Chris Brayton – Survivor Application Video

Hi, Joey!
My cousin Chris is working very hard to finish his years at Northeastern University…but he’s working just as hard on getting onto Survivor! Could you post this video and small blurb about him onto GMG? THANK YOU in advance!!!!
Jen Holmgren 🙂

Let’s show CBS that Chris has all kinds of support on GMG, and that CBS would be foolish not to put him on!

Organizations: North Shore YMCA, Wellspring, Camp Spindrift, Rockport Boy Scouts (Scoutmaster) Ellis Memorial (an after school program in Roxbury), Squashbusters (a sports oriented after school program for youth) in Boston, Curley K-8 school in Boston, Mission Hill K-8 School in Boston, Memorial Spaulding Elementary School in Newton.. He has also done fund-raisng walks for several years with Pridestride and AFSP (Suicide Prevention.) In total in College thus far he has completed over 2000 hours of community service.
Awards: Youth of the Year award from the YMCA, Child of the Year Award from Wellspring, Eagle Scout rank (highest award in Scouting), "Above and Beyond" awards through Northeastern University for volunteering service (four consecutive years), the Mary Herald-Synan Volunteer Award through Ellis Memorial, and the DAR Good Citizenship award in Middle School and in HS.
As you can see, he has certainly been a huge part of the community. Let’s help him reach a dream by giving back!

A Note To Jimmy T- We Still Love You Man!


You didn’t let anyone down.

You’re filled with passion and it shows.  Anyone who knows you knows how funny you are and how much you give back to the community.

Just getting the amount of people behind you that got you voted on the show is a testament to how much you are loved around town.

So hold your head up buddy! You’re still tops with the people that matter- your friends and family!


Jimmy T The Day After-

How Many Days Til KAOS Rows Seine Boats Once Again?


Why You Can’t Trust Reality Shows

Anyone who knows their way around the North Shore knows that the opening scene from the Amazing Race when host Phil was on the rolling hill was Castle Hill In Ipswich and not Gloucester MA .  The rest of the scenes from Eastern Point Yacht Club and Gloucester Harbor were shot in Gloucester but there was no mention of Ipswich in any of the show.

Much like the editing of Survivor, I simply refuse to believe that Jimmy T was angry the whole time he was on the show like they would have you believe by watching it.  ANYONE who has been around Jimmy knows he is one of the funniest and warm hearted people you would ever want to meet.

The Mrs always scolds me when I talk about how skeptical I am of the way TV producers try to take you down a certain path in your mind trying to figure out what is going to happen next.  my guesses are always opposite of what the producers would have you believe because I feel like they are editing for maximum shock value when the end results are shown.  She’s always telling me “Can we just watch the show without all your conspiracy theories?”  After watching these two shows, and being fans of both shows for years and now seeing what I know to be true turned on it’s head I think skeptical is the way to go.

Survivor – at Cape Ann Cinema – Episode One

 Mayor Kirk and some of Jimmy T’s fans watch survivor at the Cape Ann Cinema. 

Cheers came  every time Jimmy appeared on the screen. 

It’s was a great place to watch our local hero Survive Episode One. 


Check out Jimmy T.’s interview on

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Click on Jimmy T.’s photo for the CBS interview


Check out the new cast of Survivor Nicaragua … featuring JIMMY T!!

From Jimmy T’s Bio Page on

Jimmy T

Name: James “Jimmy T” Tarantino (48)
Tribe: Espada
Current Residence: Gloucester, Mass.
Occupation: Commercial Fisherman
Personal Claim to Fame: My children
Inspiration in Life: Jim Ciaramitaro. He’s just a really good person.
Hobbies: Rowing, hiking, swimming.
Pet Peeves: Low tolerance for incompetence.
3 Words to Describe You: Charismatic, genuine, proud.
SURVIVOR Contestant You Are Most Like: Rupert. I’m just as lovable.
Reason for being on SURVIVOR: Pride in myself and my community. They helped me win the Sears Casting Call and I intend on doing them proud.
Why you think you will be the sole SURVIVOR: I’m resourceful and I have the ability to win.

An Open Letter to CBS Casting For Survivor On Behalf Of My Boy The Rabbit

There are a handful of people in my life that I consider my brothers.  Special people that no matter what I’d have their back and I know they would have mine- UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE-Under ANY HARDSHIP- WITHOUT FAIL.

