Mamie’s Muffin Tops- The Latest Squad To Sign Up For Bikini Speedo Dodgeball

Yet another squad is getting in on the Fun!  Mamie’s Kitchen’s Muffin Tops has signed on to the Farm Bar and Grille Good Morning Gloucester Bikini Speedo Dodgeball Tournament!


Check out the delectable dishes from Mamie’s Kitchen here

I told you any team that signs up will get their links and logo included in every Speedo Dodgeball post leading up to the event.  GMG is only seen by 25-35,000 people a day so for you to not sponsor a team and get that recognition in these pages for your organization is just plain bad business.  Not to mention that all of the profits are going to Next Step, an organization that provides support, education and resources for teens and young adults coping with cancer and other life threatening illnesses.

Erik Lorden owner of Passports whose team name will be Canadian Bacon specifically called out  team from Crossfit Cape Ann stating-

“They’re Going Down Like A Sweet Muffin!”

Eric Lorden from Passports told me they ordered bikini’s and speedos with maple leafs on the ass and are looking into getting white swim caps with the maple leaf as well.. .So we have The Farm Bar and Grille, Ryan and Wood Distillery, George’s Coffee Shop,Sugar Mag’s, Cross Fit Cape Ann, Beverly Athletic Club, Good Morning Gloucester, Jungle Screen Printing, Passports Canadian Bacon, Ed Collard’s House Doctors, and Mamie’s Kitchen Muffin Tops so far.

Get a team together, have a ton of fun and do some good. Wins all the way around.

You don’t need to be sponsored by a business you can get a team together yourself. Funny team names are encouraged!

So get in on the fun, drum up some awareness for your organization and help with the fight against the suck that is cancer.


Our Hosts The Farm Bar and Grille check them out the Farm’s Facebook Page here


Here are the other squads signed on

We have a Ryan and Wood Distillery sponsored squad (best damn spirits you can consume on the planet) check out their website and live distillery webcam


George’s Coffee Shop Squad- take a gander at some of the deliciousness that comes out of the kitchen at George’s here


Sugar Mags is putting a yet to be named team together- check the breakfast artistry that is Sugar Magnolia’s and like their Facebook page.  Also did you know Sugar Mag’s does catering?


Cross Fit Cape Ann should be the early favorites, we will see if their elite training will put them over the top. Check out their blog here


Beverly Athletic Club’s Team will look to contend with the cross fit athletes from Cross Fit Cape for the top seed.


I will be sponsoring a team from GMG featuring our boy Kurt Lubbers and a team of maniacal Coasties.


Passports Restaurant


and Ed Collard’s House Doctors Handyman Repair Services


check out Jungle’s website here


Send In Your Pics in Pats Gear! We’ll Post Em!


Joe Testaverde writes-

Joey this is my jersey for tomorrow’s game. Been a fan and follower since 1960 Boston Pats. A good friend and ex Boston Pats player whom lives in Gloucester, Jim Walen,  we use to go to the games and watch from the Club area with four bars many types of food and fire places and cheer leaders before the game was pretty tough to take. Had to go out side the glassed in area to feel and hear the excitement, that was till it got too cold and snuggled back inside.


Hi Joey,

Long time no talk. I hope you are doing well. I love your website and my parents, who now live in Florida,go on it everyday to see what’s going on in Gloucester. I wasn’t sure if you were doing any kind of pictures of locals for the Super Bowl, but wanted to send you this picture of my son, Luke Salah, age 2. This was taken last October at Pavilion Beach,on that unseasonably warm day. In the spirit of Super Bowl, thought I would send it in. I have no idea how you decide what goes on your website, so its obviously up to you.

Go Pats! Debbie (Mahoney) Salah

We love your site, and set it as an example of ours at and we hope to someday become as popular as you for Cape Ann visitors.
Attached is my picture of my dog “Cody” who loves football and howls next to me on game days as we both either are yelling or cheering thruout the game. He’s wearing his favorite shirt in this picture.

Daniel Driscoll

Exit 11 Representing in Santa Barbara California

Jim Frontiero & Mike Lindberg of Exit 11 representing in Santa Barbara, CA. Exit 11 had a gig in California and rocked the house for the Citrix Global Summit.

Kathy Chapman submits The photo below-

Kathy Chapman Photo

Our Donna Ardizzonni Back In 2002!


