The GloucesterCast Podcast Episode 14

The GloucesterCast Podcast Episode 14

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Taped February 20th, 2012 with hosts Joey Ciaramitaro from GoodMorningGloucester.organd Kenny MacCarthy from


Charles De Gaspe Beaubien Letters to the Editor In the Gloucester Daily Times

Harbor Walk

The Fort Discussion

Bikini Speedo Dodgeball

Hearts All Over Town

Local Real Estate Buys

Mug Up at Donna Ardizzoni’s

Kenny’s No Sugar- No Caffeine Diet

Joey’s Juicer




You Gotta Love The Odds For Our Team With Such Perennial Dodgeball All Stars Such As Menacing Mitch, D$, AJ the Animal, Slammin’ Sammie and 15 Year Michigan YMCA Intramural All State Dodgeball Champion Kurt Lubbers Leading the Charge!

Note: Other Teams May not To Witness this Video.  We Don’t Want them To Soil Their Panties. Don’t Blame Me If You Click On It, You’ve Been Warned!



I hope to see all my GMG FOB’s at The Farm March 4th to Cheer wildly at The Farm Bar and Grille!  I want Posterboards, I want bull horns,  I want some serious support for our Fellow FOBs.  I’m just gonna put it out there that if you don’t show up to have fun and cheer on our Rubber Rippers consider yourself crossed off my XMAS card list!  (and you don’t want that do you?)

Let’s Go Over The Competition’s Weaknesses Shall We?

Mamies Kitchen Muffin Tops– The Sugar Induced Coma After Ingesting Mamie’s Kitchen World’s Greatest Coffee Roll Will Make This Team a Pushover!

Passports Canadian Bacon– Too Pretty To be Taken Seriously

Sugar Magnolias Team Shameless– Inexperienced

The Farm Bar and Grill Ass with Class– Too Drunk To Compete

Saving Private Ryan and Wood– One Shot Of Knockabout Gin Will Send This Team Reeling

North Shore Cross Fit Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle–  Seriously?

Ed Collard’s House Doctor’s Blinded By the White – Bwa Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! The Only Shot This Team Has Is If The Glare From Their Pale Legs Blinds The Other Team, (or they die laughing first)

Jungle Silkscreening Jungle Fever– Woozy From Sniffing Ink- Non-Factor

Beverly Athletic Club Kiss Our BACsides– BACsides are Gonna be blistered with Dodgeball marks

Farm Team Swiss Farmy Knives– Farm Knives?  Could we get a more effeminate sounding team name? You’re not scaring anyone in this competition!

Maestranzi Brothers Red, White and Blue Balls– More concerned about the team’s outfits than competing and Team captain needs to pull his head out of his ass and get back in the game!

Muffy White Organizings Hot Mess– The Uber Type A Muffy will be so encompassed trying to figure out the proper Dodgeball rules that they won’t be able to focus on pure play and will lead to Hot Mess’ demise.

Cape Ann Brewing Nacho Libre– Have you drank more than three Fisherman’s Brew?  If you have you know that the impairment which ensues will be this team’s undoing.

Cross Fit Cape Ann  Buns and Guns and Power Snatch– So Angry about Passports Call-Out they’ve lost all their focus

Dog Bar American Bacon – Andy Mullholland in a Speedo?  Enough said.

Beach Gourmet’s Drop It like It’s Hot– More concerned with renovation, may be distracted!

Check Out The 2012 Speedo Bikini Dodgeball Facebook Page Here and Like it!


If any other teams have pre tourney pictures they want to submit I’ll run ‘em ASAP!

All of the profits from the sign-ups of the Tournament are going to Next Step, an organization that provides support, education and resources for teens and young adults coping with cancer and other life threatening illnesses.


Brad Byrd Wins Best Singer-Songwriter Album of the Year!

