$3.99 Mystery Quiz Answer

It’s a Pumpkin Cutie Pie!  Never heard of or saw one before myself.

E.J. Lefavour


3 thoughts on “$3.99 Mystery Quiz Answer

  1. Judy B. had the closest correct guess. Paul Morrison’s was the funniest but the furthest off with his mummy missing an eye guess. Hope everyone had fun with it. I guess the Pumpkin Cutie Pie was not a big seller, at least not to GMG readers.


  2. The 12 digit UPC code, 7 43425 55503 7 is not in the United States or Canada UPC database. Triple checked http://www.upcdatabase.com/barcode/upc/743425555037

    That is unheard of. That thing either fell off a martian space ship or it is an incredibly complicated hoax since I scanned the bar code and came up with the same number. You may have the only “Pumpkin Cutie Pie” in existence. Back away slowly. If it asks for sugar, run.


    1. I should have taken it home and not just photographed it, as it might be something really rare or came from a spaceship as you say. However, it says right on the sticker “Grown in USA”. Anyway, if you check the UPC code lookup for it now, you will find it, as I just added it to the UPC database, although my description might be a little unusual. It says:
      “Description Pumpkin Cutie Pie – mini pumpkin
      Size/Weight size of a softball/unkn
      Issuing Country United States
      Last Modified 26 Mar 2012, 3:25 PM
      Last Modified By ejaykhan”
      This is actually kind of interesting. I mean, who am I that I could go into the UPC Database and add something just like that. That’s why I used Ejay Khan, in case its some kind of Federal offense or something to add an alien martian item to the UPC Database. Damn, that could be their plot to infiltrate themselves into earth’s food supply, and I just helped them!


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