Kudos To McDonalds Gloucester

The reconstruction is well under way.

The building looks like it is mostly made of brick which blends in 100 zillion times nicer than the old building which was painted the most ghastly of primary colors of bright red, harsh yellow and glossy white.

Hopefully when the finishing touches are made that they use some tasteful accenting colors to the brick.

The neighbors across the street must be thrilled.  I figure that on top of not having to look at the hideous old building they each will see the values of their homes go up by $15-$20,000 just by getting rid of that old primary color harsh yellow, red and white from the old building.


Big Time Props To The Efficient, Friendly and Hard Working Staff At Cape Ann Insurance

I go to get a sticker for my pick up and the kind folks at Gaybrook inform me that my truck isn’t registered. 

I call up the girls at Cape Ann insurance (they open at 8:30AM) head down and within 3 minutes I have myself a registered truck and sticker for my license plate.

All done with a smile and some friendly banter about how we all dig Tacos Lupita.

But beyond the stellar friendly service, the rates that they give to me personally and our business is far and away less than what we were paying at the old school insurance agency where our family had been for years.  We were loyal to that old company for a long long while and when we asked to re-examine our policies because they seemed way out of line with what our friends were paying for similar vehicles with similar coverage they didn’t seem to be able to compete for one reason or another.

So now we are with Cape Ann Insurance and couldn’t be happier.  I’m not getting any special treatment for writing this, we aren’t doing advertising for Cape Ann Insurance I just want to forward on when I think my readership can benefit from something.

They rock.  If you are happy with your insurance agency then stick with them.  But if you feel like your rates are way out of line, give them a call.  It can’t hurt. (and they’re really really nice)

Cape Ann Insurance

23 Dale Avenue Gloucester (next to the Post office)



Props to my peeps!

Just looking over the blog I’d like to offer up thanks to our contributors who photograph and write for GMG on a daily basis.

Every single day we are pumping out 15-20 quality posts about this place we love and when I got to thinking about it I’m not sure I’ve seen another daily that produces that kind of content daily when doing it solely for the purpose of the love of it without getting paid.

Hell I’m not even sure there are many small hyper local publications that get paid that produce that much quality content.

So props to our contributors and props to the people who leave encouraging comments for them, letting them know that their work is appreciated!

Very proud of what we’ve accomplished together.

(this doesn’t mean we’re going to stop pushing the boundaries and getting better)

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