New Arrivals To Our Fair Port- Pics From Laurel Tarantino

What Up Baby Homies?

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6 thoughts on “New Arrivals To Our Fair Port- Pics From Laurel Tarantino

  1. too cute! I love the feather behind the bottom chick – reminds me of a little kid trying to walk in his or her parents’ shoes.


  2. This is why I thought I would become a bird watcher when I retired but it’s too hard. That thing is a seagull? That’s the problem with birds. Look up a bird in Peterson’s and even a regular old tern has 16 different ways of looking depending on whether the bird is old, young, teenager, in heat, winter, or late winter. Even Robins look different depending on what they ate for breakfast.

    Gotta admit though, the little baby homie is cute.


  3. OMG. That is more than cute. Totally awesome. Great picture. I hope my 3 kitties aren’t behind me. They may attack my screen. Mercedes & Menew sometimes try to help me type…LOL…


  4. Paul, What’s rubber duck been up to, anyhow? I think I see a hint of orange bill on that baby. Tell rubber duck to get back on the nest where she belongs.


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