There are about five of these guys in my life and I could write novels about each one of them but right now I want to talk about The Rabbit.  I’ve known the Rabbit for over 20 years when we were running hard in Beantown tearing shit up in our single days.

You’ve seen pictures here and many videos with my boy The Rabbit but what many of you may not know is that he has applied for every single season of Survivor without fail.  EVERY SEASON.

We had dinner with one of the creators and director of Around The World For Free Zsolt who speaks seven languages and has worked as a cameraman on The Amazing Race when they came to town this week.  I stated at dinner that even after taking into account the incredible number of people that apply to go on Survivor (like Gloucester’s favorite son Jimmy T) and taking into account how many people that apply to go on Survivor that posses extraordinary physical condition or mental power that the casting people are crazy not to put The Rabbit on the show.

Let me be clear.  I’m not stating that the Rabbit is a genius by any stretch of the imagination (actually quite the opposite).

I’m not stating that The Rabbit is a physical specimen to behold (he clearly isn’t).

But let me get to the reasons I think the Rabbit would be perfect for Survivor.

  • The Rabbit thinks he is really smart and will go on and on without any filter about random nonsense.  If you watch the show you know that you can get pretty far in the game by being a wallflower.  Working hard and keeping your mouth shut so you won’t piss off any of the other players. If every contestant played this type of wallflower game the show would be boring as hell.  The Rabbit simply doesn’t have it in him to keep his mouth shut.  He will ramble incessantly and try to strategize right from the get go.
  • I know of no one that loves the game more than him.  Let me give you an example.  We go to Vegas every year and every year we get into Vegas on Thursday night.  What do you usually do when you get to Vegas the first night?  Go Hard, right?  Not the Rabbit.  He would stay in to watch fucking Survivor the first night we get to Vegas!!!! He also has applied to every season-  That’s something like 20 seasons or something!
  • The Rabbit Is Spontaneous- no matter the time of day- how far he has to drive- if there is something interesting to do the Rabbit will jump to it without any hesitation.
  • The Rabbit is an independent thinker.  He may not be brilliant but he does follow his heart and will not be put into a box or confined by conventional wisdom.

I don’t know if this post will ever find it’s way to the right people at CBS Survivor casting but I know with all my heart that The Rabbit would be a fan favorite in the mold of a Rupert but in a sort of inane crazier type of way.  If they want ratings and someone that will make things interesting, they should want the Rabbit.

I Love You Man.

The Rabbit All Busted Up

Man vs Burger

Rabbit On The Greasy Pole

In Vegas

The Rabbit At Fiesta

God Only Knows


At The Pole

Rabbit Hit The Windshield

The Rabbit Sausage Casing Shirt

Bachelor Party In Tampa

Ron Jeremy On A Bad Day

Are You Thinking What I’m Thinking? Jimmy T Update

Just got this from Jimmy T-

My apologies to everyone for not keeping the open communications I usually do. Work is crazy and may get worse. I’m sure your all aware of the Gulf Spill, this has already affected my office and could call for many more Seafood Inspectors any day.

Please refer to our website for upcoming events, sign ups for June eliminations are this Friday night!

As previously stated, I may get called away for work in the Gulf area any day so volunteers who can help with the International Races please contact Erik, Gina or any of the other Board of Governors.

Mr Harmon, can you meet me to tow the boats over to Niles Saturday?

Kelly can you give us a rough idea of Canadians coming down for the races? Gino wants to see if anyone can bring him down some Dory Knees.

See you all Friday night!



Jimmy T Slide Show


I know your all dying to hear that again!

Well, this Saturday, May 1st, is time again to scrape and paint the dories before we put ’em in. Anyone who can spare the morning, or just an hour or two, we need all the help we can get to make light work of it. Last year we had a bunch of folks turn out and we got out of there by noon! For those of you who didn’t know, we’ve relocated the dory storage tent to down behind the storage units, at Eastern Ave Storage. As a result we need generators for power, so anyone who can bring one it would be a big help. Also any scrapers or power sanders, bring ’em along.

The Essex River Race is May 15th. Preregistration on-line guarantees entry and a t-shirt, but you must register by April 30th. Any members interested in using one of our boats let me know, First Come, First Serve!


I am hoping to have the boats ready to be put in the water by May 8th,  so they have a week to swell up before the ERR, but we’ll need help then too. Anyone who has a trailer we can use, please let me know.


