GMG Posts: 19,981

Another milestone should fall Saturday Morning- 20,000 posts on GMG since inception, December 29, 2007

We wouldn’t have done it without the friendships and encouragement from you, our GMG community.

So thank you to our contributors, our commentors and our readership.

It’s been a fun ride and I plan to keep bringing the fun and strive to make GMG your first stop on the interwebs.

Thank Heavens Someone is Finally Taking Action

You know who you are.  All those foursquare users that feel it necessary to automatically tweet your every location and when you become "mayor" of the Starbucks on 43rd street or that you ousted someone as king of the portable toilets.  Personal Note:  No One Cares!!!!

If you add a photo of a meal there or of the scene perhaps that would be of some value, but to simply state where you are, think about it, have you ever given a shit when you read someone else’s "check-in" tweet of where they are?  i can tell you that NO ONE CARES.

Finally there is an agency looking out for the welfare of twitter users and their sanity against useless tweets.

The Twitter Police

Bad Boys Bad Boys What Cha Gonna Do?

Here are some examples of Tweets that should never have entered cyberspace (and I enjoy most of what these people tweet otherwise)-




Conversely some examples of tweets that are of value-






Beautiful Day for a Whale Watch on Rocky Neck

I have to say that the magic that is Rocky Neck never ceases to amaze.  I’ve never been on a whale watch or seen a whale up close and personal; but I did today in Smiths Cove on Rocky Neck.  This fellow cruised up and down Rocky Neck, obviously a little disoriented and not able to find his way back out again.  Debbie and Peter Schradieck were visiting Madfish Wharf and spotted him first and came to find me to come see him.  Wendie Demuth was there too so we all ran down to the Marine Railways and photographed him from the end of the railways pier.  Peter estimated his length to be between 25-30′ and that he was a fin whale.  I’ve also included a photo from the internet of a beached fin whale, which has the same bumpy head feature you can see on this whale, and the fin which you can see in the last photo of the series, although it could also be his tail.   Hopefully that won’t be the fate of this one.  Peter did call the Coast Guard and alert them of his presence in Smiths Cove.

The fin whale is the second largest animal in the world after the blue whale, the fastest swimming of all the large whales (sometimes called the greyhound of the seas) and the commonest of the large baleen whales.  This one certainly was fast, as he would come up in one spot on the cove and a minute later be coming up again at a spot a good distance away, so quickly that at first we thought there were two of them.  I hope he can find his way out, as he should be on his way to warmer waters now, and there won’t be any food for him in Smiths Cove.

E.J. Lefavour

The narrowest strip of land between a body of freshwater and of seawater

Niles Pond

My favorite places and time of day to walk our sweet terrier Miss Rosie Money Penny (also know as Rosie, Rosa, Rosalicious, Rosalita, Rosebud, Rose-Muffin, Rosie-Pie…) is at sunset and all around my East Gloucester neighborhood and water’s edge of Eastern Point. The above photo was taken from the narrow strip of land that separates Niles Pond from Brace Cove. It is believed that at one point, not too long ago, Niles Pond was a lagoon, which was sealed off by rising sand and rock. Over time, it became a fresh water pond, fed by springs and rainfall.

Surrounded by reflected light from the sea, sunsets are gorgeous from nearly any Cape Ann vantage point. Luminous light is made all the more atmospheric from moisture in the air; combine that when seen through the golden lambent glow of sun’s low slanting rays– I call that heaven on earth!   Click photo to see full size image.

Wonson’ Cove Rocky Neck

Who’s the surprise guest today?

Singer/songwriter and Noise Magazine founder/editor T Max continues walking Gloucester’s music scene in Part 3 of gimmesound’s Artist of the Week series:  Part 1 here & Part 2 here

Today he transforms a woman on the street into a new music fan with a shout out to Bandit Kings and a special appearance at the end by one of Gloucester’s best musicians, who rarely performs live.

Great music around town see the full list here and a Local Brews Beer Dinner with music ~ what more could you want?  Get out tonight and have some fun!

