So for those of you who know me you know that for 8 months of the year I wake up for work at 3:45AM 7 days a week to get down our commercial lobster dock.

It’s a grueling year doing a lot of repetitive work and it’s very physical as well.  So when I get home I’m uusually tired.  Getting home usually between 6-7PM eating dinner and then trying to stay awake to spend some time with the family.

The Mrs and I try to get out for dinner once or twice a week and it’s nice to not be falling asleep in my plate.  So I drink lots of coffee and if I’m really really dragging I’ll chug down a red bull to try to help me stay awake past 9PM.

Anyway I saw this online ad for Aeroshot breathable energy and it seemed intriguing.  Instead of having to consume the liquid and sugar of the red bull take a couple of huffs of the AEROSHOT.  On the AEROSHOT website they had a twitter page so I followed it.

Then while on twitter there was a promotion for a free sample so I signed up.  It came to the house about a month ago but last night we had a dinner party to go to and I was pretty beat so it seemed like a good night to give it a go.

In the video above you can see the packaging and how the system works.

Here are my findings after using it last night:

It was very easy to use, you pull it from each end so it opens up and then put it in your mouth and when you close it a certain amount of what seemed like a crystalized powder entered your mouth where it dissolves and gets ingested into your body.  you don’t get all of it with one burst,  I did about 5 or six inhales.

You immediately get a taste of lime followed by a sharp bitterness.  I had just brushed my teeth before so the taste wasn’t all that great to me but I think I would opt for something a little sweeter for a flavor instead of lime.  A berry flavor would probably counteract the bitterness better than lime.

Within a couple of minutes I felt a rush and my heart rate increase.  It was very noticeable that my alertness was heightened and it was more than the rush you would get from a red bull, 5 hour energy or drinking an espresso.

The alertness and heart rate increase lasted about 2 hours.

Guest Artist Exhibit at Khan Studio & the GMG Gallery

There is one remaining time available for a guest artist this summer on Rocky Neck at Khan Studio and the Good Morning Gloucester Gallery on Madfish Wharf (6/8-6/21).  In addition to the great opportunity to exhibit your work on Rocky Neck, the oldest working art colony in the country and an incredibly beautiful and fun spot, you get to have your work seen by all the great Sunday morning Mug Up attendees and GMG peeps.  If you were thinking about a guest exhibit this season, better move fast.  You can go to for more info and to confirm the date.

E.J. Lefavour

Is it Peter or is it T-Max?


Watch this first of our 5 part video series where T-Max’s walks Gloucester’s music scene.  In this part 1 video you can see how T-Max got here and watch for his imitation of Peter.

Open mic, funk jam & KBMG tonight.  Get out and enjoy the music!

Wednesday’s With Fly Amero ~ Special Guest ~ John Rockwell

Dinner with Fly Amero: 8 – 11pm Special Guest John Rockwell

The guy is a walking encyclopedia of american pop music
and pop culture with wonderful vocal/instrumental skills. He’s
also an engaging and hilarious entertainer who just happens
to be too damned handsome for his own pants. Everybody
loves him, which would kinda piss me off if he wasn’t such a
nice guy and good friend. Enter:

Prime Rib Specials!

Wednesdays Only!

*Each week features a special, invited musical guest
Dave Trooper’s Kitchen…
Prime Rib Dinner – $9.95 (while they last)
Prepared fresh weekly by “Troop”… always good!

It’s a big, big world with Martine Bamford!

New workshops running at Art Haven for little ones to learn about other cultures, languages and art all at the same time, starting with France this session on Wednesdays! Click on the picture to check out her web site and get more info.

It's a Big, Big World web site

More fishy money

My first attempt folding this great design by Won Park.   There were koi in a pond at the seminary where I used to teach, but I didn’t see them too often. Maybe they were trying to avoid being seen by the blue heron and other predators. Or maybe they were just being koi coy.

Superbowl at the Patio Restaurant in Magnolia

Three+ Generations Watch the Super Bowl at the Patio Restaurant in Magnolia

Friends and families gathered at the Patio Restaurant in Magnolia watch the Super Bowl on Sunday. Vital stats: the youngest Pats fan was 3 months old; 100+ Cajun chicken wings were consumed, and 27 people yelled out, “Why can’t anyone catch the ‘darn’ ball?”

