Exclusive Breaking New Bulletin: Bikini Speedo Dodgeball World Championship Controversy Erupts


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GloucesterCast 100 Taped At Cape Ann Giclee With 15 Of Us 10/25/14 #GloucesterMA


GloucesterCast 100 Taped At Cape Ann Giclee With 15 Of Us Taped 10/25/14

Topics Include: 100th GloucesterCast, Cape Ann Giclee, Last Stop Variety Muffins, 15 Contributors, Fred Bodin In The House, Marty Luster Taping, Donna Ardizzoni, Kim Smith, Craig Kimberley, Nichole Schrafft, Kenny MacCarthy, Paul Morrison, Melissa Cox, Alicia DeWolfe, Bill Cox, Anna Eves, Hanna Kimberley, James Eves, Lowell Peabody, Rich Bean, Shout Out To Jenn Cullen, Kenny MacCarthy My Original Podcast Partner, Shout Out To Niece Amanda and Sista Felicia and Barry Who Is In The Hospital, Rotary Trivia Night Must Do Event, Chad Koneckey’s Stripper Dance, Merideth Fine and Sal Frontiero Go Down To Joel Favazza’s Team, Kudos, To Rick Doucette, Ruth Pino and Tracey Arabian, Toby Pett Breaks China Port News, Hoping Dragon Light Keeps The Kitch, Joey’s Pet Peeve Cable’s “Free With Subscription” Is Never Free!, Blame ObamaCare, Free TV With UHV Antennae Works, Kenny MacCarthy Breaks Down and Buys A TV, Amazon Prime Free With $99 Subscription, James Eves Favorites, Fred Bodin’s GMG Holiday Parties, Phil Who Recently Passed From Northern Vermont Travels Down For The GMG Holiday Party, Donna Ardizzoni Risks Her Life To Get A Shot Of Paul Morrison Paddling Under The A Piatt Andrew Bridge During The Blackburn Challenge, The Blog Never Sleeps, The Pressure To Come Up With Decent Content, Kim Smith Falls Apart, Kim’s Fishermen Thanksgiving Video, Loveletters To Gloucester, Bikini Speedo Dodgeball Coverage, The Farm Bar and Grille, Craig Kimberley Talks About The Fury That IS GMG Fiesta Coverage, Being From Somewhere Else But Being Taken In By The GMG Family, No One Is Getting Paid, Nichole Schrafft Talks About Jeff Schroeder and The Amazing Race, The Diversity and Wealth Of Community Events Reported About On GMG, Cardboard Box Races, Bluefin Blowout Coverage, Nichole Recognized While Hollering At her Children, Dealing With the Haters, The Difference Between Posting A Difference Of Opinion Comment vs An Ignorant Hurtful Comment, Kenny MacCarthy Loves The History, Being The Clearinghouse of Local Information For Newcomers and Locals, Rich Bean Another FOB Who Moved Here Because They Fell In Love With Gloucester Through GMG, Rich Figures Out It’s About Positivity and Not Money, The Diversity, When My Father First Asked Me Why I Would Do GMG Without Getting Paid, Friendships Worth Wayyy More Than Any Money, GMG Unlike Comcast Is Actually “Free With Subscription, Lowell Peabody Fell In Love With The Political Correctness of Joey’s Rants, Lowell Decides To Cover The Bikini Speedo Dodgeball Tournament And Gets A Big Surprise, Alicia, Dewolfe As A Townie Says The Blog Opened Her Up To Many Local Things That She Wouldn’t Have Ordinarily Participated In And How We Break 95% of Local Restaurant News, How If We Don’t Break The Restaurant News They Become Dead To Me, Stay At Home Mom Yoga Pants Post, John McElhenney’s Yoga Pants That Said Joey Across The Butt, Manscaping, Overly Sensitive Hypocrites, The Person Who Pukes Out The Side Of My Car Shitfaced Who Says They Are Offended By Comments I’ve Made, Cancel Your Free Subscription, Trying To Push An Edgy Joke With Overly Sensitive People, Paul Morrison’s Life Lessons From Joey, Being A Judge In The Hot Wing Challenge At The Farm Bar and Grille, Marty Luster Moves To Gloucester After Spending One Weekend In Town And Falling In Love With The Place, Bill Cox Appreciates The Help For The Non Profits We Provide, Every Person That Came To The Phyllis A Steele Drive Came And Donated Because They Saw It On GMG, The Impact GMG Has Made On Making Things Happen In Gloucester, Melissa Cox Remembers The Coyote That Was Hit By A Truck On Moorland Ave and Wants To Be A Part Of Our Horribles Parade Float, Anna Eves Loves Vajazzling and The Woman With the Extreme Camel Toe, Appreciates The Positiveness, The Banter Broadcasting About Local Businesses with Humor, Felicia’s Favorite Memories, Horribles Float Building, Building The Outdoor Movie Screen with Ed Collard, Tuffy, Sean’s Jock Strap Jump, Buddhist Lobster Liberation, Buddha Is My Homeboy, Bottom Line- A Group Of Good People Pulling In The Same Direction Can Achieve So Much More Than One Individual, Thanks To Our Fans and Our Contributors.