Quote of the Week by Greg Bover

“Nothing is exactly as it seems, nor is it otherwise”
Alan Watts  (1915-1973)
Born in Britain, philosopher and theologian Alan Watts moved to the US in the thirties, attending Episcopal seminary while at the same time receiving training in Zen Buddhism. He served briefly as a priest but left the church to pursue a career as a teacher and lecturer. His bestselling 1957 book The Way of  Zen was one of more than two dozen he wrote on spirituality, religion and consciousness. Many of his brilliant lectures are available on the web and as an Iphone app. This seemingly nonsensical quote is in the nature of a koan or parable, perhaps the best known of which is “What is the sound of one hand clapping.” These thought provoking sayings are meant to encourage lateral thinking. The origins of the Watts quote go back to the Surangama Sutra, probably written 1,400 years ago, and may refer to our inability to truly comprehend reality.

Greg Bover

Gregory R. Bover
VP Operations, Project Manager
C. B. Fisk, Inc
978 283 1909

To My Fellow Bloggers Around The World A Question- A Blog Post Is Not A Blog, Is It?

I’m talking about the terminology here.

It’s sort of a pet peeve of mine when I read other bloggers refer to one of their posts and to be specifically speaking about that one post and refer to it as “this blog”. To my way of thinking it isn’t “this blog” you are referring to, it should be “this blog post”.

If you are referring to the entire body of work consisting of all the posts that have been written on that person or group of people’s blog then it is the blog but not the individual post. The individual post should be referred to not as “this blog” but as “this blog post”

I think it confuses blog readers who may not really understand how blogs work and that blogs exist past the home page to include all previous postings written by its contributors, generally in chronological order. I’ll try not to sound condescending but the reality is that there are large percentages of the Internet reading population that don’t understand these concepts let alone that they can search for previous posts or how to navigate to previous day’s blog posts by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking on the previous posts link.

Anyway, maybe I’m wrong but didn’t know where else to turn for the correct term.

From where I sit a blog post is a “blog post” and the entire body of work is a “blog”

So if I were referring to this blog post I would never write something like this- “When I set out to write this blog”. I would write ” When I set out to write this blog post”

I’m 98% certain that I’m right but I see some very popular bloggers who actually have larger readerships than GMG make this mistake. Unless of course I’m wrong. Where do my fellow bloggers fall on this and is there a blog governing board that could clear this up for me.
I’m pretty sure for Journalists there some AP guidebook that tells you the right terminology for stuff like this but I’m not sure it exists for the blogging world.
Joey Ciaramitaro

An example of it being used in what I would be considered the wrong way is here on my favorite blog other than GMG, Barstool Sports-

BJ Wayne Donates two Paintings to Gloucester Dog Park

The Gloucester Dog Park is about to enter phase two of construction as a result of several recent gifts that are being matched by the Dusky Foundation.

Artist, BJ Wayne, a local figurative, animal and landscape painter, has just donated a 24” by 36” Giclee,  “Sierra,” valued at $350, together with an oil painting of an Australian Shepherd valued at $900 to be auctioned.

Sierra by BJ Wayne


The Auction Committee is now accepting bids on these paintings, so if you would like to add one of these beautiful paintings to your collection, please make a bid, ASAP, by calling Christopher Lewis at 978-879-9283

To Learn more about BJ Wayne and her work please visit To Stay in the know and donate to the dog park



Wednesday night “sing” at The Annie

Here’s a snapshot from the “sing” last night at The Annie – a weekly informal get-together on Wednesdays from 7PM to 9:30PM, where everyone gets a chance to sing and/or to sing along with others, and/or play acoustic instruments. People are also welcome to come just to listen.  Our host requests a $5 donation from participants to help support our venue’s basic expenses.

Last night we had songs in English, Italian, Spanish, and Latin, from a variety of genres.  We ended up with twelve people, three guitars, a sax and a clarinet (I think… I’m not an expert on wind instruments, so I may be misidentifying it).  Come and join us for future “sings”!

In a day or two I’ll post a little video clip of one of the songs sung yesterday.