Randall Unmasked! Honeybadger Voice Speaks!

Thank you to Toby Pett for forwarding this web gem.

If you haven’t seen the original video below you are missing out on the reason behind all those honey badger references you’ve heard all year long but didn’t know what the person was talking about.


Taping of Bacala Video with Felicia and Sefatia Part 1 From Gianni Gallo and Joe Langhan

Gianni and Joe are the men behind the Taste of The Times Videos at the Gloucester Daily Times Website- this is from them-

Felicia and Sefatia (“the Godmother”) got together to tape a segment on how Felicia’s Grandmother taught her to make a special bacala dish for the traditional Italian meal of the seven fishes on Christmas Eve. This is the first of three parts of the original footage. The entire shoot lasted over 45 minutes, which was edited down to a 10 minute video. (You can see that video at http://food.gloucestertimes.com/video/Baccala-Italian-Style-Codfish.html) Some have asked to see the entire production, with little or no editing. Here is Part 1.

Community Stuff Tuesday

On the next Cape Ann Profiles show host Rich Sagall interviews Jon Sarkin, a local artist. He is a prolific, even compulsive, artist who creates elaborate drawings and paintings cluttered with words and images. His work has been featured in The New Yorker, The New York Times, ABC Primetime, This American Life, GQ, ArtNews, and galleries in New York, Los Angeles, and around the world.
Cape Ann Profiles can be seen on Cape Ann TV Channel 12 on Friday, February 3 at 10:30AM and 7:00PM and on Sunday, February 5 at 2:00PM. It repeats on Friday, February 10 at 10:30AM and 7:00PM and on Sunday, February 12 at 2:00PM.
Rich Sagall is a physician and the president of NeedyMeds, a national non-profit that provides information on programs that help people unable to afford their health care costs. He also publishes Pediatrics for Parents, a children’s health newsletter.

Annisquam Good Neighbors 2012 – "Made in America" Dinner

Hi Joey:
The Annisquam Good Neighbors Program hosted its "Made in America" dinner on Saturday night in the Village Hall.  The mission was to highlight both international and local businesses that contribute jobs and play a large part in our community.  Local businesses pitched in to make this event a great success—many thanks to Gorton’s, Ryan & Wood, Cape Ann Brewing, C B. Fisk, Nature’s Harvest, Strong Leather, Cape Pond Ice, Sudbay’s and Ipswich Ford.
Photo albums from the evening can be viewed at http://squamcreativeservices.com/photography/photography-gallery/.  Click on a picture to view the whole album of images, then hover over an image to see the left and right arrows.
Kathie Groves

Docksider Annual Wine and Beer Tasting, Saturday February 10th at 6:00 pm. Hosted by Sea Breeze Liquors at The Gloucester House Restaurant, 63 Rogers St, Gloucester. Taste an array of wine and beer with appetizers included, enjoy a  Docksider concert and live auction. Cost $25.00 pp.

Tickets available at Sea Breeze Liquors and at door. All proceeds to benefit the Docksiders trip to play at Disney World and Sea World in Florida in April.


Martha Wakefield and Judy Robinson-Cox Selected For Cambridge Art Association Show, Scratching the Surface

from the News From Rocky Neck:


juried by Joseph Carroll, Carroll & Sons Gallery

January 20th – February 24th 2012 at the

Kathryn Schultz Gallery 
25 Lowell St, Cambridge MA 02138

Reception : Friday, Feb 3, 5:30pm

Calming Clarkes’ Pond

Since I love to walk, Coolidge Reservation was on my list the other day.  Perched on the peninsula known as Coolidge Point in Manchester-by-the-Sea, Coolidge Reservation showcases an unusual variety of natural settings in a relatively small area. Within its 66 acres, breathtaking vistas await as you explore rocky outcrops, woodlands, wetlands, a sandy beach, and the open expanse of the Ocean Lawn.. At the tip of the Point is the magnificent Ocean Lawn.   The highest point on the Reservation, Bungalow Hill, provides a panoramic view of the sea. The hill’s rocky outcrops are evidence that glaciers once covered the area, erratically dropping these boulders when melting at the end of the last Ice Age.  The surrounding woodland is a characteristic New England mix of oak and pine, wildflowers and ferns – home to an array of birds and other wildlife, including fisher, fox, and coyote. Beyond the woodland, a trail leads past Clarke Pond. This former salt marsh was cut off from the tide nearly a century ago when its inlet was filled, leaving a predominantly freshwater pond. Saltwater periodically washes in during high tides and storms, bringing crabs and small fish from the ocean. The pond provides habitat for ducks and geese, and heron and shorebirds feed here. Several acres of wetlands surround the pond with cattail, bulrush, and cordgrass standing distinctively among the varied wetland plant life, also marked by colorful displays of trout lilies, jack-in-the-pulpit, and swamp buttercups.   Coolidge Reservation also includes a portion of Magnolia’s Gray Beach (also known as Magnolia Beach) with its sandy shoreline and dunes, complete with colorful beach pea and beach rose.

