Gloucester Harbor Walk Construction Photos From Steve Douglass

Dear Joey,
I am sending pictures I took last Friday. The"Gloucester Harbor Walk" under construction. Photos taken by Steve Douglass
I was informed by a construction worker that the "Walk" should be completed by May 1 st. 2012.
I hope that you could include them in the daily "Good Morning Gloucester site".
Steve Douglass
Harbor Tours Inc.
Gloucester Harbor Walk,
A self guided audio tour

Harborwalk Feb 2012 003Harborwalk Feb 2012 004Harborwalk Feb 2012 005Harborwalk Feb 2012 007Harborwalk Feb 2012 009

Adventure on the Railways

The Adventure organization is beginning 2012 at a rapid pace with our goal to have Adventure sailing in the 2012 Schooner Festival. She will not be completed, just able to sail with crew. On February 13th we plan to be hauled on the South railways at Gloucester Marine Railways starting at 2:30PM. We will then have the masts pulled within the next few days. I will schedule this project as soon as Adventure is on the rails

That will be a photo op! Mayer Tree Service is coming with a 270’ crane to pull 92’ masts out of a vessel 25’ in the air. Wasn’t sure if anyone from GMG, maybe EJ or Kim Smith might be interested. We will be going back in the water while calculations are determined for the engine bed, engine installation, water tight bulkheads , and ballast etc., but will be out again on the North railways the beginning of April to complete this phase.

Joanne Souza, Executive Director

Schooner Adventure

Bird Mancini’s Back

Any of you who came to Nights on the Neck this summer on Rocky Neck in July, August and September, got the great treat of hearing Bird Mancini on Madfish Wharf outside Khan Studio and the Good Morning Gloucester Gallery.  I’ve known Ruby Bird and Billie Carl Mancini for a number of years, and they are a great couple and awesome performers.  If you want to hear them again, or for the first time, before this summer when they return to Rocky Neck, come by the Dog Bar at 65 Main Street tonight at 9:00.  You can go to Fred Bodin’s party first and then hop, skip and jump to the Dog Bar for a rockin good time.   Look for Wendie Demuth and yours truly there.

Photo of Bird Mancini with T Max on Madfish Wharf

E.J. Lefavour

Cape Ann Painters and Photographers Group

Post from Alice Gardner about the next upcoming Cape Ann Painters and Photographers Group.  This is a great group that is really supportive and sharing.  If you are a painter or photographer looking to network, share what you are doing, or just get out of the studio or house in the winter and connect with other likeminded people, you really should come.  EJ

“Since we are about to outgrow the Pleasant Street Tea Company space which Trish and Allison so graciously let us use for the first three meetings, we have changed our meeting space to accommodate more people. Our meeting we will be Monday, February 13 from 9-10:30 AM at
“the Annie” on One Washington Street ( The Old Blackburn Tavern) – entrance on the side.  Henry has offered the space for our meetings . Thank you Henry. We will have Dunkin’ Donuts coffee and some tea  available for everyone. There is free parking in the city lot near the water.

We will continue to have a “check in” so that each person has 3-4 minutes to share how their art is going. E.J. has offered to do a brief presentation on marketing of our art.

Welcome to any new members who are about to join us.

Looking forward to seeing everyone.”

Sincerely, Alice Gardner

I got nothin’.

Oh em gee it’s snowing outside I cannot go out to take a photo and Stella won’t go outside because there are alligators in the puddles. So I’ll just post a photo that Marty Luster took of Stella at a GMG Mug Up while everyone was stuffed in the kitchen.

Which I thought of after visiting and ran into this animated gif

For the record, Stella would never think of eating that muffin … unless it was Joey’s. And just a lick.

Public Access to Public Landings?

The Public Trust Doctrine is a legal principle that dates back nearly 2000 years, which holds that the air, the sea and the shore belong not to any one person, but rather to the public at large.

Wonson’s Cove Rocky Neck 

Yesterday my husband, our dog, and I were walking along Wonson’s Cove in the muck of the low tide zone when a woman approached us, at first with a friendly hello. We smiled back and said hello. She immediately became confrontational and informed us that we were trespassing, demanding that we turn around and leave. We politely said that we believed we had the right to walk across the beach especially as we were heading to the Wonson’s public landing. She became livid and said she was going to call the police. I said okay, call the police. She then made some very rude remarks.

