GMG Spring Fling this Saturday 6PM

The real kickoff to the entire season is upon us this Saturday, 6PM at Fred Bodin’s Historic Photo right here in our historic West End. All FOBs (friend of blog) and FORDs (friends of Rubber Duck) are invited.

RD has been thinking long and hard about what to bring. A bottle of Ryan & Wood Knockabout Gin (she loves the licorice accents) is a must but what else?

OK, to steal some photos from EJ, here is RD’s Vaseline Glass and Geiger Counter.RD will bring a piece of Vaseline Glass and demonstrate the radioactivity using her geiger counter. Perfectly harmless although maybe I wouldn’t microwave popcorn in it.

Also a contest. Pretty easy. Correctly guess where RD is in the next photo.

 All winners will be given the honor of showering Rubber Duck with gifts. As a good example RD will be wearing the necklace given to her by Beth Williams.  Beth could also bring a piece of her antique Vaseline glass she has in the window that I am betting pegs the geiger counter. If you have a piece of Vaseline glass just bring it to the hoedown at Fred’s and we’ll see if it’s hot.

But back to the gifts. Rubber Duck is a little bit bigger than you think so if you are going to make her a little Red Sox baseball cap her head is about the size of a lime. Hmm, limes also make great gifts as RD will never turn down a Gin and Tonic.

10 thoughts on “GMG Spring Fling this Saturday 6PM

    1. You mean some of those Mamie’s Kitchen coffee rolls that Joey has posted about?

      Would they resemble this work of art?

      Um, yes, Rubber Duck is flapping her little stubby rubber wings right now just thinking about them. (She’s trying not to think of why Joey’s pants just got tight.)

      If you worked in some Mamie’s homemade linguica somehow RD would not complain. You could serve the linguica on frilly toothpicks and win first prize.


    1. Had to look that one up:
      The answer seems to be no.
      “Depression glass is also a general description for any piece of glassware manufactured during the Great Depression regardless of appearance or formula.”
      Real vaseline glass contains uranium and will register above background on a sensitive geiger counter. (Mine is.) It will also fluoresce brightly under a UV light. I’ll also bring one of these to the Spring Fling although it will be tough to see in the bright lights of the store.


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