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GMG 100th Podcast ©Kim Smith 2014

Just Like Newman this Friday night @ The Farm Bar and Grille ♪♫♪ Essex, Ma.

just like newman

This Friday night at 9:30, we’ll be rocking The Farm! — with Peter HoareKenneth ClevelandJohn FiliasChris Langathianos and George Dwyer at THE FARM Bar & Grille.

GloucesterCast Podcast 4/25/13 With Guest Kim Smith

GloucesterCast Podcast Taped 4/25/13 With Host Joey Ciaramitaro and Guest Kim Smith

Click to listen- With Host Joey C and Guest Father Matthew Green

Topics Include:

Spring, Planting, Mayor’s Poll On Good Harbor Beach Footbridge, Kim’s Black Swallowtail Butterfly Movie, Community Milkweed Planting Project, Kim’s Prius, Paul Morrison and Coyotes, Duckworth’s Bistrot, Craig Kimberley’s Bikini Speedo Dodgeball Premiere at The farm Bar and Grille, Feeling Like Your Live On Vacation In Gloucester

Breaking News: Man vs Food

Oh the humanity, I saw the whole thing. Not to give it all away at once but,

The cow ate some bad grass early:

and that was only round three. It went …

Yes, she is covering up nicely the fact that is the sign for round six upside down because no one one could have thought this event could go nine rounds.  Did Joey lose his voice, did Big Lar nail it again?  Installments of the details coming.

The GloucesterCast Podcast Episode 3

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  • Joey Ciaramitaro – creator of Good Morning Gloucester and co-owner of Gloucester MA Captain Joe and Sons lobster company
  • Kenny MacCarthy – creator of The Cut Bridge and Gloucester MA real estate agent guru

Joey and Kenny discuss Gloucester / Cape Ann:

  • Gloucestercast statistics from episode 1 and 2
  • Joey’s Estrogen Filled Trip To NYC
  • Valentines Day and The Clampon
  • GMG/ Farm Bar and Grill DTF Burger Challenge February 24th
  • Dangerous Dick
  • Kenny’s Local Real Estate Segment
  • i4c2 and Birdseye
  • Kenny’s Vegetable powered Volvo
  • Upcoming Events

Joey’s Twitter Username @Joey_C

Kenny’s Twitter Username @glosta

Kenny’s Facebook Page

Episode 3 link mentions:

Art Haven February Vacation Programs February 21-25
Sista Felicia and Roselle From Glazed Will Be Teaming Up For A Fun Springtime Basket Project
Boston Derby Dames Calendar Shot At Captain Joe and Sons- December Available At The First Bout of The Season February 26th

Please write in with comments, podcast ideas or things you would like to hear about in the next Episode of The GloucesterCast.  We value your feedback.

Thanks from Joey and Kenny

GloucesterCast Podcast Archive Here

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The Farm Downtown- Noah Gives Us The Skinny video

Noah tells us how the Farm Downtown at 350 Rantoul Street Beverly MA differs from the Farm Bar and Grille.

This place is destined to be one of those joints where you would drive 20 miles  to go for takeout because it’s that good!

The Farm Downtown- A Recipe For Success

New GMG contributor Mr Patrick Ryan and I headed to The Farm Downtown at the new Rantoul Street Beverly location at 350 Rantoul Street for The Farm’s latest business venture and it looks like the boys have a big-time winner.

All the best of the menu form the Farm Bar and Grille in Essex served fast, fresh and CHEAP.

I’m stunned at how cheap the menu items are (most expensive item is $6.95) 

I ordered and before we knew it the bags of grub were sitting on the counter in front of me.  Continuing to chat with the woman who took my order, it wasn’t for 3 or 4 more minutes til I realized that the bags placed in front of me were ours.

The Farm pulled pork nachos are my absolute favorite nachos anywhere.

If they sold stock in these guys I would be a buyer.  It is absolutely astounding to me that three 30 year old maniacs that came from the corporate world “get it” so well on what people want and how to give it to them in a restaurant. 

