The History Channel Tapes Segment With Wives and Daughters of Gloucester Fishermen At The Lone Gull

On February 1st 2012 the History Channel was at the Lone Gull to tape segments talking about the fishing industry and how the wives and daughters of Gloucester fishermen remember the industry.

Here are some photos I took at the taping-

Taping of Bacala Video with Felicia and Sefatia Part 2 From Gianni Gallo and Joe Langhan

Gianni and Joe are the men behind the Taste of The Times Videos at the Gloucester Daily Times Website- this is from them-

Felicia and Sefatia (“the Godmother”) got together to tape a segment on how Felicia’s Grandmother taught her to make a special bacala dish for the traditional Italian meal of the seven fishes on Christmas Eve. This is the second of three parts of the original footage. The entire shoot lasted over 45 minutes, which was edited down to a 10 minute video. (You can see that video at Some have asked to see the entire production, with little or no editing. Here is Part 2

Minglewood Tavern Again Open For Lunch Everyday

If you were like me and jonesing for one of Gloucester’s best burgers at lunch for the past couple of months and gone by Minglewood only to have found tehm closed for lunch fear not my friends!

They are now re-opened and serving up one of Gloucester’s best burgers and killer hand cut steak fries.


Not only that but they have a different deal going on 7 nights a week.


Six Weeks of Fresh Flowers, for Nine Dollars!

The last stalk of ‘Orange Sovereign’ was cut, the plant discarded, and the pot tucked away for next year’s Hippeastrums. If we had a spare sunny window, I would feed and water the plant during the winter then place outside on the patio during the warm summer months, allowing the plant to replenish and rejuvenate.

Looking back at my photo files, the first snapshot of ‘Orange Sovereign’ was from December 15, 2011; the photo below was taken January 30, 2012. Growing flowering bulbs during the winter is a terrific and economical way to keep the home lively with cheery color, in spite of the gloomy grays of winter.

Hippeastrum ‘Orange Sovereign’ ~ January 30, 2012

What is Inge Berge banging on now?


Inge Berge talks with Peter about his new song, the household implements he used for percussion and the video we shot together that features some of those very implements.  You can see the the music video here:

It’s Wednesday in Gloucester — and that means everybody’s got a special guest.  Fly’s got J.B. and Dennis has The Dejas.  See the full lineup here:

Tacos Lupita Gloucester Now Officially Open!!!

O M G  I just had a pork burrito with everything cut right off the spit!  Hellooooo Tacos Lupita!!!  OUTSTANDING and Fresh and Cheap!!!!!!

This place is gonna be mobbed!!!!

68 Washington Street Gloucester

Tell ‘em Joey from Good Morning Gloucester Sent You!


Dinner with Fly ~ Special Guest Tonight ~ JB Amero

Dinner with Fly Amero: 8 – 11pm

Hello everyone! 

You can call him the “Soul Ranger”, or “the
hardest working man in show business”, or the
“#1 Blue-Eyed Soul Brother in New England”…
or, you can simply say “J.B.”! Something “last
minute” has come up for my previously scheduled
guest, Bradley Royds (he will do a make-up in
March). Brother J.B. has graciously agreed to do
the night. Get on up and come on out, everybody!
~ Fly

Dinner with Fly Amero: 8 – 11pm
*Each week features a special, invited musical guest
Dave Trooper’s Kitchen…

Wednesday’s only!

Prime Rib Dinner – $9.95 (while they last)
Prepared fresh weekly by “Troop”… always good!


Rockport Represents in Vieques, Puerto Rico

I just got back from an amazing vacation in Vieques, Puerto Rico.  The beaches are beautiful and at times you can have a whole beach to yourself.  We stayed at a wonderful house in the Pilon hills of Vieques at Mockingbird Hill. The views from the deck were amazing and the breeze throughout the house was wonderful.

