Abby Ytzen/Captain Joe and Sons seARTS Partner With An Artist Exhibit May 21st

Blown away!  When you can get Pete Mondello, a fisherman for over 50 years excited about a Gloucester fishing industry exhibit you know you’ve done something special.

The way Abby has broken down such an incredible amount of fisheries statistics into an easily digestible visual/artistic/educational/fun presentation with everything you need to know about where Gloucester’s fishing industry has been with data and visuals bringing you right up to the present is nothing short of astounding.

This is an uncomplicated 101 guidebook to Gloucester’s fishing industry which has distilled all the data and will give any person a good basic understanding of what is going on around the Gloucester waterfront.  The way it is broken down there is info for people 7 years old to 70 and it is all incredibly interesting.  Every person who considers themselves a real “Gloucesterite” NEEDS to come see this exhibit.

The Who What When Where-

Who- Abbyy Ytzen Partnering With Captain Joe and Sons

What- seARTS Partner With an Artist Gloucester Fishing 1626-2011 Exhibit

When- Saturday May 21,2011 10AM-2:00PM

Where- Captain Joe and Sons 95 East Main St Gloucester MA 01930

Refreshments provided by Rachel Carver-Brown including Coffee

8 thoughts on “Abby Ytzen/Captain Joe and Sons seARTS Partner With An Artist Exhibit May 21st

  1. Fantastic! I’ve been trying to gather this kind of information for my own education over the years. It appears that Abby has created an outstanding presentation … and I can’t wait to see it Saturday.


  2. This looks fascinating! I need this info desperately now that I live on the water and watch all these boats go by every day. I have plans Sat AM, but I’m going to try to change them to get to Captain Joe’s. What awesome work you folks do!



  3. You go Joey! I can’t be there, but am so thrilled to see you partnering with an artist, especially one who has connected so intimatley with your other life (outside of GMG). You’re a man who walks his talk in every way, and I am continually impressed.


    1. Abby did all the work. I just connected a few dots along the way. I am extremely impressed with what she created and know with 100% certainty that anyone that comes will be impressed as well.


  4. This is just what we’ve been looking for! Been trying to find a copy of “Fishing for Dummies” with no success. Would Abby consider leaving the exhibit up longer? Traveling until next week and will not be able to attend, regrets.


  5. Wow! Amazing work. I am going to encourage my kids schools ( St. Mary of the Annunication Danvers Ma. & St. Ann Glou. Ma.) to make this exhibit a homework assignment this weekend!


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