We saw that you’re looking for Pats fan photos and thought we’d share this one that we posted on our website a few weeks ago, after NE’s victory over Tim Tebow and the Broncos.  The Blue Shutters innkeepers were at one of our favorite places in Gloucester that night — the Topside Grill — and Patty decided to ring the bell at the bar after each Patriot touchdown (if you recall, there were many during that game). That’s her in the team jersey ringing the game-ending bell with a few friends. From left: Topside bartender Antoine, Topside “top-dog” Doug Silva and Patty’s new pal Amy. Since Topside will be closed until April, we can’t ring the bell this Sunday — but we’ll see Doug next weekend at our Blue Shutters Chili Cook Off (Saturday, February 11) and we’ll celebrate then!

Tony & Patty Sapienza, Ed & AnnMarie Comer – Innkeepers

topside bell

And how about Pats in Glosta Gear ?  Patriot’s offensive lineman #70 Login Mankins sporting his size 3XL “Coolest Tee Shirt Around ” !


Seamus designs Pats T shirt

Having lots of fun getting ready for the game at the Slifers


Jen Amero Forwards-

John Randazza in Indy


Did You Know? (Why Crows Mob Hawks)

Mobbing behavior by crows is very common. The crows are reacting to the potential threat the hawk poses as a predator, to the adult crows and their offspring. The mobbing often serves to harass the hawk into leaving the area. Occasionally a mobbed hawk will turn the tables and attack and kill a crow.  You can often tell when there is a hawk around by the frantic cawing of a flock of crows.

E.J. Lefavour

The Great American Protest Song is Back!


All week long, gimmesound’s artist of the week Inge Berge, featured his new Sh*t Under Your Shoes video that we produced together.

But no salute to Inge would be complete without featuring his excellent protest song, Prison Nation, which Inge produced into a compelling, poignant music video.  Check it out!

It’s a hoppin’ Saturday night on Cape Ann with 7 artists to choose from — DJ, Piano Bar, Classic Rock, Folk, etc.  Get the lineup here

My Nana and her Lighthouses

If there’s one thing I learned from my great grandmother, it’s the importance of being a hostess—welcoming people into your home and making them feel warm, loved and taken care of. But if you asked me for two things my Nana taught me in the 23 years I had with her, the second would be to never let a lighthouse go unappreciated.

Lighthouse and moon She loved lighthouses and had them everywhere – sweatshirts with lighthouses on them, calendars, magnets on the fridge. She loved to go driving around just to visit lighthouses in New England. Lighthouses like the one I get to walk by every day on my way to work. As I get ready to go say my good-byes at Nana Lyman’s memorial on Monday, I decided to take a little tour of Gloucester’s lighthouses and appreciate the beauty around us every day – just wanted to share a little bit of it.

From Eric Howarth; Paul Frontiero the 3rd memorial decals

From Eric Howarth;

Paul Frontiero the 3rd memorial decals;

From Eric Howarth;

Anyone who would like memorial decals please send me an email at for details. 100% of the proceeds go to the Memorial fund in Paul’s name.

For Paul Frontiero the 3rd’s Memorial Facebook Page click here;!/pages/Paul-Frontiero-Memorial-Page/173063512778766

Can someone explain why we have to look at old ass stars at every big national event? Example: Madonna at The Superbowl

Madonna at The Superbowl?  Really?  Madonna hasn’t been relevant since the 90’s.

Who selects these people and why don’t they feature younger acts at the top of their game rather than ancient former stars who haven’t had a serious hit in over a decade?


The Superbowl.  The biggest viewing event in the universe.  They have all the money in the world and can presumably get the biggest stars at the very top of their game.

and someone who has the authority to make the decision selects…..Madonna????

This person needs to be fired like yesterday.  It is unconscionable that someone does the analysis and comes up with …Madonna.  Is the selection committee operating in an alternate universe where 50 year old washed up stars are the big thing??

Here’s a list of old folks I wish I didn’t have to see at every single big event.

Madonna, U2, Elton John, Cher, Mary J Blige, Steven Tyler, ect ect ect.

Give the youngsters the limelight.  Pass the torch.  It’s over.



Sunrise from Chapin’s Gully

This morning there was a pretty good sundog sun pillar preceding sunrise which split the Rockport Breakwater.

