Back at The MAC stories

Week two back at the Manchester Athletic Club.  Starting to get my rhythm back and a little more flexibility in my muscles.  The place has really grown with the number of different programs they have.  It’s like a beehive of activity of people all there to get their work-out on.  Much busier now than when I used to go a decade ago.

Kathleen here talks about aging better, something I never really thought about til I turned 40 but now realize how crucial it is as my metabolism slows down.  Basically when you get to be 40 you’re at a crossroad.  You can take action or you can let yourself turn to shit.


Summer Black and Whites From Bill Langer

Hi Joey,
Wow, everyone is having fun with black and white these days — I’ve always loved B&W so I went ahead and spent the dough on NIK Silver Efex, and boy, is it great! Nothing like it for spectacular skies! Here are three pix that I took a couple of summers ago, and just converted.
All the best, Bill


A Knight in a White Van

When I went out to go to an early doctor’s appointment this morning, my Annie van wouldn’t start.  I opened the hood and pulled out my handy car starter, which usually does the trick.  As I was hooking it up, a Knight in a white van pulled up and asked if I needed help.  I tried starting her with the starter – nothing.  He pulled his van up in front of mine and pulled out one of those battery reading gadgets and tested the battery, which was nearly dead, and then gave me a jumpstart, which worked and got me on the road in time.  The Knight’s name is Oliver and he is a landscaper that does work around Annisquam.  I owe him a debt of gratitude, and it was just one more reinforcement of how incredibly kind people are on Cape Ann.  Thanks so much Oliver. 

The picture is one of my new glass paintings, and since it is a flower and he is a landscaper, I thought it would work since I didn’t have my camera to capture him jumpstarting my old girl. 

E.J. Lefavour

gimmesound features singer-songerwriter T Max

TMax This week gimmesound features singer-songwriter T Max, who is also publisher of The Noise, New England’s longest running music magazine.

Check out his song, Shake, which he recorded on Local Music Seen with Allen Estes last summer.  Beginning tomorrow T Max will walk the music scene in Gloucester and tell us why he chose to move here (just having T Max in Gloucester is a true feather in our cap!)

Tonight is open jam at the Annie and at the Rhumb Line, get out and here some music.

Life Story of the Black Swallowtail Butterfly

Coming Soon: Life Story of the Black Swallowtail Butterfly tells the story of the ubiquitous and stunning Black Swallowtail butterfly.

My new documentary film captures the beauty and mystery of the Black Swallowtail, through all its life stages, and in it’s surrounding habitats. I think you will be amazed and captivated by this garden-variety and seemingly ordinary, extraordinary butterfly!

From Egg to Caterpillar to Chrysalis to Adult

Black Swallowtail Eggs 

Black Swallowtail Caterpillar Everting Osmeterium

Black Swallowtail Emerging from Chrysalis

Female Black Swallowtail

Filmed on Cape Ann. Click photos to see full-size images.

One of several preferred Black Swallowtail habitats—Gloucester’s sandy wildflower meadow at Good Harbor Beach. The milkweed provides nectar for swallowtails on the wing and Queen Anne’s lace is a food plant of the Black Swallowtail caterpillars.

There’s Always Next Year!

“There’s Always Next Year!”


When I was younger and rocking my new born son Salvatore, while watching the Up’s and Down’s of the 1986 World Series and seeing the Sox Lose was at that time devastating. People at work were walking around like zombies because of all the late night games. But, When you get a little older. You realize that it’s only a game. These athletes will get over it. Give them a week. They have been treated like Royalty since they were in the High School sports programs. When we lived in New Hampshire (I’m not saying which Town, just in case we move back next year) The sports athletes had special privileges. Parking spaces, tutoring, etc, etc.  The Patriots will get over it. Brady will head back to NYC with his Model Wife. Belichick will head back to the Cape to go fishing. The rest of the team will have their golf Vacations. Life goes on. Take a day to get over it and move on. There are more important things in Life.

Go Bruins!

Tsiu Silvers From Skip Montello


The Tsiu River (pronounced sigh-you) is essentially a gravel rich drainage for a number of streams, creeks and ponds combining to form a flood plain channel of about five miles in length that empties into the Gulf of Alaska some 100 miles east of Cordova. The upper headwaters in the Yakataga State Game Refuge at the foot hills of the Wrangell Range provide for some of the very best silver salmon (aka. Coho) spawning habitat to be found anywhere in Alaska and for this reason it is the best silver salmon fishery in the state.
Read the whole story by Capt Skip Montello in the February 2012 edition of On The Water magazine.
Also catch Skip’s monthly Cape Ann to the NH border  "Fishing Planner Column" beginning in the April edition and running through October.

North Coast Angler

Skip Montello Photos