Storm Clouds 7/28/14

A nice night to sit back and enjoy the show (and try to figure out what those damn ducks are called).

Did You get outside last night to shoot those beautiful clouds?  If so send in your pics and I’ll add them to this post.  I was sitting there watching it for about 20 minutes just itching to grab the tripod out of my truck when finally I couldn’t take it any more, the light was pretty amazing.  Working on a timelapse of it right now.


Cloud Photo from July 28 2014/Janet Rice

Storm Watchers, Granite Pier, Rockport, MA


hi joey,

i think we saw a glimpse from heaven yesterday here in plum cove. 

alexandra d’maris


Christy Juckett submits-

photo (95)

Storm Clouds Over Gloucester Harbor

Hi Joey,

I caught this formation over Gloucester Harbor Wednesday afternoon. This was part of the storm that the tornado warnings were issued about  today. I was looking at the radar map on and saw this red spot heading toward Gloucester. When I looked outside this is what I saw!

~Bill O’Connor
North Shore Kid


Mary Grazen-Browne forwards-

Storm coming across outer harbor –


Thought I’d share my shot of the storm storm clouds rolling past the Fort. Enjoy.
Nick Parco

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