Props to my peeps!

Just looking over the blog I’d like to offer up thanks to our contributors who photograph and write for GMG on a daily basis.

Every single day we are pumping out 15-20 quality posts about this place we love and when I got to thinking about it I’m not sure I’ve seen another daily that produces that kind of content daily when doing it solely for the purpose of the love of it without getting paid.

Hell I’m not even sure there are many small hyper local publications that get paid that produce that much quality content.

So props to our contributors and props to the people who leave encouraging comments for them, letting them know that their work is appreciated!

Very proud of what we’ve accomplished together.

(this doesn’t mean we’re going to stop pushing the boundaries and getting better)

37,214 views yesterday March 25, 2012 and the top twenty posts by popularity yesterdayimage

2 thoughts on “Props to my peeps!

  1. Thank you, Joey. I think we can all agree there would be a hole in our lives without GMG to be part of and connect with. There are so many wonderful people I have met, including yourself, who I probably would not have met if it weren’t for GMG.


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