Mark my words- These guys are just getting going.  They’re big now- they are gonna be HUGE.

Look for the video tomorrow with Noah.






Some comments from Yelp

Beverly, MA

cheryl c.


I went to the Farm Downtown on opening day and was very happy with my experience.  It is a fairly small place (compared to its Essex cousin, which is a bar/restaurant) and has minimal seating.  I think it will succeed very well at the take-out level.  
The food is pretty much the same fare as the Essex location, but cheaper.  The fish tacos, which I adore, were $14 at Essex; $7 at Beverly.  Quite a big difference.  I don’t know if this is introductory pricing, however $7 for three fresh fish tacos (that are quite tasty) is a bargain in my book.  I also had the seasonal salad which was $6 and was fresh and packed with nuts, cranberries, apples and gorgonzola.  It’s really enough for 2, or leftovers for the next day.  
They were giving away pulled pork sandwiches, which are normally $4.25 for the small version and $6.25 for the large version, and it was quite good.  
The chicken tender app is $4.50 and if it’s the same as the Essex version, it will be one of the best buys.  They are very tender, and my order @ Essex was again big enough to bring home and throw into a salad the next day.  The breading could have a been a bit more flavorful for me, but as long as the chicken wasn’t dried out, i was a happy camper.  
The staff at the Beverly locale was doing a great job keeping up with customers on opening day and very pleasant to deal with.  There was no tip jar (which I tend to eyeroll at in most instances), but the gal behind the counter brought the food to our table (we thought we’d have to retrieve our own and would have been perfectly fine with that) and I would have gladly put something in a jar for that.
The hours here are going to be very good for those who make use of the Beverly "night life"; closing time is 2:00 a.m. on Th/Fri/Sat.  I have a feeling they’ll be doing a brisk business!

Wenham, MA

Peggy H.


It was great! I love the Farm in Essex and this store is cheaper and more convenient!

Ryan Cox- Farm Bar & Grille Disrespected By Sugar Mags and Ups The Ante

After Missy From Sugar Magnolia’s disrespected The Farm Bar and Grille, Ryan Cox Fires Back!

Come one come all! There will be no losers at this Throwdown as we’re all gonna party down at the Farm afterwards! Woot!

Are You Ready For Some Corn Dogs?!

I’ve never seen Joey so excited.

Just give him a Corn Dog and some Roller Derby and He’s in Heaven.

Maybe these Photos Will get you as excited as Joey for the upcoming Corn Dog Challenge on Thursday February 11, 8:30pm at The Farm Bar and Grille

How Not To Photograph Food For a Blog

While the Mrs was off romping through the mean streets of NYC I had a little quality time with one of my best buds- The Rabbit.

The Rabbit loves photography.  With his very limited income he spends a huge chunck on beautiful lenses and fancy shmancy light attachments for his big ginormous cameras.

So I got off work the other day and called him up for a a little bromance time.  An afternoon snack and then up to Hollywood Hits to catch Up In The Air starring George Clooney.  But I digress.

We get to The Farm Bar and Grille and order up a bunch of appetizers and just before the food comes out I tell the Rabbit go grab his camera and take some pics of the food for the blog.

Proudly he unzips his custom camera bag containing lenses of all sizes and a ring light thingy that fits around the lens and disperses light evenly for nice macro shots.  I’m impressed and it really looks like he knows what he’s doing and all.  To say that I’m not envious of the high tech gadgetry and fancy camera would be a lie.

He tells me he’s going to upload the photos to his Flickr account for me to use on GMG.  Sweet, more content!

I tell him get in tight on the food and he took some great shots right up on the plate which I saw later in the evening when we got back to the house and flipped through the images on the computer.  Very nice pictures of the nachos and the chicken wings with honey mustard sauce.

Now I go to his Flickr page and the few images he chose to upload are ones where he took  from about two feet away from the food and it’s all dark and you can’t really get an idea of what the food really looks like.  Note the pic below from The Rabbit-

IMG_5406e, originally uploaded by bmanpitt.

So there’s a lesson for you guys today.  When taking pictures of food get right up close on it.  Try to either put it someplace that has a dccent amount of light and use the macro setting on your camera (the one that looks like a flower on the camera settings menu).
Instead of the shot like my boy with the $2500 camera set-up took above you can produce images like the one I took below with my $225 camera.
Latitude 43 Crispy Fish Burrito-
click for larger version



If you haven’t watched any of the videos thus far from the GMG Farm Bar and Grille Hot Wing Challenge you owe it to yourself to look at these final ones.  It is where things reach climactic levels filled with suspense, drama, chaos and the conclusion.