Mockingbird Hill Vieques

We did a lot of fun things, like diving, snorkeling and got to kayak the bio luminescent bay, which was so unique. We kayaked the bay at night and was able to see all the bio luminescent dinoflagellattes light up like liquid sparkles. When the water is disturbed they light up. You could even see the light trails from fish that swam by. Unfortunately I couldn’t capture the experience in photos or video, you really need a special light sensitivity camera.

Another highlight of our trip was sitting down to breakfast at a restaurant called Belly Button’s on the Malecon in Esperanza. Above our heads in the rafters was a photo of Rockport! Unfortunately the waitresses didn’t know the origin and thought it was a place in Maine. What a small world!

Main Street, circa 1880

Main Street, Gloucester, circa 1880 Alice M. Curtis/©Fredrik D. Bodin
Here’s another very old photograph, of similar vintage to the City Hall image I posted two months ago. The camera angle is from the Bradford Building on Main Street. In the distance is Beacon Hill and Governor’s Hill. The steeple on the left is today’s Universalist Unitarian Church, and the one on the right became Temple Ahavat Achim in 1950, sans steeple. Main Street is still without trolley tracks, which arrived in 1884. The small street in the middle left is Center Street, bordered now by Gabrielle’s Antiques and  Passports Restaurant. In the lower right is Hancock Street, passing between a pharmacy (note the mortar and pestle on the building’s exterior) and Ellery’s Furniture. Those shops are now Menage Gallery and The Curtain Shop respectively. To my eye, Main Street looks pretty much the same. Lucky for us.
Printed archivally from the original 4×5 inch glass negative in my darkroom. Image #A8845-068.
By the way,  I’m waiting for our first significant snowfall to post something special from the collection. Mayor Kirk and Duckworth’s will like this one.
Bodin Historic Photo
82 Main Street
Gloucester, MA 01930

Edward Hopper Paintings/Pictures Presentation

This link was sent to me by Catherine Ryan.  Click the picture for the full presentation

Catherine writes-

Hey Joey

Edward Hopper Gloucester

There are more than 80 known titles of Gloucester imagery by Hopper. There is a dynamite range throughout our downtown: several by Flanagans/Our Lady, by the RR, by CAM , by Joan of Arc, throughout the Fort, and by Stacy BLVD




Flat Ledge Quarry From Skip Montello

I got this primo shot at Flat Ledge Quarry on Tuesday;

"January 24, 2012, it’s 50 something degrees, the snows gone in one day, the sky is blue and so is the water, what more can I say…oh yeah the Pats won on Sunday!"


North Coast Angler

Skip Montello Photos

New Segment- Gloucester House For Sale Of The Week

Talking to Kenny MacCarthy, my podcasting buddy and a man I know to be a man of integrity and around the Real estate business forever I asked him to send me what seemed like a great property for someone thinking about either moving to or relocating within Gloucester.

Of course all of you know my affinity for God’s Country (East Gloucester) so we will start out there with a 4 bedroom house in an awesome neighborhood within a hop skip and a jump to Duckworth’s Bistrot and Smith Cove views.  A short bike ride or walk to Niles Beach or Oakes Cove beach on rocky Neck and the killer elementary school that is with an intensely involved PTA at East Gloucester Elementary.

Here’s the property Kenny pulled up- Now Kenny putting this in front of you and with my recommendation as a great realtor I would hope you would call him to have him show you the property at his cell phone number –

Kenny MacCarthy 978-758-0983

23 Highland St

click the picture for the larger version


Here’s a map showing just how great this location is and how affordable you can get into what I consider the greatest neighborhood in town to raise a family.

Click the map for the interactive zooming in and out.

Walk to Duckworth’s Bistro, Gloucester Stage, East Gloucester Elementary, Rocky Neck, Oakes Cove Beach, Niles Beach, Beacon Marine, North Shore Arts Association, this is the neighborhood where all the cool new shops have been opening like Again and Again Sailbags, Scout Vintage Finds, Bob and Dave’s, Last Stop Variety, and all of the coolness that is Rocky Neck.


Perfect for anyone from a retiree to a family.

So if you are interested give my boy Kenny a call.

Kenny MacCarthy 978-758-0983