Head Muffintop Alicia DeWolfe Plans To Bring The Pain To Muffy’s Hot Mess




GMG Farm Bar and Grille Bikini Speedo Dodgeball Tournament March 4th at The Farm Bar and Grille Starting at Noon. Just Plan on setting Sunday aside for the entertainment event of 2012!!!

She also had some choice words for TJ Peckham from Cape Ann Brewing-

Alicia writes in from the cell phone-

I’m Down here at Stones Pub, T.J playing on Cape Ann Brewery said their going for “Style points” WTF is that! I told T.J “Well I’m goin for some kickin your ass points” Bring it on Sissy Boys!

Check Out The 2012 Speedo Bikini Dodgeball Facebook Page Here and Like it!

Update from the Gloucester Dog Park


An Update from the Gloucester Dog Park!

These stakes don’t look like much, but they are very important. These are the first step in pouring the foundation for building the Gloucester Dog Park. We are on our way! Way to go building committee!
Gloucester Dog Park Stakes

If you would like to volunteer,

please email: gloucesterdogpark@gmail.com.

And if you would like to make a donation to the

Friends of The Gloucester Dog Park – Send to:

The Gloucester Fund

45 Middle Street

Gloucester, MA 01930

Put Gloucester Dog Park in the memo line!

Thank you all for your great support!



Did You Know? (For Painters & Photographers)

When I come across something great, I like to share it.  I recently discovered Fine Art America, an internet art print marketing, social networking and sales site that I find really amazing and wanted all GMG painters and photographers to know about.  Every creative person who has any interest in exposing and selling their work needs to have an internet presence as part of their marketing effort.  Many artists I know do not have a website, or have a website which is not properly Search Engine Optimized, so no one finds it.  Fine Art America not only allows you to have a web presence, but gives you an impressive array of tools and muscle to make it possible for your work to actually be found on the web and not just sucked into the huge vacuum of the internet. 

For free you can upload up to 25 of your images (up to 25M each – the larger the better as it allows you to offer larger good quality print sizes).  For $30/year (with a 90 day free trial), you can have a premium customized website and upload as many images as you want into an unlimited number of galleries, directly connected to FAA’s millions of visitors each month.  You can also connect it to your own existing website, especially if you have an e-commerce site, to drive more traffic to it.

You determine what you want to make on the sale of your images. When you receive an order for one of your prints on your website, FAA takes care of everything for you, including: printing, framing, matting, packaging, insuring, shipping, collecting payments from your buyers, and sending your profits to you each month via PayPal or check.  It’s a no brainer, so check it out.  I feel strongly enough about FAA that I have become an Affiliate, so if you do sign up for an account with them through this link, you’ll help yourself and me too.  http://artistwebsites.com/?affiliateid=G8661

E.J. Lefavour


Looking for a Chrysalis

I am looking for a Black Swallowtail chrysalis to film. The last generation of the previous summer’s Black Swallowtail caterpillars spends the winter in their chrysalis form. Often times the winter chrysalis is woody brown, not green. The late season caterpillar may pupate under the eaves of a house, along a porch or deck rail, or on a fence. I am hoping that amongst all the many GMG readers, someone has a brown Black Swallowtail chrysalis in their garden.

Black Swallowtail chrysalis, green form

There are several distributors from where butterfly and moth chrysalis may be purchased, but I would prefer to film a Cape Ann specimen in its natural habitat (or at least a Black Swallowtail chyrsalis from the New England area). Please let me know if you think you have the brown form of the Black Swallowtail chrysalis. THANK YOU!!!

Black Swallowtail chrysalis, brown form–image courtesy Google image search

gimmesound Artist of the Week Marina Evans

Her beautiful, sultry voice, distinctive sound and multi-genre style (folk, rock, jazz) have charmed most of us on Cape Ann.  Now she has a new website (see here), so we thought it would be fitting for her to be our gimmesound Artist of the Week.

Click on the video above and watch her sing one of her most popular songs, One of Two, on Local Music Seen with Allen Estes (see her entire show here).

It’s Monday, so get out and Jam with the Bandit Kings at Rhumb Line.

Sky Show 02/26/2012

Sky Show

I took Mr. Morrisons suggestion last night and went out on my deck to watch the Sky show. I had a beautiful view.

Here a few photos I took. They’re not the best but you get the idea.

the cresent Moon with Jupiter above and Venus peeking out of the top tree branches.