Click the photo for two more shots and larger photos. This shot was taken while standing in front of Chapin’s Rock which is in Chapin’s Gully. I wondered who Chapin was so I looked him up. The Reverend Edwin Hubble Chapin had a cottage on Andrews Point (still there) and “a few rods” away, according to his biography was a gully that the preacher swam in most every afternoon. He died in his Pigeon Cove cottage in 1880 but he was a pretty big deal so back to Brooklyn to his last church for the funeral he went. PT Barnum was a pal and went to the funeral as well as “more preachers than have ever attended one funeral.” A Universalist, he preached in Rockport many times to a packed house.

Pathways For Children Power of Reading Workshop February 6th

Pathways for Children is offering a free parent/caregiver workshop: The Power of Reading, on Monday, February 6th at 29 Emerson Ave. Gloucester,MA.  Coffee and refreshment will be served at 8:30 am  followed by an informative and compelling presentation at 9:00 am  by children’s librarian and educator, Martha Morgan of Rockport.

The workshop will include; the “Do’s and Don’ts to remember when reading aloud, how to choose a great read aloud book, answers to questions parents often ask and much more.  Parents/caregivers of children under the age of six can register to attend with Amy Larsen at 978 281-2400 x120 or email  This is made possible through a MA Department of Early Childhood Education & Care grant and Pathways for Children.


Community Stuff Saturday



The theme of seARTS Annual Meeting on Tuesday, February 28 (6 – 9pm) is FOCUS on CULTURAL DISTRICTS at Rockport Music’s Shalin Liu Performance Center Reception Hall. Please join us and send the attached notice to your members, friends, and mailing lists.

We chose this theme to keep the momentum you’ve all been working hard at alive and well and to further the discussion throughout Cape Ann. We have terrific speakers who will address many facets of Cultural Districts and their role in economic and cultural development including: development, hands-on management, challenges and public policy.If you have specific questions or topics you’d like the speakers to address, please send them to me by February 15.

6:00 – 6:30 Reception

6:30 – 7:00 seARTS Business Meeting

7:00 – 8:00 Speakers: Ann Galligan and Herb Weiss (see bios on attachment)

8:00 – 8:30 Q & A

We look forward to seeing you!

Anne Robinson  seARTS

Vice President, Board of Directors

Karen Ristuben "Just, one word…" at the Ipswich Performing Arts Center on Wednesday, February 15

Hello friends,
I will be presenting my performance/lecture, "Just, one word…" at the Ipswich Performing Arts Center on Wednesday,  February 15, at 7 pm.  The Town of Ipswich Recycling Committee (RAC), in conjunction with the Ipswich River Watershed Association (IRWA) and iCARE,  will be hosting the event.
In this 45-minute multi-media presentation, I present the important environmental issue of marine plastic pollution through photography, video, sound, and archival images, addressing it through the various lenses of marine science, economics, politics, and our consumer culture. I recently gave this presentation at Cape Ann Museum, NOAA’s Gloucester headquarters, the Marine Mammal Conference in Tampa, FL and I will be presenting at the Ocean Sciences Meeting in Salt Lake City at the end of February.  This presentation is free and will be followed by refreshments in the lobby of the Performing Arts Center.  For more information, call 978 356 6613.
The Ipswich Performing Arts Center is located in the Ipswich Middle/High School Complex at 130 – 134 High Street in Ipswich.  
We hope to see you there!

St. Ann School Comedy Night




Over one hundred North Shore women and men have taken on the epidemic of childhood obesity by participating in the North Shore United Way’s new Women in Action (WIA) initiative.  Setting a goal of $40,000, the WIA group has raised an impressive $25,000 so far with 3 months to go until the end of this year’s North Shore United Way (NSUW) Campaign on April 30.

The Women in Action initiative will support innovative new local programs focused on increasing access to healthy food and opportunities for physical activity for low-income families.  Grants for new programs will be awarded later this spring.

On Thursday, February 16 from 8:30 to 10:00 a.m. NSUW will host its second Women in Action Breakfast.  The event is generously sponsored by Glen Urquhart School and will be held on their campus in Beverly.  Speakers include Jonathan Gay from Playworks Metro Boston on “Re-Imagining Recess: Our school’s untapped opportunity to accelerate learning and health."  The event will also highlight the work of a pilot project at Veterans’ Memorial School in Gloucester that is combining healthy food with physical activity after school.

The Women in Action Breakfast is free and open to the public but pre-registration is required.  Register via the NSUW website at  Donations to Women in Action can be made online at or via check to “North Shore United Way” noting designation to WIA and mailed to NSUW at 248 Cabot St., Beverly, MA 01915.

For more information about Women in Action or the North Shore United Way, visit or contact NSUW at 978-922-3966.