 The smiling lovely cheerleaders, from left to right, Caroline O’Leary, 11; Kate Del Torchio, 12; and Callie O’Leary, 13…


 Auntie Linda tries to shield baby niece Julianna Rae from the disastrous last minutes of the game but Julianna sneaks a peek… 

But, no matter what the outcome, Roger and Theresa Lee were all smiles… 

*For more photos of the Patio’s Super Bowl party, click here:

Submitted by Terry Webber


Community Tuesday



Concert to benefit the North Shore Jazz Project

 Grammy award winning artist Danilo Pérez is bringing his distinctive blend of Pan-American jazz to the Shalin Liu Performance Center in Rockport on this Friday, February 10. The event is a fundraiser for the North Shore Jazz Project. Perez’s music has attracted critical acclaim and loyal audiences around the world.  As a bandleader and performer, Perez earned three Grammy nominations and scored two Grammy Awards.

The North Shore Jazz Project (NSJP) All-Stars will open the show.  The All Stars consist of some of the best jazz players from the North Shore, led by educator and bandleader Michael Tucker. Tucker is a graduate of Danvers High, Berklee College of Music and the New England Conservatory.  Musicians come from towns including Rockport, Ipswich and Georgetown.


“We are very excited about this artistic collaboration between Danilo Perez and the North Shore Jazz Project,” said Henry Ferrini, resident of Gloucester and cofounder of the NSJP. “Mr. Perez is a personification of the NSJP’s mission.  Throughout his career he has been an active participant in creating an environment where jazz performance, education and appreciation can flourish.” 

Event details: February 10, Shalin Liu Performance Center, Rockport, MA, 8 PM. Ticket prices: $25, $30, $35. Buy online at or call 978.546.7391.  

For more info on the North Shore Jazz Project please visit

Submitted by Terry Webber.

Hey Joey!

Just wanted to spread the word on my Facebook contest for my Web-store Driscoll’s Jewelry and Gifts. We use Amazon as our web-store so people have a trusted source that protects them and their purchases. The contest is a free entry on Facebook for a set of His and Her Silver Claddagh Rings retailed at around $150.00. The only requirement to qualify is that the entrants let the contest post that they entered. We will be checking the winners facebook page to make sure it is there, or that they shared our page.  Drawing ends Feb 12th and winner will be drawn on Feb 13th.  Here is the link to the Facebook Entry Page: 

And here is the link to our Amazon listings and categories: 


Daniel Driscoll

My Experiences With Amazon’s New "Select" Program by Kat Valentine

Over the past year I’ve been updating you on my adventures in independent publishing. This past year closed for me with extraordinary sales figures. I went from 1,000 books sold in 2010 to 20,000 in 2011 (combined print and e-book totals). So far in January I am over 9,000 sales and, for the first time in my life, am earning more in royalties than I am from my business.

I thought maybe your readers would be interested in learning more about Amazon’s new “Select” program which they introduced in December. Authors who enroll books in Select agree to give Kindle an exclusive listing for 90 days. During that time their books can be “borrowed” by Amazon Prime members and the author is paid for every borrow. In addition the author has the option to promote their book by offering it for free for up to 5 days which allows readers to download the book at no cost thus increasing the books visibility in rankings and hopefully garnering more reviews. I have enrolled 4 of my 15 titles in Select and, let me tell you, the free promos have really boosted sales once the book returns to its regular price!


In February I’m offering two more free promos. From Feb. 12-14th, my collection of 8 love stories, My Last Romance and other passions will be free and from Feb. 18-20th (Mardi Gras), my collection of 3 love stories, Mardi Gras Was Over will aloe be free.

This is an exciting time in digital publishing. eBook readers are being sold at an average of 1 million a week! Amazon now sells many times more eBooks than paper books and many books, particularly main-stream and genre novels, are no longer being offered in print! I’m always happy to offer advice and share my experiences with anyone who is contemplating e-publishing. Thanks so much for your great blog!