I do not wish to inconvenience or offend any property owner however, I had my camera and we were clearly only there to enjoy the great beauty of the cove. We were not littering or damaging the beach in anyway, as a matter of fact, large amounts of trash washes ashore and accumulates at that little beach and I have often come home with armfuls.

What has been your experience in a similar situation?

Below I’ve posted the Public Trust Doctrine of Chapter 91, The Public Waterfront Act, and underlined the information I think is particularly pertinent for photographers and for all lovers of nature. The complete chapter is posted in the Read More section and here is the link to the Mass DEP, or Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection page that highlights Chapter 91.

Through Chapter 91, the Commonwealth seeks to preserve and protect the rights of the public, and to guarantee that private uses of tidelands and waterways serve a proper public purpose:

Preserves pedestrian access along the water’s edge for fishing, fowling and navigation and, in return for permission to develop non-water dependent projects on Commonwealth tidelands, provides facilities to enhance public use and enjoyment of the water.

Seeks to protect and extend public strolling rights, as well as public navigation rights.

Protects and promotes tidelands as a workplace for commercial fishing, shipping, passenger transportation, boat building and repair, marinas and other activities for which proximity to the water is either essential or highly advantageous.

Protects Areas of Critical Environmental Concern, ocean sanctuaries and other ecologically sensitive areas from unnecessary encroachment by fill and structures.

Protects the rights of waterfront property owners to approach their property from the water.

Encourages the development of city and town harbor plans to dovetail local waterfront land use interests with the Commonwealth’s statewide concerns.

Assures removal or repair of unsafe or hazardous structures.

Read More…

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Hit by a train? Shake? Steps? Is it really alligator?


All your burning questions are answered in today’s video as T Max walks Gloucester’s music scene in the finale of gimmesound’s five part Artist of the Week series featuring Gloucester’s music media mogul.

Valentine’s weekend with lot’s of choices for lovers from T Max’s Lovely Couple’s show at the Dog Bar featuring Bird Mancini and Joe & Renee to Safety’s Valentine’s Party at Minglewood, and lots more.  See the full lineup here:

“Gloucester Town” – from the Wednesday “sing” at the Annie

Carlo Cicala played and sang “Gloucester Town” (his variation on a familiar song) last Wednesday evening at the “sing” at The Annie.  He was accompanied by Bob on the sax and Ernie on the guitar.  I had some camera trouble that cut off the first few seconds, but here is the rest:

Chickity Check It! Former Rockport Lobster Dealer Charlie Fields Has A Blog

Joey, I used to own the New England Lobster Company on Pigeon Cove Wharf and now spend retirement between Magnolia and Sun City West, Arizona. Every morning I get the GDT online and enjoy your blog contribution. I am not too sure how these blog sites actually work but as a sculptor and author of a memoir and four travel mysteries I am slowly learning how they can be effective in social networking. Check out my website designed by another blogger, Kathleen Valentine: ( That’s an L in the middle)).

Charles L. Fields


PS: What’s the price?

In The Era Of Big Boxes, A Day For The Little Guy From the Huffington Post

forwarded by Stephanie Swanson

CHAGRIN FALLS, Ohio — It began quietly, as an email to 40 friends.

But when a steady stream of customers began coming through the door before the family-owned Chagrin Hardware had even opened for the day on Saturday, it was clear that it had turned into much more than that.

The idea started with Jim Black, a resident of Chagrin Falls, a close-knit village in Cleveland’s eastern suburbs that is part artist colony and part bedroom community. Black posted the email to a group of his friends. "Let’s show our support for one of our local businesses," he wrote. "I challenge everyone to spend AT LEAST $20 at the hardware on the 21st."

Although his email referred to the idea of a "Cash Mob" or the notion to "Occupy CF Hardware," he really had no political agenda. And it wasn’t meant as a protest against the big-box stores that have created an ever-tightening circle around the community.

For The rest of the story click here