Poll- Are You As Repulsed By Salad Bars As I Am?

Actual photos from salad bar I encountered (not in Gloucester) yesterday.


Is there anything more disgusting than those greasy black plastic salad dressing handles oozing with the bacteria from the thousand or so people that had just minutes before picked their noses, wiped their butts, grabbed onto the (almost as skeevy) black escalator hand rail and then handled the very same ladle that you are about to grab to pour on your dressing?   Just typing this and having to re-live it in my mind I’m doing everything in my power not to throw up in my mouth.

Just picture those black plastic greasy handles all smeared with the fingerprints of the thousand or so customers that had handled yhem before you.  Blech.

It’s like a huge science project with a culture of viruses just circulating all over the salad bar petri dish waiting to infect you with the norwalk and other viruses.

There you were trying to do the right thing, and instead of eating the burger and fries you went with the salad.  But what you didn’t take into account was the bajillion or so calories from that thousand island dressing you glopped onto your virus infected petri dish salad.

Might as well do yourself a favor and order the burger next time kid…just saying.

Craigslist For Perennials? Yeah Susan Kelly and Terese O’Connell Got That Covered at www.generousgardeners.com

Freshly Launched This is Just Brilliant For Sharing What’s Already In Your Garden or To Locate What You Would Like To Have In Your Garden!

This from Gloucester resident Susan-

What is your garden worth? “Find out by listing your extra plants, seeds and produce on our new website.” says co-founder and Gloucester resident Susan Kelly.

Gloucester gardeners now have an online site that lets them choose the option of selling, swapping or donating their extra plants, seeds or produce to other local gardeners. “We are so excited to be able to help gardeners make some extra money from plants right out of their own backyard.” says Kelly.  GenerousGardeners.com uses Google maps to allow gardeners to find listings from neighbors, as well as list their own plants for discovery by local gardeners.

Started by two avid New England gardeners, one a long-time year round Gloucester resident, Generous Gardeners knows that gardeners love to share plants. This new website facilitates what has been common practice among gardening friends and garden clubs. It also includes an extensive plant database for propagation and maintenance information.

Gardeners can now start listing plants for sale, swap or donation on www.generousgardeners.com

Current plant donations are needed for the Second Annual Generous Gardeners Plant Sale benefiting the Gloucester Education Foundation. This year’s event will be held on Saturday, May 19th at Stage Fort Park, Gloucester, MA. Donating gardeners will receive a tax deductible receipt equal to the amount of their donated plant’s sale proceeds.

Last year the sale produced over $2,000 for the Gloucester Education Foundation (GEF), a nonprofit organization dedicated to making Gloucester one of the five best school districts in Massachusetts. For more info contact susan@generousgardeners.com

Susan Kelly



Community Stuff

The Essex Shipbuilding Museum presents “Voyage to the Island of South Georgia ” with Dick Low

Tuesday, March 20, at 7:30 pm the Essex Shipbuilding Museum presents local resident Dick Low who will give a slide show about his voyage from the Falkland Islands to the Island of South Georgia and back with seven fellow sailors aboard the sailboat Spirit of Sydney. See and hear about South Georgia ’s spectacular scenery and prolific wild life. Walk in Shackleton’s footsteps on the final leg of his epic traverse across South Georgia to seek help for the stricken crew of Endurance.  Experience the amazing weather conditions and icebergs they encountered in the Southern Ocean.  Also see and hear the remarkable story about being rolled by a rogue wave en route back from South Georgia and being able to repair the damaged rig and recover sufficiently to make it back safely to the Falkland Islands without outside assistance.

Admission: $8 – members; $10 – non-members

Tuesday, March 20, 2012 – 7:30 pm

Waterline Center-Essex Shipbuilding Museum

For more information or advance ticket purchase please visit: www.essexshipbuildingmuseum.org

Gloucester native, Vincenzo Di Maio has co-founded geothermal heating and cooling company that eliminates home heating oil and noisy outdoor condensers.
Since the company’s founding in August 2010, EnergySmart Alternatives, LLC has been picking up steam (sorry for the pun!). In addition to being green, geothermal systems pay for themselves by saving over 50% on home heating costs each year.  Savings are expected to be even greater as fuel oil prices pass the $4.00 per gallon mark. Learn more about the technology , EnergySmart Alternatives

Vincenzo working hard, or hardly working?