s Mile Marker Kids In the Pool Recommendation


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Give the Gift of Cape Ann this Season!

Happy Holidays to our Chamber Members, Friends, and Families!

First quick update on our Chamber Holiday Celebrations:

– Manchester-by-the-Sea was last week at La Casa de Luis – a great time had by all!

– Rockport was Tuesday at the Fish Shack

– Essex is this Thursday at the Windward Grille

– Gloucester is next Tuesday (12/16) here at the Chamber

All celebrations are open to all – come on by and kick-off the Holidays with us.

And, with Santa making the rounds, ‘tis the Season for Gift Giving.

I’m sure by now that you have heard about the beautiful and symbolic Cape Ann License Plate, but did you also know that the proceeds are going back to the Cape Ann community to support:

1. Promotion of our Region

2. Economic Development, and

3. Education

Have you wanted to sign-up, but not yet done so?  Well, now is the Perfect time:  for Yourself, your Family, and your Friends –

Give the gift of Cape Ann this Christmas!

I have attached a ‘Christmas Application’, for you to fill  out and mail back to the Chamber. If you prefer, you may hold the $40 payment, and we will follow up with you as we get closer to the 1,500 target, and then we will submit the entire batch to the Registry.

Want to save paper and use an even easier way to sign-up? – you may do so on line at: , or click on the below icon:


And we want YOU to be a part of our “I Got Mine” campaign!

Everyone who has submitted an application by the end of this year, is automatically entered into a drawing to win a reserved number from 11 – 100, or a custom number free of the $100 donation charge. There will be three chances to win.

As part of this campaign, we are featuring folks who have signed up for the plate. Take a selfie with our license plate promotion frame, and post it on your Facebook page and we’ll post it on ours. Make it fun – come on by and pick-up a promo. frame (or we can deliver to you), they also make great stocking stuffers! Anyone recognize the good looking gent below?


Check out our facebook page for frequent updates:

I hope to see you before the Christmas break, but if I do not – I wish you a wonderful and safe Holiday season.

Yours Sincerely,


Register For The 92nd Annual Cape Ann Chamber Dinner Dance Saturday, January 25, 2014

92nd Annual Dinner Dance

Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Essex Room at Woodman’s of Essex

127 Main Street, Essex 

6:00 pm to 11:00 pm

Join us for a very special evening celebrating the Chamber’s 92nd Annual Dinner! Come hear 2013 President, Ed Collard, speak about this past year’s accomplishments while incoming President, Mike Luster, will address what is to come in the future! 

Cape Ann’s premier social gathering of the year will begin at 6:00 pm with a cocktail reception followed by dinner, the program and dancing! This year’s event will feature the 80’s cover band “Safety”. 

Please RSVP along with payment ($85 per person)  

by January 17, 2014.

Christmas by the Sea, presented by The Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce’s Manchester Division, kicks off this evening in downtown Manchester. There’s something for everyone as the town rings in the holiday season.

Thursday, December 5th from 5 to 8pm The Chamber of Commerce Christmas Party and Lucky Nines Raffle will take place in the newly-renovated Seaside Cycle at 23 Elm Street. All are welcome to drop by and enjoy complimentary hors d’oeuvres and a cash bar. The annual Luck Nines Raffle will take place at approximately 6:30pm. There are a maximum of 150 tickets sold and they are $25 each and the grand prize winner will go home with $1,000. There are over 20 other prizes donated by local merchants, so your odds of winning are great!

To secure your ticket, contact Chris Langathianos at or at 617-694-6892.

Friday, December 6th from 4 to 9pm Shop Manchester Night’s annual passport event! Visit local Manchester merchants and have your passport stamped just for visiting the shop – no purchase necessary. All completed passports turned in at The Landing at 7 Central by 9pm will be entered to win an iPad Mini (18+) or a freestyle BMX Bike (under 18). The drawing will take place at 9:30pm in the pub at The Landing at 7 Central. Additionally everyone who completes the passport will receive a complimentary beer or wine at The Landing and will receive an envelope containing valuable gift certificates and coupons from town merchants.

Saturday, December 7th at 1pm Santa Claus arrives by boat in Manchester Harbor. Families are encourage to meet Santa at Masconomo Park and take part in the Jingle Bell walk escorting Santa up to Singing Beach and back to the Manchester Community Center where kids of all ages will get to meet Santa!

Saturday, December 7th at 10am to 6pm Shop Manchester Night’s annual passport event has added a second day! Like Friday night’s event, participants can visit local Manchester merchants and have their passport stamped just for visiting the shop – no purchase necessary. All completed passports turned in at The Landing at 7 Central by 6pm will be entered to win an iPad Mini (18+) or a freestyle BMX Bike (under 18). The drawing will take place at 6:30pm in the pub at The Landing at 7 Central. Additionally everyone who completes the passport will receive a complimentary beer or wine at The Landing and will receive an envelope containing valuable gift certificates and coupons from town merchants.