Calming Clarks' Pond

Inge Berge on TV


Inge Berge is gimmesound’s artist of the week.  Inge Berge, a native of Norway , has made Gloucester his home.  Inge is a natural singer/song writer that combines passionate lyrics with memorable tunes that you can’t help but sing.  Check out the music video that gimmesound and Inge created together, it is a real treat.

Inge was also featured on Allen Estes TV show Local Music Seen and you can see the archive of the show here to get to know Inge more and hear some great music.  Inge isn’t playing out tonight but check out the other music in town.

Artists After Hours at the Community Cinema

I went to a great new event last night at the Cape Ann Community Cinema for Artists After Hours… I know, it sounds a bit mysterious. And if that makes you want to go, by all means keep thinking it’s extremely mysterious.

In reality, though, a great group of local visual artists, musicians, and writers organized by Nonie Brady and Rokhaya Waring gathered to watch a great film about Charles and Ray Eames – the architect and the painter.

Eames Image

Now, I didn’t really know anything about these two before going to the movie, but afterward I felt ignorant for that. Turns out they not only designed one of the most prolific chair designs in our current society, they also made a film to show America to the Soviet Russians during the Cold War, solved the PR problems of the computer when it first came out, and made all kinds of other fun and fantastic contributions to society.

It was a lot of fun to gather together with other artists and then discuss the film with them a little bit afterward. Looking forward to the next event, February 27th. Word on the street is it’ll be a showing of Waste Land, about Vik Muniz, a creator of giant portraits of garbage pickers in Brazil made out of the garbage itself. He then sold these portraits with the proceeds going to the pickers themselves. Should make for some good discussion!

Fishermen’s Wives Filming at the Lone Gull

Maryellen Borge Writes-

Sorry for the
late notice; but would you be able to post a notice to wives and daughters
of fishermen.  The gentleman’s name is Shane (Shooter). He said he is from
the history channel.  He has been filming in Gloucester, about the fishing
industry, history, issues going on…  He has asked me to gather up
wives, daughters…of fishermen – past / present – to tell their stories.
He will be at the Lone Gull tomorrow, Wednesday Feb 1 at 10:00 am to film.
I will have coffee and pastries.  Thank you.

Three New Teams Sign Up For The Farm/GMG Bikini Speedo Dodgeball Tournament!


Three new teams have signed on and we have a T Shirt Sponsor- Jungle Silkscreening and corporate promotional products  out of Ipswich!

I told you any team that signs up will get their links and logo included in every Speedo Dodgeball post leading up to the event.  GMG is only seen by 25-35,000 people a day so for you to not sponsor a team and get that recognition in these pages for your organization is just plain bad business.  Not to mention that all of the profits are going to Next Step, an organization that provides support, education and resources for teens and young adults coping with cancer and other life threatening illnesses. www.nextstepnet.org


We also have new teams Passports Restaurant

Erik Lorden owner of Passports whose team name will be Canadian Bacon specifically called out  team from Crossfit Cape Ann stating-

“They’re Going Down Like A Sweet Muffin!”


and Ed Collard’s House Doctors Handyman Repair Services



Eric Lorden from Passports told me they ordered bikini’s and speedos with maple leafs on the ass and are looking into getting white swim caps with the maple leaf as well.. .So we have The Farm Bar and Grille, Ryan and Wood Distillery, George’s Coffee Shop,Sugar Mag’s, Cross Fit Cape Ann, Beverly Athletic Club, Good Morning Gloucester, Jungle Screen Printing, Passports Restaurant,and Ed Collard’s House Doctors Squad’s so far.