GMG readers: thanks for voting for Cape Ann’s own Brad Byrd, who won in the Best Singer-Songwriter Album of 2011 for his release “Mental Photograph” on the highly-regarded site. Brad was up against such luminaries as Ryan Adams & Bon Iver, but clearly, melodic’s fans know the best when they hear it! For more of Brad’s music, visit his site and check out his interview on

Mardi Gras with Henri Smith feat. Charles Neville TOMORROW 7:30 Benefit for Y TEENS REBUILD NEW ORLEANS III

Don’t miss Grammy-winner Charles Neville with Henri Smith and a special Mardi Gras band featuring plenty of brass & percussion at Minglewood Tavern tomorrow at 7:30pm.  Tickets are $15 in advance (that means get them today) and $20 at the door.  10% of revenue from tickets, food & drink benefits Y TEENS REBUILD NEW ORLEANS III trip.

If you missed the interviews with Rick Doucette, see them here with Zack White and here with Steven Verga.

Don’t forget Allen Estes is gimmesound’s artist of the week and you can see him sing one of his most popular new songs, Beautiful Stranger, here (not yet available on any cd).

Spring in February

Yesterday was such a glorious day.  We had a very low tide, so I was able to walk from Cambridge Beach to Lighthouse Beach along the shoreline and see things from a perspective I hadn’t seen before.  People were kayaking, walking to the end of the sandbar and sand dollars were exposed along the water’s edge.  All that after a wonderful morning of cameraderie and sharing at Mug Up.  As Joey would say: “This doesn’t suck”. 

E.J. Lefavour

Why the sudden interest in the Jodrey State Pier

There is beautiful assortment of waterfowl inhabiting the harbor. While there filming the birds and trying to get closer (ever closer!), I’ve become fascinated with the graphic industrial compositions from atop and from below the pier. For example, the above snapshot of Gloucester’s iconic Paint Factory, through the piling’s grid.

Photoshop workshop!

There’s a Photoshop Workshop happening at Art Haven on Friday afternoon for only $20! Students in grades 7-12 can come to learn the basics or get some help with something they’ve been struggling with. Call (978) 283-3888 to sign up now.

Photoshop Workshop

Ted’s Excellent Adventure Entertainment Extravaganza Fundraiser

Ted’s Excellent Adventure:
Entertainment extravaganza fundraiser.
Join in the fun and help our friend Ted rebuild and start over!
Ted was displaced and lost everything in a house fire in November.
A reunion of popular Gloucester area bands:
Tickets purchased in advance ~ $15.00
Tickets purchased at the door ~ $20.00
Cash bar, raffles and more!!

Please contact Frank Hawks or Kimberly Shaw for tickets and info.
There will also be tickets being sold by various band members and folks around town!

More contact/ticket info to follow

Where Zat?

I was out shooting yesterday and stopped here for a lunch break. Any guesses where I was parked? I can tell you it is in Gloucester. 🙂

Check out more of my photos here!

Update-                                                                                                                                        Wes was the first person to identify my location! Here’s his answer: “You were at the end of a little pothole filled dirt road in west Gloucester by the traintracks (which would be on your left). It’s a little beach area looking out on the water. Nice shot!”  Check the comments to see the others who got the answer as well! Congrats to all!

Thanks!      ~ Sharon

Look For Gloucester’s Hometown Distillery Ryan and Wood On Chronicle Tuesday Night

Tuesday, February 21: Made in New England


From the channel 5 website:

The chip business is a dog eat dog business, but Needham based Food Should Taste Good is taking a bite out of the big guys’ profits. Shayna Seymour discovers how they’re doing it. Plus … it’s time to make the bread – and bagels and muffins – at Panera Bread. We’ll go inside their 24 hour baking operation. A Melrose woman makes canine comfort her priority, and the spirits of Cape Ann are brewing at a Gloucester’s Ryan and Wood Distilleries.

Ryan and Wood Will Be Sponsoring The Bikini Speedo Dodgeball Team “Saving Private Ryan and Wood”  March 4th at the Farm Bar and Grille.  We have all the brackets filled- twenty teams of bikini speedo dodgeball madness!!!!!!

Check Out The 2012 Speedo Bikini Dodgeball Facebook Page Here and Like it!

Ryan and Woods- check out their website and live distillery webcam