June 10th and 11th the Maritime Heritage Center would like our help again, teaching Rockport grade schoolers how to row. Anyone interested in this valuable experience please let me know.

Pick a day you can give an hour or two and make a commitment to help. The International Dory Race Committee is only as good as we’re all willing to make it. Please help out and make a difference. The recent small success we’ve enjoyed is because of all of you who have pitched in and contributed. Thank you. You know who you are. And you know who you aren’t!

Jimmy T.
As most of you know, thanks to your support, I may be going away on a long vacation soon! Please help the Board of Governors keep things running smoothly in my absence (they do all the REAL work anyway!).

Jimmy T Is A Finalist For Survivor And Needs Our Help!!!!

We’ve got to put the full weight of our community behind one of Gloucester’s favorite Sons- Jimmy T!  He needs our support to get on Survivor.  Please copy the url of this post and send it to your friends and family members to also vote for our boy Jimmy T.

vote here-

Jimmy is not only a great guy but he is one of the DOERS around town.  You know, the 2% of people that make 80% of the cool stuff happen.  He volunteers a ridiculous amount of time along with help from others to make the International Dory Races what they are today and continuing the great tradition.  He truly deserves to be on the show for a whole slew of reasons.

From the Survivor Website-

Vote On Your Favorite Finalist
The top 10 finalists are in. Think they have what it takes to win the game? Vote for your favorite now and one lucky winner will head to Los Angeles for an audition with the SURVIVOR casting team.
From Jimmy T-

Dear Friends and Family,

I have been blessed with the opportunity of a lifetime! My video, titled “Gloucester Fisherman” because I am so very proud of my community and maritime heritage, has been selected to the Final 10 of the “Survivor” Casting Call Contest! Whichever video of the final 10 receives the most votes, that person will likely be a castaway in season 21/22 of “Survivor”!!!

Now it’s up to you! My ONLY chance is for you to click on the link below, vote for me, and take a moment to forward this e-mail to as many friends, as far reaching as possible.

Five minute of your time could change the lives of my family!!!

Thank you so much…. your support means everything!

Jimmy T.

I’ll keep this post stickied for a while at the top of the page so if you see someone in the street just direct them to and they can click the link here to vote.
please vote early and often for a great guy that does a ton for our community.

Last Call For Jimmy T

I am very grateful for all you’ve done! I’m taking your spirit with me when I go!

To make sure I get in, I’m asking you (for the last time I promise!) to vote one more time and to forward this to as many people as you can.

Five minute of your time could change the lives of my family!!!

 Thank you so much…. your support means everything!

Jimmy T.

Jimmy T Gloucester Survivor Hopeful Asks For Your Vote

Remember to press pause to let the video load up along the bottom and then resume play when the video has loaded a bit for smoother playback.

click here to vote for Jimmy T-

May God Bless Jimmy T


Bailing Out The Dorys After A Hard Rain- Jimmy T, Kyle Edmonds and Joey Ciolino

Here’s Jimmy Bailing out the dorys after a hard rain with Joey Ciolino and Kyle Edmonds.   Won’t you please help Jimmy out and vote for him to be one of ten finalists that will be selected by the number of votes cast for them?

From the Survivor website-
Vote On Your Favorite Finalist
The top 10 finalists are in. Think they have what it takes to win the game? Vote for your favorite now and one lucky winner will head to Los Angeles for an audition with the SURVIVOR casting team.

Jimmy T Survivor Casting Call Video Has Been Accepted

Jimmy T applied to be a contestant on Survivor and his video application has been accepted.  Read here-


Congratulations!  Your Survivor Casting Call video entitled “Gloucester Fisherman” has been accepted.

Please check back on February 22 to see if your video was selected as part of the final 10.
Click this link to view your video:

Forward this email to your friends and ask them to vote for your video or to enter their own.

Good Luck from CBS!

Won’t you check out Jimmy’s video and cast your vote for him?

Let’s help our boy get on and represent Gloucester.

Cathy Tarr instructs how to vote-

I registered at the CBS site – I thought that maybe you had to register to access voting. Normally I wouldn’t register and give up my email to a commercial site like that, but – not only is it a home boy, but how perfect would Jimmy be on Survivor?!

Anyway – I went to the rules and read the fine print. ( A panel of judges picks the 10 finalists from this round, then the general public votes on the final 10, starting on February 22.

We have to wait until Monday to see if he made the Final 10. Good luck, Jimmy!