Get a team together, have a ton of fun and do some good. Wins all the way around.

You don’t need to be sponsored by a business you can get a team together yourself. Funny team names are encouraged!

So get in on the fun, drum up some awareness for your organization and help with the fight against the suck that is cancer.


We are bringing it up a notch this year with a heated players VIP tent area!

Last Year’s Champs- “Five In The Pink”-

More from Last Year-

Team Balls Models


Our Hosts The Farm Bar and Grille check them out the Farm’s Facebook Page here


We have a Ryan and Wood Distillery sponsored squad (best damn spirits you can consume on the planet) check out their website and live distillery webcam


George’s Coffee Shop Squad- take a gander at some of the deliciousness that comes out of the kitchen at George’s here


Sugar Mags is putting a yet to be named team together- check the breakfast artistry that is Sugar Magnolia’s and like their Facebook page.  Also did you know Sugar Mag’s does catering?


Cross Fit Cape Ann should be the early favorites, we will see if their elite training will put them over the top. Check out their blog here


Beverly Athletic Club’s Team will look to contend with the cross fit athletes from Cross Fit Cape for the top seed.


I will be sponsoring a team from GMG featuring our boy Kurt Lubbers and a team of maniacal Coasties.


Chickity Check It! Ken Knowles Painting + Wells Maritime on Facebook

Wells Maritime Art recently acquired a large Ken Knowles painting, "East Gloucester from Rocky Neck," 24" x 30". It’s pretty sweet. Very few have seen it. I’ve attached an image.
Also, the e-commerce provider we use for Wells Maritime Art (Volusion) allows us to set up a "Social Store" on Facebook. If you’re logged in to FB, go to
You can actually buy on FB! Pretty cool. We’re offering a 20% discount to those who "like" us.
Jon Cahill


The GloucesterCast Podcast Episode 13

GloucesterCast Podcast Episode 13

Click here to play or save the podcast

Taped January 30, 2012 with hosts Joey Ciaramitaro from GoodMorningGloucester.org and Kenny MacCarthy from www.CapeAnnInfo.com

Show Notes:

Restaurant news, Tacos Lupita, Passports Wine Dinner, George’s Coffee Shop, the Patriots, Vermin Supreme and politics, Bikini Speedo Dodgeball update, Kenny points out a special property, Kenny searches for a local vet.

Gymazing at the Manchester Athletic Club


The family has joined the Manchester Athletic Club

So the workouts have begun and it’s nice to be back at the MAC after not working out for a good number of years.  The Gymazing program where you can have you children looked after while you work out is AWESOME!

Here’s David Swanson talking about his experience there-

Pier Reconstruction At Maritime Gloucester From Tom Balf

Tom writes-

The final stage of reconstruction of the large pier at Maritime Gloucester at 23 Harbor Loop has begun. The main pier already offers extraordinary views of Gloucester Harbor.  Completion of the project, scheduled for late winter, will enhance public access and improve Maritime Gloucester’s capacity to host visitors, students and vessels for events and special programs. The pier will be named in honor of Harriet Webster, the longstanding executive director of Maritime Gloucester, who passed away this past summer.

This project involves removing and replacing approximately 62 piles and demolishing and reconstructing approximately 4,600 square feet of pier. Folks can also track the crane activity on our harbor webcam, on your website, if they can’t make it over to the site.
The Maritime Gloucester pier is publicly accessible during the day and is used day and night by the organization for educational programming, boating activities and member events. A schedule of summer events and programming will soon be available, and we welcome ideas for music, educational programming and events on the pier. The Schooner Ardelle, built by Harold Burnham, will also be berthed at the pier and available for educational field trips and charter sails.

The mission of Maritime Gloucester is to inspire students and visitors to value marine science, our maritime heritage and environmental stewardship through hands-on education and experiences.

For more information about Maritime Gloucester contact Tom Balf at 978-281-0470 or tbalf@gloucestermaritimecenter.org

WW2 Fighter pilot rescue boat at Beacon Marine Photo Kathy Chapman

The ambulance vessel TRAVELER rescued World War II fighter pilots. She sits at the end of Beacon Marine enjoying the view of the T-Party ships.

Photo © Kathy Chapman 2012