Sunday, December 8th at 3:30pm The First Parish Church hosts the annual Christmas Concert and Friendship Tree lighting festivities. Tree lighting takes place at approximately 4:40pm.

Manchester Christmas by The Sea
black scroll2

More Music in Manchester by The Sea


Saturday, December 7th from 9pm to midnight Connecticut’s Brian Jarvis performs at The Landing at 7 Central’s Christmas by the Sea party. Guests may bring a toy drive donation that will benefit Gloucester’s Pathways for Children.


Sunday, December 8th at 6pm Single Tree Music and the Historic Manchester Trust present “Holidays & Wintertide: An Evening with Chelsea Berry and Friends” featuring holiday music by Chelsea Berry, Renée Dupuis, Joe Cardoza, and John Rockwell. The concert takes place at the historic Crowell Chapel on Rosedale Avenue in Manchester. Saturday night’s show sold out, but tickets still remain for this encore performance following the tree lighting on Town Hall Common.wintertide second show

Tickets are available at:


Cape Ann Chamber At A Glance Holiday Edition


In the spirit of the season, the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce has produced this special holiday edition of Chamber at a Glance, highlighting the myriad of unique and festive events and special local shopping promotions happening in every Cape Ann community.  As you will see, there is so much going on everywhere, if you happen to miss a visit from Santa or the lighting of a Christmas tree in your community, chances are very good that you and your family can still experience all that and more in your neighboring Cape Ann city or town. 

So as Thanksgiving Day nears, and the holiday season is almost upon us, all of us on your Chamber team want to wish you and yours a most happy and healthy,  joyous and prosperous Cape Ann holiday season.

Cape Ann Chamber Holiday Parties

Wednesday, November 28, 5:00 to 8:00 pm

Manchester Division featuring Lucky Nine Drawing

The Landing at 7 Central
7 Central Street, Manchester

Tuesday, December 4, 5:30 to 7:30 pm

Rockport Division featuring the Half-Price Sale

The Fish Shack Restaurant

21 Dock Square, Rockport

Thursday, December 6, 5:30 to 7:30 pm

Essex Division featuring the Clamfest Awards

The Fortune Palace Restaurant

99 Main Street, Essex

Wednesday, December 19, 5:00 to 7:00 pm

Cape Ann Chamber Holiday Party

Chamber Office

33 Commercial Street, Gloucester

Essex Holiday Festival

Thursday, November 29 to Saturday, December 1

The first weekend of December is set aside in anticipation of this very special time of year…the giving and sharing of holiday spirit in Essex.

Thursday, November 29, 6:30 pm Join us for a solemn, special ceremony, the lighting of our Memory Tree at Town Hall on Martin Street, where we honor our lost loved ones. The town’s children’s bell choir performs in the background.

Friday, November 30, 6:30 pm Santa arrives by boat at the Town Landing on the Essex River . From there he and Mrs. Claus will go to the Waterline Center of the Essex Shipbuilding Museum. Children get to sit on Santa’s lap and review their holiday "wish list". Refreshments of clam chowder, donuts and hot chocolate are served.

Saturday, December 1, 8:00 to 11:00 am Breakfast with Santa with crafts, songs and photos is held at the Essex Elementary School on Story Street. Come join in all the fun!

Shop locally all day Saturday during Essex’s 4th Annual Holiday Shopping Day. Many participating businesses will be offering everything from free food and drink, discounts and sales to complimentary gift wrapping until 8 pm. There will be raffle prizes and silent auction items to bid on, storytelling and caroling. Eat, Shop and be Merry in Essex!

Gloucester Downtown Holiday Events

Friday, November 23 to Thursday, December 20

November 23

BLACK FRIDAY – SHOP LOCAL – Twenty five Shops opening at 6AM – With Special Discounts. Look for the Gold Star in Participating Windows.

November  25

Gloucester Downtown Christmas Parade starting at 3PM at the State Fish Pier on Parker Street proceeding to Main Street to Western Avenue.

The Annual Tree Lighting at Kent Circle will follow the Christmas Parade.

December 6

The 38th Annual Ladies Night – Stores will be open late. Many offering

refreshments and special offers. With every item purchased receive a free

entry to the $1,500 Shopping Spree.

December 8

The Middle Street Walk – 10AM to 3PM – FREE – During the day there will be concerts and special events at: Cape Ann Museum, Sawyer Free Library, Trinity Church, Universal Unitarian Church, Sargent House Museum, and more!

Full list of events on The Middle Street Walk’s Facebook page.

The Annual lighting of the Lobster Trap Tree at 4:45PM.

December 10

Bank Gloucester’s Tree Lighting 5 – 6PM. A reception to follow in the Bank Lobby, to benefit Hospice of the North Shore.

December 13

The 38th Annual Men’s Night – Stores open late. Many offering refreshments and special offers. With every item purchased receive a free entry to the $1,500 Shopping Spree (REMINDER: last day to enter is December 19).

December 20

The 1st Annual Family and Friends Night. Stores open late! Restaurants will

offer free desert or appetizers! ­Carolers strolling Main Street! Gather your friends and family and join us and enjoy the evening.

Santa will draw the Winning Ticket at 9 pm, to the $1,500. Shopping Spree.


Wednesday, November 28 to Sunday, December 2

Open Houses in the shops all weekend long!

Thursday, November 29 5:00 to 8:00 pm: Manchester Division Party featuring the Lucky Nine Drawing at The Landing (tickets $25; grand prize $1,000, more than 20 prizes in all!)

Friday, November 30: Shop Manchester Night! 4:00 to 9:00 pm

How to Play

-Get a Shop Manchester Night Passbook, available by mid-November from participating stores.
-Collect stamps from ALL participating shops, between 4:00 and 9:00 pm.
-Bring your Passbook to The Landing for a complimentary drink and a gift pack filled with valuable gift certificates from local merchants valued at over $200! Plus be entered in a drawing for a brand new Google Nexus 7 Tablet.

Saturday, December 1: Santa arrives by tug boat, Jingle Bell Walk, Surfari’s Stand Up Paddleboard’s harbor "parade", weekend shop-around event, Pancake Breakfast

Sunday, December 2: Concert, weekend shop around event, Friendship Tree lighting, and shop around prize winners announced

Rockport Holiday Events

Saturday, December 1 to Monday, December 31

Over 100 Quaint Shops & Art Galleries

Unique Gifts for the Whole Family in Every Price Range

Strolling Minstrels & Carollers ~ Gaily Decorated Streets & Stores

Fairs, Festivals & Concerts Seaside Inns & Restaurants Open for Your Enjoyment

December 1

Santa’s Arrival by Boat * Tree Lighting Ceremony

December 7

Shop Rockport! A Festive Evening of Exclusive Events! 4:00 to 8:00 pm 

December 8

"Seashells and Jingle Bells" Inn & Kitchen Tour, 1:00 to 5:00 pm

December 8 – 9

Seaside Village Open House

11th Annual Holiday Gallery Stroll

December 22

67th Annual Christmas Pageant

December 31

New Year’s Rockport Eve 2012

For further information and a complete Calendar of Events for this month-long program, now in its 28th year, contact the Rockport division of the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce at 978-283-1601 or visit us on the web at

Celebrate the Holidays on Cape Ann!

Shop Local!

The Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce invites you to join the

Cape Ann Gift Certificate Program!

Great gift idea and a wonderful promotional opportunity for the

upcoming Holiday Season!

Don’t delay – It is FREE TO JOIN this tremendously successful program.

How Does My Business Benefit?

The Program creates economic growth on Cape Ann

Free advertising and exposure for your business

Access to dollars that stay on Cape Ann

How Does It Work?

Certificates are deposited as a check – just fill in the store name in the payee space. The Chamber maintains an account funded by the original purchase of the gift certificate. Certificates can be purchased for $10 and up.

How Is It Promoted?

– Gloucester Daily Times ads

– Cape Ann Beacon ads

– Tent cards at cash registers, window decals, signs at Shaw’s Supermarkets

– Mentioned at Chamber events

– Special notice sent to Human Resource Directors of Cape Ann’s largest


How Much Does It Cost?

There is no charge to join in the Cape Ann Gift Certificate program –

participation is a benefit of Chamber membership

Who Participates?

The Chamber encourages participation from all Cape Ann business types: retail, dining, hospitality, services, and professional.

There are currently over 200 Chamber members participating in the program.

The names of participating businesses are given out with each gift certificate sale, and are listed on the Chamber’s website at

Where Can They Be Purchased?

– At the Chamber office in Gloucester

– At both Shaw’s Supermarket Gloucester locations

How Many Gift Certificates Have Been Sold?

Sold in 2010: Over $87,000 worth

Sold in 2011: Over $81,000 worth

Sold in 2012 (to date): Over $36,000 worth

Cape Ann Chamber’s Government Affairs Council Congressional Debate October 26th at Cruiseport

Brought To You By The Cape Ann Chamber’s Government Affairs Council

Congressional Debate

"Advocacy In Action"

Friday, October 26

Cruiseport Gloucester
6 Rowe Square, Gloucester

$30 (Advance)

$35 (Week/Day of)

7:00 to 7:30 am – Check In & Networking

7:30 to 8:00 am – Breakfast

8:00 to 9:30 am – Debate

Join us for a Congressional Debate among the three candidates for United States Representative for the 6th Congressional District of Massachusetts.

The debate will be open to Chamber members and the general public and will be moderated by Robert Visnick. Questions will be posed by a panel of Cape Ann journalists. If you have questions that you would like considered for the candidates, please submit them to

Preregistration is highly recommended as this event will fill up quickly.

To make a reservation, contact Robert Heidt at or call 978-283-1601.